Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 4

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Part 4


The god’s white hair stood up and stretched about, coming at us. I swept away the white hair with Kurogiri, but the white hair could not be slashed and it felt like pushing the arm against the curtain.

On the contrary, every strand of hair was entangled around Kurogiri, as if they each had their own will. The same was true for Hannah; her arms were tangled with the white hair.

“This hair is disgusting!”

Hannah activated her fighting spirit and tried to close in on the god’s flank at once. Canaan’s flames and Antia’s wind together burned through the white hair to assist Hannah. Hannah jumped in from his side and unleashed a body blow.



Hannah was blown away. What happened?


The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk cracked open the forehead of the god.


The god sounded unusually distressed. Then Allie’s ultrasonic sound disintegrated the god’s body. Canaan also burns the god’s remains with her flames as Antia’s wind tore the god apart. And last, Ichinose’s Holy Spirit restored Hannah.

I ran to Hannah and fed her grilled meat.

“Hannah, are you okay!”

“My apologies. Master.”

“What happened?”

I couldn’t see anything at all.

“I don’t know. It’s just the next thing I knew; I was blown away.”

Hannah didn’t know what happened either; it’s a troublesome attack.

“Hey, are you serious? You can’t beat me like this, you know. Kukuku.”

“Don’t make fun of me!”

I closed in on the god and gave him a slash with Kurogiri.


The god caught Kurogiri and made a grimace with an annoying face.

“I’ve said it already. You can’t defeat me like this. Boo!”

The moment the god huffed, I instinctively activated [Iron Wall]. And then I was blown away.


I didn’t know what happened. But something hit me hard; that’s what it felt like.

“You defended yourself well. Hahaha.”


The god’s figure appeared in front of me who was blown away, and I was struck again. Moreover, before I realized it, my [Ignition] fire was extinguished.

“Don’t torture my Master~.”

The heat rays burn the body of the god.

“That won’t work! Hahahahahaha.”

The god didn’t stop attacking me, even when Canaan’s lasers hit him.

“How about this!”

Countless sharp blades of wind slice through the god…

“It’s so weak~. Hahahahahahaha.”

“What are you doing to Onii-chan!”

The Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk came flying in, but the god avoided it. However, the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk continued to chase after the god.

“It’s annoying~. Kukuku.”

Something deflected the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk. The god obviously hated Sanya’s attack. Why?

“Holy Spirit, heal Tsukuru-kun!”

Ichinose summoned a Holy Spirit to heal me, but I took more damage as soon as I could recover some.

“Do you think that kind of recovery can help the Garbage Brave? Hahahahahaha.”


Allie’s words bound the god, but the restraints were lifted in an instant, and he resumed his attack on me all over again.

“It is my duty to protect Master!”

Hannah stood between the god and me.


“Hannah, get out of there! It’s dangerous.”

“I won’t move! Master, please get back into position while you can!”

Hannah was on the defensive as she was ceaselessly attacked by the god.

Damn it, because of me, Hannah…

“Hahaha. You’re such a loyal dog.”

“I am a wolf beastman, not a dog!”

Hannah continued forward enduring the god’s attacks and slammed her fist into his face. But the fist didn’t connect. Hannah’s right arm flew through the air.


“Hannah! You!”

Fresh blood danced from Hannah’s shoulder, coloring the god red. I step between the god and Hannah and swing Kurogiri. The god laughed, the wrinkles on his bloody face deepening.

“Hannah, step back.”

“I-I’m sorry.”

The Holy Spirit stopped Hannah’s blood, but she was dizzy from lost a lot of blood at once.

“Next, I will aim at those girls who are struggling in the back~. Kukuku.”


A moment later, Allie fell to the ground.



“Hahaha. I didn’t expect her to be still alive. They’re so persistent! Hahahahaha.”

“You bastard!

I swung Kurogiri again, but the god evaded it. It’s as if the trajectory was being read, and he dodged it effortlessly.

“Dark Bind!”

The darkness stretched out to restrain the god, but the god tried to escape from the darkness at a high speed.

“Hey Onii-san, this way, come to the ringing of hands~ hahahahahaha.”

He tried to escape from the Dark Bind, but his expression showed that he still had plenty of leeway.

I tried to take this opportunity to head to Allie, but Canaan, Antia, and Ichinose had fallen as well.

Sanya was the only one barely standing, but she looked quite distressed.


“Don’t look away from me!”


Before I realized it, the god was in front of me, thrusting his arm into my stomach.


I spat out as blood started to well up.

“Hey, hey, I’m still not serious at all, you know? Let’s have more fun. Kukuku.”

