Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 5 Part 3

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Part 3


After receiving the artifacts from the gods, we immediately headed to the north for our fight against the divine beasts. Unfortunately, only Canaan, Sanya, and I were given artifacts, but we were all still very motivated.

“This Shell King is huge!”

Gervain was big, but the Shell King was like a mountain. Looking at the Shell King from above, trees were growing on top of the turtle’s shell. The neck, arms, and legs were likely hidden inside the shell and were nowhere to be found.

How did we know it was the Shell King when we couldn’t even see its shell as it was covered with trees? At first, I was confused because I never thought that a large clump of trees would fly like an arrow. Well, I was no longer surprised after it flew at me twice or three times more.

“Master, I’ll be going.”

“Yeah. Be careful, Hannah.”

Hannah descended from the flying magic carpet towards the Shell King. For some reason, the inside of Hannah’s free-falling maid’s skirt was not visible.


When Canaan raised her Blazing Great Sage’s staff and activated her magic, the Shell King’s mountainous shell was engulfed in flames. On her chest, the necklace of Hephaestus given to her by Zeus glowed crimson.

“Oi, Hannah will run into the flames!”

“Ah, I forgot~,” said Canaan with a laugh while sticking her tongue.

Geez… Well, I’m sure Hannah could handle it.

“Holy Spirits, please help me.”

When Ichinose invoked the [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique], a hero’s spirit with a sword materialized. The spirit of the hero, which somehow resembles the humanized form of Kurogiri, flew in after Hannah.

“Let me support you all. March of Heroes. La~Lalala~laaa♪.”

Allie’s songs were very uplifting to listen to and boosted our abilities.

“O wind, tear up the Shell King.”

As Antia’s magic was activated, the trees were cut down. As Canaan’s flames combined with Antia’s wind, the flames raged intensity.

“I can’t let myself be outdone either!”

Sanya threw the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk, and it pierced into the shell of the Shell King with a boom. As the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk returned to Sanya’s hand, she threw it again.

Sanya also wore the white and black Shiva earring given to her by Brahma. The power of Canaan’s magic and Sanya’s throwing were clearly increased by the artifacts.

Hannah, who was in free fall, jumped into the sea of flames. A moment later, the flames open up with a dome-shaped space, and Hannah could be seen at the center of it.

Hannah slammed her fist on the Shell King, destroying the shell. The spirit of the hero who followed after Hannah also reached the Shell King to attack it.

After everyone’s attack, the Shell King shook the ground and started to move. The head that came out was more like a snake than a turtle. Besides, the two hands, two feet, and tail that came out all had faces of snakes. In other words, it had six snake faces.

I wondered how it could move with all its heads, but the Shell King seemed to also be able to fly. It flew up into the sky, but its speed was so slow that it could not be compared to the Beast King Gervain; it was like an island floating in the sky.

“I can’t expose my feckless appearance in front of my Master!”

Hannah’s blow had cracked the shell of the Shell King. Not satisfied with just a crack, Hannah raised her arm and unleashed a series of high-spirited blows.

(Human children, to think that you challenged me… it seems you do not know your place.)

This guy also talked with [Telephaty], huh?

“Shut up!”

Hannah said with a monotonous reply and slammed her fist down, crushing the cracked shell.


The destroyed shell was slowly regenerating, but its regeneration cannot keep up.

The angry Shell King stretched its snake’s head up to the top of its shell and opened its mouth. Somehow I knew what it was going to do, but I continued watching.

(You shall learn!)

The Shell King spat out a noxious black-purple liquid from its mouth.

(No way!)

Hannah punched her fist out repeatedly at high speed toward the rushing black and purple liquid. The pressure from her fists dispersed the liquid.

“Are you forgetting me~?”

As Canaan unleashed a laser-like fire attack at the snake’s head, the snake’s head sputtered and fell to the ground, completely charred. When the other heads saw the spectacle, their eyes widened, revealing their surprise.

(How dare youuu!)

All five heads spewed out a poisonous black-purple liquid. However, Hannah’s fighting spirit protected her. The poison did not work on the intangible summoned spirits, and it could not reach Canaan, Ichinose, Allie, Antia, and Sanya, who fought from a distance.

Moreover, some of the black-purple liquid was burned by Canaan’s flames to protect Hannah, and more were sliced through by Antia’s wind.

