Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 1 Part 2

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Part 2


It’s been a long time since I’m alone after separating from everyone. I’m headed to the capital of the Oath Oceanic Kingdom.

This Oath Oceanic Kingdom was a former human supremacist country, the next largest after the old Rade-Crude Empire and the Luk Sandale Kingdom. The reason why it is said to be old is that the Rade-Crude Empire was disbanded and was divided and ruled by a number of countries.

The Great Borf Forest, where I was summoned to this world and abandoned, stretches across the north side of this continent, and its land is vast. I can’t measure it accurately, so it’s just a feeling, but the Great Borf Forest area is about a third of the continent. And this Oath Oceanic Kingdom is located at the southern end of the continent, directly opposite to the Great Borf Forest, and is a nation with many islands, just like Japan.

As the country’s name suggests, the Oath Oceanic Kingdom is a nation that thrives on maritime trade. However, its land on the continent is all desert, so the royal capital is not on the continent, but on an island.

Its specialty is pepper and other spices, which is probably what you might associate with India or Southeast Asian countries on Earth. The characteristics of the inhabitants are similar to those of Indian people. Fortunately, it is not a colony like India or Southeast Asian countries in the middle ages.

Most of the human nations, including this Oath Oceanic Kingdom, are ruled by doppelgangers led by Israfel, so my entry into the country was easy.

The streets of the capital city are crowded with people, as many of the buildings are made of stone, and many shops have tents set up in the narrow alleys. It really does look like India. Though, I’ve never been to India before.

“Whoa, I thought they only had spices, but they also have an abundance of cotton products.”

From this Oath, spices flow to the Templeton Kingdom, the land of the beastmen, through westbound sea trade. The Templeton Kingdom is also the homeland of Allie since Algria is located there.

Sailors and merchants carry spices through the sea to the distant Templeton Kingdom, so the Templeton Kingdom has more variety in food flavors these days. Using the transfer gate would make it easier to transport goods, but that would be a problem for the sailors and merchants, so the transfer gate is still used by the country’s envoys and others.

As for the Oath Oceanic Kingdom’s distance to the Templeton Kingdom, the land route is much shorter. The same is true for other countries, but the Oath Oceanic Kingdom’s continental land is mostly desert, so there is a history of maritime trade that has developed.

“So many colorful fish, it doesn’t look very appetizing…”

Red and black are still good, but blue and green are not appetizing. More to the point, black and orange stripes are just toxic. Because there are so many such fish, I can’t help but complain about it.

“What are you talking about, lad! This babka is so good!”

Lifting up a cobalt bluefish, about fifty centimeters long, the old man in the stall recommends it to me vigorously.

“What kind of food is that good for?”

“Babka is the best with Garim!”


“What, you don’t even know that? You mix the spices into a soup, and then you chop up the babka and put it in the soup. The spices take the smell out of the babka, and it’s delicious!”

I see, it’s curry. I’ve heard that each family in India has its own original recipe for curry, but I don’t know if it’s true or not.

In this Oath Oceanic Kingdom, curry seems to be mostly soup curry like in India. Naan and curry, rice and curry are sold here and there in the stalls.

Fair enough. Not eating is against my principles, so I’ll buy that babka!

“Give me three of it.”


Because three of the babka that he recommended sold, the old man showed a good smile. Since I bought it, let’s try the Garim.

“Old man, give me that one, too.”

I ordered the Naan Curry. Oops, that was Garim.

“Oh, wait a minute.”

The men in this country wear trousers underneath the dress-like clothes that women wear. I think it was called Kurta. I think it was an Indian national costume. Many of them seem to be white, but there are also gold and purple, and they are quite colorful. And women’s clothes are more beautiful than men’s kurta.

Many of them have a cloth-like saris wrapped around them, very colorful and pleasing to my eye.

“Here it is!”

I receive a metal plate with Naan and Garim on it. There are no forks or spoons, so I guess they want me to eat with my hands. Other people were also eating with their hands.

I tore off the naan and dipped it in the garim. The garim is green in color and looks like a dry soup curry that does not contain any ingredients. I think I should chop up the babka and put it in.

I throw it into my mouth.


This is… delicious! It’s a complex mixture of several spices, but each one enhances the other’s presence. My curry is a sludgy curry like the Japanese make, but this Garim is like a soup curry that is often found in Hokkaido, and it’s one of the finest of its kind.

