Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 62

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Chapter 62 – Ta~ru


After the meeting at the research and development department, I had free time. It’s not even noon yet, but there’s no more work I have to do today or places I have to show up. There won’t be any attacks by the Holy Kingdom’s army or Gizma for a while, and there’s plenty of time to produce food and stockpile military supplies.

As for mass-producing something, now that there are more people available, it would be better for the Liberation Army members to make everything by themselves, except for things that I have to make, in order to give work to the increased manpower.

That’s why I’m going to be a free man for a while. I’ll be able to devote more time to developing new items in the crafting field, which I haven’t done recently, and to understanding and mastering my own abilities.

“That’s why I’d like to try my hand at making miso and shoyu.”

“Miso and shoyu?”

“I can’t imagine what they would be like from the name alone.”

After the meeting with Danan and the others, Sylphy joined me, and we headed to the warehouse where we were stockpiling food, accompanied by Sir Leonard, who had come along with Sylphy to protect her. The reason for this was to find some beans that could be used as ingredients.

“I’m hoping to find some soy-like beans.”

“What kind of bean is a soybean?”

“It’s a bean in a pod, about the size of the tip of your little finger. They are not often eaten as they are. The ones that are not fully ripe are delicious when boiled in salt. I think they were basically boiled and then processed into various shapes for use.”

“Hmm, then I think oil beans are close to that.”

“Yes, oil beans, I think.”

“Oil bean.”

“They must be cultivated in this fort for obtaining oil. The beans can be stored well and are not inedible if boiled, so they must be stockpiled.”

When we arrived at the food warehouse, the warehouse manager gave me a 10kg bag of oil beans, a lot of salt, and 3kg each of wheat and barley before they were ground into flour.

“Are those all the ingredients?”

“Yes, we boil them, mash them, mix them and ferment them.”

The first thing to make would be miso. The only problem is the koji mold, but I think I can handle that with my crafting skills. Compared to changing Gizma’s meat to look like beef, I think I can easily skip the fermentation process with koji bacteria. I’m sure it will.

“The question is, which crafting table can I use to make it?”

I don’t think it’s the blacksmithing facility. I can’t say that the improved workbench is definitely different, but it’s probably not. I suspect the cooking and mixing tables. I put all the ingredients I had in my inventory and checked the crafting menu for the cooking and mixing tables.


・Soybean Flour ― Ingredients: Soybeans x 2

・Soy Milk ― Ingredients: Soybeans x 2, Water x 2


Soy milk and soybean flour were found in the crafting menu on the cooking table. Even if there’s only soybean flour, there’s no rice cake… The soy milk can be made and processed to make tofu. For now, I’m going to make soy milk and soybean flour.

“What is this?”

“Soybean flour and soy milk. I think it’s a mixture of roasted and ground beans, boiled, mashed, squeezed, and strained. It’s very nutritious.”

“…This powder is fragrant. I think it can be used for a lot of things.”

“The soy milk here is a little green. It looks healthy.”

Sylphy and Sir Leonard immediately reach for the soy milk and soybean flour. You guys are relatively undeterred.

“Soybean flour is often used in sweets. It was used to mash and knead grains to make soft rice cakes, which were then dipped in soybean flour mixed with sugar, or to drizzle honey over the dipped rice cakes and eat them. Soy milk was consumed as a health drink. It is rich in nutrients. However, there are many foods made from soy milk.”

But there’s no miso. What about the mixing table? I looked at it, but there was nothing like it here either.

“Mmm… I should have the ingredients, but I can’t make it.”

So does that mean the workbench doesn’t support it? No matter how much I imagine it, it doesn’t add to the item creations either. If that’s the case, I just need to make a special crafting table.

Maybe some equipment for fermenting and aging… brewing barrels? If I can make alcohol on a mixing table, I think a mixing table could work.

Then it’s barrels, barrels. Barrels for brewing in item creation. Come out with the barrels! Barrel.


・Brewing Barrel ― Material: Wood x 10



“What’s wrong?”

“No, I just got a workbench I can use for brewing.”

“Brewing, huh? Can you make liquor?”

“I think so.”

“I’ll go and get some grapes and wheat!”

Sir Leonard dashed off to the nearby food warehouse. How much wine and beer do you want to drink, old man?

“Will you be able to make honey wine too?”


“I’ll get the honey.”

Sylphy also dashed off to the food warehouse. You guys like to drink, don’t you?

That’s what brewing barrels are for. It’s very good that the material is cheap. I’ll try to make two or three.

“Hmm? Are they stacked?”

Normally, workbench-related items don’t stack in inventory, but brewing barrels seem to stack in inventory like other materials and items. So is this a consumable item?

“I thought materials were light, but not so much if they can’t be used repeatedly.”

The brewing barrel is ready, so I take it out and try to access it. When I did, the brewing menu came up.


・Miso ― Ingredients: Soybeans x 2, Grains x 2, Salt x 2, Water x 2

・Shoyu ― Ingredients: Soybeans x 1, Grains x 1, Salt x 2, Water x 4



But the ingredients for miso and shoyu are almost the same… The crafting time for shoyu is so long: 19.2 hours… No, it’s originally 24 hours, but it’s been reduced by 20% by Skilled Worker skill. Originally, it would have taken years to process. So miso is about half of that.

