Garbage Brave – Vol 4 Chapter 6 Part 5

Here is the last part of this novel before the epilogue. Please enjoy~

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Part 5


“Master. How is Sanya…?”

“She’s fine; I think she’s sleeping from the shock of having Ayumi’s memory returned.”

“Congratulations. Master.”

“Even if Ayumi’s memory returned, Sanya is still Hannah’s sister. No, she’s Hannah and my sister.


Hannah gently wiped the tears from her eyes.

When I looked at the god, he was looking at me with a curious gaze.

“I’ve kept you waiting, huh?”

“Yes, I’ve patiently waited. So, what happened to the girl with the Demon King’s soul?”

“Her memories just came back.”

“Memories? …Hmm, I see.”

The smile disappeared from the god’s face. What is on this guy’s mind? There was a hint of displeasure for Sanya’s attacks in the previous battles. Just what is this guy hiding?

When I readied Kurogiri, everyone else was also ready.

“Well, then, let’s resume.”

“Yeah. Just come whenever you’re ready. Kukuku.”

We jumped at the god. And then!


The god’s hair stretched out to take our attack. Even Kurogiri couldn’t cut it. This hair was troublesome.

“Tsukuru, don’t underestimate me!”

“What, you can cut this hair?”

“Of course!”

Kurogiri began to glow.

“I am a sword for slaying gods – the divine fighting sword!”

The jet-black Kurogiri glowed with divine light like a holy sword… he’s totally breaking his image!

I clicked my tongue in my mind and held up the holy sword-like Kurogiri.

“Hee, I didn’t know that sword was capable of such. That’s interesting. Hahaha.”

While deflecting everyone’s attacks, I don’t like the fact that he has the leeway to observe the changes in Kurogiri.

“Let’s go, partner!”


As I swung Kurogiri, the god’s hair fell to the ground.

“We can cut it!”

“It’s only natural!”

While cutting down his hair, I closed in on the god.

“Prepare yourself!”


The god laughed and stuck out his arms to defend himself.

I’m going to turn that annoying smile into a crying face!

“Slash through it, Kurogiri!”

“Leave it to me!”


*Swoop!* *Clank*


The moment I slashed through the god’s arm, Kurogiri was stopped by another.

“You, why do you have six arms?”

The moment I waved Kurogiri, four more arms sprouted, and he now has six arms.

“Hahaha. Who said that I have only two arms?”

The one holding Kurogiri was a thin, supple, feminine arm. The other arms that have been growing were each different: one was purple, another was covered with hair, or was thick. Are these the arms of elves, demons, beastmen, dwarves… or various other races?






Everyone worried about me and attacked the god, but they were blocked by the arms and their attempt was repelled.


Everyone was knocked to the ground by the god, creating a large crater. The five who were knocked to the ground seemed to have fainted and did not get up.

I could tell by their presence that they were still alive. I wanted to rush over and take care of them right now, but for now, I had to stop the god in front of me first. Filleting!

“Hahaha. That won’t work!”

“Don’t take me lightly! Meteor Fang Destruction Slash!

“I’m the one who should say that to you!”

A full rotation of his arm blocked the Meteor Fang Destruction Slash…

“It’s my turn now, okay? Kukuku.”

The figure of the god blurred. I also moved at super light speed to respond to it.

The god and I intersected at super light speed, and a battle between us ensued. A strong power was released, capable of splitting the ground, ripping apart the atmosphere, and even distorting the very space around us. It turned the ruins into ashes. But the attack and defense did not last long. The god increased his speed even more.


“Are you done? You can’t defeat me just with that, you know?”

My right leg was cut off, and I fell to the ground, spewing blood and vomiting.

“I am not done yet!”

The god pursued. Kuh, grilled meat…


“I will kill you before you can recover from eating the grilled meat!”

My left arm was broken, and my right arm was torn off. Shit, am I out of options but to wait for the god to kill me…?

“Hahaha, have you given up? No, you shouldn’t give up so easily.”

