Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – Beast King

Part 1


There is the Dragon King in the far east, the Shell King in the far north, the Beast King in the far west, and the Bird King in the far south.

All of the divine beasts are unbelievably strong, and it seems that even Antia can’t defeat them if it’s one-on-one. However, Antia has become stronger after traveling with me, so it’s hard to tell now.

“It’s so big!”

I visited the Beast King in the far west, and it was big. Maybe as big as the emperor dragon? This one seems to be taller; it’s probably bigger than the emperor dragon.

“This is a totally unrealistic-looking white tiger, isn’t it, Tsukuru-kun?”

“It certainly looks a bit like a white tiger.” What makes it different from a tiger is that it has two horns and sharp sword-like objects sticking out from each of its legs. Also, there are electrical discharges coming from its body.


Nyx Translation


The reason I chose this divine beast called the Beast King in the first place was simply my mood, I guess. I was joking though when I said that there was no line between the Shell King and the Bird King.

I wanted to adjust the balance of my movements when I have the transformation enhancement on both legs. Therefore I wanted an opponent who would be able to compete with my power and speed.

The Bird King was the first one I ruled out because its name implies that it could fly. Probably the Dragon King should also be excluded since I assume it could fly too. And the Shell King, which I think is a tortoise, has an image of specializing in defense, so I guess I could test my power, but not speed.

In other words, this Beast King was the only one left after excluding the other three. The Beast King was in the far west, which is a place where mountains are jutting up above the clouds. It looks like a place where a hermit would reside.

The Beast King was sleeping in such a place, but it seemed that it picked up our presence and turned its attention towards us. Thanks to its height, the Beast King, who stood up, felt even more powerful than an emperor dragon.

Moreover, I’ve been looking at the Beast King from a while ago with my [Detailed Appraisal], but it’s not something I can read because it’s completely garbled.

(Puny humans, depart from my sanctuary.)

A rattling voice echoed in my mind. It seemed that the Beast King also could use [Telepathy].

(I’m sorry, but I have business with the Beast King, who is said to be a divine beast.)

(Hou. You have entered here knowing that it is my sanctuary, huh? Tiny human child, it seems like you have forfeited your life.)

I can’t speak for others, but this Beast King is also a muscle brain.

(I need my life. But I have more important things to do than that.)

(Important things to do?)

(I have someone I need to beat. I’m gonna need to get stronger to defeat him.)

The Beast King narrowed its eyes as it stared at me, evaluating me.

(I praise your attempt to increase your own power.)

Oops, the Beast King praised me. I know it’s too late, but the Beast King can speak the human language normally.

(But you are too stupid to have chosen me as your opponent.)

Don’t talk me up only to drop me like this.

(Human child, know my power and regret it.)

The Beast King kicked the ground and jumped up to…

“The Beast King can fly too?”

The Beast King was kicking and running through the air as if it were on the ground. Every time it kicked the air, it sprayed lightning all around and is a nuisance to the people nearby.

It seemed that my choice was meaningless. I didn’t expect the Beast King to be able to fly!

“Everyone stay far away for now and wait for me. There’s nothing you can do about it.”

“”””””Yes (nanodesu).”””””””

I also jumped off the flying magic carpet and ran through the air.

(Hou, you’re generating barriers at your feet.)

Apparently, my airborne technique was quickly identified. Well, I’m not trying to hide it anyway.

(I didn’t expect the Beast King to be able to fly either, you know.)

(Who says I can’t fly?)

The Beast King shot lightning at me.

(I thought you were going to talk with me, but I guess I can take that as a greeting from you.)

(If you can’t handle that kind of attack, it hurts my feelings that you’re fighting me.)

(I see, I guess I should at least be able to avoid that if I’m going to challenge you.)

The Beast King swung its foot down, and a lightning bolt flew at me. I avoided the lightning, and the Beast King smiled at me.

(It’s not bad. But that was just the start.)

(I wasn’t serious either, I’ll continue as long as you want.)

