Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3


“Oh, Demon Ki… Tsukuru. You’re back.”

“Didn’t you just about to call me Demon King?”

“T-that’s not true!”

Chrysal’s eyes swim as he greets me. Well, whatever.

“But the construction of the capital city has progressed quite a bit, hasn’t it?”

“This is all thanks to the skills Tsukuru has given everyone! We’re grateful for it!”

Chrysal’s face is bright as we walk through the temporary palace they built. The reconstruction has just begun, but he’s happy to see the progress of that reconstruction.

“I’ve negotiated a deal with the Oath Oceanic Kingdom to trade with them, and I want you to send an emissary to the Oath Oceanic Kingdom using a species that is not intimidating to humans.”

“What do you mean by trade?”

I know that trading is unknown to the demons who have never traded with other races before or have only bartered within the same demon race.

“You can ask Allie about that.”

It’ll give Allie a lot of trouble, but she knows best about such things.

“There’s a lot of things you have to learn from Allie, not just trade, but diplomacy and what a country can be. You’ll have to learn with enthusiasm, too, Chrysal.”

“Ooh, leave it to me!”

It’s a lighthearted reply, but from what I’ve heard from Allie, Chrysal is pretty good at it. He was ignorant because he hadn’t had a place to learn before, but the more he learned, the more knowledge Chrysal was acquiring, she said.

When I walked into the room where Chrysal and his entourage were receiving their education from Allie, I found Canaan and all the others waiting for me, in addition to Allie.

It seems there are only my girls now.

“Master, welcome back~.”

“Yeah, Canaan. I’m back.”

I’ve just traveled alone for a bit, but I missed Canaan’s warm and friendly smile.

“I’m glad you’re back safe and sound, Tsukuru-kun.”

“I’m not going to die that easily, Ichinose.”

Ichinose is still a worrier, as usual. But I’m very grateful and happy that she’s worried about me.

“Tsukuru, it looks like you’ve enjoyed it.”

“Yeah, I’ve seen some pretty amazing things. Antia.”

Antia wanted to go with me to the end, so she’s frustrated that she didn’t get to see something unusual.

“Tsukuru-san. I’m happy for your safe return.”

“This is all thanks to Allie and the others for keeping things well whilst I was away. I’m grateful for that.”

The one who’s getting the most trouble in the reconstruction of the demon race this time is this Allie. I’m very indebted to her for that.

“This Hannah is very touched to see her Master safe and sound.”

“Don’t cry, Hannah.”

I just traveled alone for a bit…

“Onii-chan, welcome back.”

“Yeah, I’m back, Sanya.”

Sanya puts out her hand and demands something. What is it…? Oh, a souvenir!

I handed them all a souvenir and hugged each one of them, taking my time to feel them for the first time in a long time.

“The things people buy in trade are mainly food and technology from different countries. What we sell here is what we make of it…”

The characteristics of the demon race are that they have a stronger body and more magical power than other races. Under the same level, the demon race is far more capable of fighting than the other races.

The giants have the highest physical ability, but the giants have little magic and are not very good at magic, and the elves who are good at magic have inferior physical ability.

In terms of overall strength, the demon race is a force to be reckoned with. But compared to other races, the demon race tends to be less good at acting in groups or as an army. Perhaps it has something to do with the wild nature of the demon race.

The reason why they are often defeated by other races when they fight, despite their high individual fighting ability, is because they are opposed by groups or armies that were organized by other races. Even those brainy giants have an organized fighting style in battle.

Although digression, as a demon race, they are best at hunting monsters using their fighting skills. If they could do organized military action under Chrysal, they would be able to hunt monsters efficiently.

“As such, we’ll export monster materials first.”

Fortunately, this continent inhabited by demons has quite a lot of monsters. Monsters inhabit even the desert area, so there is no shortage of resources in the form of monsters.

“As long as the Old species are able to command the front line and make use of the characteristics of each species in battle, the demon race will be the strongest race.”

“Oh, it feels good to be called the strongest. Demon Ki… Tsukuru.”

“But this isn’t easy. If you demons don’t understand your role in the organization and work and act accordingly, it won’t do you any good.”

“Mumumu, I’m not much of a group person…”

“In the meantime, we’ll gather what we believe to be the best from each species and train them militarily. We’ll start out with a few.”

“All right. I’ll gather the best from each species.”

That’s why I’m going to send Allie to Count Abbas to allow me to lend Goliath or Rotten to help out with group and military actions. It doesn’t matter if it’s not these two, but anyone who has experience leading an army and can educate their subordinates is fine. However, a certain level of fighting ability is necessary because if you don’t have a fighting ability that is as good as the demon race, the demon race will just make fun of you.

“Allie, therefore, can you ask the count to borrow someone who can train the army?”

“Yes, I’ll put in a request to father.”


