Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 2

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Part 2


“I’m next.”

Hannah stepped forward.

(What are you good at?)

“I am Master’s maid. I’m good at making sweets.”

Yeah, the cookies, cakes, and everything else made by Hannah are delicious. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that she’s even more skillful than I am when it comes to sweets.

(Then, you can use these ingredients to make sweets that you think are delicious.)

The plate of food that Canaan had flattened disappeared, and ingredients for cooking appeared instead. In addition, a sink, a refrigerator, and an oven appeared. How convenient.

“It’s actually not worth it if Master doesn’t eat the sweets that I make, but since I have no choice, I’ll make them for you. Hah… it’s a shame to let you eat it.”

It’s not a nice thing to say, but the Komainus are in a heck of a lot of trouble.

If I were in the Komainus’ shoes, I’d probably have that look too…

Hannah took a quick look at the ingredients and went to work without thinking. Since the layout was unfamiliar and the ingredients were not prepared by me, normally it would take some time and effort to adjust, but Hannah’s movements were smooth.

The result was a pudding. I know it’s similar to the Italian pudding which was popular in Japan, as I had seen how this was made.


(Yeah, I’ve never seen or heard of such a pastry before.)

Italian pudding was eaten in a different world than here, so it’s no surprise that it had never been eaten by the Komainus or the guardians of the gods of this world.

Hannah also passed, and Allie was next by performing a song. Well, Allie passed too. Sanya was next, and she also emphasized her role as a maid. Unlike Hannah, when she said she was good at washing, she got a pretty dirty piece of cloth.

The cloth was made from a rather weak material, but Sanya carefully removed the stain and dirt and she passed the test. Ichinose was good at knitting, so she knitted two lace scarves for the two Komainus, and the Komainus were amazed by the elaborate design of the scarves.

The last one was Antia, but what was Antia’s specialty? After all this time, I’m startled by the fact that I still don’t know anything about Antia.

“Ufufufu, I’m a Tsukuru master!”


Antia’s words had me completely dumbfounded.

(Alright, let’s get the Tsukuru master to solve a problem.)

Eh, is that okay?

I mean, what’s a Tsukuru master?

A piece of paper fell in front of Antia, and she picked it up and grinned. What kind of problem was on it?

“Ufufufu. You’ve underestimated me to give me such a simple question.”

Antia smoothly answered the questions, starting with my birth date.

“Two more questions. Fumu, Tsukuru’s favorite position, is it? That will be “@#$%!” and “$%#@*”!”

Guhah! I squat down on the spot and vomit blood.

“Hey, Komainu bastard! Don’t ask such questions!”

(As a Tsukuru master, that meant she knows everything about Tsukuru. That’s why I’m just asking questions regarding Tsukuru.)

Ah well, if you say so…

“The last one is the number of dark moles on Tsukuru? Ufufu, this kind of question is easy for me, as I know all about Tsukuru’s body.”

Somehow I feel happy and also sad to hear it…

“The number of dark moles on Tsukuru’s body is 29! Fufufu, including the ones next to the buttocks and behind the “@#$^%&”!”

Guhahh! I can’t stand it anymore…

(You got all the answers right.)

(Passed and recognized.)

The Komainus announced Antia’s passing, but I couldn’t get up from my position on the ground.

(Next… you, the one who’s lying there… why are you lying down?)

“D-damn it… You knew this was going to happen, so you put me last!”

(…What is this human talking about?)

I gathered my strength and stood up, wobbling like a ghost.

(What are you good at, human?)

“It goes without saying. My specialty is cooking.”

(Then you may cook.)

The kitchen, etc., don’t appear on… like it did with Hannah.

(You’ll need to prepare your own ingredients and equipment. You have two hours to prepare them.)

“…You, aren’t you just being hard on me!”

(It’s already started. Hurry up, or you’ll run out of time.)

“Kuh, I got it.”

But it’s pointless to harass me like that.

I took out the kitchen, refrigerator, and oven from the [Material Storage] with a loud sound.


I couldn’t tell the expressions on the two, but they would definitely be upset. I guess they never thought I was storing these things so that I could cook anywhere.


Phew, I would have beaten them to death if they ate my food and said it tasted terrible. They were saved.

“With this, we can go through the gate, right? Let’s go.”


“Do you still need something?”

(There is one more who we have yet to hear what he is good at.)


What is it, what are they talking about?

“It sounds like you’re talking about me.”

Then Kurogiri transformed into his human form.

I see, indeed, he is still with us.

(What are you good at?)

“Fuh, sword!”

Kurogiri’s words triggered a mound to rise from the ground.

The raised ground took the form of a human. It’s like a flat earthman.

“Tsukuru, my sword.”


I handed a sword stored in the [Material Storage] to Kurogiri. He lightly swung it twice to check its condition.

“You can come to me at any time. Come on.”

At Kurogiri’s words, the earthman kicked the ground, holding a sword at the ready.

The earthman closed in on Kurogiri with overwhelming speed thrusted its sword towards Kurogiri’s chest. Just by looking at it, I could tell that it had reached an expert’s level.

However, Kurogiri was also an expert, no, Kurogiri was a being that surpassed the experts.

With a smooth movement, he ducked under the sword and kicked at the earthman. The earthman, who was kicked away, had its flank scatter around the ground in tatters, but the fallen dirt stuck to the earthman again. It was convenient.

It seemed that the earthman could not speak, as he did not scream or make any sound. To begin with, it had a flat face, so it could not open its mouth, and it had no expressions.

Although the earthman continued by launching a series of vicious attacks, Kurogiri dodged all of it.

“Are you done?”


I can tell that it was in a hurry because its attacks were entirely ineffective. However, the earthman itself remained unresponsive. One might wonder if such a doll had emotions, but it’s display was very deadly and fierce.

“It doesn’t seem to make sense to spend more time on this.”

Kurogiri, with his sword held in his right hand at the lower level, inched closer and closer to the earthman. The earthman was retreating from Kurogiri.

At this point, it was safe to say that this contest was over. The fighting spirit of the earthman was already broken. The next moment, the figure of Kurogiri blurred and the earthman was cut in half and returned to the ground.

“I’ve cut down a trivial thing…”

He’s been too heavily influenced by Japanese anime…

(Your power is proven. Go through the gate.)

(Ahead of you is God’s sanctuary. Don’t be disrespectful.)

To not be disrespectful, you say? That’s a stupid thing to say. We are going to beat the crap out of that God. Kukuku.


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