Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 3

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Part 3


As I walked through the gate and past the Komainus into God’s sanctuary, my field of vision changed to all-white. Both the ground and the sky are all white. And yet, the boundary between the landscape and the sky is still recognizable.

“Since it is a sanctuary and all, but this all-white scene is a bit overdone.”

“Then, how about this?”

The moment I heard this childish, slightly high-pitched voice, the all-white space turned utterly dark.

“Finally, here comes the final boss.”

It doesn’t matter if it’s pitch black. We have skills such as [Night Vision] and [Presence Detection] that allow us to locate our enemy.

“Last boss, huh? It’s a strange thing to say. Pupupu.”

Several will-o-wisp lights appeared in the darkness, and a white-haired old man with a childlike build appeared in the center surrounded by the lights. Then the light emitted by the will-o-wisps became so brilliant that the world of darkness was painted over once again and replaced with what looked to be an abandoned place. Whatever, it’s an elaborate display for nothing.

“Are you the God?”

“Yes. I’m God. Ufufufu.”

There were several deep wrinkles on his face, but the essence of God radiating from his presence was not ordinary.

“Are you the boss of the old bastard?”

“The old bastard?”

“Ah… As I recall, he’s an Ancient human called Temas or something like that.”

“Oh, Temas. Yeah, he was my subordinate. You guys sent him to another world, though. Kukuku.”

I don’t like the way he put his hands over his mouth and laughed like an idiot.

“Why did you have your subordinate, Temas, summon us?”

“That’s what you want to know? It’s not interesting, so I won’t say it. Hahaha.”

“Hey, are you messing with me?”

“It’s not true. I have a very high opinion of the Jet-Black Hero. Kukuku.”

“Jet-black hero… My equipment is all black, so I’m fine with being called jet-black, but I’m not a hero!”

“No, that’s not true. You’re definitely a hero. Oh, yeah, let’s call you a Garbage Brave because you were abandoned. Kukuku.”

“You bastard… You’re screwing with me.”

I think this guy is trying to piss me off. What does he want?

“Was it you who defeated the doppelganger I deployed?”

I changed the subject to quell my anger.

“Yeah, that’s right. Hahaha.”

“What’s your purpose?”

“Hmm? It’s just a way to pass time.”

He looked at me with a dumbfounded look… He really is an annoying bastard.

“Did you also kidnap the human from the Earth?”

“Yes, they worked hard. They did their best. Kukuku.”

Worked hard? What did he let them do?

Speaking of which, I remember that he was about to sacrifice the previously summoned heroes to summon new heroes from Earth…

I originally left Kujou and a few others in this world, but they were either dead, or I later sent them back to Earth.

And it would be strange to say that there wasn’t a connection to that massive summoning…

“Were you the one who recently summoned a bunch of people from Earth?”

“Yes, that’s right. I used a lot of lives from the inhabitants of this world to summon many heroes from Earth. Kukuku.”

It’s a really irritating laugh. And I don’t like the fact that he’s sacrificing people from his own world without a care. More so, I don’t like it because he abducted so many people from the unrelated Earth.

“Where did those people go?”

“They are gone. Kukuku.”


“Yes, they are gone because I absorbed them. So they’re gone. Hahaha.”

“Absorb…. you mean you took them in yourself?”

“Kukuku. What are you so angry about? The Garbage Brave is not interested in others, right? Why are you angry then? Kukuku.”

“Who said I’m not interested in others?”

“I’ve been watching your actions. Apparently, the Garbage Brave is only interested in his girls and the very few people around him. Kukuku.”

Does this guy say he watched me? Then he knew I was coming here. Why did he not interrupt me?

I mean… Garbage Brave, Garbage Brave… he’s an annoying bastard.

“I don’t want to interrupt you. I’m bored. So I’ve been watching the Garbage Brave for a while now, just to see if he can entertain me. Kukuku.”

“You were watching me because you were bored…?”

“That’s right. I made the races fight each other because I was bored. Or I summoned heroes like Garbage Brave from another world. After all, I was bored. Ufu, ufufufu.”

This guy summoned us to this world to ease his boredom by having the human race fight with the other races?

“I also summoned the soul of the former Demon King over there that one time, but it was really boring. But I summoned a hero and had him kill her, though. Hahaha.”