“I won’t lose to my sister!”

Sanya threw the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk which stabbed deep into the shattered shell weakened by Hannah’s earlier attacks, and the Shell King let out a scream-like cry.

I think the reason why everyone was able to deal so much damage to the Shell King was because of my transformation enhancement grilled meat.

If it had not been for the transformation enhancement, their attacks would not have such an effect on the Shell King.

The Toyouke-Ōmikami’s knife given to me was an artifact that increased the effect of [Ultimate Cooking]. It slightly suppressed the transformation that was the characteristic of the transformation enhancement, but further increased the effects.

Everyone had eaten the transformation enhancement grilled meat prepared using the Toyouke-Ōmikami’s knife, and it was able to enhance their physical abilities and magic with only a small change in appearance.

Moreover, the enhancement effects were much more than when I had fought Gervain.

Although the purpose of my fight with Gervain was now questionable, I should be happy because Toyouke-Ōmikami’s knife has enhanced my cooking.


The Shell King shot out a bunch of trees, taking aim at us on the flying magic carpet.

“I won’t let you!”

The flying magic carpet was wrapped in a vortex of wind which scattered the trees in all directions.

“As expected of Antia-san! I can’t lose either.”

As Allie held up the song priestess’s microphone, she took a deep breath and let out an “ahhhhh” as she exhaled.

The voice caused the tree to disintegrate and disappear. The ultrasonic waves were simple but incredibly dangerous. This attack, which could also disintegrate humans in an instant, affected everything where the sound reached.

The mixture of offensive and defensive exchanges eventually silenced the Shell King as a large hole opened up in its shell. Though you may think it was an easy victory, the Shell King boasted the best defense among the divine beasts.

The attack power of everyone had exceeded its defense, and with the advantage and support of my transformation enhancement grilled meat, resulted in our victory.

After obtaining the divine sphere of the “World” from the Shell King, we headed to the south to defeat the next divine beast.

The Bird King in the south was not actually a bird, but a Griffon. With the upper body of an eagle and a lion’s lower half, the Bird King’s body was entirely black.

At first, I thought it was a crow because of its black wings, but I realized it was an eagle upon closer inspection.

(You are the ones who defeated the Beast King and the Shell King? I am Gryps, the Bird King. Let’s see what you’ve got.)

At the very start, the Bird King Gryps flew at full speed to attack me. Although its speed was not as fast as the Beast King Gervain, Gryps seemed to be one most adept at flying and had very good acrobatic moves.

“Kurogiri, let’s go!”

“Got it!”

I pulled out Kurogiri and intercepted Gryps’ attacks.

My movements that surpassed the speed of light during the battle against Gervain couldn’t even be caught by Gryps, the Bird King, and I sliced off both of its wings.


Gryps was not even an enemy of mine as I had surpassed the speed of light.


Although it was still a bit of a challenge for me because it was a divine beast, the battle wasn’t as difficult as with Gervain, thanks to the fact that my level had increased. After receiving the divine sphere of “Decay” from Gryps, I traveled to meet the remaining Dragon King in the east.

The Dragon King had the long body of an oriental dragon, and its scales glowed with gold. The sight of it flying through the air with its body wriggling around was quite cool.

(My name is Sauron, the Dragon King. Children of humans, come and defeat me.)

Hmm, not “dragon” but “ryu,” huh? Well, in the case of oriental dragons, “ryu” was more suitable.

[T/n: Ryu means dragon as well.]

“C’mon everyone, let’s beat that guy.”

“”””””Yes (nanodesu)”””””””

Sauron’s body was engulfed in flames, but it extinguished the flames with a glow.

Gervain had said that this Dragon King was the most troublesome opponent among the four divine beasts, but I didn’t expect it to blow out Canaan’s flames in an instant.

“Hannah, let’s go!”

“I will be by your side!”

Hannah and I jumped ahead and ran through the air. In the meantime, Antia’s wind blade and Allie’s ultrasonic attacked Sauron, but its body glowed again to nullify the attacks.

It’s like the Emperor Dragon’s [Supremacy] skill, but it’s more specialized in defense.

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk flew past us and dove into Sauron’s scales. Even Sanya’s Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk could only do damage to the extent of digging into the scales. I believed that Sauron’s defense was better than Jinki’s.

