Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 2 Chapter 1 Part 4

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Part 4


19th of July, 1023 of the Imperial Calendar. On the fifth day of the journey to the Great Imperial Capital, it was not a comfortable journey for Hiro.

The carriage that Kiork-san had prepared for Hiro was designed for speed, so every time it went over a step, his body would float, and his head would always hit something.

In other words, the ride was terrible.


The last day also caused Hiro to wake up in severe pain.

“Aah… it’s the worst. I’m totally lack of sleep.”

As he stroked the sore spot, Hiro sat up and looked around the inside of the carriage with a deep sigh. While the express carriage is not the most comfortable, it is spacious enough for Hiro to stretch out.

As he looked out the window on the right side of the carriage, he could see a grassy field, and as he watched in a daze, the front window was opened from the outside.

“Hey, young man. Are you awake?”

The one who looked in was the coachman operating the express carriage. Then Hiro raised his hand to reply to the coachman.

“We are almost at the last stop, get ready to get off.” said the coachman.

The carriage shook with a clatter as the coachman closed the window. Hiro began to get up and prepare to get off. The express carriage was not going directly to the Great Imperial City. It would stop at the station one cell (three kilometers) away from it.

“Thank you.”

Arriving at the station, Hiro gets out of the carriage―he is surprised by the number of people.

“I see… this is a city. There was a reasonable amount of people at the Lynx station, but there’s more in here.”

The station was crowded with people of all professions, from nobles and commoners to mercenaries and adventurers.

The pleasant breeze and the scent of green leaves tickled Hiro’s nose as he stepped out of the crowded station. There was a horse-drawn carriage for the Great Imperial Capital nearby, but Hiro decided to walk to it because of something that bothered him.

(Someone’s following me.)

It’s troublesome if someone is going to attack him here. He wants to avoid involving unrelated people as much as possible. Hiro then entered a shallow sidewalk on the road’s side and counted the suspicious presence following him from behind.

(Three… six… eight people?)

The fact that the presences are easy to find makes them seem like amateurs, but it’s too early to tell.

(Anyway. I’d better get moving first.)

Hiro could wait for his opponent to attack, but if the guards heard the commotion, they would come. Hiro, who had no proof of his identity, would be taken away if he was questioned.

Even if he could prove his identity, there was no telling how long he would be detained if the guards worked under someone else’s control. This is not the time to waste on such things.

(Okay… who’s the better one.)

After searching for the nearest presence, Hiro looked back with vigor. At the same time, the space in his hand cracked open, and a single dagger―the hilt of a spirit weapon―flew out.

Pulling out the spirit weapon, Hiro instantly moved behind the flustered man.

“If you act out, I will kill you. If you understand, I want you to tell your friends.”

He pressed the cutting edge against the man’s back and quietly declared.

“I-I get it, please don’t kill me.”

The man flashed a glance at his companion disguised as a traveler sitting on the rocky shore―a man with a scar on his cheek. Then the man with the scar on his cheek raised his arms and crossed them over his head several times. After confirming that several presences were moving away, Hiro pushed the suspicious man’s back and urged him to move.

“I’ll ask you some questions. You don’t have to answer them if you don’t want to, I’ll just kill you and ask someone else.”

He moved the pressed cutting edge down. The blood drained from the man’s face as his dirty clothes were cut.

“P-please stop; I’ll say anything you want.”

It was just a threat, but it seemed to be very effective.

(He’s an amateur, after all…)

While observing the man with trembling legs, Hiro continued to ask questions.

“Who do you work for?”

“I don’t know. They just suddenly gave me money and told me to… attack you.”

“Hee… can you tell me more about the situation at that time?”

“I-I just finished working in the field, and a strange man showed up at my door.”

“Strange man?”

“I couldn’t recognize his face because he was wearing a hood, but his voice was a man.”

Hiro spun the dagger around in his hand and pressed the hilt head against the man to urge him on.