To be able to eat such a good soup curry at a street stall like this is a wonder to behold in the Oath Oceanic Kingdom!

“It’s a good one, old man.”

“Oh! We’re proud of our Garim, after all!”

When I praise it, he happily responds with a thumbs up. The people are lively and friendly, which makes me like them.

“Then again, there are beastmen all over town too, aren’t there…?”

I thought there weren’t that many beastmen in this country, since it used to be a human supremacist country, but in the royal capital of the Oath Oceanic Kingdom, the beastmen who aren’t slaves usually walk around and live a lively life.

I heard that discrimination is still very strong in other countries, and people are refused to enter a restaurant if they see a beastman, but that doesn’t seem to be the case here.

“Is there not much human supremacy left here?”

“What, you’re still talking about the old stuff about human supremacy?”

A dog-eared, reluctant, middle-aged man responded to my mutterings.

“Old? I just came to this country anyway.”

“A stranger, huh? Are you an adventurer?”

The man looks at me as if to appraise me. It doesn’t feel so good.

“Well, something like that.”

“Well, in this Oath, the only time we talk about human supremacy is when it comes to foreign business. If we persecuted every other race, we wouldn’t be able to trade. And nowadays, if you say “race supremacy,” you’ll be ridiculed, and you won’t be able to do business.”

According to the man’s story, the Oath Oceanic Kingdom had a thriving maritime trade, and they originally traded with countries of other races as well. When I thought about it, spices that couldn’t be produced in the Templeton Kingdom, Allie’s home country, were available, so there was no doubt that they were flowing from the Oath Oceanic Kingdom.

So, they called themselves human supremacists on the surface, but behind the scenes, they were non-human supremacists. So it was a country with a different face than other ethnic supremacist countries.

“Thank you for teaching me all that.”

“Hey, it’s all good. I just don’t like the idea of my country being thought of in a bad way.”

The beastman walked away with a big smile on his face. It’s a smile that shows that the human race and the rest of the species are getting along well in this Oath Oceanic Kingdom.

I looked around the town for a while, but it was still a bustling city. This country has built its wealth on trade. Can the demons also be in the direction of enriching the country by making them trade?

If so, what would be the best goods for trade? The gold dust in the desert is no good. The gold dust is finite, so if it ran out, the demons would be poor again. It would be better to compete with the technology of processing something, whether it could be harvested like a plant and grown again.

As I was gathering my thoughts, the whole town became noisy. A large number of people were running in the opposite direction of the port. I wondered what it was, and as I walked towards the port against the wave of people, I saw smoke and heard an explosion.

“Hmm, it’s not like it’s a monster attack.”

“Hey, what are you doing? Get out of here now! They are pirates!”

That voice is not for me. It’s a warning from one of the fleeing people to the others.

I’ve heard that Oath is a maritime kingdom with a strong navy. I didn’t expect a pirate to attack the port of the Oath Oceanic Kingdom’s capital. It’s a pretty bold move. I checked the situation from the roof of a warehouse-like building, but the pirates had already landed in the harbor and were looting nearby warehouses and shops.

Only the pirates seemed to be used to the idea of looting. The pirates had one ship off the coast and two in the harbor, and they would load their looted cargo onto those two ships, and anyone who appeared in front of the pirates would be brutally murdered without any resistance.

I suppose this is what pirates are all about, but seeing them brutally kill an unresisting person is not a pleasant thing to see.

Sigh, why would they do this when I’m around?”

“What, are you going to do it? Pirates are a small-fry among small-fry. Kill them without using me.”

“You… Geez.”

Lately, Kurogiri doesn’t show any motivation unless he encounters a strong enemy. He used to be more excited, but is there a malaise in the sword as well? Since Kurogiri wasn’t motivated, I decided to use magic this time.


“Yes, Milord.”

When I called out to him, he just came out of the empty space. It’s convenient, but even I can do that much with my Dark Magic.

“You should collect the souls of dead people.”


His face was then gone, leaving only empty space.

“Well, let’s do it.”

I activate [Plant Magic]. Then a tree sprouts out from under the feet of about a hundred pirates, tangling around the pirates’ bodies and restraining them. All of the pirates that were looting the harbor should have been restrained with this.

