Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 1

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Chapter 4 – Wrath of the Gods

Part 1


Hundreds of thousands of humans were gathered in an enclosed space covered with rocks. Not sure if it was meant to have just the humans, but no other race such as beastmen, elves, and dwarves was included. They were all humans.

They did not come to this place of their own volition; they were trapped in here when they realized it.

“Where am I? What’s this?”

“What am I doing here?”

“What are you people doing here? What do you want from me?”

“Somebody, please help me…”

It’s an enclosed space surrounded by rocks. There’s no way to get in or out anywhere. And yet, here they are. Everyone here, young and old, men and women, regardless of age, was terrified, desperate, and in tears.

The first people to appear in this space had already been trapped for more than ten days. Since it’s a closed space without sunshine, they were only able to roughly guess the passage time by experience.

“What’s going to happen to us?”

“I’m not hungry, but… I miss everyone at home.”

After ten days, the only thing they could do is give up. Yet beside them sit the people who arrived today, stirring up a lot of noise.

Someone had been sent here again. Those who arrive at this place would suddenly show up. At first, they didn’t cry out because they were unconscious, but when they woke up to find themselves in darkness, they caused a lot of commotion.

The floor began to glow. There was no interest in it but those here simply wonder if more had been sent here again. But something was wrong with the light this time.

Normally, a number of magic circles, each with a radius of about two meters would appear, and people would come out from the light. But this time, the magic circles grew larger and larger, spreading throughout this entire space surrounded by rocks.

“W-what is it?”

“What’s going on!”

From the geometric patterns, it was definitely a magic circle. However, it was clearly different in scale from the previous magic circle. People were confused, and some tried to move out of the magic circle by pushing through the crowd, but this magic circle pervaded all of this enclosed space. The light of the magic circle engulfed them, and everyone felt that this light was dangerous.

After being enveloped by the light, the strength in their bodies was drained away. It was too sudden; no, their abduction itself was sudden. Now the people had nowhere to run as the light penetrated them and slowly sucked out their flames of life.

“N-no. This light will…”

“Aah… My life has been…”

“Stop. I… don’t want to die…”

The enclosed space was enveloped in the dazzling light of the magic circle, and the people disappeared from sight – the flame of life was extinguished, along with their despair.

“This is … I see…”

Someone had a look of realization as life was sucked out of them.

“We are…”

“He… ro…”


Their figures were completely engulfed by light and vanished. This was the light of hero summoning ritual – the largest-ever scale of hero summoning.

For this, the lives of more than a hundred thousand people were needed. For this reason alone, they were gathered here.

And with the power of their lifeforce, many heroes would be summoned. The summoning circle would be activated, bringing forth heroes from another world.

That would mean…





Hirume, who was calmly enjoying her tea, dropped the cup she held in her hand and stood up.


Hirume made a bitter expression and clenched her fists.

“This is…”

“Ohirumenomikoto-sama, this power…”

“It’s a strong power that we’ve never experienced in the past. This is… please gather everyone immediately. This time is a disaster!”


Toyouke-Ōmikami, who always makes tea for Tsukuru, has disappeared.

“Kuh, are they going to take our children to the other world again? Moreover, with this many sacrifices…”

Only this time, the Japanese gods alone could not deal with it. With that in mind, Hirume took a few steps out of the arbor and disappeared from the scene.

The place where Hirume reappeared was…

The warm sunshine illuminated the grassland. In the midst of such a grassland, there was an unnaturally steep mountain. On top of that mountain was a temple that looked like the dwelling place of the Olympian gods.

‘You’ve come, huh, Hirume!”

The man who greeted Hirume had a ruggedly built and a western face. Clad in white cloth, he had pale golden hair and a large beard covering his face. He was tall and had a thick chest plate.

He had a smile of a womanizer and a very straightforward personality.

“It’s been a while, Zeus-dono.”

“Oh, when was the last time?”

Zeus. He is the patron god of Olympus – the ruling god, the sky god, the father of the gods and the people. The thunderbolt, which looks like both a spear and a staff, is a weapon of immense power that is said to have burned the universe.

It was said that Zeus used this thunderbolt in the battle against the Typhon, a monster which made even the planet look small. He never let go of the thunderbolt for even an instant.

“The last time we met was when we made peace with Gaia-dono?”

“Hmm, I wonder if it was that bastard who did this to us.”

When Zeus heard Gaia’s name, he made a blatantly disgusted expression. Zeus, who was famous for his love of women, seemed to welcome Hirume, but not Gaia.

Gaia was the god who gave birth to Cronos, Zeus’ father. In the last major battle, Zeus fought against Gaia when he fought fiercely against the Gods to establish his rule over them.

Gaia’s way of being had a lot in common with the Japanese gods that inhabit the forests, and Hirume had a good deal of friendly relations with Gaia as well. But that doesn’t mean she was an enemy of Zeus.