“I-I was told to throw you out to the guard as a pretext. I wasn’t going to do it, but I was given two Grantz gold coins.”

The man was just dazzled by the money―the other people around him are from the same village.

“W-who wouldn’t want that? Right? So forgive me. I’m sorry.”

There is no indication that the man is lying. Further questioning doesn’t seem to yield any more information.

“You can go. But if you show any unusual behavior, I’ll kill you. And don’t come in front of me again. If I see you anywhere, I will kill you. Is that clear?”

“I-I understand. I’ll never show up in your face again.”

After nodding several times vigorously, the man ran off the sidewalk and across the plain without looking back even once. Several men, who must be his friends, followed his back in a hurry.

Hiro watched them until they were out of sight and then decided to continue on towards the Great Imperial City.

(They will be killed by their client, even if I don’t lay my hands on them.)

The pay is extraordinary for an easy job―which means they must succeed. If they don’t realize that and fail, they will be killed by their client, which they deserve.

(Though I do wonder why they used peasants.)

If the opponent had been a skilled fighter, Hiro would certainly have fought. Then it was just a matter of time before he was caught by the guards who heard the commotion.

(Let’s think about that later… For now, let’s enjoy the capital city after a long time―no, the Great Imperial Capital.)

Breaking off his thoughts, Hiro stopped in his tracks. Ahead of his gaze was the Great Imperial Capital’s majestic main gate.

Looking up overhead, Hiro was enveloped in the intimidating feeling of the massive city walls looking down on him. When he looked into the deep moat surrounding the city wall, water drawn in from the Kendell River in the north is pooled and inhabited by various underwater creatures.

The bridge on the other side of the river was filled with people. When he crossed the bridge and had his luggage inspected in front of the main gate, he was greeted with――.


The scene before him was overwhelming. Extending from the main gate was a complete, stone-paved path. At regular intervals on either side were giant statues that pierced the heavens―exquisitely sculpted colossal statues of the Twelve Great Gods of Grantz.

The gods looked down at the street as if to welcome visitors. Stalls were lined up at their feet. Every store was packed with people, and street vendors were shouting to attract customers.

“…The buildings are taller than they were a thousand years ago, and most importantly, there are a lot more people here.”

Hiro begins to walk around, looking around busily. He found a group of people making a lot of noise in front of a liquor stall in the middle of the day, with liquor bottles in hand.

“Our nemesis, Felzen, has been destroyed! Bring the booze, bring the booze! What’s the point of not celebrating!”

“We should also congratulate the sixth princess for defeating the rural principality!”

“Moreover, I heard that the descendant of His Majesty the Second Emperor was there!”

After passing through the noisy streets overlooked by the gods, a magnificent fountain garden welcomes the visitor. The column of water spouting out of the fountain and the clouds behind it create a mysterious atmosphere, and the sound of the water sparkling and touching the earbuds gives a feeling of elegance.

The fountain area is filled with people of various purposes, from ladies with children to drunk men to students reading books. Also, unlike in front of the main gate, there was a peaceful atmosphere here. The one thing that hasn’t changed is the smiles on everyone’s face.

Perhaps the lingering effects of the two victories over Felzen and Lichtine still linger throughout the entire people.

“Aren’t you the descendant-dono?”

When called from behind, Hiro looked back and saw Aura’s subordinate―Spitz.

“It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. What are you doing here? I thought you were returning to the west…”

“That should be my line. Why is the descendant-dono here?”

“I was summoned by the Emperor.”

“Oh, I see. Surely there is no reason not to be summoned.”

“So, Spitz, why are you here?”

“Before returning to the west, my superior was summoned by His Majesty, so I guess I got caught up in it.”


“No, no, it’s the higher one―the third prince. Blutar-sama.”

And as Spitz began to walk, Hiro naturally followed him.