This guy had Ayumi summoned…

“You bastard…”

“Oh, you’re angry? What are you angry about? The Demon King’s soul was reincarnated as a beastman, you know. Well, I didn’t expect the Demon King’s soul to gather under Garbage Brave either. Hyeehahahahahahaha!”

“I won’t forgive you…”

“Hmm? What did you say? Hahahahahaha.”

“I’ll never forgive you!”

I pulled out Kurogiri and thrusted him at the god.

“It’s okay. You were going to fight me from the start, weren’t you! Kukuku.”

“You’re speaking too fast. Well, I’m going to punch you in the face.”

I won’t feel better if I don’t beat this guy up.

“It’s not going to be long before it’s all over if it’s just the Garbage Brave alone, so come on everyone, come at me together. It won’t be fun if it’s over too quickly. Hahahahahahahahaha.”

I looked at everyone’s faces. They were all very determined, especially Sanya, who was breathing hard.

“That guy killed Ayumi-chan in her previous life, so I’m going to avenge her here!”

“Hahaha. You can’t avenge anyone by fighting me. I’m strong, after all. Kukuku.”

“Onii-chan, can I blow that smirk off his face?”

“Of course! Like me, Sanya has the right to beat the crap out of him.”

The self-proclaimed God in the form of an old man but also looked like a child, waited on us. I don’t like how carefree he was. And that smirk on his face was annoying.

“Tsukuru-san, please be careful since the person we are dealing with is a god.”

Allie fixed her gaze on the god with a watchful eye.

“Yeah, I know. You should take it easy, too.”

“Master. I’m going to roast him, okay?”

It’s Canaan’s way of saying things, but that’s the spirit.

“Burn him til not even his bones remain.”


“Leave it to this Hannah, who is the Master’s outrider.”

Hannah was a reliable person who can be counted on to fight with her High King’s iron knuckle as she got fired up.

“Oh, let’s smack him.”


“Tsukuru-kun. We’re finally here.”

“Yes, defeating this guy will break the bad bonds of the other world’s summons.”

“Yeah. I’ll do my best.”

“I’m counting on you, Ichinose.”

Ichinose clasped her hands in front of her chest and activated the [Holy Spirit Summoning Technique] to summon the Holy Spirit of a hero.

The determination of Ichinose to fight this battle was keenly felt.

“I never thought I would fight a god. I never get bored when I’m with Tsukuru.”

“It was better than living a boring life in the forest, right?”

“Ufufufu. I guess so. And I’m glad it’s not our Elf God.”

“Does the Elf God look like an elf?”

“Ufufufu. What do you think?”

“What is it? You’ve never seen it?”

“It is a fearful thing to see the image of God.”

“Hmm. Antia is also surprisingly normal.”

“The Ancient Species is a direct creation of God.”

So the Ancient species has a strong connection to god. I hope the Elf God isn’t shitty because some gods can be shitty.

“Are we done here? Ready to go? Kukuku.”

Don’t give me that kind of attitude.

“Yeah, I’m coming. Let’s go.”

“Anytime. Bring it on!”

I’ll bust that grin off his face!

“Hannah. Let’s go!”


Hannah and I closed the distance to the god at once. Hannah takes the initiative and slams her fist into god’s face, and there is a dull sound, like hitting a chunk of metal.

“Master, it’s so solid!”

“He’s a god, even if he’s rotten!”

“It’s a terrible thing to call me rotten. Hahaha.”

I also swung Kurogiri through him, but the god took Kurogiri lightly.

“Just this much? This is not all, is it? Kukuku.”

Don’t make fun of me!


Hannah and I retreated away from the god in response to Canaan’s voice. A moment later, the flames released by Canaan enveloped the god. It’s the same amount of heat as always, and even my skin seems to have been burned, even after I’ve distanced myself.

At this point, a wind was sent in by Antia’s [Windstorm Magic], and fueled the flames even more. In the magic contest between Canaan and Antia, the flames became a blast of air that burned up the surroundings.

“Hahaha. Is that all? What a letdown!”


The flames were extinguished, and the god emerged unscathed.

“Hey, you’re not listening to me at all!”

Even though he was exposed to that intense fire, he still had a relaxed expression on his face. The fact that he’s a god meant that he could not be easily hurt.

Fine, that’s the last boss!

“Good luck, everyone! La-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la.”

When I received Allie’s song, I felt a surge of power as if it were bursting out.