The other thing we need to do is to make a specialty out of processed products other than monster materials…

“Tsukuru-kun. How about this?”

As I was lost in my thoughts, I saw Ichinose standing in front of me with clothes on. No, it was obvious that she was wearing clothes, but even though the modest design remained the same, she looked even cuter than usual and wore clothes that had a strong presence.


“Oh, what’s with the clothes? It’s very cute.”

“I-is it cute? Ehehehe.”

Ichinose’s blushed.

“That outfit has the same design as before, but it’s kind of different in its presence, isn’t it?”

“This clothes are made from cloth woven by Aramun from the Arachne using her own yarn, and it’s very comfortable and durable.”

Aramun, I believe, was one of the Arachne who I gave [Sewing] skills to.

“I see, it was that…”


“Ichinose, do you think the cloth Arachne and the others have woven will sell?”

Ichinose pondered for a moment, but after a few seconds, she smiled like a blooming flower.

“Of course! This cloth feels better to the touch than silk. Moreover, it’s strong enough to withstand a sword cut to a certain extent.”

“Alright, one of our trade exports is the cloth woven by Arachne. Ichinose, make sure you know how much cloth they can weave per month.”

“I know that. At the moment, they can produce about two hundred a month. But for clothes, I’d say about a hundred.”

“The clothing production is low, huh.”

“There are only ten people with [Sewing] skills, after all.”

“Oh, I see…”

But I’m not going to give them any more skills. If I give them everything, the demon race will be spoiled.

“But I don’t think it’s a good idea to export cloth.”


“As I said before, it can withstand a cut from a sword there, so it’s hard to process it into clothing if you’re from another race.”

“…Would that be no problem if it was Arachne…?”

“Yeah. It’s their own yarn, so they have a firm grasp on how to cut it easier.”

“I see… hmm… ah, right.”

I’ve got an idea. If the cloth is hard to cut, we can prepare scissors for that cloth. Fortunately, I’ve given the Kobolds the [Blacksmith] skill, so I’ll have the Kobolds make them.

“Chrysal. Have the Kobold blacksmiths make a pair of scissors to cut the cloth of Arachne. Once that’s done, we’ll sell the cloth of Arachne in a huge scale!”

“O-oh. I understand!”

Chrysal hurriedly left the room. This gave him a certain idea of the problems that would arise after building the town. If they wanted some other specialties, then the demon race should do something about it themselves.

“Okay, the last one is…”

As a final touch, I’ve decided to open a restaurant. The demon race will be physically and mentally exhausted if they work hard every day. Especially since they are working in an environment that is completely different from their previous lives, stress is bound to build up.

That’s why I’m going to feed them my food to relieve their mental and physical fatigue.

I set up a restaurant with one hundred seats in front of the palace where Chrysal resides. This restaurant was built with my [Equivalent Exchange], so the building was built in an instant, and all of the decorations and cooking equipment were also done with [Equivalent Exchange].

I thought it was time to let the demon race stand on its own, so I removed Canaan, Hannah, and the others as educators for the demon race, and my entire family ran the restaurant.

“So this is the Demon King’s restaurant. It’s like a dream come true to be able to eat the Demon King’s food.”

“I heard that if you eat the Demon King’s food, you’ll be able to go to Wonderland!”

“After all, the Demon King’s food is delicious!”

I can hear them outside, waiting for the store to open. I wish they were a little quieter.

All of the hundred seats are filled as soon as the restaurant opens. There are a lot of demons that are bigger than the humans, so I made the space between the seats is fairly wide, but even so, it’s packed tight.

And since most of the demons can’t control their strength, all the tableware is made of adamantite. It’s not good to use wooden or iron tableware, as they can easily be broken.

“Canaan-sama, I’ll take A-lunch.”

“I’ll take B-lunch.”

The lunch menu consists of only daily lunches: fish for A-lunch, meat for B-lunch, and vegetables for C -unch, which is for vegetarians. Although less than 10% of the total number of customers eat C-lunch, the number of dishes served is almost equal between A and B lunches.

Today’s A-Lunch was a tuna sashimi set meal, which consisted of three different types of tuna sashimi (red, medium, and large fatty tuna), a steamed egg custard, rice, and pickles, but since the demon race eats a lot of food, the amount of food served was about four servings for a human.

B-lunch consists of sandworm steak, consommé soup, French bread, and mashed potatoes. The sandworm skin is rubbery, but the meat is very tasty. Sandworm meat steaks are of the demon specification, which is based on one kilogram of sandworm meat.

The C-lunch is made from nuts harvested in the forest and vegetables purchased from the Oath Oceanic Kingdom.

“Sorry to keep you waiting~ It’s A-lunch~.”

“This is B-lunch~.”

“Woohoo. It looks like a good lunch today! Itadakimasu!”