“What the hell is this!”

“We can’t move!”

“Who are you? Reveal yourself!”

The pirates are holding a lot of treasure, or an unconscious young woman, but since I’m the only one holding the pirates, the young woman can escape when she comes to her senses.

Hmm, why don’t I help, you said? I mean, I’ve made it this far, so there’s no need for me to do anything else, right? They can escape on their own. I’m not going to leave the pirates in custody like this. These people will do the same thing again, even if they’re alive, so it’s best to kill them.

However, I’m not going to kill them easily. They will die slowly yet painfully.

Life Drain.”

With those words, the tip of the tree branch restraining the pirate breaks through the pirate’s skin and enters their body.


“What the hell is this?”

“Hey, somebody helps us!”

Life Drain is a [Plant Magic] spell that sucks out the pirates’ life force from the branches that enter their bodies. It doesn’t suck out the life force all at once, but slowly, so the pirates feel the pain as they die.

It’s a cruel way to kill, but this is about right for pirates.

The pirate ship anchored in the harbor is a good one, so I’m going to keep it. If I throw them into my [Material Storage], the living ones will be thrown out onto the sea, but they’re entangled in trees so they can float but can’t swim. So, hopefully, their faces are out of the water, but if it’s in the water, they’ll drown and die before the Life Drain kills them.

The one pirate ship that had stayed offshore had gone away as soon as the two pirate ships anchored in the harbor disappeared. As the pirates’ bodies were drying up more and more, soldiers arrived, I don’t know if they were the Oath’s garrison or the Knights.

“Don’t move!”

A handsome blond bastard in his thirties wearing a cloak stops me with his sword pointed at me. Do I look that suspicious? It makes me a little nervous.

“Don’t get me wrong; I’m an adventurer.”

I registered as an adventurer before I came to this Oath Oceanic Kingdom. I brought in a couple of wyverns at that time, and I became an A-ranked adventurer.

I tossed my adventurer’s guild card to the captain-looking guy… hey, don’t drop it.

“…Ahem, A-ranked adventurer? I’m sorry! Hmm? Taro… Could it be that you are the jet-black tyrant?”

The captain-looking guy who saw my guild card said something unheard of.

“The Jet-Black Tyrant?”

“Aren’t you the A-ranked adventurer Taro-dono of the Engels Confederacy?”

It’s true that the country where I registered as an adventurer is the Engels Confederacy, but I don’t know why they call me the jet-black tyrant, or something like that.

“Sure, I’m Taro, but…”

“Perhaps Taro-dono has never heard of his second name?”

“What’s the second name…? And what’s that jet-black tyrant?”

“That’s for me to say. The head of the adventurer’s guild who made you an A-ranked adventurer has given you a second name and notified all the adventurer’s guilds in the world. We received the report from the adventurer’s guild, and that’s why we knew about you.”

That damned guild leader! Next time I see him, I’m going to punch him in the face! 

There was a bit of a dispute when I signed up for the adventurer’s guild, but I guess it was payback for my intentions. Damn, I should have used my connection to register with a barrage of nepotism if this was the case.

No, wait. If I had registered by nepotism, would I have gotten an S-rank instead…? And it could have been given more embarrassing second names.

…Is that okay?

“Jet-black tyrant-dono. Let me confirm this situation.”

“…Stop that jet-black tyrant. Just call me Taro.”

“Is that so? I think the jet-black tyrant is cool, isn’t that right?”

Why are the other guys nodding their heads in agreement?

“Anyway, just call me Taro.”

“…Alright. Now, Taro-dono, could you please explain this situation to me?”

“Even if you asked me to explain, it’s exactly as you have seen. I used [Plant Magic] to defeat those pirates.”

“Wasn’t Taro-dono a swordsman?”

How well do you know me? Speaking of information sharing, it sounds good, but they’re leaking private information!

“I’m better with the sword, but I can also use [Plant Magic]. There’s no need to pull out Kurogiri on these pirates.”

“As expected from an A-ranked adventurer. So, are the pirates dead?”

“Some of them are dead, but there’s a lot more of them that aren’t dead yet.”

“Then, could you hand them over to me alive, please?”

“…All right. I’ll pull the tree down now.”

