Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 1 Chapter 4 Part 5

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Part 5


Meanwhile, the central tower of the Berg Fortress. The people on its rooftop also felt something strange in the sky. Crimson hair danced in the wind that was getting stronger. Liz holds her hair with one hand and turns to face Hiro.

“Aura and the others are amazing… I wasn’t expecting them to reach the enemy’s main camp.”

Liz pointed to a trident that would bite into the enemy’s side. Hiro nodded in agreement.

“That’s right. It’s a different way to go, but I think they did a good job.”


“If it were true, they would have to pry open the center of the enemy’s side with infantry before they could do so. But Aura pried it open with her cavalry. It’s not easy to imagine. If things go badly, they’ll be wiped out.”

If the numbers on one side are overwhelmingly small, this is not the first warfare method one would choose to use. This should be more of a tribute to a well-trained soldier than a compliment given to her.

After joining up without any disruption, the rush without hesitation, and the explosive power comes from it. After that, when the enemy was distracted by the front line and turned away, Aura’s leadership was brilliant. It was an incredible sight to admire.

This is something that can be said because they are an ally, but there is something irresistible to the enemy.

“Can they win?”

“If things continue to go well, I think they’ll win.”

He doesn’t talk about his anxiety. At least things are going well now. They would continue to strike into the main enemy camp, take out the enemy general, and then leave as is.

The only thing left to do is to lay waste to the miscellaneous soldiers who have fallen into a panic, but there was something that Hiro was concerned about.

(Depending on the military strength of the enemy general…)

In the past, when he used this strategy, there were fierce fighters who were known as the “Five Black Heaven Generals.” It was because they had stood at the forefront of the battle that they could succeed in this strategy.

Whether or not there would be that many fierce men in Aura’s camp.


When he looked up at the sky, even more anxiety washed over him. In less than a moment more, the sky will begin to cry and wet the ground.

The heavy cavalry that is just less mobile, their destructive power will be halved on the rain-soaked ground. When Hiro looked down at the battlefield, the enemy line had been torn apart from the center by the “Imperial Black Knights” led by Aura. It is reminiscent of a black dragon ascending to the heavens and captivates the viewer.

“Liz. In the meantime, could you tell Kiork-san just to get ready?”

If something happens, they should be ready to rush to the rescue immediately. People inevitably create gaps in their lives, no matter what the situation. If something unexpected happens, it will be noticeable. A cornered enemy will not miss it; no one wants to die, after all.

“All right.”

Liz agrees without saying a word. In her current position, she has no choice.

“Thank you. Please.”

Hiro muttered a word of thanks before watching her back as she went to Kiork. When he looked up overhead, he saw gloomy shadows and stormy clouds hanging low.




The battlefield was in turmoil. Even though it was only mid-morning, the high rising sun was obscured by clouds. Below them, the army in the field was being pushed by a group of black horsemen many times inferior to them.

The sound of horseshoes hitting the earth trampled the screams of the enemy. A single black line was closing in on the enemy’s main camp. However, its speed gradually slowed down as small grains poured down from the cloudy sky.

Before too much time had passed, the large grains of rain had gained momentum and penetrated the ground, thoroughly crushing the “Imperial Black Knights” momentum.

The brown-haired second-in-command, Spitz, opens his mouth to his superior officer who is running together.

“Aura-sama! What should we do?”

“The enemy general is right before us. We will take his head and withdraw. We will escape all the way to the Fort Berg.”

“Is that our only option…?”

“I will not fixate on it. If it seems impossible, we will withdraw immediately.”


Aura looked at the enemy’s main camp to locate the enemy general. The visibility is not good because of the rain, but she desperately scrutinizes her eyes to pull off a victory.

She doesn’t even look at the horse armor as it bursts away from the enemy, but just focuses on the enemy’s main camp. A soldier pointed at her with a panicked look. A soldier’s face is drawn up in fear. A soldier waiting with a beastly expression on his face. None of them are the ones she wants.

Taking everything out of sight――.

Her eyes succeeded in catching it like a flash of light.

“I’ve found it. Follow me!”

Unusually, Aura raised her voice. Not only that, she heroically raised her spirit weapon and kicked her horse’s belly.

Spitz was appalled, gasping for breath. However, he quickly regained his composure and chased after Aura with all his might.

He switched from his sword to his spear.

“Imperial Black Knights! Follow Aura-sama!”

He shouted as much as he could. The knights replied with a spirited attack instead of a voice. They slaughtered the enemy infantry around them and buried the next enemy’s blood flying high in the sky. Aura could feel the spirit coming from her back. She could feel the heat building up in her hands, which were cold from the rain.

Blessed by the blessing of the spirit weapon, Aura cuts down the enemy soldiers protecting the general. The enemy soldiers began to keep their distance to avoid being trampled by the horseshoes.