“The third imperial army―the “Imperial Black Knights”―was caught moving in private. It was while His Majesty was on a military expedition, so… that must be questioned in many ways already.”

“I feel like he deserved it, though. I mean, he tried to get Liz.”

“We ended up fighting together, though, so I think the punishment is less severe in comparison.”

The problem will be the treatment of the first prince, Spitz adds.

“It’s a huge problem in the Imperial Palace. An attempt on the life of the sixth princess, or an attempt to kill the descendants of His Majesty the Second Emperor, that’s a big deal that goes up and down.”


“Nevertheless, he has the “Thunder Emperor” and, above all, behind the first prince is a family of five great nobles, the Krone family. The treatment of the first prince, who has the support of the largest faction, must be treated with great care. His Majesty must be bothered by that.”

Then Spitz turned his attention to Hiro and shook his head in annoyance.

“And the fact that the descendant-dono has appeared in the Great Imperial Capital, that’s another big deal.”

When Spitz began to look at the sky with distant eyes, Hiro asked him with a bitter smile.

“So, where are you headed?”

“I can tell you, but it is a special place, so I thought you might as well look forward to it.”

Hiro and Spitz were currently walking down East Grand Avenue.

Unlike the central street, several stores lined up on the side of the road, including blacksmiths, weapon shops, and tool shops. This is why there are many adventurers, mercenaries, and other types of people to be seen here, and the atmosphere is rough and tumble. As Hiro was looking on with interest, Spitz entered the alley between the guardhouse and the inn, and Hiro followed Spitz as he walked down the dimly lit street.

Soon after, they were greeted by dazzling sunshine and slipped out into a place where an old temple stood.

“As you can see, Aura-sama is there.”

Spitz pointed to Aura, who was sitting in the shade of a tree―reading a book dexterously with only her left hand while hanging her right arm, which was broken in the battle with Lichtine.


NyX Translation


Near her, a group of knights in black armor was surrounded by a large group of children.

Despite their stern appearance, the soldiers had a large number of sweets on their arms, and the children seemed to be flocking to them for it.

“They are war orphans, you know. These are the children who were taken in by the Spirit Temple.”

“So there are a lot of children… But why is there a temple in this place?”

The people of the central continent―especially in the Great Grantz Empire, there are many people who believe in the Spirit King, and there will be no end to the number of people who worship him. So why is a temple built in such a desolate place?

“Because it’s the place favored by the spirits.”

What Spitz said made Hiro feel enlightened.

This place is full of nature as if isolated from the highly developed city. The temple’s surrounding area was covered with grass, and flowers of various colors, red and white, caught the breeze pleasantly. Watching the glow of the temple in the sunlight seemed to cleanse the heart.

“With the city’s development, the east sector has become a noisy place full of adventurers and mercenaries. The authorities have tried a few things, but it has not worked.”

“They can’t just kick the adventurers and mercenaries out of the eastern sector now, can they?”

The backlash will be tremendous if you try to break something that’s already rooted.

“Exactly, that’s why they also built a guardhouse to protect the children.”

It was built before we came here, says Spitz.

“By the way, it’s now home to the “Imperial Black Knights.” The previous officer in charge was not the most dedicated man. Aura-sama has kicked him out and put him in charge of maintaining the security of the eastern sector.”

When Spitz proudly said that, Aura seemed to notice us and approached away from the shade of the tree.

“…There’s an unusual person here.”

“Hi, Aura, it’s been a while… though, it’s not so long.”

“…Un. I just sent you a letter yesterday, too… Apart from that, what’s bring you here?”

“The Emperor has called me.”

Hiro lowered the bag on his back to the ground, opened it, and stuck his hand in it randomly. There was a letter in his hand that came out.

“This is, but.”


It’s certainly true. It’s even worse than when it was handed by Liz.

After reading the letter that was handed to her, Aura tilted her head.

“…I understand more or less. But how do you get into the Imperial Palace?”