I grabbed the god’s arm stuck in my abdomen with my left hand and pulled it out, catching the grilled meat out of the air from the [Material Storage] with my mouth and swallowing it without chewing.

“I know you’ll recover after eating it. But you can’t beat me at this point.”

“It seems so…”

I throw the enhanced grilled meat into my mouth.

“Is that enhancement enough? Don’t you want to eat [God’s Supper] yet? Hahaha.”


It seemed like he knew everything about me. But I saw his eyebrows twitch slightly when Hannah ate the enhancement grilled meat before. In other words, he didn’t know about the enhancement effect of the grilled meat with Toyouke-Omikami’s knife, does he?

Now I’m going to show you how it works!

I spat out the bloodied saliva and held Kurogiri. Power surged through my body.

I struck the god’s chest at the speed of light. The response was incredible!

“Kuh, you did it, huh? But you are not quite there yet.”

The god also moved at the speed of light—the exchange of offense and defense continued with neither stepping back from each other.

“I like it. You’re stronger than I thought, but how is it that your figure doesn’t change? Hey, why is it?”

“Why should I tell you that?”


As I received injuries, so did the god.

The god now did not have the leeway as he did earlier. His face was smiling, but he didn’t have that annoying smirk on his face anymore.

“Great, I’m going to get serious now.”

“Then I better get serious, too!”

I ate another enhancement grilled meat.

“Then we’ll both have a real fight right now.”

His super-speed was exceeding the speed of light. I ate even more enhancement grilled meat to follow the god’s movements. I struck at the god with a speed that transcends light.

“I knew that the Garbage Brave was awesome. You’re the first person who’s ever entertained me this much.”

“I didn’t go this far to entertain you.”

“You’re right. You should have just beat me up.”

“That’s right, Meteor Fang Destruction Slash!”

“Whoa, that’s dangerous!”

“How about this, Ice Dragon Destruction Strike!”

“Kuh, that might work a bit~.”

“I will shut your fucking mouth! [Supremacy]!”

Clad in the [Supremacy], I hit the god with my shoulder.


When I saw the god slumped over and lost his stance, I thrust Kurogiri into his chest.

“…That’s hurt, you know.”

“That’s good to hear.”

A blue liquid that appears to be blood flowed out of the god’s wound.

“Blue blood? Gross!”

“You’re rude. Then I’ll show you more power!”

The figure of the god was blurred. The next thing I knew, he’s right in front of me, and a sword was almost pierced into my chest.

“I’m here too.”

Hannah held the god’s arm.

A single piece of enhanced grilled meat strengthens her entire body. And if she eats two, the effect is doubled; if she eats three, the effect is tripled.

Hannah ate the third enhanced grilled meat to follow the movements of the god. I also ate the third enhanced grilled meat.

“Hmm, maybe eating the third one didn’t have any effect? I guess there are things happening that I don’t know about.”

While avoiding Hannah’s fists and Kurogiri’s blade, the god still had room to speak. This guy hadn’t shown his true colors yet. But I kicked him in the side, and the god was blown away.

“Canaan is here too~.”

Canaan’s clad in flames did a flying kick. This seemed to be an effect of the Hephaestus necklace Canaan was wearing, but she looked more like a flame doll than having a power-up.

“We’re here too!”


“I’ve got to make a spectacle of myself.”


“I’m not just going to be protected by Tsukuru-kun forever!”


“I’ll kick your ass!”


It looked like they all ate three pieces of enhancement grilled meat.

“You’ve all exceeded my expectations. It’s good~. Kukuku.”

“Shut up, Haaah!”

We began to engage in close combat with the god at speeds beyond the speed of light. The attacks from the seven of us linked up and delivered effective hits to the god. It felt good to see the god’s face contort from time to time.



When Canaan’s flaming punch landed on the god’s solar plexus, the god was blown away, and at the end of the blow, the wind-clad Antia was waiting for him and kicked him. And finally Sanya’s Sea Dragon Fang Tomahawk stabbed the god that had fallen to the ground.


Even the god let out an involuntary cry.



A double-kick by Allie and Ichinose dealt more damage to the god.

“Don’t forget me, either!”

Hannah’s barrage of blows further flattened the god into the ground.


“The last one is me. Strong Hellfire Slash!”

When the aftermath of the attack cleared up, on the gouged out ground, there was the figure of the god with his limbs twisted in a different direction. That serves you right.

“Master, we did it.”

I munch on a hamburger with a big smile as I fill my hungry belly.

“As expected of Master’s enhancement grilled meat!”