This time I pulled out Kurogiri and swung it. Lately, just by swinging Kurogiri lightly, I could send out a flying slash. When the slash struck the Beast King, it cut a few of its fur on its body at most, but it seemed ineffective.

(As expected of the Beast King. You won’t be hurt by something like that, huh?)

(Slow. Hey, you puny human child, that’s too slow.)

The Beast King kicked the sky and came at me with tremendous speed. I dove into the darkness to avoid being hit by its massive body and thrust out Kurogiri at its stomach.

However, Kurogiri failed to reach the Beast King and the blow was avoided.

(Hou, you can disappear? Is it teleportation? No, this is different.)

(The Beast King is awesome too, dodging my invisible blade.)

I emerged from the darkness and chuckled.

(Is that [Dark Magic]?)

(And what about it? Are you, the Beast King, going to call me the Demon King too?)

(You puny human child, you are not a true Demon King.)

Oh, does this guy know about the Demon King? Moreover, considering the fact that it said “true” or something like that, it’s safe to assume that it knows a lot about the Demon King.

(That’s right. I’m not the Demon King. It is stupid to be called the Demon King just because I possess a mere [Dark Magic].)

(Kukuku. It’s a pretty funny thing to say. But you’re right, human child.)

(What’s a Demon King, by the way?)

(You’re playing the fake Demon King without knowing that?)

I was somewhat taken aback. But since no one was correctly aware of the Demon King until now, there was no way I would know.

(In the first place, I thought it was strange to be called the Demon King just for acquiring [Dark Magic]?)

(Hahaha. The one who originally had that [Dark Magic] was the Demon King. The Demon King had the soul of someone who died in a different world. That’s why the Demon King is a Demon King.)

Someone who died in a different world. It’s true, Ayumi was killed by the summoning and brought over here as the Demon King. If that’s a prerequisite, I would never qualify as the Demon King.

However, a monster in the Great Borf Forest had the [Dark Magic] that the Demon King should have. Is it possible that the monster was the Demon King?

What the hell is a Demon King?

(Hey, how many Demon Kings have appeared in the past?)

(What do you do if you know about that?)

(I’m just curious.)

(Then you don’t need to know.)

The Beast King unleashed a lightning bolt at me. Oops, I wish you wouldn’t attack me so suddenly.

When I struck down the lightning bolt with Kurogiri, my hand became a little numb. With this level of numbness, there was no problem continuing the fight.

(I’d like to hear more about the Demon King.)

(I can tell you when I’m down.)

The Beast King, who said that with the corner of its mouth raised, must be confident in winning the fight. It would feel great to knock down a guy like that to the bottom of despair.

(Then I’m going to beat you and have you spit all about it.)

(Go ahead and try!)

This time the lightning bolt flew at me in the form of a sword, and I tried to swat it away with Kurogiri, but the lightning sword was swung at me as if it had a will. I calmly look at the lightning sword’s attack and receive it.

It’s tricky. Even though it was floating in the air, it had such an intense sword pressure that my hand would go numb with each exchange. But that’s only because I received the strike that my hands would go numb – and I don’t have to receive it.

I avoided the lightning sword with a paper-thin range, and restrained it with [Dark Magic]‘s Dark Bind.

(Hou, so [Dark Magic] can be used as such? That’s interesting, human child.)

(Thank you for the compliment, Beast King.)

(Then how about this?)

More lightning swords appeared around the Beast King. This time there were four of them.

(So, it’s about time, huh?)

(Now, let’s go. Human child!)

Four lightning swords closed in on me.

(Don’t think you can push me back with just numbers.)

While saying that, I could see through the movements for some of the lightning swords, while others were received with Kurogiri.

I could see through two of them, but as expected, four was tough. All of the lightning swords had movements like that of experts.

I found myself sweating before I knew it.

I could handle four lightning swords, but if there had been just one more, I would have definitely taken damage.

This Beast King was stronger than anyone I’ve fought so far. While thinking that, I threw the transformation-enhanced grilled meat into my mouth.

(You’re hungry in the middle of a fight? Humans are gluttonous creatures, but isn’t it a little early?)