They are only soldiers who were drafted. Barbarians who come to other countries seeking slaves. They have no cause and no ambition. There is no room for such people to trample the territory of the Empire.

“I dedicate this victory to His Majesty Schwartz.”

Aura’s spirit weapon flashed. The enemy general’s face was filled with astonishment and despair. The blade of Aura’s spirit weapon bit into his neck. An eerie feeling was felt in her hand, and at the same time, she used the momentum of her horse to swing away. The enemy general’s head rolled across the ground, tangled in the mud.

The figure, which is only big, falls down. Aura, who witnessed the event, raised her spirit weapon high into the sky.

“I’ve killed the enemy general!”

Cheers erupted from her allies behind her, and agitation exuded from the enemies around her. Aura’s face tightened as she stifled her delight and seemed to loosen up.

“Lord Spitz! Collect the head at once!”

There was no point in just killing the enemy general to end this war. If his death were hidden, they would have to continue to deal with nearly 10,000 enemies. They must hurriedly recover the enemy general’s head and inform the entire battlefield.


Aura’s eyes widened in astonishment as she turned around behind her. This is because she saw the enemy general who had lost his head stand up peacefully and pick up his own head. Aura’s entire body was filled with fear. He was no longer human, moving with the loss of his head.

Aura’s decision was quick. The word “Withdraw” immediately flashed in her mind. Her throat tightened, and a scream-like voice came out of her small mouth.

“Viscount Spitz! Withdraw―?!”

Aura couldn’t scream until the end. This is because the enemy general, who tied their necks together, jumped at Aura with his specialized weapon in hand. She quickly brought forward her spirit weapon and repelled the enemy’s attack, which makes a high-pitched sound, and Aura’s body floated in the air. And then vigorously rolled on the ground, covered in mud.

Her horse lost its head with its entire iron armor and fell on the side, splattering blood from where it was cut off. The viewpoint of the man staring at Aura, who had stopped moving, was not fixed, and he opened his mouth while staring into the void.

“Don’t get carried away, little girl!”

He approaches Aura with a large stride, with a fancy sword decorated with jewels on his shoulder.


Spitz rushed over and thrust his spear out from his horse, but it was caught between the big man’s sides.


As it was lifted up, Spitz was knocked to the ground. Simultaneously, a splash of water splashed out loudly, but it is an insignificant change in the pouring rain.


The enemy general slammed his heel into Spitz, who was struggling to breathe. A large number of fresh blood spurts out of Spitz’s mouth as he is repeatedly struck down.

In order to save the second-in-command who was about to be killed, a heavily armed horseman practiced a spirited assault.



The enemy general thrusts his sword into the face of the soldier in the blink of an eye. An unconscious soldier tumbled off the back of his horse. The death of one brave soldier saved Spitz, but he was unconscious and rained down on his back, which caused the blood to spread across his face.

That’s when Aura finally stood up unsteadily. Her left arm, held by her right hand, was hanging down, and mud was dripping from the cuff. Her arm is broken. The look of pain dominated expression on her face is probably the best evidence of that.

“…Spirit weapon?”

Aura looked at the sword in the big man’s hand with eyes that couldn’t settle on a fixed point of view.

(If so… what the hell is wrong with this man?)

There is no blessing in a spirit weapon that can heal the wounds of a human who has been beheaded. If there is such a miracle, is it a spirit sword inhabited by a spirit―or,

(Or even the five great treasure swords… but that’s a spirit weapon by all accounts. Not that powerful.)

While she was thinking, the enemy soldiers were encircling Aura. The “Imperial Black Knights” are drawing a circle to threaten them and keep them in check. But they can’t hold it for long. No matter how much of a threat the horsemen are, they are too slow in the rain.

Moreover, they are outnumbered. Besides, nothing is easier to hunt than an enemy gathered in one place. The advantage they had just had was completely lost.

The enemy general moved both eyes separately and looked around. The creepy gesture made Aura feel nauseated.

“Seeing how the soldiers have not abandoned you, you must be the War Maiden, huh?”

The enemy general’s purple lips split into a crescent shape, and his teeth peeked out.

“Fuumu… It’s a pity that you’re not to my liking. But I’ll still take you with me. I’m not a demon, either. You will be released when I get a lot of ransom.”

When the enemy general waved his spirit weapon, the blade cut through space and sent raindrops flying away.


The soldier who boldly stood against the enemy general to protect Aura is slaughtered.

“After the soldiers use you as a plaything, that is!”

To rescue their Lord, a platoon of the “Imperial Black Knights” is coming towards them. They would not let the enemy’s single finger touch Aura, and with a spirit that would make them think so, they attacked the enemy general with a furious force.

“Your Excellency! Just a moment, please! We will lead the way at all costs!”

“Fuhaha, how courageous. Those who want to die come at me first. I’m stronger now that I have a spirit weapon.”

Aura couldn’t believe her ears at the enemy general’s words. This was because although the spirit weapons certainly gave a great blessing, the power felt from the man was never something brought by a spirit weapon.

