Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – The Anguish of The Dark Elves

Part 1


The trouble is, I have no idea where the summoning facility is. Moreover, it’s not something you can find by searching in the dark, but you’ll find it even more difficult if you don’t look for it. Even that Beeze is struggling to find it, so it’s probably not something that anyone can find. That’s how difficult it is to find.

“Tsukuru, have you found that Shamanile guy yet?”

Kurogiri, which has turned into a human form and is in his forties with blonde hair and blue eyes, points his sword at me and asks me.

“Beeze isn’t an omnipotent either, you know. I already told you just to lie idle and wait for the good news, just wait and see if we can find him someday.”

“This time, I’m going to give that Shamanile a shot, and if you can’t find him, it can’t be helped.”

“I wish we could find some kind of the undead race out there.”

Sword and swords cross each other.

“That means people will die in large numbers. Do you understand that, Tsukuru?”

“I know that. But it’s none of my business if someone else that I don’t know dies.”

Kurogiri and I crossed over, and dust rolled up.

“People dying isn’t so simple as that!”

“But people do die easily!”

A high-pitched metallic clank and dust curled up.

I was dumped in the Great Borf Forest by the old bastard and attacked by a vicious monster, but I survived nonetheless. But essentially, the blaze of human life is easily extinguished.

“You’re not moving very well, Tsukuru.”

“I’m sensing an evil intent on yours, Kurogiri.”

Some of them may survive by swearing vengeance as I did, but they are rare.

“Tsukuru-san. It’s about time to eat.”

As I assessed the murderous intent from Kurogiri’s feint, Allie told me it was time to eat.

“Is it that time already? Kurogiri, enough for today.”

Hannah and Ichinose are making today’s meal for us. They are basically the two of my wives who cook unless I cook for them. Of course, Sanya also cooks, but she’s not my wife.

As for the other wives, Canaan specializes in eating, and Allie has never cooked because she was noble. As for Antia, she is the elven Ancient species whose culture of cooking has not developed, so she can’t cook at all.

I taught them all to cook, but only Hannah, Sanya, and Ichinose were able to do so. Canaan, Allie, and Antia have no sense of cooking. They have no sense in cooking, so even I couldn’t do anything about it.


The next day arrived. To my surprise, Beeze had found a clue to the undead race.

“An island in the far east…?”

Since the island was thousands of kilometers away from the demon race’s continent, it was completely unknown to me. There was no way to trace it because I never thought there was an island in such a place in the first place.

“Tsukuru! Let’s go to that island!”

“Calm down, Kurogiri.”

“How can I stay calm with this! we finally found a clue!”

“If you’re in such a state, you’ll be exposed to the same haplessness as the last time you met Shamanile.”

“Ugh! …Don’t bring me to that pain anymore.”

“Equanimity. If you can’t control your anger with reason and face Shamanile with equanimity, you can’t win anything.”

“…Right. Hmm, I didn’t expect Tsukuru to admonish me, but it’s a fair point.”

Kurogiri, are you trying to pick a fight with me?

Oh well. More importantly, it’s the island of the undead race now. Since it is thought that there is a summoning facility there, we have to destroy it as soon as possible. If the undead race uses the summoning facility to abduct people from the Earth, Hirume-san will have to suffer again.

I owe Hirume-san an advance on the reward. Although Ayumi’s memory hasn’t returned yet, it shouldn’t be too far away. However, there’s no need to take a slow stance, and I should go out and thank Beeze and the others for their labor.

“Canaan, Hannah, Ichinose, Allie, Antia, and Sonya, let’s head out.”

“Yes (nanodesu),” said them all in unison.

This Algria is on the west side of the continent west of the demon race’s continent, so after traveling to the demon race’s continent with Canaan’s [Space-Time Magic], we boarded the flying magic carpet and flew towards the east.

The flying magic carpet with a speed of Mach 10 or higher would have arrived in the skies above the destination island in less than an hour.

The island isn’t very big, Beeze said, but it still seems to be about Shikoku’s size. [T/n: Shikoku (四国, literally “four provinces”) is one of the five main islands of Japan. Shikoku is the second smallest main island after Okinawa. It is 225 km or 139.8 mi long and between 50 and 150 km or 31.1 and 93.2 mi wide. It has a population of 3.8 million (as of 2015, 3.1%). It is located south of Honshu and north east of Kyushu. Shikoku’s ancient names include Iyo-no-futana-shima (伊予之二名島), Iyo-shima (伊予島), and Futana-shima (二名島), and its current name refers to the four former provinces that made up the island: Awa, Tosa, Sanuki, and Iyo.