(This is the move that will take you down.)

(Hou, a move to defeat me? Interesting, let’s see what you can do with it.)

The muscles in both of my legs bulged and tore apart my leather pants.

(Hmm, what’s that?)

Black, greenish hairs grew out of it, and it looked like the legs of a beast.

(Isn’t that… a beast?)

The Beast King twists its head.

This time, the transformation enhancement jerky was made from the meat of Cerberus’ hind legs. Cerberus was a monster with a much higher level than the emperor dragon, so the increase in enhancement should be more significant than before.

I know that the effect of my transformation enhancement’s grilled meat increases in proportion to the level of the monster used as the ingredients. But the more extensive the enhancement, the harder it is to control.

Fortunately, with double transformation enhancements, my condition didn’t worsen. However, if it were triple enhancements, I would feel poorly, even if it would still be bearable. And with quadruple transformation enhancements, my condition would deteriorate enough to interfere with the fight.

(I’m sorry to keep you waiting.)

(I’m not sure, but those beastly feet are your trump card, huh? Human child?”

(Trump card… Well, I guess so.)

I have a couple of trump cards anyway. Today I’m going to test this transformation enhancement. So, brace yourself.

(I’ll go first this time.)

(Come, human child.)

With my enhanced Cerberus-like legs from the transformation, I kicked the barrier generated in the air and closed in on the Beast King. I cut through the air and caused a shockwave that exceeds Mach speed.


I swung Kurogiri at the Beast King. It’s just a swing. However, it slashed the base of the Beast King’s left paw.

(Wha!? How dare you injure me!)

How dare, you ask? The only thing I’ve done is cut your fur, and it’s not effective at all. But!

(I’m sorry, but I gotta go all out now.)


The Beast King and I ran through the air with overwhelming speed and swung our swords at each other. The Beast King maneuvered the four lightning swords in all directions and closed in on me.

Kurogiri struck against the lightning swords, and my hand went slightly numb with each strike. It’s an utterly troublesome lightning attack. But now I understood how the lightning sword worked. The lightning swords that flew through the air, attacking me, were connected to each of the spikes protruding from the Beast King’s legs.

I have a feeling that if I can do something about the sword coming out of that leg, there won’t be any more lightning swords flying through the air!

The Beast King was as strong as Antia described. Even if I landed a hit with Kurogiri, it couldn’t cut off its flesh and bones. The impact was just enough to cut through its fur.

I used my transformation enhancement at about sixty percent, but the Beast King was so strong that I wasn’t sure if I could defeat it, even if it’s completely exhausted. Maybe it’s because of its ability to control lightning, but the Beast King’s movements were fast while it also paralyzed me.

When was the last time I had such a close fight like this? Was it when I fought Crafton?

It was horrible back then, but Hirume-san saved me. This time, I will defeat this Beast King on my own!

Sword technique, Skinning!

The Beast King’s fur was peeled off just slightly.

Nuh-uh? It didn’t work!

It didn’t do much damage. The proof was that the fur that was cut had already regenerated.

“It’s been a long time since we’ve met a formidable enemy, Tsukuru.”

Kurogiri’s voice sprang out.

“Does that make you so happy?”

“We have only had several toothless guys lately, after all.”

“Huh, you were turned into a piece of meat by Shamanile though.”

“It was just because I wasn’t paying attention!”

Kurogiri’s voice changed to a very grumpy tone.

“Don’t let your guard down again this time.”

“I mean, it’s always been that way.”

“No, that just happened recently though (laughs).”

(Hou, that sword can speak, huh?)

“It’s troubling for me since he’s talking too much.”

(Interesting human child. I can’t remember the last time I had this much fun.)

While saying that, its fierce attacks put me in a tough spot. The Beast King was hot-blooded enough. This is a problem. Even if it’s going to be a bit of a drag, I have to smash the spikes growing out of its legs somehow…

(It looks like you have a plan in mind, what do you want to show me next?)

(I’m glad you enjoyed it.)

