Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102


I walked around thinking about golems.

…I left the two golems I made earlier in the village. Even if they couldn’t defeat the blue stone monster, they could at least serve as a shield.

What I was thinking about… was how to allocate the golem’s attribute value.

…The first thing I thought about was that it might be unnecessary to have magic power.

If so, it would allow me to assign 99 points to another status.

I’m not sure what kind of role I want a golem to serve. For example, if I only wanted to use the golem to stop the blue stone monsters, it wouldn’t need any extra muscle strength.

It would only need to be agile enough to catch the blue stone monster and the physical strength to prevent the golem from being defeated after the blue stone monster is caught.

…On the other hand, if I wanted to make it the main combatant, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to reduce the physical strength to a certain extent and focus on agility and muscle strength to make it a golem that would be able to dodge the enemy’s attacks.

There are many difficulties… but it was also an interesting idea.

“Relius… those are the blue stone monsters.”

Camilla-san pointed her finger at them. When I looked in that direction, there were indeed monsters.

…The blue stone monster. When I stared at it, I could see a blue magic stone. There are two of them, huh? It’s just right for an experiment.

“For now, I’ll let the golem rush in first. After defeating one of them, let’s have Bard-san fight it, too.”

Wouldn’t that be safer?

With that thought in mind, they both nodded at my suggestion.

Then I roughly constructed the golem.


Golem 3

Muscle strength 159
Physical Strength 70
Agility 170
Magic power 1


The reason for the slightly emphasized agility is because the golem isn’t that quick to move. And then the newly-created golem is more slender than before.

…Maybe it is created under the influence of the highest value.

“Golem. Go finish off one of those blue stone monsters over there.”


After the golem responded, it stomped the earth as hard as it could.

…It’s fast. Much faster than I imagined.

When the blue stone monsters noticed the golem approaching, they jumped at the golem.

“That blue stone monster is a wolf species, right?”

“There’s a lot of wolves around here. I think it’s mostly based on wolves.”

The wolf dodged the golem’s fist. And then the wolf took cover. But the golem kept it firmly in sight and swung its fist down at the covered wolf.

The wolf originally had a grotesque appearance, as if it was a reanimated corpse, but the golem’s fist crushed it to the point where its original form was unrecognizable.

…There was no sign of the blue stone monster moving.

…It seems that with this kind of attribute allocation, the wolf can be defeated without any problem. As per my orders, the golem stopped moving, while the other wolf attacked such a golem.

“Bard-san, please go ahead.”

“Ah, yeah! Understood.”

Bard-san pulled his sword from its sheath and ran out.

“…He has pretty good moves.”

“He’s the leader of the children at the village, after all.”

As she replied, Camilla-san proudly puffed out her chest. Camilla-san had her hand on the sword hilt at her hip in a mid-height posture, as if she was ready to assist.

…I’m the same way. If he failed, I would immediately help Bard-san.

Bard-san is closing in on the wolf’s back, pressing in. The golem’s body crumbled down after being attacked by the wolf. Just as he reached that point, Bard-san jumped at it.

Perhaps because it had been fighting with the golem until then, the wolf had stopped its movements. In such a position, Bard-san slashed at its back.

Bard-san, who had cleaved the wolf in two, watched the wolf intently.

Neither of them moved. The wolf was splendidly cut in half, and its body was lying on the ground.

…This seems to be alright.

“Relius, this is great… we now have a way to resist two of the blue stone monsters at once. We have not been able to show any resistance at all before.”

“…That’s not because I’m so great though. It’s thanks to my blacksmith occupation.”

“Relius is lucky to have it, and that’s a tremendous luck.”

“…Yeah, you’re right.”

When I received it, I thought it was a lost and useless occupation… now there’s nothing else more useful than this.

With that in mind, I approached Bard-san.


Bard-san is frozen after seeing the wolf’s body. Is he surprised that he killed it for the first time… or is it because of something?

“Are you okay?”

Camilla-san tilted her head and asked. Bard-san looked up and seemed as if he was relieved to see her. Then he smiled happily.

“I was able to beat it…”

“Yeah. Good job.”

“Thank you… Camilla-san… and Relius-san!”

Bard-san bowed quickly and then sheathed his sword.

“Oh, I finally beat it! It’s thanks to Relius-san’s sword! Now I can feel better about avenging our people that got killed!”

“…Right. Let’s keep fighting hard from now on.”


Bard-san clenched his fists. His cheeks turned a little red, and there were tears in his eyes.

…He was very emotional.

Camilla-san looked at me as she patted Bard-san’s back as he started to cry.

“Relius… it may be difficult, but can I ask you to make weapons for everyone in the village?”

“Of course. I’ll make more golems too when we get back to the village.”

“…Thank you.”

Camilla-san loosened her cheeks.

…For now, it looks like I can stabilize their lives here.


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