Hannah showed off the strength of her regenerated arm by circling her shoulders.

“We can become so strong just from eating grilled meat, Tsukuru-san.”

When I looked back, I couldn’t help but admire Allie’s beauty. Allie is always beautiful.

“This grilled meat has a wonderful effect, Tsukuru.”

I wish Antia would wear underwear because sometimes I wonder about whether it’s okay to look at her ass without underwear.

“The grilled meat is delicious, but very effective as well. Tsukuru-kun.”

Ichinose’s cute smile made me feel at home.

“He deserved it for making fun of Onii-chan!”

Sanya showed her muscle and breathed heavily.

The debris moved, revealing a shimmering, ragged figure of the god.

“You look good.”

“Hahaha. That was a bit painful.”

The god slowly emerged from the rubble with blue blood dripping from his body.

“As I said, that blue blood is gross.”

“The blood is blue because that’s the specifics of my body. How about this one, then?”

The god’s figure distorted and melted into a sludge. We kept our distance from the god and watched. He gradually became humanoid again, but is now adult-sized, not child-sized.


“How do I look?”

His appearance was just like an elf. Even his voice had changed and the scars on his body were gone.

“A pervert bastard?”

“Calling me a bastard is terrible. I’m a goddess when I’m an elf.”

Yes, he looked like a woman, but what does he want?

“C-could it be…”

Hmm, Antia’s shoulders were shaking and she was acting strange; what’s going on?

“Antia. It’s been a long time.”

“A-as I thought, the Elf god…”

“Yes, that’s right. I am the creator of the elves.”

What does this mean?

“Why is our Elf god…?”

“Ufufufu. I’m…”

And his appearance changed again. This time is… a dwarf?

“Gahahaha! I am the almighty God, after all! I’m the only god in this world!”


Antia looked immensely surprised.

“You… could it be that you are the god of all the races?”

This time, he changed his appearance again, and now he has bat-like wings and horns, so he looks like a demon.

“That’s right. I changed my appearance depending on the race, but in the end it’s all me.”

“Why do you have to do that? Besides, why would you let the races you created to fight each other?”

He shriveled up and took the first appearance of the old man that looked like a child.

“I created the elves in the beginning. That’s where Antia is from. But I found that the one race of the elves ruled by Antia to be very boring.”

What is this guy talking about?

“Then, I created dwarves, beastmen, and many other species. But they preferred peace. I was convinced at first, but then I started to complain about the lack of fun.”


“So I created many belligerent races, such as giants and undead, and finally, I wanted to create a world of chaos. And in the end, I created the human race for a chaotic world.”

This guy created conflict by adding more species just because it’s not fun?

“But it wasn’t fun, so I had a Demon King summoned from another world, but I didn’t expect that a demon king would not like fighting. Hahaha.”

T-this bastard… Ayumi…

“I summoned a hero to kill the Demon King, but then I modified my summoning magic circle to make it properly belligerent. I’m very smart. Hahaha.”

“Screw you…”

“I’m not joking around. I’ve spent a lot of time alone. Do you have any idea how lonely that is?”

“Lonely? You wouldn’t have felt lonely if you were with the species that you created.”

“For a god to be in the presence of his lowly creations, it makes one doubt his divinity.”

“What the hell do you mean by that?”

“Hahaha. Are you angry? Now, the Garbage Brave gets angry so easily~♪. Hahahahaha.”

This guy is crazy.

It’s because of this guy that Ayumi was killed, and Ichinose and I were kidnapped. I will definitely kill him!

“M-my previous life was because of his whims…”


With Ayumi’s soul, Sanya’s anger must be even greater than mine. We must never allow someone to suffer like Sanya again. That’s why I must defeat the god.

“You… You… I will never forgive you. I will never forgive you!”

Sanya’s hair stands up. Is it because of anger?

“Ahhh! I am… Onii-chan…”

She is in pain, holding her face in her hands.

“Sanya. What’s going on?”

“Ah… Kyaaaaa!?”


Sanya’s body was floating in the air and convulsing violently. We all reached out for Sanya, but something wrapped around her and prevented us from touching her.

“Sanya, what’s wrong? Hey, can you hear me?”

“Sanya, it’s me, your Onee-chan! Can you understand me?”

Hannah desperately tried to get close to Sanya, and it repelled her. No matter how many times she got repelled, she continued to try and reach out to Sanya. It’s the same for me.

“I am… I’m Ayumi…”


At that moment, my hand, which had been pushed away, grabbed onto Sanya’s hand.

“Tsukuru… O-onii…chan…”

Did Ayumi’s memory recover?