For heaven’s sake, am I a clown?

At that moment, I used Dark Bind to restrain the Beast King and hit it with my sword technique, Filleting.

(Hou, this one works!)

“Hey, what’s working?”

I was going to break the spike on its leg, but the Beast King twisted its body to protect it.

(It seems you’ve found a good target to attack.)

“I know that the spikes on your legs are what’s controlling the lightning swords.”

When I was a kid, I once watched a deviated robot anime on DVD, and in that anime, the robot was controlling a weapon called a super●magnetized●● with electric strings. The Beast King appeared to have come across the same idea and was using electricity to control the lightning swords. [T/n: I’m not sure about the reference, it’s probably Magne Robo Gakeen.]

However, the Beast King didn’t show the electric threads that it was manipulating.

(Kukuku, it seems that you, a human child, is a powerful enemy. Let me apologize for my previous rudeness.)

“What’s up with that?”

(What? You’re strong. I’m just admitting it.)


What’s this feeling? The skill [Wild Intuition] was not activated. But my back was shivering…

(I am the Beast King, Gervain. Human child, let me hear your name.)

“I’m Tsukuru. Tsukuru Sumeragi.”

(Tsukuru, I will now get serious. Prepare yourself.)

“Ooh, that’s what I wish!”

The atmosphere of the Beast King, who called himself Gervain, greatly changed. He had been giving out a sharp killing intent all this time, but now it was so terrible that even I would be frightened.

Gervain rushed in and tore off my left arm, leaving a strip of light behind.


If I hadn’t taken evasive action immediately, my body might have been torn apart. This is not good. I threw the grilled meat into my mouth, thinking this was a bad situation.

This is bad. I didn’t think he could move at the speed of sound, much less the speed of light. It’s extremely difficult for me to see through his movement at the speed of light.

(Hou, you avoided that one. That’s interesting, Tsukuru!)

“You tore my arm off, I can’t really say that I dodged it…”

(Not really. That was a surefire way of killing you. It’s worthy of praise that you avoided death and only lost your left arm. Moreover, that left arm had regenerated instantly.)

I feel my back trembling again.


Gervain’s lightning sword pierced my body. I throw another piece of grilled meat into my mouth to regenerate my body. I managed to avoid three of them, but I couldn’t make it past the fourth one. While it’s not entirely invisible, they are just barely visible.

The lightning swords continued to pierce me many times. Whenever it happened, I ate grilled meat to regenerate myself, but there was no way I could win if I continued this way.

(Fumu, don’t you want to die now?)

Don’t look. Feel it. Feel Gervain’s movements and react! I can do it! I can definitely do it!

(I see, your regeneration speed is unusually fast. Are you sure you’re human?)

“Of course, I am human.”

([Regeneration] skill doesn’t heal that quickly. It doesn’t seem to be [Super Regeneration] either.)

Either contemplate about my healing or continue attacking me! The attack on me continued, even while Gervain was busy wondering about my ability to heal. Thanks to this, my body was in a continuous cycle of being riddled with holes and regenerating with the grilled meat.

Gervain didn’t relax his attacks while talking to me via [Telepathy], and I hadn’t been able to overcome the stalemate either.

I put all my strength into my legs and kicked against my barriers. If Gervain was moving at the speed of light, I’ll just go beyond the speed of light. It’s simple.

With my transformation-enhanced legs, I could surpass even the speed of light!

(You can’t run away from my sword.)

“I will do it. I’ll definitely do it no matter what happens.”

A lightning sword chased me at high speed, stabbing into me mercilessly. Each time the attack connected, I ate a piece of grilled meat and put more strength into my legs.

More, faster!

Not yet, it’s not enough!

I have enhanced legs; I should be able to exceed the speed of light!

(Mmm? Tsukuru, you…)


I became a ray of light and left the lightning sword behind. I had finally surpassed the speed of light.

(I didn’t expect you to be able to exceed the speed of light…)

As I surpassed the speed of light, I knocked away the lightning sword with Kurogiri.

(Mu, you can do that, huh!)

