Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


My [Ultimate Cooking] could heal wounds, cure illnesses, and treat mental disorders. It’s also capable of letting one learn new skills and increasing abilities. I’ve used it to heal my wounds many times before, and have learned many skills from it. It even raised my abilities. But currently, I’m stagnant when it comes to learning new skills, and my abilities haven’t increased.

Even though it’s called [Ultimate Cooking], there seems to be a limit as to what it is able to do with status.

Though it’s not a replacement, I also have [God’s Supper].

The [God’s Supper] can’t be continuously due to the strict conditions on the ingredients, but I can do whatever I want. However, the effect only lasts for five minutes, and after five minutes, I am randomly afflicted with a bad status. The effects and aftermath are both significant enough that using it requires preparation.

Lastly I have [Equivalent Exchange]. It allows me to create skills and various items.

I feel my usage of [Equivalent Exchange] now has replaced the purposes of [Ultimate Cooking]. These days, skills are being created with [Equivalent Exchange] because it is a hassle to hunt monsters to learn various skills.

But my starting point had been [Cooking] before it evolved into [Ultimate Cooking]. I had not considered this before, but now I want to use [Ultimate Cooking] more. I’m a chef, after all.

I want to discover a new possibility with using [Ultimate Cooking] other than for recovery, skill, and ability – a fourth possibility in [Ultimate Cooking].

Hey, [Ultimate Cooking]. What else can you do? If you keep this up, you’re still going to be replaced by [Equivalent Exchange]. Is that okay with you? Get fired up!


What…? There’s something connected to my mind right now?


T-this is… Right, so [Ultimate Cooking] isn’t satisfied with its current state either!

“Is there something wrong, Master?”

Hannah, who was preparing the meal behind me as I sat in a chair in contemplation, looked at me curiously.

“Fufufu. Hannah, I’ve gained an interesting insight!”


“Yeah. Wait a minute. For starters, I’ll show Hannah what I’m talking about.”


Hannah’s face turned into a flowery smile, and her tail swung faster.

What I’m about to prepare is the meat of the emperor dragon’s arms (front legs). I’m using [Ultimate Cooking] to turn the ingredients into grilled meat. The finished result looks like normal grilled meat, but it’s unlike any other grilled meat I’ve ever prepared!


Grilled Emperor’s Dragon Arm: Slightly sinewy, but very tasty and chewy. And if you eat it, for one hour, one of your arms will be dragonized, and your attack and defense power will increase significantly.


Yes, this is the new effect of [Ultimate Cooking]. You might think that the time-limited ability-raising effect would be similar to before. But this one takes on the characteristics of the material that was used and increases the user ability overwhelmingly.

Even someone like me, whose abilities cannot be further raised by [Ultimate Cooking], can increase attack and defense power, albeit temporarily.

Although [God’s Supper] can give me overwhelming power, its effect time is short, and the following disadvantages are significant. Compared to that, the effect of this transformative enhancement has the burden of transfiguration, but it’s not a major disadvantage.

“Hannah, what do you think about this?”

“From the looks of it, it appears to be ordinary grilled meat, but Master is very excited about it, so I’m sure it’s different and better than anything I’ve ever seen before.”

“It’s as you said. As expected of my Hannah.”

“M-my Hannah…” muttered Hannah with a blush. Hannah’s cheeks started to turn crimson and her tail started to wiggle. She’s cute. I grabbed her tail and started to stroke it.


“Hannah’s tail feels so good. I love rubbing it against my cheeks.”

“Aah, Master… if you do that much, aahhhh…”

Hannah slumped to the floor, and I reached for her thighs underneath Hannah’s maid uniform.

“Oh… there… ugh… Mashterrr…”

It’s not just the fluffiness of her tail, but the softness of her thick, hand-sucking thighs also feels supreme.




I wasn’t sexually harassing Hannah, I was expressing my affection for her. Before I knew it, Sanya was standing behind me.

“I won’t tell you not to do that kind of thing because you’re married, but I hope you’re aware that you have a sister here.”

“I-I’m sorry. Sanya.”


I apologize sincerely, and Hannah’s eyes moisten with embarrassment. This side of Hannah is cute too.


“Ah, sorry…”

So, out in the yard, I decided to test out the new effects from the grilled meat.

By no means it’s because I can’t stand Sanya’s glare anymore.

“If I eat this, my arm will be dragonized. It’s only an ability from an emperor dragon, so I’m not expecting much, but it’s exciting to do something new.”

“So, that’s how that grilled meat works?”

“That’s right, Hannah.”