The eight million gods of Japan do not fight with the Greek gods.

“I’m sure Zeus-dono is well aware that Gaia-dono was not involved in this matter, right?”

“I know. I’m just saying. Anyway, how about we go and have a date sometime? I know of a good place that serves good cakes.”

“I appreciate the invitation, but I don’t think this is the time for that sort of thing.”

“As usual, Hirume is a hard worker.”

Hirume thinks that Zeus is crazy to ask her out at this time when large numbers of people are being summoned from Earth to another world, but Hirume doesn’t break her soft smile.

As Hirume and Zeus were talking, something blocked the sunlight. Up in the sky above, a white bird was flying, and something jumped down and landed with a thunderous sound and a cloud of dust. It was a deformed figure with four bearded faces and four arms.

“Yo, long time no see, you two.”

The mouths of the four faces opened simultaneously, but there was only one voice that can be heard. For there to only be one voice with all the mouths speaking, it was clear that they were in perfect synchronization.

“Brahma, I was just going to be alone with Hirume; you shouldn’t interrupt me.”

Brahma is a Hindu deity and one of the Trimurti (the three supreme gods). Like the other two pillars of Trimurti, Vishnu and Shiva, Brahma is an important deity. He is the god who created the universe and its creatures and is somewhat at odds with Zeus, who had burned the universe.

“As usual. But I don’t think Hirume would be a good match for Zeus, though. Kukuku.”

At the mocking words from the four mouths, Zeus unleashes his killing intent. Brahma could endure the killing intent, but if an ordinary person was there, this was enough to instantly send them to heaven.

“It’s been a long time, Brahma-dono.”

“Oh, Hirume is as beautiful as ever.”

“Ara, you’re such a smooth talker. Ufufu.”


“Zeus, what are you growling at? Have you finally become a dog? Hahahahaha.”

“You bastard, I have to tell you something!”

“What’s the matter with you?”

Zeus and Brahma glared at each other, and between them, the deadly air that became thunder.

Basically, Zeus and Brahma are incompatible because of their position, with each carrying many other gods on their backs. Even so, they do not interfere with each other, mainly because they are worshipped at different regions (as their home base).

At one time, during the Age of Discovery, the European countries explored the Asian area, and things got pretty tense. They managed to avoid a fight at that time, but there was lingering resentment due to India’s colonization, the Hindu stronghold of Brahma.

To begin with, the two gods were not on good terms, and they had grown even more acrimonious since then.

“Neither of you have the time for that right now.”

Zeus and Brahma stopped releasing their killing intent with Hirume’s intervention, but they did not stop glaring at each other.

At this time, these three gods gathered here to discuss the summoning of Earth’s people to another world and how they would repair the hole in the space-time wall. Moreover, because many people were abducted this time, and this not from a certain region but from the entire planet, the giant gap left in the space-time wall was something that the gods of each region couldn’t simply repair on their own as they had done in the past.

The number of individuals abducted from this summoning episode was roughly fifteen thousand people. Never before had so many people been affected, and the damage to the space-time barrier was severe.

“It will take a long time to repair the damage, and this will consume much of our divine power. For once, I’m out of patience.”

Zeus’ face was red in anger as he slammed down on the stone table.

“Calm down. You’d be better off using your power to repair the space-time wall.”

At Brahma’s words, Zeus clicked his tongue, “Tsk,” and he repaired the table with a wave of his hand.

“This summon has gone too far. Even with our eight million gods, it is not something that we can overlook. I have no intention of simply repairing the space-time wall this time, but I would like to hear what Zeus-dono and Brahma-dono have to say about it.”

Hirume’s face was smiling, but the smile was almost chilling. Hirume was angry, and Zeus and Brahma could tell that she was furious. The two gods thought in cold sweat that it would be best for the three of them to discuss the problem at hand before Hirume’s mood worsened.

“Normally, we can’t mess with the other world, but at this point we can’t just sit back and wait passively.”

Zeus gripped the thunderbolt tightly and stared into the void as he glared at the being who had performed the summoning.

“It pains me that I am agreeing with Zeus, but I’m not going to keep my mouth shut either.”

Brahma was also unwilling to forgive the being who had performed the summoning and toyed with the objects in his hands.

“I understand. I have a messenger for this situation. Will you leave it to me?”

“A messenger? When did you have a messenger for the other world, Hirume? I mean, it’s not a man, is it?”

“Hirume had been more of a recluse than Zeus and I. When did that happen?”

“Ufufufu. It’s a secret. I’d like to talk about it, but this time I’ll need the two of you to help me with this. Is that alright?”

“Oh, this is a special case. I will help you as much as you need.”

“I’m willing to lend you these four hands of mine.”

Hirume lets out the biggest smile of the day, satisfied with the fact that she obtained Zeus and Brahma’s cooperation.


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