“Holy Spirit, please!”

This time Ichinose summoned another Holy Spirit, which seemed to be a support-type Holy Spirit, and granted more physical strength to Hannah and me.

“Hannah. Let’s hurry up and make that rotten bastard get upset!”


Hannah ran beside me.

“Next is my turn~. Kukuku.”

Several balls of light emerged around the god, and they flew towards us. We avoided the flying balls of light, but the balls of light continued to chase us as if they had a will.

“That’s a rehash of Gervain’s attack.”

I used Kurogiri to slash at the ball of light, but it was not formidable. Is it just a trick? No, there was obvious killing intent from this ball of light. If it had hit me, I should expect some kind of damage.

“Master. I have a bad feeling about these balls of light.”

“That’s what I thought as well. Be careful.”


“Hahaha. Let’s go some more~.”

The number of balls increased to roughly twenty or so.

“Don’t forget me!”

Sanya’s Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk was flying through several balls of light towards the god. The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk was blocked by a defensive barrier that appeared in front of the god, but it cracked the defensive barrier.

“Wow, that was a bit of a close call. Hahaha.”

“Mukiiiii! Don’t make fun of me!”

Sanya was frustrated with the lack of power. But with Sanya’s attack, the god put up a defensive barrier, and that defensive barrier was cracked.

This was a big step, considering the fact that our previous attacks didn’t work.


Why did he take Sanya’s attack with a defensive barrier while he took Hannah’s and my attacks directly? But rather than thinking about the question; I focused on avoiding the attacks by the balls of light.

“Hahaha. You can’t defeat me if you’re having trouble handling just that number of light bullets. Kukuku.”

The number of light balls increased to over a hundred.

“There’s no end to it.”

“Master, may I use that one?”

“That” which Hannah referred to was probably the transformation-enhancing grilled meat. I didn’t want to use it from the beginning, but I guess we had no choice but to use it in order to dodge this number of attacks.



Hannah put the transformation enhancement of grilled meat in her mouth. Even though it’s a transformation enhancement, should we just call it enhancement because we could now enhance your ability without transforming by using the effect of the Toyouke-Omikami’s knife?

“Get out of my way!”

Hannah’s power went up two to three notches after she ate the enhanced grilled meat, and she blew out all the light ball bullets with a single spurt of energy.

“Hee, you did it, huh.”

“Stop that laugh of yours!”

With a noise that pierced through the air, a shockwave was generated as Hannah slammed her fist toward the face of the god.


The defensive barrier protecting the god appeared. Although it didn’t reach his face, a large crack appeared on that defensive barrier.

“Too bad. Kukuku.”

“Don’t think this is the end!”

Hannah unleashed a series of left and right punches, pummeling the cracked defensive barrier. The cracks grew bigger and bigger, and the defensive barrier was broken!

“Don’t make fun of my Master!”

Hannah’s fist struck the god cleanly in the face, and the god was blown away. I could see the god’s face smiling as he was blown away splendidly. He’s an annoying bastard.

“Ah, yes, you did your best. Kukuku. But I’m very pissed off. Hahahaha.”

Yes, he’s pissed, but the fist reached him.

“What about it?”

I came around behind him and fired [Ignition] at him. It’s a short-range [Ignition], but his body was engulfed in flames.

“Hahaha. Do you think you can kill me with this kind of thing?”

“I don’t think it can kill you.”

“You know it’s a waste of time, but you like to do it for nothing, huh? Kukuku.”

You never know if it’s futile until you try. There have been many times when I thought it was no use, but I still survived. That’s the result of building up what I thought was a waste of time.

“This kind of fire…”

The god tried to put out the fire, but my [Ignition] wouldn’t go out unless I end it by my own will.

“What, this fire?”

The god repeatedly tried to put out the fire, but the fire was not extinguished.

“What a depressing fire… Kuh.”

As he was uttering those words, the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk slipped into the belly of the god at the same time.

“I’m here too!”

Hannah’s spinning kick hit cleanly, and the god’s face was slammed into the ground.

“That’s what happens when you’re playing around.”

“I don’t mind since it’s not working at all. Hahaha.”

The god stood up, dusting off the dust.

He’s still on fire, but I guess that was not a problem. It’s ridiculous how he’s just playing around with the fireball.

“Alright, I’ll have my turn now. Kukuku.”


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