I promised Hannah that I would show her the results first, so she’s here. Sanya will take care of the food preparation, so there’s no problem.

“All right, time to eat it.”

“Since it’s Master’s cooking, I don’t think there will be a problem, but let me eat it first to make sure it’s okay.”

Hannah’s a worrywort.

“Hey, hey, it’s my cooking. It’s all right, hahaha.”

Thus, I throw the grilled meat into my mouth. Hamuhamu… It’s quite tasty.

The [God’s Supper] tastes so bad anyway. If it’s something to be eaten, it better if it tastes good, right?

As I swallowed the meat, my right arm was itching. The next moment, the muscles in my right arm bobbed up, and the sleeve of the shirt I was wearing was ripped off.


“It’s okay!”

I told Hannah to not worry, and looked at my right arm, which was filled with bulging muscles. I could feel scales growing out of my right arm, which had already become almost three times thicker than before; it’s still growing and growing.

It felt like a worm was crawling up my arm, and this sensation was a little uncomfortable.


My right arm seemed to have finished its transformation, and the thickened right arm was covered with golden scales. However, there were no scales on the palm of my hand, and I could hold Kurogiri as usual.

“Hou, that’s quite the impressive look. I can see that you have more power than ever before.”

When I drew him out, I heard the impressions from Kurogiri.

“I can certainly feel tremendous pressure from Master’s right arm.”

Hannah also seemed to sense the power from this dragonized right arm.

I confirmed the sensation of my dragonized right arm by clenching my hand and turning my shoulder. My power has increased more than I had expected. If I can utilize this well, it would result in a reasonable increase in combat power.

“Hannah, can you punch this right arm?”

“No way, I can’t hit Master like that.”

“This is just to check it out. Even if Hannah hits me and shatters my arm, I can regenerate it, so no need to be reserved.”


Hannah clenched her fists tightly. But I could tell by the look on her face that she’s hesitant to hit me.

“Hit me as hard as you can, and I’ll give you plenty of love tonight.”


The color of Hannah’s eyes changed.


“Yeah, I promise. So put everything you have into it, Hannah.”

“Yes! I’ll hit you as hard as I can!”

Hannah was suddenly very motivated. I liked the wolfish look in her eyes as if she was eying her prey.

She pulled her right leg up slightly and squeezed her body like a bow, and drew in her fist. Her spirit was rising, and the sand around her feet danced around.

“Now, bring it on!”

“I’m coming!”

The next moment as Hannah’s figure blurred, I put my strength into my right arm.

Gah! I gritted my teeth as my right arm received a hefty jolt. It hurts. But my right arm, which had been dragonized, caught Hannah’s fist. It didn’t seem to have been broken.

Hannah had an expression of surprise on her face. It’s nice to see Hannah with that kind of expression.


Hmm, this is…

“Hannah, are you okay?!”

I looked closer and saw that Hannah’s knuckles were shattered.

“It’s grilled meat. Eat it.”

I fed Hannah some grilled meat, and her beautiful white fish-like hands were back to normal.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t think it would end up like this.”

“No, it was just my lack of training. It’s not Master’s fault.”

Hannah and my gaze crossed…


I moved my face close enough to hit the tip of her nose and locked my lips onto Hannah’s lips.




“You two, the food is ready.”

Sanya came to call us that the meal was ready, but the timing was terrible. Horrible timing, Sanya!

During the meal, Sanya blurted out to everyone about Hannah and me, and everyone else was told to join in. But since it had always Hannah and me who prepared the meals, naturally we had plenty of opportunities to be alone together.

So from that day on, we all stood in the kitchen to prepare meals, and the kitchen became very crowded. Oh well. For now, I’ll just go ahead and verify the [Ultimate Cooking] transformation enhancement by myself.

Let’s see if the transformation enhancements can be duplicated, and if so, how many times this can be repeated.

“There’s no problem with both arms being dragonized…”

In addition, I also ate grilled meat made from the meat of the legs (back legs).

“…Kuh, the burden on my body has tripled…”

My strength was stronger, but I don’t feel good. It’s kind of a weird feeling, like my body was falling apart. But it’s still bearable, and I was able to move… to some extent. My balance was a mess when I only had one leg dragonized, though.

I eat the fourth grilled meat.

“Guh, gaah!?”

This was no good. While I could gain an overwhelming amount of power from having both arms and both legs dragonized, the pain was so intense that I felt as if my entire body was going to fall apart. I felt sick from the imbalance of my whole body.

I sat on my butt on the ground and endured the pain and discomfort. I’ve almost died many times, and I have a high tolerance for pain. It’s not a skill, and I was prepared for it to be somewhat painful, but this is difficult. It’s so uncomfortable; even I can barely endure it.

