Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106


The moment when I landed on the ground, a gust of wind blew. This was probably the wind Camilla-san had created to soften our landing. Still, I was not used to it and my waist sank slightly as I landed.

We landed between the monsters and the wounded person, and I immediately readied my sword.

“Are you okay?”

When I turned around, the scarred person nodded her head while grimacing.

…Thank goodness she is still conscious.

While throwing her a potion, I turn my attention back to the approaching blue stone monsters.

…Goblins, huh?

The blue stone monsters, whose arms and faces were already partially wounded, seemed to have targeted us instead. They let out a shriek and then leaped at us.

“Relius, I’ll take care of the two of them.”

“And I’ll take care of the last one.”

Camilla-san dodged the first goblin’s attack and leaped at the two in the back. She faced the goblins, dodging the club that was swung down. Then the goblin swung out its fist, but it’s too slow.

I went around behind the goblin and swung my sword down. The goblin’s body was cleaved open without resistance. I kicked the crumbling goblin away, made sure it didn’t get up, and then turned my attention to Camilla-san’s direction.

Camilla-san dodged the goblins’ attacks with a brilliant move and blasted each one away with her divine treasure.

…That was easy.

The gate opened. From there, Bard-san and Bian-san come through.

Bian-san rushed over to the injured woman, pouring potions and other items she was carrying with her for treatment.

When the first aid was completed, I looked around.

“…Shall we go inside now?”


It was then. The woman speaks up.



The woman bit her lip and then looked straight at me.

“T-there are still other people being attacked by the… blue stone monster! C-can you help them, please?”

“…Still others?”

Camilla-san tilted her head.

…There is no one around here.

“Y-yes… we were scattered and ran away. We split up somewhere east of here, so I don’t know exactly where they are.”

“…So it might be a little difficult to find.”

When Camilla-san said so, I checked the list of my skills. This reminded me of the visual enhancement skills I had acquired.

…This should allow me to detect them.

“Camilla-san, I have detection-type skills, so I think I can handle it.”



I immediately began to build several golems. They were golems specialized for searching. There were a dozen of them, with a considerable number of them dedicated to agility.

“I want you to go and find the humans. If you do find any, and they’re fighting against the blue stone monsters, you must fight to protect them.”


The golems started running off at once. I hope this will find some of them.

Camilla-san then looked at me in surprise, but I approached the woman.

“How many people are there?”

“…There are six people.”

“…Really? I see. Camilla-san, we’ll go too.”

“Y-yeah… Bard, Bian, take care of that girl, okay?”

Camilla-san asked them, and they nodded in response.

We started running after the golem.

As we ran, I made a necklace of red magic stone and added detection skills to it.

It’s only a C-rank, huh? I guess I’ll rebuild it a few times.

The skill granting was more dependent on my level, so I expected a higher rank than before. After a few more rebuilds, I finally created an S-rank.

“This is a necklace with detection-type skills, Camila-san. Can you use it?”

“I’ll try…”

I gave the necklace to Camilla-san and then let her use it.

“…I-I can use it. But it’s going to take me a while to get used to it.”

“…Okay. Then we’ll split up as well.”

“Yes… or rather, Relius can do this too, huh…?”

“Well, yes.”

“It is a really excellent occupation…”

…It’s nice to hear someone say that about my occupation.

I’m glad I leveled up.

As I moved east, a forest eventually came into view.

…The forest, however, was somewhat miserable.

…Now, I wonder if there are people here.

I’ve been moving through the forest for a while now.

…Then a golem came over to me.

“How is it?”


…The golem had lost one arm.

…Certainly, the golem for the search this time didn’t have much offensive reinforcement, but that didn’t mean the golem wasn’t strong enough.

“Guide me in, please.”


Is there a monster that can defeat this golem? I followed the golem’s lead and headed to a location where two other golems were fighting.

There was a mother carrying a child in the back.

And then―the body of a golem was blown away. The one who defeated the golem was an orc-like monster.

With its belly gouged out, it was quite eerie. Its eyes seemed to have lost their emotions, and it was crushing the defeated golem over and over again. I summoned more golems. This time they are more combat-oriented units.

Five more golems with a stronger body build appeared and surrounded the orc.

“…Are you okay?”

I approached the mother and child while the golems stalled the blue stone orc.

“Y-you are?”

The mother looked at me with surprise. She hugged her child as if to protect him.

“I am here to help you… and my name is Relius. Those golems are mine.”


“M-mom, will we be saved?”

“N-not yet! …Re-Relius-san! That orc is… very strong!”

The moment the mother said that, another golem’s body was blown away.


I was not expecting that even a combat-oriented golem would be overwhelmed.

When I look at it, the orc was definitely taking apart the five golems one by one. I let out a small breath and then look at the golem.

“Golem, can we do it?”


I let out a small breath and then granted the golem a skill. After the golem heard my command, it rushed at the orc. The orc swung its fist at the approaching golem, and the golem swung its fist at it, too.

Just as the golem’s arm was about to be pushed back, I activated the skill.

“Weapon Break.”

At the same time, I deployed a protective barrier to protect myself, as well as the mother and child.


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  1. Thank you for the chapter! I still can’t tell if Relius is actually smart or not. Having a MC who’s smart but very dense is rather interesting though. Either way, I like the action in this arc. Keep it up!

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