Maseki Gurume – Vol 1 Chapter 7 Part 1

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Chapter 7 – Reuniting With Her

Part 1


The mornings and evenings are getting colder these days. In the afternoon, in the courtyard of the castle, Olivia let out a cold voice with a smile on her face.

“Father? What did you just say?”

“N-no, it’s just that… it’s time for Ain to do his official duty…”

Although he is the king of the great country of Ishtalika, he is now at a loss. It’s because his daughter, Olivia’s aura, is so strong.

“No. The one after that. Could you please say that again?”

“…Ain’s official duty will be accompanied by Warren and Chris.”

“And then?”

“…On the same day, Olivia will be assigned to another official duty with Katima.”

That’s what she was unhappy about. She wondered why she and Ain had to go to different places and perform different official duties. She had told that to Sylvird.

“Do you mean to take my Ain away from me?”

“Eh, grandfather… is that right?”

“Of course not! Good gracious… Ain is almost seven years old. He had not yet been introduced to the public, but it was time for him to get used to official duties gradually.”

However, official duty is not a big deal. Instead, there is not much that Ain can do yet, and there is nothing that can be entrusted to him.

“I’ve mentioned it as an official duty, but it’s just an inspection. The ship from Euro will be returning soon. That’s why I wanted Ain to inspect the facilities of the sea crystal and the port!”

In other words, Ain was told to visit the port… since there were probably many things he didn’t know. Ain would have preferred that, but Olivia was not happy.

“Huh… Magna is far away from here. You’re planning to keep Ain and me apart for almost a whole day, huh?”

“Um, mother? Where is this place called Magna?”

“Do you remember when we came to Ishtalika by ship? Magna is the port town where we took the water train.”

──The name of the port town is Magna.

At that time, Ain left the door, crossed the passage, and entered the door… so he did not see the port town Magna’s scenery. Although he had visited the place once, it was practically the first time he had been there.

“Indeed… it would take time to get there and back, and time that would be used for inspection. You’ll be away from your mother for almost the entire day──.”

“Right? Why would father do such a terrible thing…?”

“…Ain. You understand it, don’t you?”

Yes, said Ain. He has a lot to learn and a lot to grow. That’s why the visit is the perfect opportunity.

“Grandfather. I’m basically on my mother’s side, but I also understand the importance of this opportunity.”

“U-umu… well, honesty is good.”

However, Olivia often said that she could not be separated from her son, and she would not budge.

When Ain thought that he had to persuade her, Sylvird grinned at Olivia.

“I knew you’d disagree. So… you might want to read this.”

What he took out was a letter. Although he didn’t know the content of the letter, he handed it to Olivia confidently. Olivia opened the envelope and read the letter without saying a word.

“…Huh. I see, so that’s the reason.”

“Everything is in good time. Do you understand?”

“──Yes. I understand that… I should be patient.”

Then, all the attitude she had been showing was gone. Olivia easily relented and allowed Ain to go to the inspection.

“I’ve told Warren to be sure… to check it out thoroughly.”

“There is no need to worry about that. I’m sure Warren will recognize it for what it is.”

“U-um… what are you two talking about…?”

Please tell me the reason for your sudden approval. Ain asked his mother in confusion.

“It’s a secret. But the castle is going to be lively the night that Ain goes on his inspection.”

She said with an eye-catching gesture, pressing her index finger against her glossy lips. In the end, Ain was not able to hear the reason for that day… A few days later, as Sylvird had suggested, Ain would go to Magna for the inspection.

“Hmm… I’m a little curious, but I do understand it.”

Then he stood up quickly.

“Ara, Ain. What’s wrong?”

“I’m going to go to the bathroom. I’ll be right back.”

As he replied, he walked straight through the courtyard and into the castle. The high ceilings and wide corridors still echoed with the sound of walking on the polished marble floors.

“Official duty, huh… I think I’m starting to look forward to it.”

He was glad to be given such an opportunity where he could experience growth. But as he walked along in a good mood, Ain stopped in front of a room.

“What was that noise?”

He heard what sounded like something exploding, though it was not a bomb. It was one of the many rooms in the castle, and Ain put his hand on the door to see if something was wrong.

“Excuse me…”

Even though he is the crown prince, he stepped into the room with some reservation.

“Nya ─ nyanyanyanyanya! It’s not good-nya!”

There was a cat ─ Katima, running around the room busily. This is probably her workroom, where she keeps her lab equipment and monster materials. Although it’s not clear why it’s separated from the basement laboratory, Ain knew that the situation was not good.

“Ain! We have to hurry and get out of here! The magic tool is going to go out of control ─ if things continue like this!”

Once again, the sound of something exploding echoes and smoke rises from the huge magic tool. Katima was blown away by the momentum and rolled over on the floor in a circle, causing her eyes to spin.

“Nyaa… nyaa…”

She eventually stopped moving from the sheer force, and it was apparent that things were not looking good.

Furrowing his brow, Ain gave the magic tool a stern look. The tool was a sphere, larger than most carriages, shiny black, with many scales on it. Several metal tubes connected to the ground, and one of the tubes connected to a furnace near the wall.

“…W-what’s that? I don’t know what that is, but that’s…!”

He couldn’t just leave it there, but he didn’t know how to operate the magic tools. As he wondered what to do, he immediately thought of something.

“That’s right… if I absorb the magic stone, then…”

The magic tool’s power source is the magic stone, so if he absorbs it, it should stop.

When he looked at the furnace near the wall, he saw that magic stones had been haphazardly thrown in.

“That’s it… I have to absorb it all!”

He didn’t escape from the place but ran desperately and approached the furnace near the wall. When he used his power with a strong will, he gradually stopped the magic tool from working and eventually──.

“Hah… hah… it’s stopped…”

He breathed heavily, glad that nothing serious had happened, and approached the fallen Katima.

“Ah… Geez. Hey, are you okay?”

Ain came up to her and helped her up, and swept the dust off of her. Her eyes were spinning, but she stood up unsteadily.

“Nyaa… there, nyaa…”

“I’m not going to groom your fur, but… well, are you hurt or anything?”

“…I’m fine-nya. Mmm, thanks for your help-nya.”

She answered but seemed to be in low spirits, probably due to the room’s current state and the failure of the experiment.

“Anyway, I’ve messed up-nya… and the parts seem to be broken, so what should I do-nya?”

“Hmm, don’t you have any replacement parts?”

“They’re completely out of stock-nya. There are none in the royal capital, so if I order one, it’ll take a few weeks-nya…”

Ain wondered if there weren’t many of them while looking at Katima’s dejected face.

“Do you mean there are more in other cities?”

“That’s right-nya. I need to go to the port city of Magna for it-nya…”

Oh, the port city of Magna, huh?

The conversation he had with Olivia and Sylvird just a moment ago flashed through Ain’s mind.

“I will go there on official duty. Do you want me to buy it for you?”

“Huh─!? I-is that true-nya?”

She said to Ain with shining eyes and an expectant look.

“Yes. I’ll get you some while I’m at it.”

“I-I’m asking you-nya! Just use my name to pay for it, please-nya!”

If it makes her feel better, it’s worth the effort to remember it.

Ain smiled and said he understood and left Katima’s room. After that, he finished his business and went back to Olivia and Sylvird, enjoying the pleasantries.


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