Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Prologue Part 2

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Part 2


Today is the first day for new students for almost all the academies in the academy district. In the castle town, children can be seen being seen off by their fathers and mothers, and it is the same in the castle. Inside the castle gate, as knights and servants watch from a distance, Olivia stands next to Ain and opens her mouth.

“Is everything okay? Are you sure you didn’t forget anything?”

Olivia spoke to Ain before his departure. She had the same brown hair as Ain and skin reminiscent of white porcelain. The way she walked and the way her fingertips moved was as lustrous as ever, and she had a gentle smile on her face that anyone would have loved to see.

Her bosom was adorned with jewels given to her by Ain, and a dress covered her attractive limbs. To Ain, who had been born in a special way, she was more like an older sister than a mother.

“It’s okay. I’ve confirmed it several times, and Chris-san will come with me to the academy, so…”

Ain replied with a smile on his face. Chris, who had come close to escort Ain, then spoke up.

“Olivia-sama. Please don’t worry; I’ll be with Ain-sama, after all.”

Chris shakes her golden hair, which reflects the morning sun and makes it shine. She only squinted her eyes and smiled, but her face was filled with a beauty that was out of the ordinary.

She is a woman with an impressive chest that pushes up her jacket and long, slender legs. She wears a knight’s uniform that gives her the atmosphere of a woman who can handle anything ─ but the only thing about her is only that atmosphere.

“…I’m worried because Chris is sloppy, too, you know?”


Chris’s appearance contrasted with her weak voice and her shrinking gesture. Seeing her falter, Ain and Olivia both smiled.

“Really, I’d like to send Ain to the school city, too, but…”

“Y-you can’t do that! I can easily imagine the commotion that would ensue if Olivia-sama went!”

“Yes, I know…”

Olivia’s appearance, unlike Ain’s, is widely known.

If Olivia, the second princess, appears in the densely populated area of the academy called the academy district… it can be predicted that there will be a big commotion.

“Come to think of it, mother. Krone has already left, right?”

“Yes, because the Liebe Girls’ Academy starts early. Chris? Krone-san left the castle for the academy district this morning, didn’t she?”

“Yes, but not from Graff-dono’s mansion.”

After the winter, Graff came from Heim and bought a mansion at his own expense. However, it is more convenient for Krone to stay at the castle, perhaps because of Warren’s lessons, and she spends most of the week at the castle.

It would have been a lot of fun if they could have gone to the academy together, Ain thought.

“──Well… Ain-sama! It’s almost time to leave…!”

Ain’s complexion changed at Chris’s urgent voice, and he looked at Olivia’s face regretfully.

“It’s time for me to go, mother!”

“Fufu, have a good day!”

The last thing she did was to send him off with a smile like a holy mother. That was the story before they left the castle.

Chris took ain to White Rose, one of the largest stations in the royal capital. After being shaken by the water train for about ten minutes, they finally got off at the academy district station.

(W-we’ve finally arrived…)

All the stations were during the morning rush hour, and he was growing tired just from traveling. The academy district’s scenery is different from the castle town in that there are many academies, stores, and facilities for students.

“Chris-san. When I think about doing this every day, I feel like I’m going to be beaten now.”

“…It’s okay. I will send you safely, so don’t worry.”

Chris smiled beautifully and showed a firm will that she would not tolerate skipping school. Ain didn’t think about skipping school, but he felt as if he had been warned, and his smile naturally tightened.


“Once you get to the school, the rest will be easy, okay?”

In her words, he found a small bit of hope.

“There is no other school that offers more freedom in so many ways than that one.”

With freedom comes a lot of responsibility, but that’s something that has been with him since he became the Crown Prince.

Nodding that he could manage it, Ain walked shoulder to shoulder with Chris for a few minutes.

“──Your Highness. I’ve been waiting for you.”

Dill was standing in front of the academy’s main gate with an impassive face. He bowed deeply with an expression that showed no emotion.

“Christina-sama. I will take over the duty of guarding from this point on.”

“Yes. Protect Ain-sama with your life.”


From Ain’s perspective, who had been looking at it as if it were someone else’s problem, the exchange between the two was stiff.

“Then, Ain-sama, I will return to the castle. I’ll pick you up when you get back, so never try to go home alone with Dill, okay?”

She bent her back into a crook and looked at him, and then she held up her index finger to remind him.

Meh! He was told as if he were a kid, and he laughed.

“You’re talking like a big sister, yet you have leaves in your hair.”

“Wha…? I-I’ve been told that! Warren-sama also said the same thing about that!”

She brushes away the leaves with an unbelievable movement.

(H-huh? Am I not trustworthy at all?)

“P… please don’t give me that look…! U-um… I believe you, you know? But, you know, I also have the usual interactions with Katima-sama…”

It’s a little painful for Ain that his expression conveyed his thoughts.

Ain exhales weakly and decides to master the poker face.

“A-anyway! I’ll be back to pick you up in the afternoon, so please wait for me at the academy!”

Thus they parted, and Dill stood next to Ain.

“Well then, Your Highness, let’s go. I’ll show you to your classroom.”

“Yes, okay.”

Around the lush greenery of the academy building, there were several buildings. There is a training hall that Ain used when he took his exams and a building with many spires that looks like a temple.

There are a small lake and a lawn in the back, and the adjacent café terrace is eye-catching.

“Hey, Dill. Isn’t there some kind of entrance ceremony?”

“No, there is not. So I’ll give you a tour of the academy in the afternoon.”

“Okay. I’ll be waiting for you in the classroom.”

There is no entrance ceremony at this academy. Aware of his excitement, Ain stepped into the academy building as he was guided.


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