Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 1

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Chapter 6 – For A Happy Ending

Part 1


When I was at the Gero Onsen located in the Gifu Prefecture, I obtained a rare sake. The truth was that even if it was produced in the Gifu Prefecture, the place was actually far away from Gero Onsen. Because the annual production was relatively low, I went out of my way to purchase it.

The refined sake was called “Ibi.” It was a sake that was made using the original “Ibi no Homare” rice and had a slightly bitter taste with a sour and light after taste. Ah, let me tell you, I’m already at the age where I can drink sake. It’s not a problem for me to drink alcohol, whether I was in Japan or Algria.

While looking at the four crystals, the so-called divine spheres, I poured the “Ibi” down my throat.

As a side dish, I also enjoyed some salted Triangular Kraken, which paired well with my drink. In addition to that, I also had the Eater Kraken Wasabi… which also went well with it.

“So, what do you think these “Non,” “World,” “Decay,” and “All” are?”

I asked Ichinose who was enjoying a drink with me.

“I think this is probably… pronounced as immortality?”

Indeed, if you rearrange the letters, it can be read as immortal.

“Is that a four-character noun?”

If it’s a four-character word, why would it be in Japanese when this is a different world?

“I think the term “immortal” also means to never perish.”

As expected of Ichinose, I had no idea about this at all. I poked at the spheres with my chopsticks and played with it.

“Well, if we go to Gervain’s place, he’ll probably tell us the meaning of these four divine spheres.”

Maybe it’s because the fight with Gervain was the hardest for me, but we got along well after the fight and became friends. Since we could communicate with each other, I found him to be a surprisingly nice guy to chat with.

I chewed the octopus with wasabi, enjoying the spiciness of the wasabi and the crunchiness and sweetness of the octopus, then tipped my cup and poured the “Ibi” down my throat.

“It’s delicious.”

In front of me are my wives and Sanya, dressed in yukata. I am happy to see them enjoying the dishes, and I relish the opportunity to drink good sake.

The next day, we visited Gervain and asked him about the divine spheres.

(Have you collected them all? Isn’t this too fast?)

Gervain turned his face to me while laying on the ground.

“It’s a good thing to do it quickly, right?”

(…Well, that’s fine. When you have collected the spheres, you can place it at the shrine.)


(Umu, it’s a shrine on a continent that is now inhabited by humans.)

“Hee, there’s a place like that, huh?”

(When you place the divine sphere inside that shrine, gatekeepers will appear. There will be the gatekeepers in front of the gate, so Tsukuru and the others will need to be recognized by them first.)

So, that means we have to show our strength to get recognized?

“So, the point is to beat the gatekeepers, huh?”

(If the gatekeepers acknowledges you, then it’s okay.)

“What a waste of time!”

(I do not understand it either.)

How can you not know that? Well, let’s just ask the gatekeepers.

I asked Gervain for the general location of that shrine and then searched for it. It turned out that the shrine was the temple in the old Rade-Crude Empire. In other words, it was located inside the temple where I beat the old bastard up.

The temple was in ruins, but the shrine was in the basement of the ruins.

“I thought I had destroyed it quite thoroughly. I didn’t know there was still a place like this underneath…”

“It’s kind of strange… It’s a place where you feel some kind of power.”

The fur on Allie’s tail was standing straight. When I looked around, I saw that Hannah and Sanya were the same; their lovely tails were messed up.

When I stroked Allie’s tail gently, the fur on her tail gradually calmed down. As for Hannah and Sanya, I also stroked them to calm them down.

“I had never heard of this place before.”

“There are things even Antia doesn’t know about, huh?”

“Unfortunately, the world is full of unknowns.”

Antia hid her mouth with her hand and smiled bewitchingly.

“Well then, let’s put the divine spheres inside the shrine.”

There was a pedestal at the shrine where the four divine spheres were to be placed, and the divine spheres were placed appropriately.

“…Nothing’s happening, eh?”

“There may be an order for it…”

To Ichinose’s advice, I rearranged the phrase from “non-world-decay-all” to “all-world-non-decay”.

A moment later, my vision turned white.

I noticed that the shrine was gone, and a huge gate rose up in front of me. Behind me, everyone else was also there, looking up at the massive gate.

“There’s a gate, but there’s nothing like a wall. It’s strange.”

I voiced my honest thoughts, and the gate slowly opened.

“I thought there would be gatekeepers?”

“The gatekeepers seems to be coming out.”

Just as Allie had said, I could see that something was on the other side of the opened gate. There was almost no presence, so I didn’t notice it at first, but perhaps Allie’s ears heard something from the gatekeepers.

I mean, isn’t a gatekeeper usually outside of a gate?

The gate was completely opened, and something seemingly like a gatekeeper was standing there.



[T/n: Komainu is a (Stone) Guardian lion-dogs at Shinto shrine.)


There were two Komainu-like creatures, which were usually found at gates of Shinto shrines, and they were staring at us. One of them opened its mouth, while the other closed its mouth. These was commonly referred to as “Aun*.”


[T/n: Syllable representing the primordial trinity of Vishnu, Shiva, and Brahma/Inspiration and Expiration/Respiration/Alpha and Omega.]


“Is it okay to enter it?”

The Komainus were just standing there, not moving and not talking to us.

“Will there be any movements when we go in?”

Ichinose tilted her head.

“There’s no point in waiting around; we’ll find out once we get in.”

Allie was surprisingly optimistic in her thinking.

“Master, we don’t know what’s in there, so I’ll take the lead.”

Hannah was still putting my safety first, but that would make me feel uncool to hide behind her.

“It’s not cool if I’m using Hannah as a shield. I’m sorry, Hannah, but I’ll go in first.”

“I’m sorry for being out of line.”

“No, it’s okay. I’ll always be grateful to Hannah because I know you care about me.”

When I lightly patted her head, Hannah fidgeted with a blush on her cheeks. She was always cool, but her gesture like this was adorable.

I slowly entered the gate.

(The chosen one, well done!)

These guys also speak to me using [Telepathy], huh? But they sound strangely childish.

“Gervain told me to come over, and I’m going to pass through here.”

(No problem.)

This time there was a different voice, but it was also childish.

Hmm, I can’t tell which one was speaking because they weren’t moving their mouths.

(But you must show your qualification to pass through this gate.)

“Qualification? What qualifications?”

(Anything is fine. Please show us what you are good at.)

What I’m good at, huh? I turned around and looked at everyone behind me, and they nodded.

“Then, I’ll show you what I’m good at~.”

At first, it looks like Canaan will go.

(What do you want to show us?)

“Eating food!”

I thought it was very much like Canaan.

Canaan presented her gluttony magic.

(Then you can eat this up.)

With a bang, a table and chairs and a bunch of food appeared in front of us. I don’t know how this works, but who are these people that can prepare this much food spontaneously?

“Wow, this looks so yummy!”

Canaan looked delighted in front of a dish that could easily hold 30 servings, and using a fork in her hand, she said, “Itadakimasu~” and began to eat the food.


Well, it’s obvious, but the food that the Komainus prepared ended up in Canaan’s stomach.

(No, that’s so quick, I have never seen a human eating so much!)

It was trivial for Canaan to eat 30 portions of food.

(That’s natural since nobody has ever been here before.)

It seemed like we’re the first ones to come before the Komainus. It’s quite the hurdle to beat Gervain and the others, so this was not surprising.

Canaan gave everyone a high-five, and finally, she gave me a high-five too.


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