Jinki was the Shell King. I learned this because it introduced itself after the fight.

“Kurogiri, get fired up!”

“Hmph, isn’t Tsukuru the one who should be slacking off?”

Sauron ejected its scales. I was a little surprised, but I avoided it and slashed at it with Kurogiri.

“It’s so hard!?”

I slashed off a single scale, but it’s nothing serious.


Hannah also slammed her fist after it, but her attack only destroyed one of Sauron’s scales.

(Gahahaha. It’s tickling me!)

“Don’t make fun of me! Scales Drop!”

I’ve peeled off some of its scales, but this attack didn’t seem to have done much damage.

(How about this one!?)

The color of Sauron’s body changed to blue. I was worried about what would happen, but water wrapped around Sauron’s body, and that water could extend out like a tentacle to attack us.

Although it was a tentacle, the tip was as sharp as a spear, and if stung, it be more than just painful.



Hannah’s left arm flew through the air as it was pierced by the tentacle’s spear.

“Hannah, retreat!”

“M-my apologies.”

With Hannah retreating, I slashed at the tentacle’s spear with Kurogiri. Because it was made of water, the tentacles could be cut without any resistance. However, slashing did not reduce the number of the tentacle spears.

“Beeze! Freeze that water!”

“Understood. Milord.”

As Beeze emerged from the rift in space, he froze the water around Sauron with [Extreme Cold Magic].

(Hou, interesting.)

Sauron’s body changed color again, this time to a deep red shade. Steam rose as the ice evaporated. After that, Sauron was cloaked in crimson flames.

“Controlling various attributes, huh? What a troublesome fellow.”

But just because it’s troublesome doesn’t mean it can’t be defeated.

“Master. I’m sorry to show you such an unworthy appearance.”

Hannah, whose arm had already regenerated, returned to the front lines.

“I’ll make sure that that guy get what it deserve for hurting Hannah’s arm.”

I put my hand on Hannah’s cheek.


Hannah’s cheeks turned red and were slightly heated.


The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk dug into Sauron’s body. This time, instead of a single scale, it penetrated the skin and reached the flesh.

If it was clothed in water, the tomahawk’s power would be more or less diminished as it passed through the water, but this was not the case with fire. Moreover, the fire defense seemed to be weaker than the gold one.

Does its ability change depending on the attribute? Then let’s do it!

I wrapped my body with [Supremacy].

“Hannah, let’s go.”


I approached Sauron, who was engulfed in flames, at once, and swung Kurogiri in a flash.

It didn’t think we would get close enough with the flames! Even Hannah was wearing a fighting spirit on her body to block the flames.

(Kuh, I… Uooooohhhh!)

This time I waved Kurogiri to a silver-turned-Sauron.

A high-pitched, repelled sound was heard. It seemed that silver was its strongest defense. But for him to repel Kurogiri to this extent made me a little less confident.


“Yes! Haaaaaaah!”


(It’s useless. That won’t hurt my body!)

“No waaaaayy!”



“That’s it!”

The silvery body cracked, and a huge hole opened up as Hannah unleashed her strongest blow.


The silver body was indeed hard, but it didn’t absorb the impact as it should. That’s why it is better to destroy it using a strong impact.


The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk plunged into the hole to continue the assault, destroying more flesh and bone as it pushed forward. The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk completely penetrated the Dragon King, and I could see the other side of the hole perfectly.

“You can’t maintain it any longer!”

I also unleash the Ice Dragon Destruction Strike, the [Special Move (3)].

After that, the [Special Moves (1)], Strong Hellfire Slash, struck Sauron’s silvery body, which had been chilled by the cold air of the previous Ice Dragon Destruction Strike.


Sauron’s body was bisected.

“Now, everyone, attack it with all your might!”

Canaan’s fire, Antia’s wind, Allie’s sound, and Ichinose’s holy spirit mercilessly destroyed Sauron.

Sauron fell to the ground with its white eyes peeled and convulsed. When the body hit the ground, a large cloud of dust was created.

From Sauron, I received the “Ten Thousand” divine spheres. Now all four divine spheres were gathered together.

What is the meaning hidden behind the “Non,” “World,” “Decay,” and “Ten thousand” divine spheres?


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