“Thank you. Will you come to the castle tomorrow? There should be a reward for this one.”

“…Got it.”

The story is going rather quickly. I would go to the castle, which is good, but this kind of thing is a real pain in the ass.


The day after I handed the pirates over to the soldiers, I came to the front of the castle. From a defensive standpoint, transfer gates are often set up on the outskirts of towns, not near castles.

It is the same with Oath, so I have not yet entered the castle.

By all accounts, it’s a palace like the Taj Mahal in India. But the Taj Mahal must have been a mausoleum, so it’s neither a palace nor a castle. Nevertheless, the magnificent building in front of my view now is recognized as a castle, so let’s just call it a castle.

I introduced myself to the gatekeeper as Taro and told him that I had an appointment with yesterday’s captain, and the gatekeeper immediately let me through. It seems that he is the leader of the knight’s order and a very important man. I’ll call him the Commander.

But I’m still bringing my sword, Kurogiri now, is that okay? Normally, I would have thought that these things would involve an exchange of “I’ll take care of your sword” or “Kurogiri is my half, I can’t give it to you” or something like that. It’s a bit of a letdown.

I was led to the innermost part of the top floor of the four-story building in the complex.

“Oh, you’re here!”

There were a luxurious desk and chair, and the Commander sat pompously.


I sat down on the luxurious couch that was in the room, though I wasn’t encouraged to do so. Then the Commander came over to the couch and sat down in front of me, too.

“This is yesterday’s prize. It’s 50 million gold. Check it out.”

He set a leather bag down on the table, so I pulled it towards me with a swoop.

“Aren’t you going to check it?”

“There is no need for that. If there was a shortage of substance, I only think the Knight Commander of Oath was that much of a man.”

“I see, this is how trust and confidence are built.”

It’s just a pain in the ass to count, you know? I’m not talking about me trusting you or anything. Absolutely not.

“Oh, by the way, can I ask you a favor?”

Here we go. I hate it when these things happen.


“As a matter of fact, we still haven’t caught the head of the pirates from yesterday. We’ve organized a search party to search the surrounding seas for him. That’s how we found the pirate’s base. We’re going out now, and I’d like you to come with us.”

It’s messy. But fleet battles are kind of fun, aren’t they? I think fleet battles are very romantic for men.

“The reward is 30 million gold upfront. If you successfully catch the head of the pirate, or if you found him dead, you will be paid 70 million gold as the remaining balance. Plus, 30% of the hoard hoarded in the thief’s lair!”

“…It’s fine.”

I have a lot of money, and frankly, I don’t care how much money I have, but I’m a man, so, going to fleet battle is a… romance.


So now, I got on the ship and headed out into the ocean.

“…Too slow! Why is this so slow?”

I was floating around thinking I could get on a real warship, but when I got on it, I couldn’t help but think this is what it would be like. It’s just a sailing ship, after all, and even though they called it warship, it’s made of wood, and it’s really shaky, it’s sucks.

“What do you say? This ship is the most advanced ship our country has ever had! Look! Those stylish sails! So much stylish than ever, and also, it’s one of the fastest in the world! And──.”

The Commander’s talk went on and on. I learned that I wasn’t allowed to speak ill of the ship in front of the Commander.

About three hours out to sea, I could see an island.

“That is the island where the pirates are hiding out. I’ve got the perimeter on alert now, but there are no… surveillance ships in sight, are there…?”

“Hey, isn’t that a surveillance ship?”

I pointed to a wooden plank drifting in the surf.

“No way! Damn, we’re too late!”

The pirates are already on the run, after all. No, this is…

“Commander, there are signs of people in the sea. There are about a hundred of them.”

“What? …No way! Taro-dono, where is it?”

“About two kilometers down the coast. It’s coming slowly toward us.”

I pointed to the end of the ship’s bow.

“Thank God!”

Then the Commander turned on his heel.

“Captain! Prepare to dive! There are signs on the bottom of the ocean at a distance of two thousand forward!”

“Yes, sir! All hands, prepare to dive! All hands, prepare to dive.”

To me, the man called the Captain looks more like a pirate. He looks like a complete Jack Sparrow.

What’s the meaning of dive? Don’t tell me they are going to dive under the sea? How? It’s a sailboat. No way, are they going to take their clothes off and jump in?

