Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105


A defensive wall was deployed covering the perimeter of the village.

…There were shouts of surprise here and there.

…Maybe I should have explained it to everyone beforehand.

As I walked toward the newly constructed defensive wall, Bian-san, who was with the children, looked on in amazement.

“Bian-san, what do you think?”

“A-amazing…! This is the same design as the model before!”

“Yes… because that’s exactly what I had in mind while building it.”

The children looked at me and their eyes were shining. They pointed at a tower.

“Relius! Can I go in there?”

“Yes, please feel free to look around.”

The children’s eyes lit up more and more as I replied, and then they ran toward the tower, pulling Bian-san along with them too.

Next the village youths, who had been standing outside and around the village, came toward me. Many of them were equipped with swords on their waists that I have prepared.

Then Bard-san asked me on behalf of the group.

“Did you make it yourself, Relius-san?”

“Yes. As for the security from now on… I will basically put some golems in place. I think it’s safe to say that as long as there’s one person in charge of the golem staying in the room inside the tower… it should be safe. Would you like to go inside?”


Together with Bard-san and the others, I headed for the nearest tower and gate.

Next to the gate, there was a control room for opening the gate. The inside had some furniture, so if you can ignore the fact that it’s a little small, it is possible to live in it.

“…Wow! It looks better than the house we’ve been living in!”

Everyone seemed to be pleased with it. We moved to the tower and went up the spiral staircase until we reached the top floor.

First, there was the room for the guards to stay in. Then, there were doors leading to the left and right corridors of the defensive walls from there.

When we opened the door on the right side, there was a slender golem walking down the corridor.

“Go-golem… is this like the golem created by Relius-san that can defeat the blue stone monsters?”

“Yes. They will be on watch day and night. If anything happens, they will use these installed bells to let everyone know.”

The corridor has a bell in the middle. By knocking on it, the entire village would be alerted in an instant if something happens.

This, too, was a part of Bian-san’s suggestion.

“…T-this is amazing.”

“This makes the watch a lot easier.”

“Yeah, I know. Even at night, you can just rest and let the golems wake you up.”

The young men were right. That’s why space was included in the watchtowers for them to rest in.

Even without the bells, the golems in this corridor would head into the tower to wake up the guards there. That’s why all the golems here were built with agility in mind.

“…Oh, there’s Bian-san and the others over there.”

Bian-san and the others, who were moving in the opposite direction from us, seem to have noticed us and are walking over.

…Well, does it match up with Bian-san’s expectations?

In case you’re wondering, I made everything according to Bian-san’s instructions. But Bian-san was pretty spirited and detailed in her design. If I strayed from her instructions, I might get a warning.

I greeted Bian-san nervously when she stopped in front of me.

“Re-Relius-san… This is perfect.”

She smiled and was somewhat excited. I was relieved to hear Bian-san’s words.

“Thank you, Relius. This makes the village a whole lot safer.”

“No, don’t worry about it. I just went along to level up my profession.”

Checking my blacksmith’s level, it has gone up to 15.

…As expected, considering that it took me nearly half a day to build this defensive wall.

The day was ending, and the setting sun was visible from the wall.

I watched it from the corridor.

“…It’s beautiful.”

Camilla-san was squinting and watching the sunset.

…I suddenly wondered.

“Vampires don’t like the sun, do they? Are you okay, Camilla-san?” [T/n: I think I’m a little lost here. Since when did Camilla become a vampire? Please let me know if there’s something off.]

“My hobby is sunbathing.”


“Well, I’m half. This kind of thing is no problem.”

Camilla-san smiled and then turned her gaze downward. The expression on her face became grim.

It was at that same time the bell started ringing.

“…What’s going on?”

Bard-san turned his gaze to the golem while murmuring.

The golem pointed a finger outward. By that time, Camilla-san had already spread her wings.

…The wings, which are usually small, grew larger.

“Relius, outside the gate…”

Camilla-san pointed to a wounded person. Following were three blue stone monsters. Probably the person was attacked and fortunately escaped.

“Bard-san, please go open the gate at once.”

When I called out to him, Bard-san gave a salute.

“Y-yes! But how do I open it?”

“…Bian-san! You understand the mechanism, right?”

When I quickly looked at Bian-san, she bounced her shoulders up and down and then nodded her head.

“Y-yesss! I’ll take care of it!”

“Then, please! Camilla-san, please take me down on the other side of the gate with you!”

Camilla-san’s wings were probably stretched out to go help directly. At my words, Camilla-san smiled and extended one hand.

“Have you ever flown?”

“This is my first time.”

“Okay, well, I’ll make it an awesome memory for you.”

Together with Camilla-san, we jumped up from the unevenness edge of the corridor.

…Looking down five meters below… It was much higher than I had imagined.


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11 thoughts on “Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 105

  1. Indeed, it’s strange that Camilla became a half-vampire out of nowhere. I reread the chapters from since Relius came to this place, she ate a sandwich, no blood, but she tried to take of her clothes and to sleep with Relius, maybe he saw something we didn’t ?

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    1. Is it possible a chapter was omitted? We did jump from her trying to take her clothes off to them being in the village very suddenly. Maybe there was originally a chapter in between the two where they handled a more detailed introduction while they journeyed to the town.

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  2. Maybe the church and heroes thought all its residents as monsters that must be exterminated. While the blacksmith saw them as good monsters…


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