There’s a temple-like building in the center of this island. We have confirmed that Shamanile is there.

“As expected of Beeze. You’ve done a great job. I thank you for that.”

“I’m moved to tears by those kind words.”

He’s a skeleton, so he can’t actually shed a tear, but he looks like he’s really crying. He even took out a handkerchief…

“Near that temple is a town of elven-like beings.”


“Yes, they are elves in appearance, but they are dark-skinned.”

Elves have clear, white skin, but is that darker elves are a different species than the elves?

“It’s probably a dark elf. Dark elves look different from us elves in skin color, but the other characteristics are the same.”

Unusually, Antia’s face distorts.

“What’s wrong? Do you hate the dark elves?”

“There are more complex reasons than just the word “hate” can describe.”

“He~h, dark elves that Antia would say so much. I’m kind of looking forward to meeting them.”

“Those guys are belligerent, so keep your guard up…”

“What’s wrong, Antia, you were belligerent at first, too.”

“Ugh… don’t tell me that.”

“Hahaha. It’s refreshing to see the always cool Antia look like that. It’s nice to see a face like that once in a while.”

“Geez, Tsukuru…”

Antia turns away from me with a pouty face.

I could see some of Antia’s cuteness, so I continue on. As we get closer to the center of the island, we see more and more signs that seem to belong to the dark elves. The image of elves living in the forest with nature, but it was refreshing to see the dark elves plowing the fields like the humans and beastmen.

And then we see a hybrid building of stone and wood.

“Heh, it’s unique house construction, isn’t it?”

“They’re a bunch of weirdos.”

Antia mumbled as she turned away. I can’t help but hug her because her expression is so cute.

“I’m glad to see a different side to the always cool Antia. Hahaha.”

“Geez, I don’t know anymore.”

As I was hugging Antia, I hugged everyone as the other wives came up to me. Equality in this kind of thing is the key to family harmony.

As we walked down from the flying magic carpet just before the town of the dark elves, the town became noisy. About fifty dark elves came out of the town with swords and spears at the ready. It seems that they became noisy as we approached.

“Stop right there!”

The race has a sallow, darker looking elven skin, but it appears to be a healthy tan color rather than sallow. They look more like tanned elves. Their hair is green, blue, and some gold, but I think the overwhelming majority of them are silver.

They are all slender and combined with their tanned skin; they have a sporty look. A blond long-haired man with a spear came out from among these dark elves.

“Who are you people!”

“I’m Tsukuru. These are my wives and sister.”

The blond man who throws us a wary glance, I assume he’s a surfer because of his tan skin and the image of his blond hair.

“Muh! Are you an elf? What is an elf doing here!”

The originally swordsman-like surfer looked at Antia and shouted out, the dark elves behind him started chanting magic, and some of them put arrows in their bows.

“Wait, we’re not trying to harm the dark elves.”

We’re not here to fight with the dark elves because our goal is Shamanile in the temple in the center of this town and the summoning facility that is supposed to be there. I’m not here to fight, but if that’s the way they want to play it, I’m happy to deal with them, as well.

“You come here with an elf, and you say something like that!”

We can’t even discuss, huh.


Arrows are released from the bow and come towards us. Behind that, magic is about to be released after completing their chants.

“Protective Shield~.”

Along with Canaan’s voice, a large transparent shield of magic appeared in front of us. This protective shield would normally be large enough to protect one person, but Canaan, the magic prodigy, can deploy a protective shield large enough to protect us all.

The arrows fired by the dark elves are blocked by the protective shield and fall to the ground, and the magic released afterward is dissipated when it hits the protective shield.

“What was that? That kind of defensive magic is impossible!”

Even if it’s impossible, that defensive magic is unfolding right in front of you, so let’s look at the reality.

“Damn it. That kind of defensive magic can’t last forever! Let loose a bunch of arrows! And unleash your magic as well!”