“Yeah, it’s me, your Onii-chan!”

I grabbed Ayumi’s hand.



Something through our joined hands, something inside me moved into Ayumi…

“What is it? What’s… happening?”

My power is… my life is… sucked into Ayumi?

“What’s going on? Let me join you.”

A sense of weariness washed over me, so much so that I couldn’t even muster up the energy to respond to god’s words. All I can do now was to endure the weariness and weakness of having my life being sucked out of me.

Gradually, the color of Sanya’s hair changed from indigo to black. What’s happening?



Nyx Translation


Ayumi’s body gradually descended back to the ground.



“I remember. I also remembered about Onii-chan, mom, and dad…”

“I see… Ayumi, I am glad…”

Being weakened, Ayumi kneeled down and closed her eyes. I laid her down onto the ground.

She is alive… but she is not the same Sanya she was before. I’m not sure if it’s because Ayumi’s memory has returned or because her hair color has changed, but something is different now.

“Hey, are you done? I can’t wait too long.”

“…Why have you been waiting all this time?”

“Because attacking you in the middle of an event like this is just terrible.”

“You’re already terrible, you know?”

“Haha, that’s for sure! So, let’s resume, but do you not want to recover? It’s pretty exhausting, isn’t it?”

“Yes. Okay, then…”

I recovered my strength with grilled meat.

But what is it? I have a sense of loss, like a gaping hole in my body.


Name: Tsukuru Sumeragi
Job: Chef・Level 800

Skill I: [Ultimate Cooking] [Ignition] [Dismantling] [Detailed Appraisal] [Material Storage] [Spring Water] [Tool Maintenance] [Ingredient Detection]

Skill II: [Night Vision] [Acceleration (5)] [Presence Detection (6)] [Sense of Smell Enhancement (2)] [Wild Intuition (6)] [Cooperation (2)] [Group Action (2)] [Monstrous Strength (6)] [Strong Body (6)] [Strong Arm (6)] [Sturdy (6)] [Iron Wall (6)] [Mask Presence (6)] [Camouflage (6)] [Flee] [Absolute Defense (6)] [Fighting God (7)] [Supremacy (7)] [Super Regeneration (6)] [Physical Attack Resistance (6)] [Magic Attack Resistance (6)] [Telepathy] [Grant Skill] [Clean] [Image Share] [Barrier Penetration Technique] [Job Deprivation/Grant] [Perfect Barrier Technique] [Seal] [Record Transfer] [Record Reception]

Skill III: [Shadow Sewing (2)] [Summoning Undead (3)] [Earth Magic (2)]

Unique Skills: [Equivalent Exchange] [God’s Supper] [Shinigami] [Twilight Labyrinth’s Keeper]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [EX] | STR [EX] | INT [EX] | AGI [EX] | DEX [EX] | LUK [EX]

Titles: Weird Person, Devil’s Nest Conqueror, Sword Saint, Strong Eater, Chaos Demon King, Master of the Labyrinth

Divine Protection: Divine Protection of Amaterasu Oomikami, Divine Protection of Toyouke Omikami, Divine Protection of Zeus, Divine Protection of Brahma


[Seal]: A prison that locks an existence away forever.

[Record Transfer]: Records the skill holder’s memory and transfers the memory to the person who has the skill [Record Reception] upon death.

[Record Reception]: Receives the memory of the skill [Record Transfer] holder upon death.


There were too many skills in my possession for me to recognize them right away, but I noticed that one skill was missing.

“My [Dark Magic] is missing…?”

What does that mean? Huh? No way!?


Name: Sanya (Ayumi)
Job: Slayer, Level 780

Skills: [Mask Presence (8)] [Night Vision (8)] [Presence Detection (8)] [Camouflage (8)] [Moderation (8)] [Intuition (8)] [Shadow Sewing (8)] [Group Coordinated Action (5)]

Race Skill: [Evasion (10)]

Unique Skill: [Slayer (5)] [Dark Magic]

Attributes: HP [EX] | MP [S] | STR [EX] | INT [EX] | AGI [EX] | DEX [EX] | LUK [S]

Title: Slayer

Divine Protection: Tsukuru’s Protection, Divine Protection of Shiva


As I thought. Ayumi has [Dark Magic]! What’s more, it’s in the Unique Skills section?

I stared at Ayumi’s face as she sleepily closed her eyes. It was in junior high school when Ayumi was killed in a car accident in Japan. Although she’s grown up compared to that time, Ayumi has finally regained her memory.

In order to live again with Ayumi, I’m going to beat this damned god here!


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