Maseki Gurume – Vol 1 Chapter 5 Part 4

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Part 4


──On a certain day in Heim’s royal capital. There is a newly built mansion that belongs to the newly born viscount family, but it is too magnificent for a viscount family.

However, not a single nobleman complained about it, and they congratulated it all together.

Sigh… it’s so boring.”

In the party celebrating the completion of the mansion, Krone looked around while resting her cheek on her hand. The noblemen surrounded the leading figures, Logas and the others, and congratulated them. When she looked at it from the side, she felt like letting out a sigh of relief at how boring the drama was.

(Sigh… If Ain isn’t here, it doesn’t make sense for those people to come to the capital.)

She’s being at a loose end and stares at the glass that contained her drink.

“Ojou-sama, would you like a refill, if you don’t mind?)

Then an old servant approached her. She was a servant from the Roundhart family, the same woman who had given Ain the cookies in the past.

“…Yes, I’d like some.”

After listening to the answer and pouring the fruit water, the servant spoke to the bored Krone.

“I apologize. It seems you didn’t like this evening’s reception…”

“No, it wasn’t intended for you people. It’s just that there was no one I wanted to see, so I was bored.”

“Is the person… you want to see from the Roundhart family?”

Grint-sama is over there, isn’t he? She said, but Krone snorted and laughed.

He was no different from the rest of them, and so she was not even interested in Grint.

“I’m not interested in that child. It’s Ain I wanted to see.”

She wondered for a moment if she should have used a proper noun, but it didn’t matter. She didn’t like the fact that people thought she was after Grint, but she couldn’t resist.

“──Have you ever met young master before?”

Then the servant quickly approached and spoke in a whisper. Her expression was somehow sad, which caught Krone’s attention.

“Yes. It was at my younger brother… or should I say it was at the introduction of Ain’s younger brother?”

She said sarcastically, trying to see what the servant would say. If she didn’t like it, she would call her disrespectful and ask to go back to the mansion.

“No, that was intended as an introduction for the young master.”

But the old servant replied in a dignified manner.

“Young master’s big moment ─ we servants have been looking forward to it.”

“…Are you sure it’s all right to say that?”

The servant then holds up her index finger and presses it to her lips. So, it’s a private conversation. Krone smiled for the first time today and spoke happily to her.

“Hey, can you tell me about Ain?”

This servant should know, she thought, she should be able to tell her what kind of boy he was. Her mood slowly lifted, and she finally saw the value of today’s party.

“He was hardworking, warm, and kind to the servants… He was a wonderful person.”

No matter what happened between him and Logas, he worked hard and continued to train, even when he was alone. He was a well-read, good-natured, if a bit out of touch, and a fine eldest son, the servant said.

“In the storeroom of the new mansion, we also keep the stacks of papers that young master left behind ─ piles of papers, as we call them ─ on the bookshelves.”

“Is it okay to do that? If they find out… you will be punished.”

“Therefore, Ojou-sama, if you could keep it a secret… ah.”

She told Krone happily, despite the possibility of being punished.

“Come to think of it… please take a look at this. This was given to me by young master.”

“…A carved wooden animal, perhaps?”

“Yes. Young master carved it for me.”

She took out a small wooden bear and showed it to Krone. She was surprised and pleased that he could do such a thing.

──She enjoyed Ain’s daily life more than any old story that she did not know. If there had been a drama based on his stories, she would have attended it every day.

“I got a flower from Ain. It’s a beautiful flower, like the sky full of stars.”

“Arara… that’s so typical of the young master.”

Krone didn’t say star crystal but muddled it and smiled at the servant.

Of course, the servant knows about Krone, who sits right here. She was happy to see that she was smiling happily and that she had wanted to meet Ain.

“──Krone. I’m sorry I left you alone.”

Then Harley finally came back to her. Seeing that he had arrived, the servant quietly excused herself.

“I don’t mind. I was able to hear about Ain, after all.”

“…It’s better not to say too much. For the sake of your future plans.”

“I know. But I didn’t want people to think I was looking for someone else.”