People lose their ability to make a calm judgment when they come across something they don’t understand. Is that surfer an intuitive personality by nature, or is he confused by Canaan’s protective shield? Either way, there was no way such a thing could destroy Canaan’s protective shield, yet the dark elves continued to do so in vain.

Surprisingly, the dark elves moved calmly as the arrows and magic continued without pause. They deployed around us, 360 degrees, trying to attack us from all directions.

“They seem to be keeping their cool a bit. Allie, can I ask you?”

“Leave it to me.”

As Allie set up the singing maiden’s microphone and began to play a melody, the dark elves’ attacks gradually stopped, and in less than a minute, the dark elves were completely silent.

“I don’t think they’ll be awake for a while.”

“Thank you, Allie.”

Allie smiled back at me. Allie is beautiful, but her gaze is a bit sharp, so when she smiles at me, my heart melts with a 200 percent beauty level.

The surfer dark elf who ordered the attack on us is lying with his face on the ground. The surfer is sleeping comfortably. If it were me, I would have given him nightmares, but I guess that’s just the kindness of Allie.

I lightly kick the surfer in the face with my foot, but he is sleeping beautifully. He attacks people without question, and I’m a little disgusted that he’s sleeping so comfortably.

I subconsciously feel my legs kicking the surfer in the face. It’s unconscious, so it’s not my fault.


Although they’re dark, since they’re elves, the dark elves are all handsome and beautiful. The surfer lets out a voice that such a handsome dark elf is not supposed to make and rolls on the ground a few times.


He finally wakes up. I grab the surfer by the face and lift him up.


“Hey, I could have eradicated the dark elves if I wanted to, but I said I wasn’t going to do any harm. But now you have attacked me. Are you aware of this?”

If he says he doesn’t understand, I’ll put a little pressure on the fingers that are gripping the surfer’s face.

“L-let go of me!”

“You know your place, don’t you? If I put all that pressure on my fingers, your skull would crack open. Do you want to die?”


Hey, don’t wet your pants, disgusting. I just put a little bit of murderous intent into you, you know.

I throw away the surfer whose crotch is getting wet, and I restrain him with the [Dark Magic]‘s spell, Dark Bind.

“Hyii, please spare me. Please, please don’t kill me.”

Surfer, a normal dark elf, cries and pleads to me. I said I had no intention of harming them from the start, but this guy does things that displease me.

Enough, there are many other dark elves; I don’t need this guy.

I decided to activate [Dark Magic]‘s Dark Phantom and let the noisy surfer sleep and give him nightmares. It’s a shame because if he had listened to me from the beginning, this wouldn’t have happened.

I left the white-eyed and pained surfer to suffer in his sleep, and as I was choosing the next dark elf to interrogate, about six people with a presence stronger than the surfer came out of the back of the town.

“Please wait!”

The leader of the six was the dark elves’ Ancient species, with the five Old species waiting behind. And the dark elf who told me to wait was the Ancient species at the front.

She was a very beautiful woman with silver hair that glistened and shimmered as it reflected the sunlight, and she had healthy tan skin. Her facial features were as good as Antia’s, so there was no doubt that she was highly beautiful, but for some reason, her appearance was somewhat overshadowed.

This woman is the dark elves’ Ancient species. The atmosphere she wears is much different from the other ones.

“Please do not kill those people.”

The super-beautiful dark elves’ Ancient species bowed her head and begged.

“Don’t kill them?”

“Yes. These men will be punished. Therefore, please.”

I walk slowly and stop three meters in front of the Ancient species.

“They were the ones who attacked us first. They were trying to kill us.”

“I’m very aware of that.”

“Only those who are prepared to be killed are allowed to kill. Don’t the dark elves know that an exchange of lives is such a heavy thing?”


The Ancient Species stammered. To be honest, I don’t even want to kill those dark elves. This Ancient species asked me not to kill them, so I just went along with it because I am an innocent person. Let me tell you, I know I’m an innocent myself.

One of the blue-haired, handsome Old species behind the Ancient species stepped forward.

“Would you be willing to forgive those men in exchange for my life?”

This Old species is willing to save the lives of fifty dark elves in exchange for his own life? That’s quite a gutsy move.

“What!? Kezir!”

From the fact that the Ancient species is surprised, it seems that this isn’t an order from the Ancient species herself.