“This is just the beginning, you know!”

(I do wish for that!)

Having surpassed the speed of light, I could stretch out a ray of light and fly through the air in all directions. As I reached this stage, it seems that I can fly through the sky freely without using the barriers as my footholds.

“Kurogiri, let’s go!”

“Let’s go!”

“Gervain, prepare yourself.”

(Don’t take me lightly!)

When Gervain and I, who had become a ray of light, collided, the atmosphere was ripped open and the ground was gouged out. It was truly a battle beyond human comprehension. I received a shock that tore my flesh to shreds and shattered my bones.



(I, who bear the crown of God, cannot be defeated by a human!)

“Even if it’s a god, I will cut him down!”

I continued to put strength into my legs, enduring the fact that my consciousness was about to fly away with each exchange with Gervain.

“Roar, Meteor Fang Slash Impulse!”

With hundreds of stabbing attacks clothed in [Supremacy], Meteor Fang Slash Impulse pierced through Gervain’s body.


“Not yet! Strong Hellfire Slash!”

Gervain was hit by a sword strike covered in jet black flames.

(Don’t take me as a joke!)

Gervain roughly slashed my left arm with the spike growing out of his leg.

“Kuh, I’ll absolutely defeat you!”

(Tsukuru, I never thought you’d get this far!)

I kicked Gervain to keep him at a distance. Apparently, Gervain is also having quite a hard time fighting at light speed. Both of us were so tired that we were breathing on each other’s shoulders.

(I didn’t expect you, a human child, to be this strong. If it’s Tsukuru, maybe it’s…)

“What are you talking about?”

(No, that is our burden. Never mind.)

What might it be?

Kuh, all the capillaries in my body had ruptured, and blood was spurting out of my body because I had pushed myself too hard.


I knelt on top of a steep rock pile and ate a slice of grilled meat. My belly was flabby from eating so much grilled meat. I suppose it wouldn’t be much for Canaan, but I’m not as big of an eater as she is.

(Your legs are back to normal. I think you have reached your limit, Tsukuru.)


(Tsukuru is at his limit, right? Then it’s my victory.)

Certainly, my legs were back to normal. But who said that I was at my limit?

“It’s not you who set my limits!”

I set my own limits!

(It’s not bad to give up, you know? Tsukuru.)

“Who feels like giving up?”

I toss two pieces of grilled meat into my mouth. The muscles in both of my legs strengthened, and hair grew out.


“I’m telling you, I can do this as many times as I want!”


“Now, let’s kill each other.”

(What a battle freak…)

“Battle freak? I just don’t like to lose, you know.”

I took a stance with Kurogiri and put my strength into my legs. With a loud sound, I kick the rock pile, and it collapses. I become a ray of light and close in on Gervain.

Gervain didn’t move. No, a bolt of lightning shot out at an angle. What was he trying to do?

“Did you give up, huh? Gervain!”

Knowing that Gervain wouldn’t give up, I released the [Special Move (3)], Ice Dragon Destruction Strike.

A moment later, four lightning swords appeared around Gervain and positioned themselves like at the tips of a triangular-shaped pyramid with Gervain at the center. Something intangible appeared on the faces of that triangular prism and prevented my ice dragon destruction strike from connecting.

(…Hey, hey, is that like from the Fin●Funne●?) [T/n: From Gundam, right? I’m not sure.]

Oh, man. That’s super cool. I might as well enjoy creating a defensive barrier like that with the [Equivalent Exchange].

No, for now, let’s just focus on the battle.

(Even if Tsukuru has an unfathomable amount of energy, it’s impossible to break through this Four-Sword Destruction Strike.)

“Don’t you dare borrow part of the name from my Ice Dragon Destruction Strike!”

(Don’t need to retort on that, it’s just a name, right?)

I used that name first, you know!

(My Four Swords Destruction Strike was named long before you were even born. If they’re similar, doesn’t that mean you’re the one who imitated me?)

“Wha? You’re accusing me of imitating you?”

Stop joking around! I pointed Kurogiri at Gervain.

