Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 1

Here’s the chapter 1, and thanks to the Patreon to brought this for you guys, enjoy~

Chapter 1 – A Discovery In The Forest


Now, it is a forest. The word “forest” has many meanings, and the image that each person has is different. As for the forest that surrounds me, it’s like a virgin forest. To put it simply.

Bushes! Trees! Leaves! Bug! Uboaahhh!

Yeah, I guess. The discomfort factor is skyrocketing. It’s a little hard to go through without proper bushwalking equipment. My top and bottom of my sweatshirt are going to be ripped to shreds at high speed if I’m walking in this area.

But there’s no way to survive in the wilderness, so I’m going to the forest. I have to go… Being alone is so lonely, after all.

It’s dangerous to wade into the depths of the forest without a firm goal, so I wandered around the area close to the border of the wilderness. After about an hour of exploring, I found a tree that even I could climb. It’s an excellent place to use as a base for the time being, as the surrounding area is a little more open.

“Well, now…?”

I carefully check the area and the condition of the trees. There are no footprints of beasts or other animals and no unnatural claw marks on the trees as far as I can see. No bees or ants or other dangerous-looking insects.

You may have wondered why I would care about ants, but there are quite a few species of stinging ants that live on Earth. I mean, the ants that live around houses in Japan are just safe, but there are quite a few ants with poisonous stingers on the tip of their tails. They’re like relatives of hornets!

Speaking of insects, I haven’t found any strange ones around here so far. If this is some distant planet or world that isn’t Earth, I don’t think it’s surprising that there are some monstrous creatures that I can’t even imagine.

No, I wouldn’t want to meet them, though.

Anyway, the tree looks safe, so I try to climb it slowly and carefully. Yeah, it’s just plain scary. I tried to climb up to about 2 meters above the ground, but it’s scary to look down. I can’t sleep on this unless I use something to fix my body or something.

I slowly get down from the tree and take a breath. What should I do next?

Fire or water.

If I have water, I can survive for a while without food, but I’ll need a fire to survive the night. Should I build a fire anyway? Since it’s something I’ve never actually done before based on knowledge alone, it’s a good idea to try it while there is still time to do it.

First, I prepare a branch that is as straight as possible. Then gather a large piece of wood, a well-bunching branch, a flat stone, and a wood piece that could be used as firewood on a well-dried branch.

If the fire was made, I could start a barbecue as well, so I cleaned up the fallen leaves away from the trees in the camp base, dug up the ground with my No. 1 stone blade, and put the large pieces of wood on the ground. I scraped the wood chip with the No. 1 stone blade and made some hollows in the ground.

Then, I broke a straight branch and shaved the tip to make it sharp. I don’t put the wood chips in the hollow, pinch it between my hands and turn it. Since if I don’t have a lot of physical ability and patience, I’ll end up doing nothing, and I’ll end up with peas on my hand.

This is where my sweatshirt comes in handy.

“Teretete, waist strap.”

It is a string that is tightened at the waist to keep the pants from slipping off. I pull this out and tie it to a bent branch to make a bow. A straight stick is wrapped around the bow’s string, and the bow is rotated back and forth to generate frictional heat. This is called “bow-drill ignition.”

A flat stone is used to hold the stick down from above, and a piece of wood is placed in the hollow of the wood to serve as the friction point, and the bow is then moved back and forth.

After many twists and turns, the bow is too weak to break, and it won’t ignite… Although I manage to create a spark, I fail to ignite it.

“Damn! I won’t give up!”

Now I’ll have more wood chips to use as a crater. Or rather, I realized that I should just crush the dry leaves and use them as a crater. I’m such an idiot… My gamers’ souls are going to be completely black.

And I finally succeeded in making a fire. I also collected some wood for the fire, so I made a quickfire.

“Oh, it’s so warm…”

I stopped staring at the fire to collect wood for the area.

“I’m hungry…”

As I stare blankly at the fire, the question of why this is happening comes to my mind. It’s an unusual situation no matter what I think. Did I commit a crime that I could be made to do this without knowing it?

I look up at the night sky and see a huge unnamed planet and the moon. It’s an unusual situation. It’s crazy to think about it. Isn’t it true that I am dead, and this is the afterlife or something?

When was the last time I remember being on Earth in the first place? I’ll try to remember. I’m pretty sure I was sitting in the tea room playing with my phone and watching TV. I don’t have any family. My parents were divorced, and my mother, who took me in, died suddenly of a brain hemorrhage two years ago.