“You want to take their place, huh? Normally, I would kill you while making them regret attacking me, but for your spirit, I’ll kill you painlessly.”

I grin and raise the corners of my mouth. I guess I must look bad.

“P-please wait. Demon King-dono!”

Eh? Did she just call me Demon King? This Ancient Species is going to call me the Demon King, just like Chrysal?

“Please spare the lives of these people!”



“You just called me Demon King, didn’t you?”

“Yes. Demon King-dono.”

“Calling me Demon King is a very brave thing to do. You’re going to get everybody killed. I’ll kill you all.”


I draw out Kurogiri and spread out my murderous intent. The Ancient species is enduring it, but Kezir and the other Old species are crouching down on the spot and suffering.

“W-wait, Demon King-dono.”

“You really want to die, don’t you? Don’t call me Demon King!”


I increased my murderous intent on the Ancient species and raised Kurogiri.


The Old species’ tried to protect the Ancient species, but my murderous intent caused their bodies to surrender, and they couldn’t move. The Ancient species closed her eyes. She seems to have realized her end.

I swung down Kurogiri.

With thunderous sounds, the slash that ripped through the ground, destroyed the town’s defensive wall, and destroyed several buildings, went right through the Ancient species’ right side.


The Ancient species looks dumbfounded.

I won’t kill someone no matter how much I don’t like being called the Demon King. In general, the demon race calls me the Demon King, too, after all.

“Don’t call me Demon King. If you call me Demon King, I will kill you for real.”


“So, why do you think I’m the Demon King?”

“I saw you using [Dark Magic] on Perrius earlier.”

Again, [Dark Magic]. Demon race, dark elves, why are they called me the Demon King when they see me using [Dark Magic]…?

“It’s been a long time, Fyssus.”

“…Is that Antia?”

The Ancient species called Fyssus contorts her face.

“As for the surfer earlier, do the dark elves hate elves?”

“The history of conflict between dark elves and elves is not an easy one to put away with the word “hate,” Tsukuru.”

“Hmm. Let me tell you, if you plan to point hostility at Antia, I’ll take that as hostility towards me. Be prepared for that.”

“Demon Ki, no… what exactly is your relationship with Antia?”

She was about to call me Demon King just now.

“I’m the wife of this Tsukuru, Fyssus.”


Fyssus makes a stupid face. It seems that saying Antia is my wife was quite a shocking word.

“W-w-w-w-w-w-why would Antia be with this person!”

“I don’t think you should be so surprised, Fyssus. Ufufu.”

Antia looks very happy, covering her mouth with her hand and laughing.

“I will take the time to ask you later why Antia is this person’s wife. For now, please come to my mansion.”

Fyssus is inviting us to her mansion. When I asked if it was the temple in the center of the town, she said it was not.

We entered the town and went straight ahead and saw a large building that stood out from the rest. The building seemed to be Fyssus’ mansion, and she led us into the mansion.

We have a strong image of elves living with nature, but the dark elves don’t feel that way at all. The building is somewhat distinctive, but it’s not much different from that of the humans and beastmen.

I sat down on the sofa, but it wasn’t very comfortable. I activate [Equivalent Exchange] to improve seating comfort.

“What was that just…”

“Don’t worry about it.”

Fyssus, who sat across from me, tried to ask me about [Equivalent Exchange], so I tried to control the initiative. Since I had no intention of explaining the [Equivalent Exchange] even if she asked me, so it was better not to be asking something useless.

“More importantly, why did you call me the Demon King?”

“It’s been passed down to us dark elves that the one who uses [Dark Magic] is the Demon King.” [T/n: Dark Bat is the true Demon King.]

She answered without hesitation, but then it’s just like the demon race, isn’t it?

Sigh… are you guys the same as the demon race?”

“It’s a shame if you call me the same as the demon!”

Oops, the dark elves don’t like to be mixed up with the demon race, it seems.

What can I say? I’ve heard from Antia and Allie that the dark elves are pretty much hated by the demon race as well. Is that a kind of kindred hatred?

“Do you know, the demon race now has signed a non-aggression pact with the humans, elves, dwarves, and beastmen, and they’re doing a great deal of town development.”

“The demons? I can’t believe it…”

“I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s true.”


I don’t have to go into detail here. If she doesn’t believe me, well, I won’t ask her to either, just see for yourselves. More importantly, don’t the dark elves serve tea when they have guests? Maybe they don’t think of us as guests?