“With this black hair and black eyes.”

“That’s not good now. The Imperial Palace currently has a fight between factions. The guards won’t take you seriously.”

“If I show this letter to them, they will…”

“…No one thinks this garbage is a letter from the Emperor.”

Aura returned the letter to Hiro and put her hand to her forehead, and shook her head in distress.

“The letter from His Majesty the Emperor is a precious thing that you may or may not receive in your lifetime. It is unheard of to mistreat it and trash it. Even if this is the only way to get through, you will be executed for disrespect.”

“You’re right…”

“No choice. I’ll go with you.”


“If we go together, I can get Hiro through.”

“I appreciate that, but…”

When I look behind her, I see that before I knew it, children had gathered. Further back, the third imperial army’s elite, “Imperial Black Knights,” are being pushed down by the children.

“Aura nee-chan! Where are you going?”

A lisping little girl tugged at Aura’s sleeve. Aura patted the girl’s head and smiled.

“I’m going to the Imperial Palace. Lord Spitz will play with you while I’m away.”

It must not be a mistake for Hiro to see that Spitz had a perturbed look on his face. Aura ignored him and said to Hiro, “Follow me,” and began to walk.

“P-please wait! Aura-samaaaaaa!”

The unrestrained children rushed to Spitz. In the blink of an eye, he disappeared from sight.

“S-stop. I’m a noble! Do you think it’s okay to do this?”

“I am His Majesty Schwartz, the man who will bring down the frivolous lad!”

“Then, I’m General Ray!”

“Then I am His Majesty Altius!”

“W-what, stop! Don’t touch that part!”

Spitz says something to them, but the kids won’t listen to him. Encouraged by Spitz’s screams, Hiro and Aura headed back the way he came and headed north on the central street. Along the way, Aura called out to Hiro.

“The place we’re heading to is considered by the world to be a glamorous world where only the chosen can live. That’s not wrong. But you must not forget that this is a dangerous world of jealousy and desire. Don’t let your guard down. Okay?”


“Be extremely cautious of those who come in contact with you. Don’t just follow them when they call you. Be especially careful with women, because, in the past, even the emperor has destroyed himself with women.”

“Are you worried about me?”

That’s why I thought she was so talkative today, but Aura glared at me.

“Shut up and listen.”


“Unfortunately, I can’t help you all the time. You’re the only one His Majesty has called.”

“Yeah. Well, the etiquette is a bit dubious, but I think I can handle it, though?”

“That’s good, but…”

They were silent for a while, and then both of them just went on their way.

As they walked up the gentle slope, an iron gate, five times as tall as Hiro, appeared. It’s an iron gate with a pointed tip like a spear that evokes a sense of gravity.

When the guards saw Aura, they came running up to her.

“Brigadier General. What can I do for you today?”

“The Emperor has commanded me to take this person to the Imperial Palace.”

Aura pointed at Hiro. The guards opened their mouths, looking at Hiro.

“I’ve never heard of such a command. I’m sorry, I can’t let you pass.”

Hiro carved a deep crease between his eyebrows. That’s impossible. Since the Emperor had sent a letter to Hiro personally, there was no way he hadn’t told the guards that Hiro would come.

It is highly likely that someone’s scheme has stopped Hiro’s matter from happening at some point. Or, it could be that the guards are under the control of someone else.

“…Then, can you tell me your name and your affiliation?”


“You doubted my words as a close associate of the third prince, Blutar. You will receive the consequences that you deserve.”

In other words, the threat of losing a job if he didn’t let them pass.


The guard’s face was twisted in bitterness. It’s clear that there is a fierce conflict in his mind. After a while, the guard, whose cheeks were covered in sweat, let his head droop.

“Please go through.”

Hiro felt a little sorry for the guard’s depressed state, but as an elegantly colored Aura passed through the gate, Hiro hurried to chase after her.

As he stepped into the vast grounds, he recognized a platoon patrolling the area.