My dad was my dad and seemed to be building a new family, and I didn’t feel like interrupting him, so I lived alone. I was just off that day… and yes, I left my room after lunch to go to the bank. That’s as far as my memory goes. I don’t wish to be an otherworldly survivalist or something when I walk out the door.

A different world, this is a different world, right? At least it’s not Earth. If I’m also the protagonist of the otherworldly transfer thing… that doesn’t make my heart beat faster, either. It’s just sad that I have to survive alone in the forest, alone and lonely. I unintentionally spoke in a pseudo-Kansai dialect.

I don’t dislike novels that take place in another world. It’s soothing to forget reality and immerse yourself in the world of the story. While you’re enjoying it, you can forget about all the bad things and painful things. It’s like an analgesic for the mind.

I think the reason why otherworldly transference stories were so popular was probably because everyone wanted to escape to somewhere other than the one they were in. I don’t know if I have that feeling either, but that’s not the case.

But I don’t want this kind of bare-knuckle survival. It’s hopeless for me. At the very least, give me the cheat ability for the otherworldly transfer thing. I’m a born-and-bred, modern child who grew up in modern Japan with electricity, gas, and water. I was born in the Heisei era, you son of a bitch. There’s no way I’m going to survive in this situation without anything! Come on!

“Still, I’m hungry…”

I said it twice because it’s important. And by the way, I’m pretty thirsty. Haaaahh. I’m so hungry. It’s unfortunate. And it’s going to skinny-dip my mental strength.

“Tomorrow, I will find food, or at the very least water…”

It’s smoky, whether the wood I found was damp or raw. It would keep the bugs and the beasts away, so this was fine. As I stared at the flames with my knees cradled in my arms, I began to cry. These were tears from the smoke; I’m sure they were. Goddamn it.

If this were a survival game, I would press the F or E key to bring up the crafting menu with a bonfire, but… hmm?


::Grilled meat――Material: raw meat x 1 *No material!
::Clean water――Materials: raw water x 1 *No material!
::Torch――Material: wood x 1 *No material!



I couldn’t help but notice what looks like a pop-up menu that suddenly floats over a bonfire. Isn’t this a craft menu thing? Why? Is this a dream? If this is a dream, then wake up!

I try to pinch myself on the cheek again or lightly hit my head with a throwing stone I picked up in the wilderness, but I still can’t wake myself from the dream, and it still hurts normally.

“Let’s accept it, the reality.”

Anyway, it’s a craft menu. Although it’s just a craft in the bonfire, it doesn’t seem to be able to make much of anything, but this is a great discovery. I don’t know if it came out because I had the crafting menu in mind or because I specifically envisioned the keyword input, but I can use this phenomenon. It should be something I can use to survive from here on out.

In the meantime, I’m going to test various things, including whether I can close the crafting menu.

The test results show that I can do various operations by imagining a specific key touch in my brain.

It was found that I could access the object in front of me by imagining the F key and that I could move back and forth and left and right by imagining the WSAD key, ignoring my body position, my movement speed, and inertia.

This movement can be accelerated by being aware of the SHIFT key at the same time. This makes it extremely tiring. And by being aware of the spacebar key-touch, I can jump at about the same height as I am. This also works after jumping on my own, allowing me to do a pseudo double jump.

It also turns out that I can move my body on its own with the C key to squat down or press and hold to get down. If I consciously combine my own body movements with these brain operations, I can make bizarre movements.

“Isn’t this a pretty creepy move to watch from the side?”

As I do an all-out dash jump on my own, I mutter, then jump further command jump and make a diagonal, horizontal slide move in the air. I can jump insanely high, so I can easily climb up trees.

But these movement techniques are not such important matters. No, it’s probably important to master these command moves for survival, but there’s a more important case.

“The inventory menu with Tab is here!”

Yes, many survivalist games allow you to view your inventory――or your possessions by pressing the Tab key. This worked in this world, as well. And the inventory menu often allows you to access your own status screen and basic crafting screens that don’t use facilities such as crafting tables.

“Crafting Menu has been obtained!!!”

My tension is maxed out. If I can use the crafting menu, my future survival rate will increase significantly. How could I have the power to create a civilization from stones and tree branches that seem to fall around without any tools in real life? I’m not afraid of anything anymore!


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  1. “I think the reason why otherworldly transference stories were so popular was probably because everyone wanted to escape to somewhere other than the one they were in.”

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