Well, I was talking about killing them earlier, so I guess we are unwelcome guests.

“So, why did you call us here, then?”

”Yes. As I said before, we dark elves have a legend about the Demon King, no, I didn’t call you that, but the Demon King.”

“Legendary. The demon race is saying something like that, too.”

When I mention the demon race, Fyssus looks very uncomfortable.

“We dark elves are the ones who live in the shadows of this world.”

I glance at Antia, who is sitting beside me. Even though they are the same elf, I can tell that there is something distinctly different about them than Antia’s elves. It’s something more than just the color of their skin.

“If the elves led by Antia over there are the race of the sun, then our dark elves are the race of darkness. We are abhorred by the other races and have lived in darkness and shadow.”

“So, that’s why you’re living on an island like this?”

“That too.”

“Oh, is there another reason?”

“Yes. We were told that if we continued to protect the temple in the center of this city, the Demon King would appear who would guide us, the dark elves.”

“What do you want guidance on? Are you not happy with this land?”

There was a legend with the demon race as well that the Demon King would lead them to the Shangri-la, but how could the Demon King have such a legend?

“We dark elves originally lived in the Great Borf Forest…”

“In the Great Borf Forest… But there?”

“Yes. The elves there, led by Antia, live in the Great Borf Forest.”

“In the past, that forest was home to us elves and the dark elves lead by Fyssus there.”

Antia took over Fyssus’ words, but I never thought that the elves and the dark elves lived together in the Great Borf Forest. But why did the dark elves move to such a distant island?

“We are shadows, shadows after all. Therefore, we could not live in the same place as the sun.”

“The elves and the dark elves began to fight each other, and we elves won, and the dark elves left that forest.”

Maybe it was thousands of years ago, or maybe more than ten thousand years ago. And because of such a history, that surfer before must have seen and attacked the elf Antia.

I mean, do they still have roots in such a long time ago? Well, I can’t speak for others.

“But we have met you at last! I wonder how long we have waited. Please guide us dark elves!”

I heard Antia let out a sigh as she looked at Fyssus, who lowered her head deeply.

“What, do you want to live in the Great Borf Forest again?”

“No, we do not adhere to the Great Borf Forest. We will go wherever you lead us.”

“You make it sound so easy. I’ve never seen you before today, and you’re sure you can trust me?”

“That is the path we dark elves are on.”

I don’t understand the nerve of putting so much blind faith in me, who they’ve never met before. The same is true of the demon race, such as Chrysal, but I think these guys are the type that is easily fooled.

Why do they adore the Demon King like this? Do I look that much like a Demon King? Hmm, I can’t think of many things…

“By the way, why do you dark elves live in this place? Even though you were chased out of the Great Borf Forest, you had other places to live, right?”

“Shamanile told us.”

A murderous intent leaked out of Kurogiri when he heard those words.


I’m not sure if Fyssus has sensed Kurogiri’s murderous intent or not, but her eyes are black and white. I flicked the hilt of Kurogiri with my finger to suppress his murderous intent.

However, since the name Shamanile came out of Fyssus’ mouth, I have to ask her.

“What did Shamanile tell you?”

“As I said before, if we guarded the temple, the Demon King would surely appear.”

“I see. He did that. What do you think, Antia?”

“Even though it’s Shamanile, he has no ability to foresee the future. It may have just come out of his mouth, but Tsukuru really did show up here, didn’t he?”

Antia is a very clear-headed person, and I agree with her. I’m not a fan of the fact that I am the Demon King, though.

“I’m not sure what exactly is a Demon King, by the way.”

“The Demon King is the Demon King, but…?”

Ah, this is that. She just believes in the word “Demon King” without knowing the true nature of the Demon King. I have no idea why they call me it, Demon King. It’s just because of the fact that Shamanile bastard has been appealing to the Demon King for a long time now that it has taken hold, that’s just too dumb.

Next time I see Chrysal, I’ll ask him about it. No, since I’m going to meet Shamanile before that, I can ask that bastard.

“Um… Could you please help us dark elves?”

“Hmm, it’s an abrupt turn of events.”

“My apologies. But we are on the brink of extinction.”


Extinction is also unusual.

“That means you have physically less of a population, doesn’t it?”