“Stop… saying… silly… things…”

“Oh, you’re not looking well, are you?”

You think I can’t eat my grilled meat because I don’t have both hands?

He approached me slowly and stopped in front of me.

“Hey, how does it feel to be beaten by me?”


“Hey, answer me!”

The god reached out his arm and grabbed my face. My skull creaked and squeaked from the pressure.


The god’s body was melting and crumbled.

“What a mess.”

While lying on the ground, I stared at the dismantled corpse of the god and threw up.

I took out the grilled meat from storage in the air and let it fall into my mouth. I ate two pieces to regenerate both arms and my leg.

My vision is filled with the word “Level up.”


“Here, Milord.”

It seemed that even in the god’s realm, Beeze could be summoned.

“Do you see the soul of the god?”


“I see…”

There was no soul. Was it because he’s a god, or was it because he’s…

“Aaah, my goodness, what a mess.”


I guess that meant the god could resurrect.

“I really liked that body, you know.” said the god.

I turned around and saw a shadow-like figure.

“Is that your real body?”

“Hmm, not exactly.”

“Do you have another body?”

“No, not like that either.”

“Are you saying that god is immortal?”

“Ah… partly right, and also partly wrong. I can die, too. But… I’m not going to tell you the rest. Hahaha.”

This guy is… He’s such an elusive guy.

“Now, it’s time to start over. But this time, you’ll have to be even stronger, okay? Kukuku.”

“I will be as strong as you want me to be.”

“It won’t be any fun if you don’t.”

I took a bite of the enhancement grilled meat, chewed it thoroughly, and swallowed it.

“Hey, how many levels of enhancement can you do?”

“Well, I’ve never tried it myself.”

No one but me had ever been to the fourth level. But it was still fresh in my mind with the side effects of the fourth and fifth levels of enhancement. It’s not that I haven’t tried the sixth level, but I felt that the fifth level was probably my limit.

“I see. Well, I guess it’s time to start killing each other again.”

The shadow took the form of the old man again.

“Yeah, sure.”

Kurogiri’s holy sword mode was still in effect.

My body had fully recovered and was strengthened to the fifth level. I’m in perfect physical condition.

The god smiled at me. He’s enjoying the fight.

We both kicked the ground and rushed at each other, and the god’s arm caught Kurogiri. But Kurogiri was slicing halfway through his arm.


I pushed Kurogiri straight towards the ground to cut off the arm. But the other arms immediately stopped Kurogiri.

“That sword is very sharp. And the power of the Garbage Brave is also increasing. I think I’m going to enjoy this. Kukuku.”

The bones in his left arm creaked as he defended himself against the other blow.

Both of us would not take a step back, and we continued to move at our limit where our muscles were torn, and our bones were creaking. But this was not enough and I took another bite of grilled meat to strengthen myself further to the sixth level.

“Good! More, entertain me more!”

He smiled happily as Kurogiri cut him down.

“You’re disgusting!”

He looked happy even when I skinned one of his arms with my sword technique; he really was a creepy guy.


“You perverted bastard!”

It was a clash of power and strength. We both get pushed back by the collision. I put all my strength into my legs and gouged the ground for a few dozen meters.

The next thing I know, the god was already standing in front of me.

“This is the end!”

Shit, he’s going to kill me!




His arm was in front of my chest…


“I am your familiar. Your humble servant.”

Beeze was hit by the god’s hand blade, protecting me.

His body was disintegrating. Beeze is dying… for me.


Nyx Translation


“Beeze, eat this!”

“I am not living… I’m sure you know that the grilled meat won’t help me recover… If I am to be destroyed for Milord’s sake, I should really be… soon.”

I couldn’t do anything but watch as Beeze broke down into little pieces and crumbled like sand… How useless am I…

“Beeze… sorry…”

“You’ve got a good familiar. But there won’t be the next time.”

“That’s my line.”

The god laughed, but I’m going to make his face cry!

