Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 1 Epilogue

Here’s the epilogue and the end of vol 1, I’ll try to bring the next vol as soon as possible, probably at the next week. Thanks to Patreon for this chapter as well, and please enjoy it for now. Thanks for the fun ride in this volume. Stay healthy and stay sanitized~



On the 11th of July, 1023 in the Imperial year.

Ten days after the battle with the Principality of Lichtine.

Berg Fortress, Central Tower. Hiro was in the room he was given. It was a bleak room with a bed by the window and a full-length mirror to the right. Naturally, there was no such thing as personal belongings. The only thing he brought with him from Earth is his uniform.

“Fufu, nice.”

Hiro stood in front of the full-length mirror, looking at his figure. Rather, he was stroking a part of his face. An eye patch covers the left half of Hiro’s face reflected in the sighting. It’s a special eye patch purified with spirit talisman.

Although he would never get used to the uncomfortable feeling, thanks to this, he could no longer feel the world out of place, and he could continue to spend his time as before. If he removes it, the world will spin like before. It makes his brain capture more information than it could burst.

“Well… I guess I’m used to it. The point is, I just have to get used to it.”

That’s right; it’s just a matter of mastering the Heavenly Spirit Eye. It’s his own eye; he will be able to use it in the near future. And that’s not a bad thing. He feels indescribably mature in himself with the eye patch on.

Unintentionally, Hiro crossed his arms and lifted his chin to dress up. He’s wondering if he should call out “Heavenly Emperor” too when he starts to get into the swing of things――.

“Hiro! I’m coming in.”

A red-haired girl walked in without knocking on the door. He wanted to say things about privacy and all that, but this situation was worse than that.

“What are you doing?”

With a big smile, Liz stopped in front of the door. Hiro’s face instantly turned red――he’s being seen, and it’s very embarrassing. His heartbeat accelerated. He could see that the top of his neck was getting hot.

Hiro hurriedly stuck his arms out in front of him and waved his hands.

“N-no! This is different!”

“What’s different?”

Liz tilted her head and shook her red hair. It was a cute gesture, but Hiro didn’t have enough time to enjoy it. If possible, he wants to run away from this place right now. But the doorway is blocked by Liz.

“No… what should I say…?”

It would be much easier if he could say that his body was dominated by his middle-grade syndrome*. [TLN: Chūnibyō.]

A silence fell. An air of awkwardness flowed through the air. As Hiro was unsure of what to do, it was Liz who moved first.

“What do you mean by that? For now, come with me!”

She grabbed Hiro’s arm as if she didn’t care about him being flustered.

After being pulled out of the room by the monstrous force, they ran out of the room and saw a spiral staircase connected to the downstairs.

“Where are we going to go――?”

He was still sick until the other day, but he couldn’t say those words because they started down the stairs at full speed. If they talk in such a situation, they will bite their tongues.

They ran down the stairs as fast as they could. As they jumped out of the central tower, they were greeted by the central square. The bright sun is baking the ground. They could feel their skin sweating.

“Aura’s going back to the west, so we have to see her off, okay?”

“T-there’s still time, right! There’s no need to be in such a hurry!”

Aura had stayed at Fort Berg to bury the soldiers who had been killed in the last battle, including medical treatment. Unfortunately, there were many soldiers who could not be found. They were severely damaged, and it was difficult to tell the mud-covered corpses apart, whether they were friend or foe. Even though they were wounded, Aura had been looking around for the corpses of her men until nightfall.

All the corpses of the Principality of Lichtine’s army were gathered in one place and burned. Due to the fear of a plague outbreak, it was decided to take care of them as quickly as possible with the help of the Fourth Imperial Army. After that, the Fourth Imperial Army scattered to various parts of Margrave Grinda’s territory.

This was because the Lichtine Army’s remnants might remain in Margrave Grinda’s territory and worsen the security situation. The first prince Stobel, who was accompanying them, returned to the Great Imperial City with his elite guards.

(Someday… I’ll have to pay off that debt.)

As Altius told him that day, Hiro wants to live his life as he pleases. In the meantime, he will pay the first prince Stobel back someday, so he won’t let his anger out now.

Because there is someone who must be sent off with a smile.

“Farewell? It wasn’t even necessary.”

A girl with a suspended right arm astride a warhorse―Aura with the same mortified look on her face as ever. Next to him is Spitz, whose entire body is wrapped in bandages.

It’s a painful figure, but you can’t help but laugh at his somewhat comical appearance.

“Your Highness, and… descendant-dono. Thank you for seeing me off.”

Spitz’s voice sounded deeply disgusted when she said, “Descendant-dono.” Hiro can’t see the expression on his face because of the bandages, but he knows what kind of look he is making.

Liz puts her hands on her hips and says.

“Yeah, we’ve been through a lot. We’re both lucky to be alive.”

“Yeah. The result is a disaster. But a lot of good things come out of it.”

Aura said, and then―she stared at Hiro.

“How are your eyes?”

Hiro gave an affectionate smile at the leaden eyes that seemed to be searching for something.

“Yeah. I guess it will take a while to heal.”

Only Liz, Tris and the doctor know of his eyes problem. The rest of the people have been told about it as a battlefield injury. So there is no way that Aura could understand, but why did he feel like she knows when she’s gazing at him to observe him?

“I see… I’m glad you didn’t go blind. But a big eye patch.”

“Yeah, well, that’s…”

The only way to prevent the spirit talisman from being seen was to wear a large eye patch. There was no way to explain it.

As Hiro was thinking about what excuse to make, Liz sent out a helping hand.

“He got a big wound! What can I say about it… it was an amazing scar!”

“…Will it remain like that?”

Aura gives him a worried look. Hiro opened his mouth brightly, trying hard to escape the guilt.

“Oh, no, I think it will be fine. It won’t hurt, and I’ll take the eye patch off when the wound heals eventually.”

“I see… I hope so.”

Despite the words, those blue-gray eyes are gazing at Hiro’s eye patch with disbelief. No matter how long it takes, her gaze remains to shoot through Hiro.

Perhaps thinking that this is not going to get anywhere, Liz stands in front of Hiro to interrupt them.

“I’ll send you a letter again.”

“And, I will also send you a letter when I get settled again.”

“Aura-sama. It is about time.”

Spitz interrupted the conversation. Behind them―although their numbers have been significantly reduced, the “Imperial Black Knights” are lined up.

Because of the heat, they are not wearing heavy armor but light armor, and the warhorses have also taken off their horse armor. As for where the heavy armor went, it was put on a cart with food and water.

“Then we’ll leave. Take care, both of you.”

Fluttering her military uniform’s sleeves and circling her horse’s neck, Aura headed for the main gate. After advancing a bit, she turned around. Her gaze is sent to Hiro.

“‘Hiryo.’ I’ll see you later.”

With that, she never looked back again. A herd of warhorses led by her slowly walked out of the gate. Even though it was so hot, her heart froze, and a chill hit her.

Liz patted Hiro’s back as he stiffened.

“Hiro, it’s early, but we’re going to practice riding the horses.”

That was a statement that would make Hiro freeze again. Hiro was exposed to the blazing sun, and he was left with more scrapes.

――Two days later.

An edict from the current emperor reached Hiro.


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