While they stared at him for any suspicious activity, Hiro walked down a wide path surrounded by a rose garden. In a straight line, there is a large fountain, and the road is divided into crosses.

The west side is lined with the mansions of influential nobles. The east side is home to the elite “Golden Lion Knights” of the First Imperial Army and their training grounds. The north side is the national center of the Great Grantz Empire, the Imperial Palace of Venezine. As Aura explained this to Hiro, she suddenly leaned closer to him.

“The palace guard from earlier is probably one from the Krone family. They support the first prince, so be careful.”

Aura whispered to Hiro, and he gave a small nod.

“Do you know about the case of the death of the head of the Kelheit family?”

The Kelheit family is the great noble family that unites the eastern nobility. Having lost the head of the family about three months ago, his wife is now acting in his place. Although it is publicly stated that the death was an accidental fall from a horse, in reality, it is more likely to be an assassination.

“I suspect it was the work of the Krone family. I don’t have any proof, but they’re planning to take over the family by suggesting a marriage proposal to the Duchess of Kelheit, who has just lost her husband. They would not hesitate to poison Hiro in the Imperial Palace with such audacity.”

“Very well. I’ll be careful with the Krone family.”

After thanking Aura, Hiro arrived at the Imperial Palace and took a deep breath. He was struck not by the beauty of the palace but by a sense of nostalgia that welled up in his chest.

Although it had been reconstructed several times, it was still reminiscent of the palace of a thousand years ago.

(…It feels like coming home.)

It was the first place he visited after being summoned to this world. It is the place where he made the pact of brothers-in-law with Altius, welcomed many friends, and went through a war-torn world.

This is the last place where the empire was born, the war is over, and he said goodbye to Alethia.

The place where it began and where it will end.

(Whatever lies ahead, I will not stop.)

With the prospect of a new story, a new beginning, Hiro steps into the palace again. Upon entering the Imperial Palace, Hiro was given a physical examination by the guards, and Aura was given an examination by a female officer.

After they are found to be safe and sound, Aura looked at Hiro.

“They’re coming for you.”

When Hiro looked behind Aura, a man in his prime came in.

“Thank you for coming all the way. I am Byzant Gils von Schaum, Prime Minister of the Great Grantz Empire. I am relieved to see that you have arrived safely at the Imperial Palace.”

The man with the bowed head looks up and says with a cool smile on his face.

“Are you Hiro-sama?”

“Ah, yes. I’m Ouguro Hiro.”

“…You’re claimed yourself to be a descendant of His Majesty the Second Emperor, aren’t you?”

“Yes, that is true.”

“I’ll be quick, but we would like to ask you to prove it first. Please follow me.”

Prime Minister Gils turned away and began to walk away, and Hiro and the others followed. On the right wall of the aisle, circular windows at the top are lined up to the back to show wealth and power.

On the ceiling, there was a magnificent picture of the Spirit King and the Twelve Great Gods of Grantz, and a black-robed warrior, believed to be the former Hiro, was standing against the enemy forces.

“There have been many people claiming to be descendants of His Majesty the Second Emperor, but none of them were real. Still, there is no shortage of people pretending to be.”

Prime Minister Gils’ voice came through Hiro’s eardrums through his back.

“Therefore, even with the words of Her Highness Celia Estrella, I cannot trust you without proof that you are a descendant of His Majesty the Second Emperor. To tell you the truth, I’m not sure how I feel about this again.”

If someone comes along who pretends over and over again, it’s no wonder they get tired of it.

“The Great Grantz Empire is a military state. There are many people who believe in the God of War. Of course, I am one of them. You claimed to be a descendant, and if it were a lie, it would be beyond discouraging. It would make me tremble with gut-wrenching anger.”

Prime Minister Gils stopped in front of a room and turned around.

“I hope that Hiro-sama is the real one. I believe so for Her Highness Celia Estrella’s sake.”