As I was thinking about that, something wrapped the ship’s hull in a dome.

“What’s that?”

“It’s the magic item of our nation’s technology!”

The Commander proudly explained it to me. It’s a long explanation, so I’ll cut it short, but to summarize, there’s a magic item that makes full use of [Wind Magic] and [Water Magic], and it seems to wrap the entire ship in a dome shape.

“All hands, prepare for the impact of diving!”

The captain is giving loud instructions.

“Taro-dono, hold on here, please. You’ll be thrown out of the hull and out of this dome, and you’ll be in the sea.”

I see, so this dome doesn’t actually held people off.


When the captain gave the order to dive, the ship’s bow slowly tilted downward, and we went deeper and deeper into the water.

“Hoeeee. This is awesome!”

I’m glad I followed along because I got to experience something like this. Who was that guy who said something stupid about being slow or a wooden boat?

The dome-shaped membrane is the boundary between the sea and this ship, and the sight of it sinking into the open sea is quite a sight to behold.



“Thank you. That was good to see.”

“I know, right? This is…”

The Commander talking a long story again. It’s best to just ignore it.

“By the way, how can you fight in this condition?”

The ship was covered in a dome-shaped membrane that allowed them to dive into the sea, but it didn’t seem like they could fight, did it? If anything, the dome-shaped membrane looks very fragile.

“Don’t worry about it. Look at that!”

The Commander pointed to a group of sailors who were setting up something.

“Is that… ballista?”

“That’s right! It’s a specially armed ballista for underwater warfare!”

“Oh, for underwater, huh?”

I’m glad I’m on this ship! This is getting interesting!

“Target has been spotted! Target has been spotted!”

The water was probably about forty meters deep. It seems that one of the sailors has found the enemy in this sea, which is neither dark nor bright. I’m enjoying a slow walk under the sea, so I hope they are quiet.

A lot of sailors, including the Commander, are busy moving around. Well, good luck with that.

“Taro-dono! Why are you taking so long to eat that candy? I mean, where did you get this stuff?”

Shut up. I’m enjoying a quiet, leisurely trip under the sea. Quiet, man.

The pirate ship I saw at the harbor was approaching.

The pirate ship has a dome-shaped membrane, and if I look closely, it looks like this warship. It appears to be a ship with the same design concept.

“As I thought…”

The words muttered by the Commander beside me were probably from looking at the shape of that pirate ship.

“Did the pirate ship get the blueprints for this ship as well?”

“…No, that’s not it.”

The Commander grimaces. It’s a shame he is such a handsome man, but at times like this, he is serious.

“Let’s keep this story private, please. …Several of the engineers who worked on the design of this ship are missing.”

“Hee, so you mean the engineer who built the pirate ship?”


“I mean, can you build that ship with just a few engineers?”

Would it take just a few engineers to build a ship?

“No, we need a large shipyard and lots of shipbuilders.”

“So how can a pirate get it?”

“There is a high probability that the Alphayd Kingdom is involved. It’s just a guess…”

“Isn’t that the country east of Oath?”

“Yes, that’s right. That country has been hating on us for a long time. They must have kidnapped the engineer in this case.”

There seems to be a lot of feuds in the same human country. Well, why should I care? I’m not interested.

Now, the sailors are moving quite hurriedly since the pirate ship is pretty much closing in on them.

“Ballista set up complete!”

A large crossbow was set up on the deck.

“Full speed ahead! Charge! All hands, hold on to something!”

The captain gave loud instructions. If they’re going to ram it in, they’re going to compare their guts with the pirates, right? I love it; I love these things. It’s exciting.

The pirates don’t seem to want to pull out either, and the pirate ships get closer and closer.

“Taro-dono, don’t get thrown out.”

“You too, Commander.”

The Commander looks happy, and the captain and sailors have smiles on their faces. These guys are… men of the sea!

The pirate ship’s distance is… twenty meters… ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, and here the pirate ship shook its bow and changed direction. When the captain saw this, he turned the wheel as hard as he could. The captain won the battle of patience.

The ship avoided a head-on collision, but the ship’s sides bumped against each other and shook with a loud noise.

“Ballista, fire!”

In the midst of the shaking, the captain gave the order. The sailor also fired the ballista at the order, and the ballista was dug into the pirate ship’s side.

