Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 103

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Chapter 103


The news that Bard-san used my sword to defeat the blue stone monster had quickly spread throughout the village. I then created a bunch of swords and put them in a nearby box for each of the people in the village to use. The people of the village can use them freely.

After I finished preparing the swords… my next task was to rebuild the village.

“Thanks for all the swords, Relius.”

Camilla-san, who had been distributing them, approached me from behind.

“It’s fine. I can level up as well.”

My blacksmith’s inventory capacity has increased now. If I didn’t have to put away what I made, I’d be able to level up much more than this. I just raised my level to 11, and my current capacity is 110… Well, it’s unlikely that it will ever be full.

“I see… So what are you doing now?”

“…I just thought I’d better rebuild the village for a bit.”

“…Oh, you did? I was going to talk to you about that.”

“Eh, really?”

This is just meant to be an incidental part of my leveling up. If I build a house or something, it’s going to provide a rather good amount of experience. But I can’t just build whatever I want here…

“…There’s another village out there. I want to get those people to move here, and hopefully, we’d all stick together and act together.”

“…It’s certainly safer that way.”

“Yeah. That’s why I was hoping to get Relius to set up some houses for them.”

“I understand. If that’s the case, is it okay for me to make whatever I want, too?”

“Yes, please.”

The only problem is that, can I only build the same house?

I can reproduce “Migratory Bird Inn” since it’s already in my mind, but it would be difficult if it’s a different one. I think I can make a room, at least—for example, Fira-san’s room… or at least like a nearby store in the town where I lived.

I remember the shop on Adventurer’s Street in my mind and create it right in front of me. And the resulting house is a weapons shop with only one room.

…There’s maybe a room behind the cash register where the owner always sits, but I don’t know because I’ve never been in there, so there’s no way to go beyond that.

“Wow! You’re built a house again!”

…But then, the kids seem to enjoy going inside the house. They go in and prepare enough furniture to live on at a minimum before leaving the house.

“As expected, Relius is awesome… to think that you can make it so easily.”

“Anyone with the same ability as me can do it too. Speaking of which, Camilla-san. There aren’t too many adults in this village, but what about the other places?”

Camilla-san smiled bitterly at my question.

“You have to reach adulthood to be given a divine treasure, right? Since there are dangers… people who are old enough would go hunting for monsters… I think the situation is similar everywhere.”

“…Right, I see. I wonder why God doesn’t give us divine treasures and occupations from birth?”

That’s all I could say.

…No, I actually felt that way once too. When I heard that my parents were killed by a monster a long time ago… I didn’t have the strength to fight. I was frustrated. When I think about it now, I understand a little more as to why Bard-san seemed to hold my sword so carefully.

“I really think so too. But we are still on the lucky side, since Relius came to help us.”

“I don’t know who sent me here though.”

“Maybe it’s not God since God is so mean to us.”

Camilla-san shrugged her shoulders.

“Camilla-san. Do you know if there are any people nearby or not? I’d like to protect them as soon as possible since I think it could help me to find Lynn as well.”

“About six months ago, there was a town just east of here. I don’t know much more than that.”

“Well, I guess I should look for that first then.”

I exhaled lightly after building a few more houses. I drank the magic recovery potion to restore my magic power. For the defense of the village, I prepared about 30 golems.

As expected, if there were this many of them, even if the village was attacked, the golems would somehow be able to repel the monsters. That’s what I was thinking.

Then a woman came over.

“U-um… Relius-san.”

“What is it?”

When I asked her, the woman raised her shoulders in surprise.


She looked at Camilla-san in confusion.

“She’s Bian. She’s a shy girl.”

“…Is that so? Then, um?”

When I asked again, Bian-san opened her mouth while hiding behind Camilla-san.

“C-can you build something like… protective wall…?”

“W-wall, is it?”

“I-I’m sorry! You can’t make it? Or can you? I’m sorry for asking such a strange question!”

Protective wall, huh?

…I’ll try to imagine it in my head for a bit.

When it came to a house, even though I called it a house, it was more like a building that resembled a house.

For example, how about if I just build a house wall…?

With the house-made image unfolded in my mind, I produced only the wall part. Then I expanded it in front of me. A wall about the same size as me had been created there.

“I can make something like this… If I use a certain amount of mana, I think I can build something even bigger.”

“…S-so that’s it! Then can you cover the perimeter of the village, like some protective wall or something like that…?”

“I see… But I can’t really imagine it…”

…The wall also has scaffolding and other features. Well, although this time I don’t think it’s necessary to have it, but it would be better to have it.

As I was thinking, Bian-san took out a book. It was an old book. As I approached, Bian-san’s face turned bright red, and she grabbed onto Camilla-san tightly.

“T-this is… a book about the protective wall.”

“…I see.”

Maybe someone in the village was involved in the construction of the fortification wall. There were pictures and text regarding the wall and castle on it.

…However, there was a lot of technical knowledge… I was flipping through the book, but I wasn’t too sure exactly what it meant.

“…T-then… um. I’ve tried to make… the village wall…”

Bian-san handed me another paper.

…And when I reached out to take it… I accidentally touched Bian-san’s fingers slightly.


Bian-san trembled. Then she distanced herself from me and got teary-eyed.

…She’s really a shy person, isn’t she?

“…Is this like a blueprint?”


…I see. I might be able to build this. But there’s still a lot of things I can’t quite imagine.

“Bian-san. I would like to build these as small models first… If possible, can you help me with this?”

“Y-yes… I-I wanted to do something for the village too, so…!”

“Thank you. Well, then, I’ll get started on the production.”

…A protective wall that covers the entire village, huh? That’s going to cost a lot of magic.


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