Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 61

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Chapter 61 – In The Research And Development Department


After spending the night at the front-line base, the next day, I started treatment in the morning. It was Super Doctor Kosuke time.

“O-oooh! M-my legs become straight!”

“My knee was in so much pain for so long!”

“My tendons were cut, and my fingers were stuck…”

“Now I can fight again!”

It’s the unparalleled splints, but yeah. People with poor prognosis after broken bones, crushed knees, and crippled legs, or cut tendons in their arms and crippled hands are healed with the help of splints that can be easily made with cloth and pieces of wood. As long as they don’t lose their limbs, my splints can fix anything.

“It’s a strange power no matter how many times I see it.”

Sir Leonard, who was escorting me just in case, raised his voice in a half-amused manner. I have also treated Sir Leonard in this way.

At first, the injured people were skeptical when I told them that I would heal their injuries, but as I healed two to three of them, they began to look at me with respect. Haha, you should be more respectful.

The treatment was completed in less than an hour, and in the square where the treatment was taking place, people who had been able to move freely for a while began to enjoy the wonders of a healthy body, running around, jumping, and wielding practice weapons.

“Everyone’s face is brighter now.”

“They were touched when they were able to move their bodies again. Maybe this is what Kosuke-dono’s power should be used for.”

“Maybe so.”

I guess it’s ideal to use my power not to kill people but to keep them alive. However, to live also means to fight. I don’t know what the person who sent me into this world is thinking, but I guess I’ll just have to do what I can.

Danan, the commander of this fort, will take over their care once they’ve been healed, and I’ll head to the research and development department next. I’ll have to develop further possibilities for the golem’s communication device, radio broadcasting, and the magic power system.

“Hmm, welcome.”

“Oh, long time no see, everyone.”

“Long time no see.”

“Long time no see.”

“Oh, long timeー.”

I look around, but there’s no sign of Sykes. C-could it be?

“…Where’s Sykes?”

When the rest of the research and development department heard my words, they averted their gaze from me. Wait?

“He’s a little sick and bedridden.”

“Too little compassion, huh? You guys.”


I don’t think it’s a laughing matter. Is that the kind of future that awaits me? I’m scared… I’m starting to shake. It’s going to be okay, right, Isla?

“I’ve given him the proper medication. He’ll be fine.”

I don’t know how she misunderstood my gaze, but she started saying that. Is it really okay to solve it with the help of medicine? It’s not like you’re going to break down from kidney deficiency or die of hunger.

“Uh, let’s see. Let’s put Sykes matter aside. Yeah.”

We’re not getting anywhere. Sorry, Sykes. You’ve been a good man.

“So, uh, what are you working on now?”

“We’ve been working on the development of a magic wave transmitter, golem powering of various devices, development of magic guns, mass production of magic swords, and crystallization of magic power from veins.

I know about the magic wave transmitter and golem powering, but the last three are new to me. I also gave up some information about my gun to the research and development department to see if it can be used as a reference for something, but I was afraid that they would use it to develop their own magic gun.

“The magic gun is based on the bolt action rifle that Kosuke made. We’re looking for a way to fire bullets with magical power.”

“Yeah. As for the firing mechanism of the magic gun, we are trying out the fire magic type, wind magic type, and the combined type. The problem with all of them is pressure leakage.”

The Lamia blacksmith and the rat-beastman magician then showed me the blueprints of the gun. Hmm, this certainly looks like it’s based on a bolt-action rifle, but shouldn’t this be based on a muzzle-loading gun instead of a bolt-action rifle?

“I have a gun that might be more helpful with this method, so I’ll make a few and deliver them tomorrow. Here’s what it looks like…”

I explained how a muzzle-loading gun works, as far as I knew. It doesn’t have to be loaded with gunpowder, and if you just push the bullet into the chamber, it should reload at a speed that not much different from a crossbow. Then, the magic bursts at the very end of the barrel, and it fires. As long as the bullet and barrel are well made, there is no need to worry about gas leaks, so the only problems will be the firing mechanism and the barrel’s strength.

“I see; it’s simpler this way.”

“Let’s reconsider this method.”

I’ll make a muzzle-loading rifle and bullets this evening and leave them with the girls tomorrow. The next step is the mass production of the magic sword.

“The mass production of the magic sword and the crystallization of the magic power from the vein is a plan that is being carried out not here but at the main base.”

“The magic power in the vein hole is inexhaustible. We are trying to use it to produce high-quality weapons and to extract magic crystals that can be used to power various magical tools.”

“Is that technically possible?”

“The mechanism for pumping and collecting magic power from the vein holes can now be imitated by analyzing the warding device. In addition, we are developing a mechanism to converge and crystallize the magic power. By continuously irradiating existing iron and steel armor with high-powered magic power, we encourage it to turn into magic iron and steel. It’s still in the experimental stage.”

“There is no doubt that if this were to be realized, a lot of progress would be made. If we can mass-produce magic iron and steel armor, that alone will improve the war potential of the entire Liberation Army.”

Compared to ordinary iron and steel weapons, magic iron and steel armor is stronger and less prone to losing its sharpness, and if it is armor, it is more resistant to magic. Hmm, I don’t think I can help with something like that.

No, wait a minute. In the survival game of the world made of blocks, there are elements that can add various effects to the equipment, right? There was an achievement for being a fantasy blacksmith, so my ability itself may correspond to a magical element. By preparing materials and building materials that are tinged with magical power, I could be able to demonstrate my abilities in that direction.

There is no such workbench in my crafting menu at the moment, but there is a good chance that if I put such a thing in my inventory, it will be registered as a craft.

“I’d like to ask you a few questions. Would you be willing to give me a small collection of magical materials?”

“Hmm? What do you need them for?”

“No, it’s just an idea.”

I’ll consult with Isla and the rest of the research and development department about what I just thought of.

In fact, my abilities allow me to handle mithril and its alloys, which should not exist in my former world, so there is a possibility that I can create a workbench that can be used to create such magical items, and if I can create a workbench, there is a possibility that I can craft something useful.


“As for your abilities, it seems like anything is possible, so there’s a lot of potentials there.”

“Why don’t you just give it a try? If you can make something out of it, we might be able to steal the technology from that product.”

“Hmm, you should try it. I’m interested in the magic products that Kosuke makes.”

Everyone seemed to be on board with my suggestion. It was decided that we would all gather the materials we had on hand and bring them tomorrow for experimentation. Hmm, the possibility of a new crafting table. I’m looking forward to it.


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  1. Basically an enchantment table huh, they’ll probably replace xp with magic power for enchantment then~ Anyway, thanks for the chapter~

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  2. I would make a breach loader like the sharps rifle that is faster to reload then a musket and its stronger aswell have rifling


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