“Mine was named by Hirume-san. Are you saying that Hirume-san stole the name?”

(I’m not saying that, and who’s this Hirume?)

“You don’t need to know that.”

I swung Kurogiri and struck at him using my sword technique, Filleting. As expected of the Four-Swords Destruction Strike, which prevented my Ice Dragon Destruction Strike. It’s not easy to break through.

But it’s no fun if it can be easily destroyed. This time, I’ll break that Four-Swords Destruction Strike!

“Sword technique, Skinning!”

It’s not even budging.

“Sword technique, Scales Drop!”

I’m not done yet!

(That’s no use, Tsukuru.)

“I’m the one who gets to decide if it’s a waste or not! Strong Hellfire Slash!”

(Gaahahaha. That’s futile.)

“I don’t care! Meteor Fang Slash Impulse!”


“Not yet, Ice Dragon Destruction Strike!”


“This will be the end. Supreme Heavenly Ascension!”



“Oraaa, die!”


“Once moreeーーー!”


I cut off Gervain’s head.

“Phewーー. Gervain, you were strong. I’ll never forget what happened today.”

While staying vigilant, I sheathed Kurogiri back.


Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up
Level up

There’s more below.


Similar to the time in the Great Borf Forest, a huge amount of experience flowed into me. Gaining experience meant that I had defeated Gervain. The level that increased from this battle between Gervain and me? I sat down on the ground while looking at it. As expected, I’m tired.







Everyone gathered around me.

“That’s impressive to beat the divine beast, Tsukuru.”

“Yeah, if it weren’t for the transformation enhancements, I’d be in trouble, Antia.”

“I knew that Master would win~.”

Canaan hugged me.

“Hahaha, that was a pretty close call, though.”

“As expected of Master. I’ll do my best to stand next to Master!”

“Hannah’s strong enough already.”

“Tsukuru-kun. Are you okay?”

“When I saw Ichinose’s face, the pain flew away.”

“I’m so relieved to see that Tsukuru-san is safe.”

“Thank you, Allie.”

“I knew that Onii-chan would be able to beat the divine beast to death!”

“Oh, yeah, I did it!”

After receiving a warm welcome from everyone, I deactivated my battle mode.

(You have defeated me, Tsukuru.)


Gervain’s voice echoed in my mind. I jumped up and put my hand on the hilt of Kurogiri.

(W-wait. I have no hostile intentions.)

I looked around and saw that the head on the ground was staring at me and talking. That’s gross!

“Gervain. Are you not dead yet?”

However, since a large amount of experience was obtained, he should be dead. Does he have the [Second Life] skill like the Ancient species?

(No, I’m dead. But I will revive again.)

His head floated up and attached itself to his torso, and he stood up as if to check the condition of his body.

(I was created to never perish.)

“Created…? Is it by that existence?”

(I cannot tell you that. But Tsukuru has taken your first step to reaching that entity.)


(Take this.)

Light gathered in front of Gervain, and a fist-sized crystal-like sphere appeared from the light. The word “Non” appeared to be floating around gently inside. Was this not a crystal?

(Gather the divine spheres, and you will find out who we are, and what we are.)

“You want me to defeat the other divine beasts. That’s interesting!”

(Fufufu. I was expecting Tsukuru to say that.)

I had visited the Beast King to see how the transformation enhancements would perform, and unexpectedly, an interesting event occurred. I’ve been under a lot of stress lately due to the unknown enemy, so I’m going to try and collect the spheres as a break.

And as for the other a htopic, the Demon King has only been summoned once in the past. In other words, no one other than Ayumi has been summoned as the Demon King.

I don’t know why it was only performed once, but it turns out that the Demon King summoning was related to the being who had created these divine beasts.

(If you want to know more about it, you can defeat the other divine beasts and meet the being that created us.)

The demon race were the ones who killed Ayumi and my parents to summon Ayumi to this world, but the being who told the demon race how to summon the Demon King may be the same one who created these divine beasts.

I must have to meet that guy. That’s what I thought.


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