Prime Minister Gils unlocked the door and walked in. Hiro and Aura followed suit.

The walls were painted white on all sides, and there were no windows. There is a coat of arms in the center of the room, and a black cloak was hanging there. No other objects are present in the room.

Prime Minister Gils walked forward and beckoned to Hiro when they arrived at the cloak hanger.

“There are over two thousand people who have claimed to be descendants of the “God of War” so far. Every one of them died the moment they wore this robe.”

Prime Minister Gils carefully unfolded the black cloak in his hand.

“This is the “Black Princess Camellia” that was once worn by the God of War. It is inhabited by a spirit, and as the Five Emperors of the Spirit Sword, it chooses its master― those who are not recognized will be cursed by the spirit and lured to death when they handle it. However, even if it is not recognized, as long as they are descendants with the Spirit King’s blessing, they will not die. This is the only way to prove it.”

Are you ready? Said Prime Minister Gils, and Hiro nodded.

(This brings back memories…)

A friend who has run through many battles together. Therefore, there is no tension, and Hiro felt his cheeks loosening with nostalgia. Then Hiro tried to take the Black Princess Camellia, but it slipped from Prime Minister Gils’ hands and fell to the floor. The fall of the black robe in the absence of wind caused wrinkles to appear between Prime Minister Gils’ eyebrows.

He didn’t drop it on purpose. Hiro is well aware of that.

(I guess she is sulking now.)

The black cloak is a unique spirit, and compared to the other five major spirits, she’s more obedient to emotions and difficult to handle. Besides, since she has been neglected for a thousand years, Hiro can’t blame her for being angry.

(I’m sorry. I’m sorry for making you wait so long.)

After apologizing to the “Black Princess Camellia” who fell to the floor, Hiro then reached out his hand to her, but… the black robe slipped through Hiro’s hands and rose softly into the air.

Prime Minister Gils rolled his eyes at the scene; on the other hand, Aura looked at it with interest.

The moment Hiro looks puzzled, as he thought that he is still not forgiven―the darkness swells up and entwines itself around Hiro’s limbs. In the blink of an eye, Hiro’s entire body was wrapped up as if dragging him in.

Prime Minister Gils and Aura’s eyes widened without words at the sudden event.

The sudden appearance of the mass of darkness, as if it were swallowing something, repeatedly expanded and shrunk.

“As expected… he’s an imposter.”

Prime Minister Gils muttered to himself, revealing his disappointment. It must have been a scene that he had seen many times. But before his eyes, a further change begins. It’s like a flowering of darkness.

“…This is, no way.”

In front of the astonished Prime Minister Gils, a calm and youthful Hiro appears in a transformed uniform. It is the old imperial black uniform, with a jet-black cloak over it, and a gold dragon design on the shoulders that make a strong presence.

It is a black robe that is blessed by the spirits and is a relic left behind by the “God of War.”

The “Black Princess Camellia,” which exudes mystery and grace, is called in some regions as――.


“Haha, this is… no doubt.”

Prime Minister Gils, who had been looking at Hiro dumbfounded, knelt on the spot and took a vassal’s courtesy.

“I am sorry for my numerous rudenesses. It is a great pleasure to meet the descendant of His Majesty, the Second Emperor.”

“No, I’m just a descendant; you shouldn’t be afraid of me. It’s not actually me.”

It is actually him, but if Prime Minister Gils finds out about it, he would have a stroke.

In any case, Hiro felt perplexed if he was awed by the older man like this.

When he turned his gaze to Aura for help, she looked at Hiro with a devouring look.

Judging that she can’t be relied upon, Hiro says a few words to Prime Minister Gils, who keeps bowing his head.

“…Um, is this going to prove everything?”

“Oh, no, after this, you will go to the Spirit King’s Temple.”

After regaining his composure, Prime Minister Gils took several breaths and opened his mouth.