I’m impressed with how they do it in that impact and shaking. Moreover, the dome that borders the sea is there completely unchanged. It seems to be something that completely isolates a certain area from magic items. It’s a great indication of the high level of technology in the Oath Oceanic Kingdom.

The ballista is chained to a windlass, and the windlass spins violently.

“Bastards! Roll up the ballista!” [T/n: yarodomo!]

When they have completely passed each other, the captain orders the sailors to stop the spinning windlass. Then there is a great shake in the ship, and the chains are taut.

“Ora! Get fired up and wind up!”

A sailor takes six men to reel in the windlass, and the pirate ship, which is connected by a chain, is pulled in. The sailor seems to be enjoying himself as they sing a song I’ve heard somewhere. I mean, is this a manual labor operation here?

The pirate ship shook its hull in a desperate attempt to dislodge the ballista, but it was firmly wedged into the hull and was not going to come off.

In the meantime, the pirate ship has been pulled in close.

“Hand-to-hand combat!”

The captain shouted loudly, and the sailors, other than the sailors winding up the windlass, drew their relatively short warped swords, like cutlasses.

“This is getting interesting, man!”

Even the Commander is itching to draw his sword. They’re all muscle brained. I can’t speak for others like that either, though.

(Come on, partner!)

(It can’t be helped…)

His voice’s tone was a bit of delight, though I was expecting Kurogiri to be uncomfortable with it since it wasn’t as crunchy as it would be against a pirate. Kurogiri must be enjoying the interesting sight, too.

The hull of the ship came close enough to stick together again. The dome and the dome came together and became one.

“Bastards, smash ’em up!”

“Let’s go. Oraaa!”

“Kill theeemm!”

The captain and other sailors boarded the pirate ship.

“I’ll be leaving, Taro-dono!”

The Commander also jumped over to the pirate ship.

“Then maybe I’ll go with you, too.”

I pulled out Kurogiri and jumped over to the pirate ship, kicking the edge of the ship. Disgusted emotions flowed in from Kurogiri as I cut off the dirty pirate that appeared in front of me.

“You’re not going to like it after all!”

As I walked around the pirate ship’s deck, since I’m here, I decided to take a look around the pirate ship. I kicked through the door that would lead into the ship, and the blown door hit the pirate on the other side.

I didn’t care about that and went inside through the entrance where the door was missing and found the stairs, so I went down.


A pirate came out, and I blew him away with a yakuza kick. The pirate hit the wall and splattered blood all over it.

“Oh no! I don’t want to be dirty!”

The pirate beside him is wobbling and shaking. He’s a rude fellow, shaking in front of my face.

“Hey, drop your weapon and kneel there. If you move, I’ll kill you.”


Isn’t that hard to be obedient? But you’re out of luck when you become a pirate. The frightened and trembling pirate is put to sleep with my [Dark Magic].

As I walked deeper, I found many women trapped in one room. It seems that these women were kidnapped to be sold off somewhere.

“I’m related to the army of Oath. Are there any pirates in here?”

The women shake their heads in earnest. They look frightened, but I’m not that scary, am I? Hmm? A strong-looking girl is staring at the back of the room. It’s as if she’s trying to get me to notice it.

I see now; I get it.

“All right, you guys don’t go anywhere.”

I walk out of that room and wait for a while. Then the door to the room opens, and a man comes out, so I put Kurogiri against the man’s neck from behind.

“Yo, you’re not a woman by all appearances, are you?”

He doesn’t even look like a pirate. It’s more of a nobleman’s outfit.

“H-help me! I’ve been kidnapped, please, help me!”

I pulled Kurogiri and stepped in front of the man.

He doesn’t look like an Oath people. He has more of Japanese skin color.

“Well, then, you will be protected by the Oath Army. Go back to your quarters. If you ever leave your room again, I won’t know if you get cut to death.”

“T-thank you!”

I turned my back and was about to walk away.



I gave the man a spinning kick. Because he pulled a dagger out of his pocket and tried to stab me, he squatted down and fainted. He wasn’t dead. He’s not a pirate by all appearances, so I’m properly activating [Moderation], hoping that I might hear some interesting information.

Well, it’s not my fault if he got a few broken ribs or something. It’s that guy’s fault anyway.

