Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Part 4


The Imperial Palace Venezine ― but some people may refer to some part of the grounds. On the eastern side of the vast lands, there is a residence and training ground for the elite “Golden Lion Knights” of the First Imperial Army. It is a place where mock battles are held regularly and where the loud voices that shake the air can be heard all day long as if they are venting their frustration.

They are knights under the emperor’s direct control, and except for military expeditions, they protect the Great Imperial Capital during peacetime.

However, the Great Imperial Capital has not been exposed to warfare for almost two hundred years. Then, no matter how good they are, they will be corrupted. It is no wonder that they are criticized for lacking in actual combat. A lion that doesn’t know how to hunt is nothing to be afraid of.

That is why the emperor uses the name “military expedition” to remind the lions of hunting by releasing them into the wild.

As someone once said.

There is nothing more frightening than a lion unleashed from its cage. The king has no enemies.

This is why they are so fearsome on the battlefield.

Today, they spend all their time training in order to defeat an enemy they have yet to see. There was a person watching the “Golden Lion Knights.” He has golden hair like a lion, and his short hair stands up like a mane. His loose-fitting nobleman’s clothing hid his well-developed muscles, but there was no hiding the intimidation he radiated.

He is the first prince, Reinhardt Stobel von Grantz, who is under house arrest.

“You look bored.”

The person who said this was not Stobel, but someone approaching from behind him. It was Tray Fleen von Loing, one of the five generals.

“May I sit next to you?”

When Stobel didn’t say anything, Loing sat down on an empty chair of his own accord. The old general is fifty-seven years old this year, but he has a youthful air about him that makes it hard to believe.

“I believe your granddaughter has come of age… Are you sure you want to be here?”

Loing had a son, and his son’s youngest daughter had come of age yesterday.

“I’ve been under house arrest, as has Your Highness Stobel. How could I possibly participate in a celebration like that?”

“Hmph, I don’t see how anyone can complain to the greatest general in the world.”

When Stobel sniffed and said, Loing stroked his beard in annoyance.

“My wife… She refused to let me do anything that would interfere with my granddaughter’s future.”

“You mean you would prefer to work in the south?”

Loing nodded at Stobel’s words. It’s no wonder he refused to attend the celebration. Loing was the commander of the Fourth Imperial Army, but he lost that position as well as his house arrest.

Even so, his birthplace is in the south ― he is still a southern nobleman.

In the south, the Fourth Prince and the Sixth Princess’s influence is growing day by day. And yet, the head of the Loing family is in close contact with the First Prince Stobel, who is supported by the central nobility.

Because of this, the Loing family may be feeling a bit on the short side ― even if that’s not the case, it will become a reality if the Muzuk family, which unites the southern nobility, expresses their support for the Fourth Prince and the Sixth Princess.

“If I were to talk to her, it would be possible to assign her to the central, wouldn’t it?”

But the old general shook his head. After a while, he faltered as if he was having a hard time saying it.

“It’s because… my granddaughter admires the Sixth Princess Celia Estrella.”

Stobel was convinced. This is the reason why it could be a hindrance to her future. In other words, she wants to be assigned to the Berg Fortress, where the Sixth Empress is located.

It seems that her character is similar to that of the old general in that she wants to go to the frontier of her choice.

“The fact that she likes adversity is just like you, isn’t it? She must be very confident in her skills.”

“Only in personality… Her face did not resemble mine.”

The appearance was not like him, but Loing said happily. Stobel also agreed. He knew exactly what Loing was thinking. If this old general became a woman, it would not only be unsightly; it would look like a monster.

Loing raised his arm as if he were holding a sword. After a pause for breath, he slashed at the empty space.

“There is also one other thing that’s not like me; she can’t wield a sword. It appears that she wants to be assigned as a civilian officer.”

“…I see. I understand about your granddaughter’s situation.”

Enough with the small talk, Stobel cut off his words.

“Then, let’s get down to business. You didn’t come here just to make small talk, right?”

The old general had never visited him on such personal business.

“I was hoping I could distract you a little…”

“It helped to pass the time. That’s all.”

“Is that so?”

After saying that, Loing’s good-natured expression changed, and he took on the air of a great general. The atmosphere changes. The tension crushed the mild cheerfulness.

It was Loing’s high spirits that stimulated Stobel’s skin as if it was burning.

“There seems to be a disturbing movement in the Levering Kingdom.”

“Who is trying to make a move?”

“I heard that the Crown Prince Fraus is plotting something.”

“Huh, that incompetent.”

About two years ago, he had a chance to talk to Crown Prince Fraus once.

It’s distorted. Although on the surface it is a disguise, what is hidden inside is an evil thought. While not as bad as the Grantz Imperial family… the Levering royal family also has its own share of problems.

“However, that incompetent has no power to that extent. It would be best if you thought that someone is behind this. That being said, where did you get this information?”

“[Nameless] showed up at my detached residence yesterday.”

“That guy, huh…”

Stobel clicked his tongue.

“Nameless” was a man from the Long-Ear race that Stobel was said to have recently added to his staff.

