Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 2

Here’s the chapter, enjoy~

Chapter 2 – I won (Flag)


As long as I can use the crafting menu, there’s nothing to fear for a survival game player like me! There was a time when I thought that way, too.

“Even if I had the tools, I couldn’t throw a javelin or an ax, and I’d never even handled a bow and arrow.”

In front of the bonfire are several tools crafted from materials I have on hand. The first one is a stone ax. This is the first one I crafted from a stone and a piece of wood. A stone ax, for starters. A stone ax is a basis for these things. It’s kind of a tradition.

This one is awesome. From a simple rock and a piece of twisted wood, I created the ideal stone ax with a straight handle and a polished stone blade. With this, given enough time, it should be able to cut through trees or even smash the head of an attacking wild animal.

The problem is that the person who will be wielding it is me, who has never worked in a logging operation or had a battle with a wild animal before, HAHAHA!

Next is the stone spear. The materials are stones and pieces of wood. Yeah, it was obvious; I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.

This one is not a polished stone blade but rather has the tip of a stone tool that was made by hitting it. The tip of the spear is so sharp that it could easily pierce the skin of a creature and injure its internal organs.

The weight balance is not bad, and it seems to be suitable for both thrusting and throwing. I threw it lightly, but it flew up there and pierced the ground. The fact that the tip of the spear is not chipped for some reason is also good!

If I’m actually going to use it, it’s better to prepare several of them and throw them in succession. If they hit the target, the damage will be huge.

And the real deal, the bow and stone arrowhead arrows. The bow was crafted from a bendy branch and some grass that was growing around. The string is made of vines, and when I put the arrow on the string, it flies very well. The two problems are that it doesn’t fly straight and doesn’t hit the target. This will require some practice.

Furthermore, it is the true strike, a stone knife. It has a well-polished, sharp stone blade with a wooden handle. It is very sharp. I have no trouble at all in chopping wood and cutting grass. But it is not very durable.

When I got carried away and knocked off a tree branch, the blade chipped off. I should be very careful with it. If I cut myself or something, I would be in trouble.

Well, I guess that’s a bit of a relief…

Even if it’s crude, getting a weapon can provide some relief. And it turns out to be interesting.

“I see, so getting a stone knife will give me more things to craft.”

Yes. Having the tools available for processing increased the number of products that could be crafted. I was able to make crude stoneware by combining stones and pieces of wood, but now I could make miscellaneous items made from wood and plants by assembling stoneware.

For example, dishes such as wooden plates and other tableware and baskets made from woven wood and grass fibers were added to the crafting menu. Two of these items seemed particularly useful.

“A wooden water bottle and the pump-drill ignition set. This is nice.”

I don’t have a lot to say about the wooden water bottle, but the pump drill style ignition set is excellent. It’s like an evolution of the bow drill type ignition I made before. The main body is a long wooden frame with a long shaft, and the handle is a crossbar with a hole in it to allow the shaft to go through.

A string connects the two ends of the crossbar and the top of the shaft. When the string is wrapped around the shaft, and the handle is moved up and down, the shaft rotates left and right at high speed with incredible force. This friction creates sparks.

Eh? Don’t you know what it is? My vocabulary doesn’t allow me to be more precise than this. You can find it on the internet. Anyway, it means I’ve got the tools to make fire easily.

I was also able to make a crater out of wood and grass, so I’ll have a good amount of that too.

“The inventory is so handy.”

It’s also nice to be able to store the tools I made in my inventory. It’s not easy, or even impossible, to carry a bunch of stone spears and stone axes with heavy stone blades. I have four pockets in my sweatshirt, two at the top and two at the bottom, and I can only hold a couple of stuff in them. And my hands were already full.

I ended up with three stone spears, a stone ax, a bow, twenty stone arrows, a wooden canteen, an ignition device, a handful of wood chips and bark, and a stone knife. And one shoulder-slung basket made of woven grass and wood fiber to carry the stones for throwing.

I was able to make all of these tools in just three hours or so, despite the trial and error of how to navigate the menu. If it were a novel about the transfer to another world, this would be an unmistakable cheat ability…

“It’s awfully simple, though.”

It is true that it is a power beyond human knowledge. However, the only thing I can do with this ability now is to make crude tools without any trouble. I’m a terrible tool user, so it doesn’t feel like a cheat ability at all.

“It’s a completely ability for someone who works behind the scenes, right?”

I would have liked the ability to produce whatever tools I wanted anyway, or something like that… emulating a half-baked survivalist game is not even halfway decent.

Why is it half-baked? That’s because I couldn’t use the familiar God Mode (invincibility & the ability to fly & material penetration) or Creative Mode (infinite use of materials), which are familiar to these types of games. I couldn’t use the console commands. No real cheats can be used. What a plain… but now this ability is my lifeline.

“Let’s go to sleep… it’s just a death flag to explore at night from day one…”

I also solved the problem of how to sleep in a tree safely with a craft menu and another new feature. I was able to make a hammock out of grass and tree fibers. But could I, who had never used a hammock before, set it up and operate it? That was something I was capable of solving.

“Hmm, this is handy.”

By “using” the hammock, the system shifts to installation mode, and a sort of three-dimensional image of the hammock appears in my field of vision, which is translucent. All I have to do is move my eyes to the right place to set it up, and then the hammock is set up properly.

I climbed the tree with a double jump and surrendered to the hammock, which was set up so that I could hide among the branches. The only thing that helped was that it wasn’t too cold in the middle of the night… This was going to be a hassle if it was going to get cold and freezing to death levels.

“Oh, hungry…”

My goal for tomorrow was water and food for starters. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to sleep well due to my hunger and thirst, but I was able to fall asleep quickly due to fatigue and mental exhaustion. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better.


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8 thoughts on “Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 2

  1. There are many survival games where you can level up attributes, but even if his abilities are not based on one of those I would suspect he could use the keyboard and mouse portion of his ability to fight and harvest with a great deal of proficiency

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  2. I hate how they all act ungrateful. Halfbaked survival? Wth, you dont get creative mode if you play survival in the first place!


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