Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


I’ve lost my lead and couldn’t even catch a glimpse of my opponent at all. I’m quite depressed for being so incompetent. If I, Canaan, and the others take their eyes off even for a second, Doppel-kun and the others will be eliminated again.

I thought it would be pointless continuing this and considered having all the doppelgangers withdraw. But if they retreated, I would feel as though we had lost.

So I decided to do the opposite and replenish the doppelgängers as a way of harassing my opponents. I would replace the doppelgängers as soon as they are eliminated.

I also decided to give the doppelgängers a certain skill.

“Milord. The one who is eliminating my subordinates is apparently not of the human race or any other race. Please take a look at this.”

The skill I gave Doppel-kun is called [Record Transfer], which sends the memories of Doppel-kun to Israfel. Israfel, upon receiving Doppel-kun’s memories through [Record Transfer], reported back to me.


Something blurry had swallowed up Doppel-kun in an instant. I’ve never seen something like this before. I think it might be a ghost type of the undead race, but I have a feeling that that guy in Doppel-kun’s memory is quite different from a ghost as well.

I looked at that blurry figure with [Detailed Appraisal], but the information is garbled. I have no idea what’s written on it. It’s quite dangerous, and I can tell that he’s a pretty dangerous guy to fight, but this guy doesn’t want to show up in front of us.

Is he cautious, or does he have some other plans in his agenda?

“This opponent doesn’t seem to be a ghost, so what in the world can he be?”

As expected, it seemed that even Allie had a hard time figuring out the identity of the opponent based on this footage alone. However, unlike before, I finally caught a glimpse of the opponent.

This may seem like an insignificant result, but it’s a big step for us.

“Master. I can’t sense any magic from this existence.”

“Mu… You’re right; there’s not much presence of it, let alone magic.”

Since it’s Doppel-kun’s memory, I can use it to feel the presence and magic power, but I can’t feel any of that from this opponent.

Since he was so strong that Doppel-kun couldn’t even fight back, his presence should have been overwhelming too, right…?

“There’s just no sign of it. It’s all a blur.”

Hannah seems to feel the same way I do. But he’s either someone who can hide his presence so much that even Hannah can’t feel it, or he’s extremely dangerous. If we don’t keep up our vigilance, we’ll get attacked by it, and it’s going to be a deadly attack.

“Anyway, we don’t have enough information on our opponent. Let’s just send more and more doppelgangers out there to try and catch this guy’s tail.”

“That said, we can’t hope to make progress if we keep retrieving the same memories. I’d like to obtain more information that will give us a chance to figure out the identity of the enemy.”

Allie put a hand to her chin and sank into a sea of thoughts.

Leaving it up to Allie to use her head, I sprang into action to try and gather information myself. However, I wouldn’t be able to find my opponent just by running around haphazardly.

In fact, Beeze’s subordinates were also present at the scene when the opponent appeared to eliminate Doppel-kun, but Beeze’s subordinates didn’t see anything. If something happened in their blind spot, it would be a matter of one of them missing it, but this was not seen by any of the Beeze’s subordinates.

The opponent clearly has a high level of concealment ability, so we need a skill that can expose his concealment.

However, even with [Presence Detection], there is no sign of the opponent. In other words, I need a sensing skill that goes beyond [Presence Detection].

I sat on the flying magic carpet to cool my head with the breeze in the sky.

“Master, if you put too much effort thinking about it, it will be bad for your health. So how about some tea?”

“…Right. I think the tea Hannah brewed for me is going to help me think of some ideas.”

“Ufufufu. It’s just tea, so it won’t have that effect, but I think it will make you feel a little better.”

I take the steamy teacup from Hannah and sip it. The tea is just the right temperature to bring out the flavor with a little bit of bitterness.

“Hmm, well, there’s no need to think too hard about it. If [Presence Detection] doesn’t work, then I just need to create a more powerful detection-type skill. Thanks to Hannah’s tea, I’ve got a good idea, thank you.”

“Then it would be my pleasure.”

Hannah smiles at me and gives me an “Ufufufu.” smile. I can feel that she’s watching over me, and I’m very grateful.

Without hesitation, I tried to create [Transcendental Sense] that goes beyond [Presence Detection]. Using my [Presence Detection (4)] and my magic power as a source, I activate [Equivalent Exchange]. An enormous amount of magic power leaves my body.

“This is too much.”