However, an unbelievable scene unfolded in front of Aura’s eyes. Even though his wrists were cut off, his chest was pierced, and he had lost his legs, the enemy general did not flinch and killed the “Imperial Black Knights.”

“Oraa! Next! Come on! I will not let anyone beat me!”

“Don’t step back! We will make sure to save Her Excellency!”

Aura’s subordinates continued to fight, raising their voices without fear, even if their comrades were slaughtered without mercy.



The last soldier was pierced in the chest and fell off his horse.

“Fuh―haha… haha… This is tiring indeed.”

The enemy general looks up above his head, shakes his shoulders, and begins to breathe in. There is a pile of corpses in the vicinity, proving that a platoon of the “Imperial Black Knights” has fallen to their deaths at every turn. The wounds on the enemy general’s entire body are all fatal, but the injuries are closing up as he looks at them.

Aura pointed the spirit weapon at the enemy general and questioned him.

“…What is it about that unearthly power you possess?”

“You mean this spirit weapon?”

No spirit stones have ever been found in the Principality of Lichtine. One of the reasons for this is that the whole area is a desert. However, there are many beautiful oases and places where spirits seem to live. However, people gather at those places to live.

For spirits who prefer a quiet place, there is nothing but pain for them. Above all, the spirit does not like the bleak atmosphere of the slave states.

Although it is possible that they could have bought it from another country, the Principality of Lichtine doesn’t have the budget for it. The reason being that a single spirit stone would be enough for the commoners to live on for the rest of their lives.

Unlike spirit swords, spirit weapons are consumable items that will eventually break. They can break after a few battles. If they are forged in the wrong way, they will turn into mere stones on the spot.

Although the power of spirit stones is attractive, it’s better to improve the soldiers’ equipment than to spend the state budget on such things. Hence, even in the mighty Grantz Great Empire, the only people who possess spirit weapons are the imperial family or those who are linked to them.

“Although I’m interested in how you obtained the spirit weapon, I’m even more concerned about the “power” of yours.”

“Don’t talk about things that don’t make sense. And what do you get for buying time like this?”

“You really don’t realize your own condition, do you? No, even if you are aware of it, you don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary.”

“I can’t have a proper conversation with you. No more talking; otherwise I’ll kill you. And look around, your soldiers are getting caught!”

The area was turning into chaos. The “Imperial Black Knights” are beginning to be dragged down from their horses. They immediately stood up and struggled, but they were outnumbered. They were surrounded and reduced in number one by one and then again. The blood overflowing from the fallen heavy cavalrymen’s wounds is mixed with mud and discolored.

“It will soon be time for you to gasp in pleasure. I’ll be playing with you until then!”

The enemy general swung his sword to her. Aura caught it with her spirit weapon, but her small body was blown away lightly. She fell from her shoulder to the ground. And then the enemy general’s kick stabbed her in the side.

Before she could grunt, her mouth was blocked by mud, and she continued to roll on the ground once, twice, three times. When she finally stopped, life was nearly gone from her.


Her subordinates are fighting, and as a commander, she can’t give up easily. It inspires her. But when she tries to get up on the ground with her hands, she immediately loses strength from her elbows.

As she dipped her face into the puddle, Aura noticed what was flowing from her eyes.

Is she crying? She thought, but she couldn’t tell because of the relentless rain. The enemy general is approaching. He grabbed Aura’s hair carelessly and made her look up.

“What is it, you’re about to lose consciousness? You might be happier that way, though. You’ll be dealing with countless men from now on.”


“Don’t worry; we will treat you gently so we can collect the ransom. So we’ll deal with you just enough so you don’t die.”


Aura doesn’t say anything. She just turns her leaden eyes. When the enemy general let go of her hand, Aura’s head was slammed into the mud. Then he removed his gaze as if he had lost interest and picked up Aura’s spirit weapon that had fallen nearby.

“I captured the “War Maiden” and got two spirit weapons. My foolish brother wasted one of them, but it’s still enough to make the change.”

He hadn’t noticed. No―there was no way he could have noticed.

“I must thank the man.”

The enemy general spread his arms as if to express his joy. At the same time, Aura’s spirit weapon fell to the ground with his wrist.

“Hmm? What is it?”

A tremendous amount of blood gushed from the spot where he had lost his wrist. However, he didn’t pay attention to it. His eyes were drawn to the single spirit weapon that appeared in front of him.

“…That’s the… spirit weapon I gave to my foolish brother? Why is it here?”

Something strange was happening behind the enemy general who was watching in amazement. There is a white light snaking through the battlefield filled with a large army.

It was as if it was flying through the sky, and “it” was closing in on the enemy general. It’s worthy of the name lightning swift. There is no other word for it.

The radiance of the drawn sword that cuts through the dark and stagnant despair――,

――The “white thunder” gushed over the ground.


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