He never speaks his name, and his whereabouts are unknown. From time to time, he would appear at military meetings, give advice, and then leave. The next thing everyone knew, Stobel had made the Long-Ear race into his staff, or so people thought.

It was too much trouble to deny it, so he let it go…

“I don’t trust him, but should we trust his work?”

Stobel said with irritation, and Loing nodded thoughtfully.

“There is nothing wrong with the information that the “Nameless” has given us so far.”

“In any case, I can’t do anything while I’m under house arrest. I’ll just stay on the sidelines for now.”

“That’s true, but it’s also unpleasant to know and yet do nothing.”

“That old fox ― the emperor. He must have received such information.”

It’s hard to fool the emperor’s “wind.” Otherwise, Stobel would not be put under house arrest so quietly. Stobel snorted in disgust.

“But the house arrest is not so bad. Now I can get on with what I couldn’t do before.”

“Isn’t it too dangerous to do such a thing under the watchful eye of His Majesty the Emperor?”

“No one can do anything ― nothing can stop me now that it is known.”

Stobel stood up and looked at the imperial palace, which was celebrating the triumphant return of the Fourth Prince and the Sixth Princess.

“But it is also troublesome to be disturbed. I’ll have to rough things up a bit.”

Then Stobel cast his gaze to the western sky.

“I see that you’re trying to make a name for yourself. I’ll give you a little help.”

Hiro and Liz are steadily accumulating achievements. The Third Prince Blutar also seems to be working hard in the Felzen region.

“You can’t win too much of anything. It sounds good to be undefeated, but… it’s not a good way to die.”

There is only one way forward for the Great Grantz Empire. Just as the sun rises and the moon sets, no one can change the inevitable course of events.




Hiro and the others had returned to the Imperial Palace when the horizon was tinged with madder red. They were currently in Liz’s room in the Imperial Palace, where the two women were preparing themselves.

“Liz, Rosa, are you still not ready?”

Hiro asked, and the two women blinked.

“That should be our line.”

Rosa folded her hands in exasperation. Her thin fingers were covered with a ring that Hiro had given her.

In the middle of the ring is a crystal that is inferior to a jewel. However, when worn by Rosa in her red dress, it shines as if it were worth more than a jewel.

“Um… I think Hiro is the one who needs to get ready early.”

Liz brushed her side-hair back and smiled bitterly.

She’s dressed in a dress that’s not a military uniform ― which is unusual for her ― but one that’s black with red trim, and around her neck is the necklace that Hiro gave her.

“No, I’m fine with this. Shall we go then?”

The women gave him a cold stare, and Hiro couldn’t help but take a step back.

“You know… are you going to go with that?”

“You should at least trim your hair a little bit, don’t you think?”

The two women, who sighed with great regret, got up from their chairs and approached Hiro. When a sweet scent reached Hiro’s nose, Liz and Rosa began to play with him as they pleased.

“You can wear the “Black Princess Camellia,” but the problem is your fragrance. At the banquet, the wives of the nobles will also come. You should improve the impression as much as possible and get their support.”

As Rosa grumbled, she walked away from Hiro and began to rummage through the box near the dresser, then came back with many bottles.

“Should I put on some trendy perfume? No, they won’t like it.”

Next to Rosa, who asked a question and answered it herself, Liz was reaching out and stroking Hiro’s side-hair.

“Hmm. I wonder if the hair is curly… It’s pretty tough.”

“There will be no time to dry his hair now if you spray water on his head.”

Rosa said with a hint of dismay at his appearance as she finished selecting the perfume.

Then, without saying a word, she flipped up Hiro’s coat ― exposing his well-toned abs to the outside world ― and brought the tip of the bottle close to him, spraying the perfume around his waist. The soft scent stimulated her nostrils, and the fresh smell mixed with the air.

Next, Rosa pulled her face close to Hiro’s chest.

“This way, there’s no unpleasantness. Yeah. I guess you could say it’s calm. As expected of Evelyn’s perfume.”

While sniffing, Rosa nodded her head in satisfaction.

“If anyone asks where the perfume is from, tell them it’s Evelyn Ishtark’s “Silence” from the East.”

A calculating smile spread across Rosa’s beautiful face as if she was thinking of making a fortune.

Hiro gave an ambiguous smile and shrugged his shoulders.

“I’ll keep that in mind.”

He then looked sideways at Liz.

“Okay, the weave is complete.”

After hearing Liz’s words, Hiro stroked his own side-hair and received an uneven texture. Only the right side of his hair was weaved in, which created a strange atmosphere combined with his severe eye patch.

“Umu. I like it. This is good. It would be best if you kept weaving your side-hair in from now on.

Rosa put her hand on her cheek and threw an enraptured glance at him.

“Right, right. I’ve always thought it looked good on him.”

Liz’s voice sounded happy, and she clung to her sister’s arm.

“Fufufu, it suits him!”

“Umu. I’m looking forward to the banquet tonight.”

The picture of two sisters getting along is something that makes people smile. However, it cannot stay like this forever. They must tighten their loose feelings.

They would be dealing with the emperor, and the conversation would not be as pleasant as it was with Liz and the others.

(I need to finish my work first so that we can have a happy banquet.)


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