The more the words leak out, the more magic power is taken away. However, the consumption of magic power is gradually subsiding, so it seems that I won’t fall over as I did some time ago.


I managed to create the [Transcendental Sense] skill. Most of my magic power was taken away from me, so it’s pretty tough. At times like this, I should make some sweets to restore my magic power and eat them.

“Hannah, let’s go home and make some cookies.”

“Yes, I’ll accompany you.”

Back in the mansion, I prepared flour, baking powder, butter, sugar, salt, and eggs. I sifted the flour and baking powder together to aerate them.

After bringing the butter to room temperature, I kneaded the butter with a whisk to make a smooth, creamy mixture. The sugar and salt were then added and mixed well until it was white and fluffy.

I added the egg yolks to the butter mixture and mixed it evenly, then finally added the flour mixture and scooped up the mixture with a rubber spatula.

When the dough was no longer powdery, I wrapped it in plastic wrap and let it cool. After 30 minutes of cooling, I roll out the dough with a rolling pin. The rest was just the baking in the oven.

“Alright, it’s ready!”

It was Canaan who responded to my voice. Canaan was at the entrance of the kitchen, watching Hannah and I work with a sharp gaze, much like a leopard hunting its prey.

That Canaan moved to the table in an instant and extended her hand, but Hannah grabbed her hand. Since Hannah was better than Canaan in terms of physical ability, it was unlikely that Canaan would be able to break Hannah’s hold and reach the cookie.

But with the cookie at stake, Canaan showed moves that greatly exceeded my expectations and took the cookie from me with movements as though she had a thousand hands.

“Huh? A move that even surpasses me!”

Hannah struggled to guard the cookies, but the cookies were disappearing quickly. Canaan’s eyes melt as she chews on the cookies like a hamster.

“Hehisiousss (Delicious).”

Canaan moved to outsmart Hannah, and the pile of cookies were getting smaller and smaller. I figured that this would mean there would be none left for everyone to eat, so I reserved some for everyone.

I originally made many cookies for everyone, even taking into account the amount that Canaan would eat. Still, after devouring her portion, Canaan looks at the plate in my hand.

“This is for everyone; you can’t eat it all.”

“Ugh… master…”

She looked at me with tears in her eyes with a tint of annoyance. She’s cute, but she can’t do this all the time.

But I baked about two kilograms of cookies for just Canaan’s portion, and that’s how much she ate during her exchange with Hannah. Canaan was incredible in her own way!

I casually picked up one of the cookies that Canaan was aiming for.

Speaking of which… I’ve been cooking with [Ultimate Cooking] until now, and it added effects to the food, such as treating injuries, recovering from mental exhaustion, learning skills, and increasing my abilities.

The rice balls I wholesomely made for Sidele also had the effect of temporarily increasing basic abilities. But if I think about it, is that the only effect? I wonder if I could put in some other effects?



Canaan bit the cookie that I was picking up, and my finger was bitten by Canaan. I was too absorbed in my thoughts to avoid it, and my fingers let go of the cookie in Canaan’s mouth.


Canaan continued to lick my fingers after she partake the cookie. What’s with that erotic look…

“Hey, Canaan-san. How long are you going to keep sucking on master’s fingers!”

Hannah tried to pull Canaan off, but her mouth continued licking my fingers.

“Let it go!”

Hannah struggled to pull her away, but Canaan did not falter at all.

“When this happens…”

Hannah looked at me. What is it?

“Excuse me!”


Nyx Translation


Hannah started licking the fingers of my other hand. Canaan couldn’t be pulled off, so she’s going to lick my fingers in opposition! I couldn’t help but tsukkomi in my mind.

But these two, what should I do? They both throw me provocative looks…

I’m a man of my age, too, so there’s a part of me that can’t restrain myself from seeing these looks and having my fingers licked.


I took the two of them and dove into the bed. When I got out of the room, the two of them were exhausted and asleep after many things were done. I found Ichinose, Allie, and Antia in front of the room with their arms folded in front of them.


I didn’t do anything wrong, did I? Don’t look at me like that.

“Only doing it with the two of them is cheating, Tsukuru-kun.”

“That’s right, Tsukuru-san.”

“We want equality, Tsukuru.”

“Oh, yes.”

I went back into the room with the three of them.

I was baking cookies just before noon, and before I realized it, it was already morning on the next day…

So I decided to do some cooking research today. How did I decide on this? There’s no need to tsukkomi.


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