Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 2 Part 5

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Part 5


The arena erupts in cheers. This was because a great rivalry was being demonstrated. For the audience, the title of the strongest swordsman in the Royal Kingsland Academy means the strongest in this academy district.

That was Dill, and that Dill was being outmatched.

“…Why isn’t His Highness here? Is something wrong? No, then father and His Majesty are here… but…”

There was no sight of Chris either. He was worried that this might be an unforeseen problem.

“What are you looking at?”


Because of this, he couldn’t even concentrate on the fight. Dill smiles to himself, wondering if he is so mentally immature.

He has not known Ain long. Even so, his feelings for him are by no means negative.

Worry, he hated the weakness of his heart that depressed him with this one word.

“I’ll win! I’m going to beat you, and I’m going to be the strongest in the academy district…!”

His opponent’s spirit-filled strike involuntarily pressurized Dill.

It isn’t good. The next moment he thought, his opponent’s sword was right in front of him. Dill has already lost one point, and if he loses another, he will be defeated.

In the midst of all the cheering, he heard a boy’s voice.

“Dill! Win!”

Those were just two short words.

When he looked in the direction of the voice, he saw an aisle of terraced spectator seats. There, he saw Ain.

“Y-Your Highness…?”

Even from a distance, he can see how badly Ain is dressed. His pants are dirty, and his face is covered with dust. His hair was a mess, and he didn’t look like the Crown Prince at all.

But the fact that he was now here, safe and sound, was more important to Dill than anything else.

The high-pitched metallic sound of swords colliding with each other.

“I’m sorry. I’m the one who’s going to win.”

“…W-what are you… doing… all of a sudden?”

“I apologize for my disgraceful appearance. So now I’ll show you my real sword.”

Dill’s sword was nothing short of magnificent. When Ain witnessed it, he was mesmerized by his beautiful sword. Dill’s sword stroked his opponent’s sword, and when the opponent lost his stance, it was very easy to make him fall to his knees.

──Waaaaaaa…! After a moment of silence, a tone of praise was showered on Dill.

“Eh, W… was Dill that strong?”

“Of course. It seems he has been struggling up to this point, but since he has been entrusted with guarding Ain-sama, even if it is only within the academy, he is at least not the kind of man who would fall behind the other students.”

“Heh… I see…”

“But, I wonder if his target of protection is stronger than him… It can’t be helped.”

Ain-sama is out of the norm. Chris lastly says this and looks at the tattered Ain.

She took out a handkerchief from her pocket and wiped his face, smiled at Ain, who shook his face ticklishly, and she giggled, said, “Good work,” and narrowed her eyes.


◇ ◇ ◇


Wolf and all the others involved in the disturbance are in custody. They will eventually be sentenced to the extreme penalty, but that’s another story. For a week after the tournament of the academy district, there was a lot of commotion in the castle.

Today, when things had finally calmed down, Lloyd and Warren visited Sylvird’s room.

“So, Lloyd. Who contacted you?”

“I’ve already shared the information with Warren-dono. It’s a bit of a disappointment because I didn’t expect them to be so easy to get in touch with! Hahahaha!”

“Yes, such a straightforward performance. It would have been foolish to fall for it.”

The other day at a meeting in the castle.

Lloyd, having defended Marquis Magnus, was acting on the spur of the moment. He just acted on the spur of the moment to see if there was anyone who might cooperate with Wolf.

“I didn’t realize that the two upstart barons were cooperating with Wolf. A lower-class noble would probably be easier to deal with…”

As Lloyd said, they found two noblemen who took advantage of the favorable story.

Warren was secretly pleased that it had been cleaned up.

“The flow of money in the Marquis Magnus family is Wolf’s doing. And it’s his fault that Marquis Magnus and his family were lying in bed. I’m so dumbfounded I can’t even speak.”

Then Sylvird began to talk about his grandson Ain.

“But Ain was a brave man. As a grandfather, I was worried about him.”

Normally, he would have scolded the crown prince for doing such a thing, but this time he could not. In addition to the fact that the security was not good enough to prevent Wolf, there was also a problem with the decision to reassign him.

He had to admire the result before he could warn Ain of his extravagant behavior.

“Then, Your Majesty, you may simply tell him that you were worried about him in the near future. But not in your position as king, but only as Ain-sama’s grandfather…”

“Oh! I think Warren-dono is right!”

“…You may be right. I can’t reprimand him as a king, but I can at least say that I was worried about him as a grandfather.”

The other day’s disturbance was really dangerous. It was an unprecedented crisis, nothing short of a coup d’etat.

“I asked Ain if he would like some kind of reward.”

The two men listened to Sylvird words with interest.

“He asked me to let him walk freely around the city, with a guard following him. I laughed and gave my permission.”

“That’s very modest.”

“However, it is typical of Ain-sama to say that. …It’s probably the reason why my son Dill’s attitude started to change.”

“It’s a good thing, isn’t it? Where is Ain-sama, Your Majesty?”

In the midst of a harmonious atmosphere, Sylvird said in a good mood.

“Well, I believe that Ain is currently on the beach behind the castle…”

At the back of the castle, on the beach. It was just yesterday that Ain’s daily life finally began to return.

Olivia, who heard the story first, hugged Ain tightly and wouldn’t let go even when he tried to go back to his room. Krone was worried that he had taken a risk, but she also hugged him, grateful for his behavior.

After a few days of restlessness, it was the first time in a long time that he could spend some quality time on the beach.

“Ara, what is it…?”

Krone picked up something and showed it to Ain.

“It’s beautiful, but what is it? It’s not a stone… but…”

It’s a fragment of something pale and translucent.

Concerned about it, Krone took it to Olivia, who was nearby.

“Olivia-sama. What exactly is this?”

“Yes? What did you find on the ground?”

Olivia takes the presented fragment.

“…Where did you find this?”

“I found it on the sand there…”

Olivia’s expression turned grim for a moment, but it quickly returned as if it had been an illusion.

“I believe it’s a scale from a sea monster ─ isn’t that right, Chris?”

The same gentle smile as usual easily erased any sense of discomfort.

When Chris approached her and took the fragment, she twitched and raised her eyebrows.

“Y-yeah… you’re probably right… Lady Krone, may I take it for examination?”

“Of course. If it’s a monster, it’s dangerous.”

“Thank you very much. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to go…”

This is a bit of a rambling story from the outside.

Krone immediately approached the beach where Ain was waiting and started playing with him happily. On the other hand, Chris exchanged glances with Olivia and quietly left the beach, carrying the fragments she had received into the castle.


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