“So, you knew about this?”

“Given the size of the town, it could have a population of over a hundred thousand, but this town is like a ghost town with no signs of life.”

The number of presence in the town is estimated to be about two thousand at most. Too few for the size of the town.

“We dark elves are a race whose children are not easily born. However, we sacrifice to the temple every year. And because of this, our population is decreasing faster than it’s growing, and it is decreasing rapidly.”

“All you have to do is stop offering sacrifices to the temple for that.”

“…I-is that all right?”

Why are you asking me? Oh, I’m supposed to be the one who asked for the sacrifice.

Shamanile bastard, he’s been up to no good. I’m going to make sure he pays for this.

“You dark elves are being tricked by the bastard Shamanile.”


“You think I’m the Demon King, don’t you?”

Fyssus nodded persistently.

“I’m not asking for a sacrifice.”

“But since the previous Demon King was defeated by a hero, the Demon King needed a sacrifice in order to be resurrected…”

“So, that’s what that bastard Shamanile told you.”


“I’ve heard from the demons about the last Demon King.”

Only Ayumi and I were the only ones who were called the Demon King later and earlier. Ayumi refused to fight other races as the Demon King and was banished by the then demon race’s Ancient species and killed by a hero.

I guess the truth of the matter is that Shamanile bastard took advantage of that and did whatever he wanted, saying that the Demon King needed a sacrifice in order to be resurrected.

That bastard, he was taken advantage of people who were begging for it. He’s really a jerk.

“The resurrection of the Demon King doesn’t require a sacrifice, and the Demon King hates being called a Demon King.”

I’m sure Ayumi was also unwilling to be called the Demon King.


“All of them are sacrifices for that Shamanile bastards. So you’ve been tricked by him into sacrificing your people to reduce your numbers.”

“Then those who have given their lives as a sacrifice so far can go for…”

“For nothing.”


Tears came to Fyssus’ eyes, and she pressed the corners of her eyes.

“I… sacrificing my brethren for… what?”

I can’t help but be thrilled by the fragility that the mournful Fyssus exudes as she suppresses her voice and cries. At first glance, Fyssus appears to be a healthy beauty, but a closer look reveals a shadowy, contradictory woman, and perhaps that’s why I was so impressed by her mysterious beauty.

“What are we for…”

“That’s something you’ll have to answer for yourselves.”

Is it the fault of Shamanile or the deceived dark elves? Well, in general, it’s probably Shamanair’s fault. But it’s because of the delusional belief in such an incomprehensible person as the Demon King that this is happening.

This is the same thing that religions do on Earth. Religions that are designed to save people’s hearts and minds force subordinates to do something to satisfy the thoughts and ambitions of people in the upper echelons. Perhaps it is because they are uneducated, or perhaps they think it is the right thing to do, that they are willing to do brutal things.

A good example would be the witch hunt. I don’t know if there really were witches, but most of the people who died in the witch hunts were not witches. They were simply tortured and forced to say they were witches. I think even the religious people of that time would have confessed that most of them were witches if they were tortured.

In short, like the ignorant populace at the time of the witch hunt, Shamanile just took advantage of the ignorance of the dark elves and preyed on them by forcing them to make a sacrifice.

“Well, we’re going to the temple. What about you?”

It’s getting a little damp, but I think I’m going to head to the temple, which is my original purpose for coming here.

“If Shamanile has deceived us, then we must bring our wrath upon Shamanile. Please, take me with you.”

“I can take you with us, but it’s this Kurogiri that will beat Shamanile to death. You’re just going to have to watch Shamanile die, is that okay with you?”

“If you want me just to watch, then I’ll do it.”

Sigh… Just so you know, I’m not the Demon King.”


What’s wrong with your eyes? I’m not the Demon King. There’s no proof that I am!


Name: Fyssus
Race: Ancient Dark Elf, Level 500

Skills: [Crisis Sense (5)] [Mana Detection (5)] [Shadow Magic (5)] [Mana Control (4)]

Unique Skill: [The One Who Controls The Shadow]

Ancient Skill: [Second Life]

Attributes: HP [A] | MP [EX] | [STR [B] | INT [S] | AGI [S] | DEX [A] | LUK [F]

Titles: Dark Elf Founder, The One Who Imposes Trials


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