I chewed on my seventh and eighth enhanced grilled meat. Strength poured through my body. But my body was nearing its limits, having been overworked already in the sixth level.

“Is it okay to eat so much? Hahaha.”

“I’ll do whatever I need to defeat you!”

“Yeah, good luck. Kukuku.”

The two of us collided, leaving a band of light behind. My blood vessels broke, and blood spurted out as my body was overwhelmed by the strengthening.

But I won’t stop until I defeat the god!

“How can you do it all by yourself?”

“He’s not alone! Dark Bind!


Darkness clung to the body of the god who was moving at super-light speed.

“Onii-chan, sorry to keep you waiting!”

“Sanya… no, Ayumi. Are you okay?”

“Yes. I’m fine! Besides, you’re more wounded than me, aren’t you?”

With blood gushing out of my body, I don’t think I’m okay, no matter how you look at it. I know that I am not alright, so I’m fighting it while eating grilled meat for recovery.

“Master, Canaan is here too!”


The two of them stand beside me to support me.

“Even if you’re a god, I won’t ever forgive you for tearing up Master like this!”

“Eh, that’s quite a reaction, huh? But I’m not responsible, was I?”

The god who was bound in darkness interrupted Canaan’s rage.

“You’ll get what you deserve for doing that to Onii-chan! Dark Prison!”

Ayumi [Dark Magic] swallowed the god.

“Kuh, The Demon King’s power… huh.”

The god let out a painful voice.

The [Dark Magic] that I possessed was transferred to Ayumi, who had been summoned to this world as the Demon King.

It was just a magic skill at the time for me, but Ayumi’s [Dark Magic] was in the unique skills section. I felt that the power of her [Dark Magic] was different from mine just because of this difference, but when I saw that it was powerful enough to swallow a god, I lost a little confidence.

“Not yet, because I’m not done yet!”

The god tried to break through the darkness to get out.

“How about this? Holy puuuuuuunch!”


It was a distracted shout, but Canaan’s arm flashed and punched the god in the face. It’s not much of a punch compared to Hannah’s punch, but the fact that her arm was glowing seemed to be the focus. That light was the [Light Magic]. In other words, the light was the proof of the hero.

When the god who was hit in the face flinched, the darkness swallowed the god again.

“Take this, Illusionary Pollution!


He hated Sanya’s attack, as it seemed that the Demon King’s attack was very effective even for a god.

The attack of the hero, Canaan’s [Light magic], also seemed to be effective against the god. As Canaan, it seemed that the fire attribute, which was her forte, was not as effective against the god. Kurogiri was also a fighting god sword. He’s something that could even kill a god, so I couldn’t lose to them either.

“Take my attack too!”

As the god struggled, I pierced his chest with Kurogiri.


“Kurogiri. Destroy this evil!”

“Leave it to me! Watch my power!”

Darkness enveloped Kurogiri.

Hey, hey, didn’t you just switch into holy sword mode?

“Gahhh… It hurts, it hurts, it huuurts!”

Is it just me, or does Kurogiri look like he’s eating the god?

“Waaaah, I’m sorryyyy! Forgive meeeee…”

“Don’t even think that I will forgive you!”

Ayumi slammed the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk into the god’s face.


“Canaan is here too! Take this~!”

Canaan summoned a ball about the size of a soccer ball with flames and light swirling around it. As soon as it was pressed against the god, the god’s body dissolved with a whooshing sound.

I don’t want to be hit in the face with the Sea Dragon King Fang Tomahawk, but it also seemed painful to have my body dissolve. I don’t think I want to go against these two.

“Then this…”


Nyx Translation


I squeezed the hilt of Kurogiri with all my strength and swung it vigorously. As I cut at the god’s body, I move Kurogiri from his chest to his throat, from his throat to his face, and then to his head.

Blue blood spurted out from the wounds, but it evaporated in an instant under the effects of Canaan’s flames and light.

“It’s over! Special Move (5) Annihilation!