Incidentally, the number of soybeans needed to make a single batch of miso was about 200 grams. With 200 grams of soybeans, I was able to fill the barrel to the brim.

The law of conservation of mass is still in force today.

“Kosuke, I’ve brought you some honey.”

“I also brought grapes and wheat.”

When the miso and shoyu had been prepared, the drinkers returned. I took care of the ingredients they brought and accessed the menu of the brewing barrels.


・Elven Honey Wine ― Ingredients: Honey x 2, Water x 6

・Wine ― Ingredients: Grapes x 10

・Ale ― Ingredients: Wheat x 4, Water x 4

・Beer ― Ingredients: Barley x 3, Hops x 1, Water x 4


Well, it looks like I can make it, huh? I understand elven honey wine and wine, but ale and beer are distinct. But I don’t have any hops… I wonder if any of the medicinal herbs that Isla and the elves shared with me could be a substitute for hops. Which one is it? I’ll check it out later.

By the way, the crafting time for the ale was amazing; it was 8 minutes. That’s fast. Next was the elven honey wine, which took 30 minutes. The beer took 4.3 hours, and the wine 8.6 hours.

“The ale was ready to drink, you say? And the other drinks will be ready tomorrow?”

“Are you overjoyed?”

“No, I never thought it would be this fast… with Kosuke, brewing can be done in such a short time. I’m glad the honey wine will be ready soon, too.”

Sir Leonard was delighted, and Sylphy smiled happily. Sir Leonard didn’t know it, but Sylphy is quite a drinker. She’s still a child in terms of elven age, but she’s older than me… It’s hard to say.

“I’m also curious about the miso and shoyu that Kosuke prepared.”

“It has a unique flavor, but it’s delicious. Well, it may or may not work for everyone.”

However, shoyu is a versatile seasoning. I think everyone will fall in love with it soon. Miso is quite difficult to use, isn’t it? I can only think of miso soup and vegetables marinated in miso. Also, chan-chan yaki*?


[T/n: It’s product of Hokkaido in Japan. This is the dish which seasoned salmon with the vegetables and was burned.]


It’s also good to grill meat or fish marinated in miso. Maybe I can combine it with shoyu and use it for grilled dishes. It would be good to just dip vegetables in it and nibble on them.

While we talked about this, the ale was ready, so I pulled out a ceramic mug and poured it from the barrel.

“So… it’s a subtle way of saying victory.”

“We’ve done nothing to deserve it.”

“So here’s to Kosuke.”


“I feel embarrassed, but. Cheers.”

We lightly clinked our cups and slurped down the ale. Hmm, I’ve never had it before, but unlike beer, it’s not bitter. I think it’s a little sour, but the aroma is fruity and good. I think I’m more comfortable drinking this than beer.

“Hmm, I’ve never had an ale before, but it’s not bad.”

“I agree.”

“Kosuke’s ale is excellent. Compared to this, cheap ale from a tavern is like horse piss.”

“That’s how good it is.”

While drinking, the brewing process continues. The barrel can be mass-produced with the improved workbench, so it is being mass-produced to great acclaim. And I have a lot of produce to brew. I’ve got the same amount of miso and shoyu and as much elven honey wine, wine, ale, and beer as I can handle.

As a result, I have 20 barrels each of miso and shoyu, 25 barrels of elven honey wine, 20 barrels of ale, and 5 barrels of beer. And since I did it right near the pantry, it was noticeable.

“Leonard-sama, is that ale, by any chance?”

“Oh, yes, it is. It is a fine ale that Kosuke made for us. You must drink it.”

“Is that okay?”

“No problem. We’ll all drink it.”

“Her Highness has given her permission. Now drink!”

“Thank you!”

“I haven’t had ale in ages!”

“How long has it been since you’ve had a drink?”

The liberated people who had been freed during this mission and remained here to fight, as well as the liberated people who I had just healed, were all involved in the big party. The food warehouse was opened up, and I quietly prepared some ale after having some of the stockpile thrown out.

Don’t I have to drink? If I don’t, I’m going to die of acute alcohol poisoning from all the alcohol being poured on me by everyone in the room, so I’ll refrain. I have to make ale for everyone to drink! So, I refuse to drink at this time.


Sylphy is already ruined from drinking all the unfamiliar ale that is offered to her. She is laughing with amusement.

“The fermentation is too fast…”

“As expected of Kosuke-san!”

“La~♪ LaLa~♪.”

Isla opened the barrel of freshly brewed ale and observed the fermentation with eyes that have lost their light. Pirna dexterously held the ceramic mug with her wings and slurped down the ale. The brown feathered harpy Pessar is drunk and starting to sing… and has a pretty good voice.

“What is going on… Your Highness, Kosuke…?”

Danan, who heard the commotion and rushed to the location, was at a loss for words when he saw Sylphy laughing and I silently making ale. I took a new ceramic mug out of my inventory, poured some ale into it, and offered it to him.

“Well, drink up.”


Danan didn’t respond to my words; he just let out a deep sigh and accepted the mug. Yes, it can’t be helped if he’s angry about the lack of discipline, but Sylphy is already drunk. Drink up for today, and we’ll get on with things tomorrow.


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