“It’s true! Itadakimasu!”

There are three rules for eating at my restaurant. Pay, don’t make a fuss, and say your gratitude before and after your meal.

“Uhiiiii, yummy!”

“These sandworm steaks are juicy and delicious!”

If you say it’s good, it’s worth cooking for. Eat more.

I can’t harvested own vegetables yet, so I’ve been buying the monsters and fish that the demons caught, and the vegetables are grown by the demons and providing it to them.

Sooner or later, we will be able to harvest vegetables and grains grown by the demon race. If that happens, the agricultural products will also be traded for money. I’m not saying that a monetary culture is necessarily a good idea, but bartering will soon reach its limits when it comes to developing a country.

Today’s A-lunch is tuna, and it’s going to sell like hotcakes.

Okay, let’s have a tuna dismantling show here!

“You guys are lucky! We’re about to have a tuna dismantling show!”

I called out to the demon race with a two-hundred-kilogram tuna dawned almost in the middle of the store.

“Oh, what’s that?”

“Huh, isn’t that the Demon King?”

“Oh, it’s true, it’s the Demon King!”

While the demon race was looking at me, I held out a tuna knife like a sword.

“This is a special knife to dismantle tuna. Isn’t it a fine knife?”

When I asked them that, the demons nodded their heads in agreement. The tail has already been cut off to check the fat. This tuna is the highest grade of fat.

“First, we’re going to remove the head!”

For the head, if you put the knife in the indirect part, the sticking-out knife is enough. I mean, it’s easier to cut off the head with a bayonet knife. But none of that matters to me! A quick flash of the tuna knife and the head falls off.


The demons cheered. It’s nice to hear this kind of thing.

Next, I put the tuna knife into the dorsal fin to shave it from underneath the dorsal fin. Then the dorsal fin is removed. Then I insert the tuna knife into the back, and at this point, I cut the tuna at the very edge of the meat and bone. Naturally, the meat on both sides of the bone is cut away, so two strands are formed from the back.

The demons are watching with bated breath.

After the meat is cut from the back, the kama (the hard part behind the gills) is cut, which is also a delicious part of the fish called “kama toro”. The kama is cut off with two parts connected on both sides. [T/n: Kama or Kamatoro refers to the gill flesh, and there are only two pieces that can be cut from each tuna. The particularly fatty part within the kama is called kama toro. The flesh’s rich fat content makes it look almost exactly like a section of marbled beef.] [T/n: I have to use Japanese for it since I don’t know what’s the English for it.]

Now, the next step is to cut the tuna into pieces from the belly. This is also a good way to cut off the meat just before the bone. Of course, I cut both sides of the bone.

Now to finish! The body of the tuna is cut into four equal parts, called a quadruple split.

When the left side of the belly is cut off, and the body is held up so that the demons can see it clearly, they shout with joy. The belly here is the most valuable part of the fish as it contains the belly fat (toro), the middle belly (mainly medium fatty tuna), and the belly bits ( big fatty tuna).

I cut off the fish’s backside and cut the right side of the other side in the same way. But this isn’t the end! There is a part of the bone called nakaochi* of the body, so I scrape it off with a spoon. [T/n: Left-over flesh on the spine of a fish.]

How was it?

I finished the tuna dismantling show while receiving a rousing ovation from the demon race. The dismantled tuna was, of course, well cooked. The whole head was grilled, and the kama toro was cooked and eaten by us (mostly Canaan).

“Master, these eyeballs are so tasty and melted in my mouth!”

Canaan liked the eyeballs.

“These cheek meat are delicious too, and every time I chew them, they come out with a lot of flavors.”

Did Allie like the cheek meat?

“I think I like the gentle flavor of this boiled kama toro.”

“I’m the same as Suzuno; I like this rustic flavored boiled kama toro.”

Ichinose and Antia feasted on boiled kama toro.

“This cerebral meat is delicious, too, Onii-chan.”

“All of Master’s dishes are good, but as Sanya says, cerebral meat is delicious with its fat.”

The cerebral meat, which is called tsunotoro, is a precious part of the tuna, but there is no doubt that it is delicious. And so on, but tuna is delicious no matter where in the body you eat it. This is the truth!

We had sashimi for the red, medium, and large fatty tuna. It’s 200 kilograms of tuna, so if you’re a human, you can get enough sashimi for about a thousand people, but it was all gone by lunch. The demon race is really a gluttonous people.

“You guys, eat my food and work hard from lunch!”

“Yes, Demon King-sama!”

The demon race calls me Demon King. I’ve told Chrysal not to call me Demon King, but it’s too much trouble to tell the entire demon race, so I’ve just left it at that. Do as you please.


T/n: I’m sorry if there’s a lot of mistake in this chapter, I don’t know about Tuna or fish in general anyway.]


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