Power was extinguished from the god’s eyes, and the darkness enveloped the god’s body… swallowing it completely.

“…It’s over.”

“Yeah. It’s over.”


Right, where is everyone?

I hugged Hannah, Antia, Allie, and Ichinose.

All four of them were safe. I’m glad.

“This Hannah feels bad for the rest of her life for not being able to help Master.”

“I’m sorry I couldn’t be of more help to you, Tsukuru-san. Hannah.”


The four of them regretted that they had fainted and were not able to fight until the end, but that was a trivial matter. For me, I’m more than happy that everyone was okay.


When my [Presence Detection] reacted, and I turned around, there was the shadowy figure of the god there.

“You’re still alive, huh?”

“Don’t be so angry. I don’t intend to fight anymore, as I don’t have the strength to do so anymore.”


“Now I’m just a residue, or a residual thought. Even if the Garbage Brave doesn’t touch me, I’ll soon perish. So why don’t you join me and listen to my old story?”


“First of all, I’d like to say thank you to the Garbage Brave, or should I say Tsukuru.”

“Thank you?”

“As I told you, I’ve been acting as a god all by myself. So I was very bored. And one day, I just wanted to die.”

The shadow continued his story, with his existence shaking and twitching.

“But I can’t kill myself, and the humans and monsters in this world can’t kill me either. So I summoned a Demon King from another world who could kill me. The results of that… ended in failure because the Demon King refused to fight.”

What the hell is he talking about?

“I lamented the fact that the Demon King didn’t come to kill me, so I decided to summon a hero. This time, instead of denying the fight as the Demon King did, I made the hero more proactive in seeking out a fight.”

In other words, when summoned, the hero’s personality was altered to enjoy fighting.

“However, no matter how many heroes I had summoned, none of them were strong enough to kill me. I was in despair.”

“You mean the heroes kept being summoned to kill you?”

“Yes, that’s right. It would have been nice if the first one had killed me, but the hero didn’t kill me…”

“If you want to die, why don’t you just give your power to someone in this world instead of going through the trouble of summoning a hero?”

“Unfortunately, humans and monsters born in this world can’t kill me. This is the truth of this world, so even I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Then the shadow swayed dramatically.

“But you were different. With the blessings of the gods of your former world, Tsukuru was able to come to me without being interfered with by my techniques. In addition, you brought two people with the souls of the original hero and demon king from this world!”

His words were full of enthusiasm.

“I was so happy. That’s why I couldn’t help but look forward to seeing Tsukuru’s rapid growth, as he might be able to kill me.”

“Wait a minute. Were you watching me?”

“Yeah. I’ve been watching you since Tsukuru got the title of “Weird Person,” and I’ve been watching you ever since!”


Since that time… Have I been watched?

“You stalker!”

“Hahaha. Tsukuru’s angry face is nice.”

“Don’t be stupid! I’ll send you to your death myself right now!”

“Wait, I’m going to disappear, so I’m asking you one last time!”

The shadow appeared to be on its knees.

“Kuh, this bastard… If you have something to say, just say it already! You want me to kill you, but you’re trying so hard!”

“Yeah, that’s the problem! I’m a god who created this world. I can’t just be killed, you know. That’s why, for the new god Tsukuru, I worked so hard to become strong!”

“Huh? What did you just say?”

“I’m trying really hard to be strong.”

“No, before that!”

“For the new god, Tsukuru?”

“Yeah, that’s it! Why would I become a god? Are you crazy?”

“Is that so? Defeating me means becoming a god in my place, you know? Isn’t that obvious?”

“…Are you serious…?”

“Yeah, for real. My last words will be to ask the new god, Tsukuru, to take over this world. I’ll be going now. Thank you, Tsukuru.”

The shadow was getting smaller.

“Hey, wait! I’m not going to be a god!”

“Don’t worry, Tsukuru will become a great god.”

The shadow disappeared completely, leaving behind that discarded line.

I was left standing there for a while in a state of complete disbelief.


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