Her eyes glanced at Grint for a moment, and Harley noticed her intentions.

Sigh… I understand.”

When he replied in dismay, Logas came to the seat where they were sitting.

“Excuse me. We are pleased to welcome the two members of the Grand Duke Augusto’s family to our home ─ And, it is a pleasure to meet you for the first time, Krone-sama.”

Logas in his formal attire looked dignified, and many women would be attracted to his appearance. However, Krone stood up with a small sigh, looking uninterested.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too.”

If it were her usual style, she would have followed this up with a few more words. But today, her demeanor was stiff, perhaps because she was dealing with Logas, and she fell silent after saying that.

“…Are you enjoying the party today?”

“You don’t have to worry about it.”

She continued to speak to the wondering Logas.

“There was only one party that I enjoyed.”

The party that the three of them had that night had been exceptional.

Logas seemed a little disappointed, and she opened her mouth to say something.

“By the way, Grint-sama and Shannon-sama seem to be on good terms.”

“Huh…? Y-yes. As Krone-sama said, they seemed to be a good match.”

What is this all of a sudden? Logas was confused, but he felt good to be mentioned about Grint.

“──I was disappointed that he was not able to have a relationship with Krone-sama. But if the boy grows up to be a good man…”

“Fufu. Being a Holy Knight may indeed be a glorious power. But──.”

Harley held his head inwardly. He couldn’t believe that his daughter, Krone, would just end up praising Grint.

“That’s it. For me, I didn’t find him attractive as a person at all. I guess that’s why I never got to know him.”

She smiled dryly as if it was a trivial matter.

Isn’t that too rude, no matter how much of a Grand Duke’s daughter she is? Logas felt uncomfortable inside, but he had heard that Krone was such a woman.

“Haha… that sounds pretty harsh.”

In the end, he had no choice but to muddle his face with his cheeks tightened.

“But Logas-sama’s decision was excellent. I think it was a good idea to appoint him as the next head of the family.”

“…Yes. Grint would have been better for our family and Heim as well.”

Suddenly there was no sarcasm, no harshness in her words, and Logas was confused again. Perhaps amused by the expression on his face, Krone laughed, stood up, and told his father, Harley.

“Well then, thank you very much. Then… father. Shall we leave now?”

“Yes, I think we should.”

The time was late, and it was customary for the highest-ranking nobles to leave first. When Krone refused to let Logus see them off, she turned to him and said, “Speaking of which…”

“I think… there’s no one else with the charm and strength of heart that Ain has.”

Why is Ain’s name…? Logas is amazed with his mouth open. Leaving a ridiculous bomb at the end, Krone leaves the hall laughing in a good mood.

Once they are in the carriage, Harley asked.

“By the way, Krone. Why did you praise Logas-dono for his decision?”

“It’s obvious. Because of that person’s decision, Ain could have become royalty of the best country, right?”

Regardless of the bumps and bruises along the way, what made Ain happiest was his life in Ishtalika. After all, Krone was consistent in her attitude from beginning to end.

“Speaking of which, how are the plans for going to Euro coming along?”

“…Father and I have been talking about it, and it turned out this way.”

When Graff handed over the head of the family to Harley, he went to the trading city of Birdland to rest and recuperate. In Birdland, there are many lodgings for noblemen, so it is not strange for Graff to go there. Krone accompanies her grandfather on his vacation in order to broaden his knowledge.

──In the official stance, the two of them went disappear, and that’s when they headed to Euro.

“In consideration of the second princess, Olivia-sama, the two of you will wait for a while on a ship in Ishtalika. When they carry the sea crystal, the two of you will cross over to Ishtalika together. That’s how it goes.”

“…I understand. I’ll be sure to express my gratitude to you as well, father.”

Maybe this will be the farewell of father and daughter in this life. When Krone and Harley looked at each other, they were immersed in a sad atmosphere.


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  1. ──In the official stance, the two of them went disappear, and that’s when they headed to Euro. ->
    ──In the official stance, the two of them disappeared, and that’s when they headed to Euro.


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