Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104


The defensive wall would be built roughly in the shape of a square with the village at its center. First, I made a miniature model of the house which marked the center of the village at my feet. It was quite small in size. The plan was to build a model of the plan that could be carried with both hands, including the defensive wall.

I then built a square around it depicting a defensive wall.

“First, is the base fine like this?”

“…Y-yes… Um, I think the defensive wall should be much thicker… And please build towers at the four corners of this wall so that we can climb onto it.”

“…I see. Is the inside of the tower a ladder? Or should it be like a staircase?”

“I-I think a spiral staircase would be better…”

…I see. 

I made the walls thicker as instructed. The towers were made separately so that I could see the inside of the tower.

“…Is something like this okay?”

“C-can you put a window into the wall… and get some lights and stuff?”

While peeking into the interior, Bian-san requested that.

…I guess I was careless. I should work on the basic parts of the building.

The towers were completed and connected to the defensive wall. I placed them in the four corners so that they can be accessed from the adjacent walls on either side. I prepared a space inside where people can live there briefly or use it as a resting place.

“…Is this done?”

“A-also… I prefer the top of the wall to be bumpy.”

“Aah, yeah, there’s… something like that.”

“Oh, no? This is just what I imagined thinking about the defensive wall! I-I’m sorry…”

Bian-san replied excitedly.

As I recall, that bumpy surface is there to provide cover for defenders armed with bows or something like that, right?

“Huh, what is it used for?”

I asked as part of the exchange, and Bian-san snorted.

“T-that’s what you use to hide from the enemy’s attacks! A defensive wall without it is not a defensive wall!”

“Hahaha… is that so?”

Bian-san seemed to be a lot more passionate about these things than I expected…

My intuition tells me it’s best not to say too much and just listen. 

Then, with Bian-san’s advice, I began to build the defensive wall. When Bian-san looked at the model that showed the plan for the village’s development, her eyes were shining with joy.

“I-it’s amazing… you can really build so many things so freely…!”

With blood dripping out of her nose, Bian-san put her face close to the defensive wall I had created.

…She’s sniffing it. 

My cheeks were twitching slightly at Bian-san’s condition, and I confirmed with her.

“Do you think the design for the defensive wall is now complete?”

“I-I think it’s good!”

“I understand. I’ll use this as a reference to create it… and I don’t know much about houses. If you have a house that you think will be necessary in the future, I’d appreciate it if you’d think about the design again.”


“Yes, that would help me too.”

“I-I understand!”

Bian-san smiled happily.

It was then. The children came over to us.

“Bian Onee-chan! Let’s play together!”

“Ah, y-yes… W-well then…! Can we please do that another time!”

“…Yes. Thank you.”

Bian-san left with the children.

Camilla-san, who watched the whole thing, came over to me with a wry smile.

“Relius seems to have quite a talent for womanizing, to treat Bian so well.”

“…No, not really.”

“That girl Bian… she is shy, especially with men. I think Relius might be the first to get her to speak so well.”

“Isn’t it because her interest just happens to coincide with my abilities?”

“Still. Bian… she’s not much of a fighter, so she spends a lot of time taking care of the children. While it helps us a lot, Bian is pretty concerned about her contribution to the village. So this time, maybe she is happy to be able to do work for the village.”

“…Is that so? Then I shall have her assist me in the future to build more houses.”

“Yes, I want Relius to talk with her.”

“…Got it.”

I glanced at the model I had built with Bian-san just before, and then I let the structure unfold in my mind.

…It would be better to build all of the surrounding defensive walls together at once.

“Camilla-san. I’m going to close my eyes for a while… so I can concentrate for a bit.”

“…Okay, I’m going to check out around the village then.”


I imagine the whole picture of the village as I build the defensive wall. Perhaps because I had just created a small model of the village, it was easy to picture.

First of all, I thought of the defensive wall. The corridor of the defensive wall is carefully constructed. Then, I added a tower at each of the four corners.

Now to make the interior of the tower. All of this is exactly as I have discussed with Bian-san. Furthermore, I will also make a gate to match the four walls.

The activation of the gate would be done using the magic stones inside the towers. A circuit of flowing magic power is connected to it.

In case it malfunctions, I will prepare a hand-operated gate that can be opened manually.

…Is it something like this?

It was suggested that the height of the defensive wall should be about 5 meters. If it is too high, it will block out the sun. It is not intended for waging war, but only for repelling monsters around here such as the blue stone monsters that run on the ground.

If there are flying monsters, it would not matter how high the wall is; it won’t do much good. The walls should be as thick as possible… or rather, this consumes a lot of magic power.

I managed to produce the whole thing with some breaks in between.

And―it’s all done.

All that’s left to do now is to execute it. Just then, Camilla-san came over.

“Did you finish it?”

“Yes. I would like to install it now.”

“Yes. Bian, it’s done.”

When Camilla-san called out, Bian-san and the children were nearby.

…I’m worried that Bian-san will be angry with me, but I’m certain I made it just as instructed.

I activated my magic to create a magic circle and… deployed the defensive wall which covered the village.


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4 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 104

  1. >I’m worried that Bian-san will be angry with me
    Why would she be angry at you when you helped them so much? MC is dumb.
    Thanks for the chapter


  2. Okay, first off, being nice to someone doesn’t make you womanizer. I don’t care how much of a best that comment was, stuff like that pisses me off. Second, Bian had damn well better not get pissy since a( she’s not the goddamn one making it and b( MC is doing this crap completely out of the kindness of his heart.


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