“If anyone claims to be a descendant of Schwartz, go to the Spirit King’s Temple to find out whether he is a descendant of Schwartz or not. If he is, give him the status he deserves. Those who break this testament will be cursed by the Spirit King. Do you know this testament?”

As Hiro nodded, Prime Minister Gils stood up and headed for the door.

“Normally, I would ask you to go to the Spirit King’s Temple first, but I cannot let someone who is not sure if he is real or not meet the Princess Shrine Maiden. If something happens to her, we will be criticized both at home and abroad. Therefore, after considering the importance of her safety, it was decided that the person in question would first be identified with the “Black Princess Camellia.”

Prime Minister Gils said, “This way,” and urged Hiro to go out into the corridor.

“The only thing left to do is to go to the Spirit King’s Temple, and if the Princess Shrine Maiden recognizes you, then――.”

Noticing the guards running from ahead, Prime Minister Gils stopped talking.

“Schaum-sama! A spirit knight just visited us, and he has a letter for His Majesty from the Princess Shrine Maiden!”

“From Princess Shrine Maiden to His Majesty…? Okay. I’ll be right there. You go ahead and let the spirit knight come through.”


The guards saluted and then went back the way they came, and Prime Minister Gils looked back.

“I’m sorry. I have an urgent matter to attend to. Could you please wait for a moment?”

“I don’t mind, but should I just wait here…?”

“No, please wait in the noble’s room. I’ll ask the――.”

Prime Minister Gils was about to call out to a nearby maid, but Aura raised her hand.

“I’ll show him the way.”

“Then please, Brigadier General Aura. I’ll be right back!”

After seeing off the back of Prime Minister Gils as he galloped away, Hiro began to walk with Aura.

“It’s unusual to have a letter directly from the Princess Shrine Maiden… to His Majesty the Emperor.”


“Un. When the Princess Shrine Maiden receives an oracle from the Spirit King, it is almost always addressed to the Prime Minister. The fact that it is addressed to His Majesty means that she has received a very important oracle.”

“That’s why Prime Minister Gils looked somewhat impatient.”

“If it is a matter of national security, then it is a matter of life and death. The letter will be delivered to His Majesty immediately.”

Then, suddenly Aura stopped. In front of her was a double door. Aura pushed them open in a familiar way with her hands and walked in.

As she sank into the sofa, Hiro sat down across from her and opened his mouth.

“I wonder how long it will take Prime Minister Gils to finish his work.”

“I don’t think it will be that long. It depends on the contents of the Princess Shrine Maiden’s letter, though.”

“I hope everything is okay.”

Hiro shrugged his shoulders and looked around, and noticed something.

“By the way, there are no visitors among the nobles, huh?”

“This is mainly a place where the nobles who do not have a mansion on the Imperial Palace site come. But the small and medium-sized nobles refrained and rested in their estates or inns built in the city. So the rooms are rarely used.”

“Does Aura also have a mansion here too?”

“I have one. I don’t use it these days because I sleep in the guardhouse when I come to the Great Imperial City.”

After the idle conversation lasted for about half an hour, instead of the Prime Minister Gils, a high-ranking official appeared in the noble’s room.

“Hiro-sama, I’m sorry, could you please come to the throne room right away?”

“There should be an interrogation of third prince Blutar and first prince Stobel now. Is it over already?”

At Aura’s question, the high-ranking official nodded his head.

“Yes, it was finished without any problems. All that remains now is to wait for His Majesty’s decision, but before that, His Majesty asked me to bring Hiro-sama to him.”

“…Can she come along with us?”

“Prime Minister Gils said that Aura-sama could go in either way. However, she will enter through the back door, and Hiro-sama will enter through the front door.”

“Okay. Then you should come too, Aura.”


Aura also sat up at Hiro’s urging as he got up from the sofa.

“Then, please follow me.”

Hiro and the others left the room, rushed by the high-ranking official.


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