Before I go to the next room, the Commander comes over, but he’s surprised to see the man who’s squatting.

“This man is…”

“What’s wrong?”

“Umu, I don’t know his name, but I think I recognize this man. He was a diplomat of the Alphayd Kingdom, I believe.”

“Hmm, that’s the country the Commander said before, am I right? I’ll hand him over to you. You can do whatever you want with him.”

“Umu, thank you!”

I hand the man over to the Commander and go further back.

“Here we are.”

I’m about to kick down the door when there’s a presence in the room, and the door explodes. Of course, I avoid it. It doesn’t do any damage if it hits me, but this is the kind of thing I’m in the mood for.

“Damn, I missed. You’re a lucky guy.”

It’s not luck. It’s a skill, you know.

“Are you the pirate leader?”

I asked the man who looked like Captain Hook, a pirate with a hook in his right hand.

“Call me Captain!”

“Fumu, it looks like you’re the boss.”

“It’s the captain!”

He swung the hook down on me, and I tried to shift my body halfway to avoid it, but the hook extended.

“Oops, interesting toy, huh?”

When I managed to avoid it, the boss gritted his teeth in frustration.


The Commander also came in.

“You’re the pirate Barbarotta?” [T/n: バルバロッタ]

That sounds like a pirate name from the middle ages in the Mediterranean Sea.

“Hahaha! I’m the Barbarotta who can stop a child from crying!”

“I’m not crying, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

Barbarotta pulled out a gun and pointed it at me and pulled the trigger.

*Bang* *Spat* I slashed off the metal ball as it flew out of the gun. I can’t see the metal ball anymore; I guess it stopped.


Barbarotta and the Commander are surprised. Good, it’s fun to see someone make that kind of face.

“Don’t think you can hurt me with a toy like that. You small-fry.”

“You call me a small-fry?”

This time I swung my sword at him and cut off Barbarotta’s beard with it.

“My beard?”

Don’t be so sad, come on, I’ll give you a clean shave.


Not only did I shave his beard, but I also shaved his hair as well. This will make him look a little cleaner.

“Pupupu, it looks pretty good on you.”

“Taro-dono… that’s pretty good… pupupu…”

“S-s-screw you!”

Barbarotta squatted down on the spot and began to cry. He’s a pain in the ass. I hit him with the sword handle on his neck and knocked him out.

“Commander, can I ask you to take care of the rest?”

“Yeah, thank you. We’ll pay you well, so look forward to it!”

“Yeah, I’m expecting it.”

And so the pirate turmoil came to an end. All good things come to an end.

With the pirate turmoil over, I got to meet the King of the Oath Oceanic Kingdom. The king, of course, is the doppelganger, Doppel-kun.

This time, he was going to give me a reward in addition to the reward that the Commander had promised me because of the evidence of the Alphayd Kingdom’s misdeeds, and then they could denounce the Alphayd Kingdom.

So when I asked him to establish diplomatic relations and trade with the Demon Nation, he immediately gave me an OK. Well, it was a done deal. Of course, there were objections from among the ministers, but since more than half of the ministers are doppelgangers, it’s not a problem.

By the way, there is no Doppel-kun in the Alphayd Kingdom. No, he was in it, but since it’s a small country, I’m having him withdrawn. Since I banished the old bastards to another world, there’s no need for Doppel-kun to rule a country, so I’m withdrawing them in stages, and the first of those was the Alphayd Kingdom.

At any rate, if the Oath Oceanic Kingdom and the Demon Nation could trade with each other, the other nations might trade with the Demon Nation as well. Even if they don’t, information about the humans and other race countries will be coming through the Oath Oceanic Kingdom, and people might move as well.

I went back to the place where the capital of the Demon Nation is being built.


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7 thoughts on “Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 1 Part 2

  1. MC was just like this when wasting time or making time past by.
    Its like watching netflix over the weekend. The main difference would be its Live Action for MC


  2. “Fortunately, it is not a colony like India or Southeast Asian countries in the middle ages.”

    No idea what he means by this. In the middle ages, SEA and India were NOT colonised by Brit/Other europeans. Europeans were busy fighting each other during middle ages. And even during the colonial age, migrants and traders were moving in and out of those countries quite freely since the british at least encouraged migration and free trade.


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