“I guess I’ll have to train my tolerance for a while before I can perform the quadruple transformation enhancement.”

I’m up to triple now, but even that doesn’t feel right.

And if I were to do that, I’d have to dragonize both legs and one arm. If only one leg was dragonized, the balance was poor, and the mobility was gone. On the other hand, the dragonization of one arm was not as uncomfortable.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that mobility was my lifeline. That’s why I needed to check the balance of the two legs’ transformation enhancements and fix it.

“That’s why I’m going to go hunting for monsters.”

“That’s another rather rough explanation, Tsukuru-san.”

Allie gave a bewitching “Fufufu.” smile.

“Master. If you say you’re going to hunt monsters, where are you heading to?”

“Ah, yeah. It has to be as strong as the Cerberus or the Ancient species to help me train, but…”

I answered Hannah’s question, but I myself don’t have a strong monster in mind. If possible, it would be nice to have a monster that’s around my level at six hundred or so, but I don’t think it would be that convenient.

“In that case, how about the divine beasts?”

“The divine beast?”

That word tickles my soul.

“Antia. What’s this divine beast you’re talking about?”

“Even for us Ancient species, it is difficult to defeat by ourselves. They are so powerful that they have become known as the divine beasts that bear the name of God.”

“That’s good! Where is this divine beast?”

“There are four divine beasts. However, as I said before, they are very strong and will fight for their lives.”

“I don’t want to be lukewarm just because it’s training. In fact, I’d rather risk my life for it so that I can feel the tension!”

I know it’s the train of thought for a muscle brain. But I can’t prepare for a tough fight without that much. The ability of the enemy who is eliminating Doppel-kun is still unknown, so if I don’t raise my own power and continue thinking that I can’t reach him with my current strength, I will lose my bearing.

I have a family to protect, so I can’t die. No matter who the enemy is, I’m not going to die.

“I understand. The beasts are at the end of the world.”

“End of the world?”

“There is the Dragon King in the far east, the Shell King in the far north, the Beast King in the far west, and the Bird King in the far south.”

I’m not certain, but are they like the four Chinese gods (Blue Dragon, Black Tortoise, White Tiger, and Vermilion Bird)?

Oh well, I’m okay with anything since this is just a training ground for my transformation enhancement.




Ahhhh… The power is… the power is so overwhelming,

Heroes. If you don’t come soon, I’ll get more power.

I sacrificed 150,000 people in this world to summon 15,000 people from another world with this summoning magic circle. So you want to kill me, do you?

I summoned 15,000 people from the other world, and I took them in.

Kukuku, I’m getting more and more powerful.

Come quickly and stop me.

Can the jet-black hero, shown in the mirror which reflects the whole world, kill me?

He’s an eccentric who controls the undead even though he’s a hero, and he’s a freak who even has [Dark Magic]. But he won’t be able to kill me if he’s not courageous.

In the past, I’ve given [Dark Magic] to the Demon King I summoned as proof of identity, but that Demon King couldn’t control it. When I looked into why the Demon King didn’t go along with my intentions, I found out that it was because I had killed the Demon King when they were brought to this world.

Due to their role, a Demon King has to have overwhelming power for being just one person. But in order to have such power, they had to be killed in the other world first, and only their souls can be brought over to settle into the body I had prepared for them. To give the Demon King a powerful body, I couldn’t control the soul. So for the next summon, I decided to bring both the body and the soul to this side.

I gave the person who was summoned the power to grow as much as he or she wanted, depending on his or her own talents and efforts. And I also gave the body a unique technique to make them honest to their desires.

The first hero that I summoned didn’t have much power, but he was able to kill the Demon King because the Demon King didn’t resist.

Good grief, I’m really troubled by the fact that things don’t always go the way I want it to. Even though I’m a god, I’m not omnipotent, Sigh

Speaking of which, after the Demon King died, [Dark Magic] was given to a monster that didn’t even have intelligence, but before I knew it, the jet-black hero obtained it.

Besides that jet-black hero, there’s even a child with the soul that I had summoned for the Demon King. This is beyond my expectations.

Besides, that red-haired girl is also interesting.

Why does she have [Light Magic]? I was only going to give [Light Magic] to the true hero, so I’ve sealed it away~.

Is that girl the true hero? It doesn’t feel like that, does it?

Also, I see that the Elven Ancient species is with them, too. The Elven Ancient species I created is helping the jet-black hero. Kukuku.

With so many irregularities, my expectations have been changed considerably.

This must be fate. I hope they’ll come here soon~.


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