Maseki Gurume – Vol 2 Chapter 4 Part 2

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Part 2


The following day, the action started early. But the visibility was so bad that Ain muttered to himself.

“Hmm… the fog is awful today.”

“It’s a forest in the middle of an island… You two, stay close to Ain and me.”

“I know. I’m sorry for being so slow and causing so much trouble.”

“Yeah, yeah. You should have worked out a little bit, too…”

Roland’s ears flattened as he listened to Leonardo’s mockery.

On the second day today, the sky is harder to see than yesterday, and the trees are thicker. Maybe that’s why the roads are so bad and the visibility so poor.

“Batz. Do you see any signs?”

“Ah… I understand what Ain is saying, but it’s hard to see when the fog is this bad. The only thing I can do is to keep the direction straight.”

“Hey, hey, I was just thinking, how about we stay here and wait for the fog to thin out?”

“If we could do that, we’d have no trouble, but… the fog doesn’t seem to be clearing. Geez, I guess we had to take a more troublesome route than the rest of the team, huh?”

For this field trip, there were seven teams, including the one to which Ain belonged. But they were all placed on different islands so that they would not meet. It was a poor choice, Ain thought with a secret smile.

“We’ll just have to keep going. Don’t ever split up!”

Batz, who was walking in the lead, shouted loudly. After him, Ain is walking, and Leonardo and Roland are behind him, shoulder to shoulder.

“Hey, Roland. Can you make magic tools that can remove the fog?”

“…You see, what do you think of me, Ain-kun…? A magic tool that can even tamper with the weather is just…”

“That’s right. That’s it…”

“I can make that. But I don’t think I can do it with what I have now.”

(He can make it…? This guy is amazing.)

Ain was surprised inwardly.

“It’s not that difficult to make; I’ve made one before; I’ll show you next time.”

Roland was truly a genius. The way he said that he would make it if he had the materials was glorious.

“Dill, Roland is really… huh? Dill?”

Ain suddenly stopped when he could not hear Dill’s voice, who was supposedly walking behind them.

“Hey! What’s wrong, Ain?”

“Hold on a second… Dill! Answer me!”

Noticing that there was no answer from Dill, Ain shouted and called out for Dill. But still, his familiar voice does not come back to him.

“──Hey, Ain! Stop!”

“What’s the matter? Why? Dill’s not here!”

“…It’s okay; just lower your voice, or they will notice… No, it’s too late now. It is a monster! You two stay close to Ain and me!”

“E-eh? What?”

“Roland, calm down… Just get over here!”

Pulled by Leonardo, Roland was sandwiched between Ain and Batz. And soon after that, the sound of something rubbing against the ground began to echo around the area, and Batz’s face turned pale.

“Hey, hey… I didn’t hear that it would appear here…! Hey, Ain!”

“Yes, yes!”

“A raven butterfly! It paralyzes people and lays eggs on them! It’s not an easy monster to come across in these forests! Be careful!”

Ain tightened up after being told that. Although he was worried about getting separated from Dill, they are about to be attacked now. He quickly pulled out his black dagger and listened carefully to the sounds around him.

“W-wawawa! What was that?”

Batz stood in front to protect the frightened Roland.

“If it’s a big, black butterfly, it’s the enemy! Tell me when you see one approaching!”

“Tell you what? …Hey, Batz! I suggest we run!”

“That would be great! But, you know, raven butterflies come in packs, so this place is probably…”

Ain also had a bad premonition. That premonition was immediately confirmed when several black shadows the size of adults appeared in the fog.

“Batz! Hey Batz! There are so many of them…! It’s not just ten of them; it’s more than that!”

“There are so many of them… Hey, hey, it’s ridiculous…!”

Batz also confirmed the shadow of a herd of several dozen, and his face paled even more.

“I don’t know much about monsters, but how strong are these ones…?”

“Oh, right! They’re weaker than the Red Bison! But look at the numbers!”

Ain and Batz exchanged glances and gave up on the idea of fighting here. Even Ain couldn’t show off the power of his illusory hand.

The four of them started running together. On the way, they cut off the wings of several raven butterflies and made them fall, and then they ran through the fog in a desperate attempt to escape death.

──They ran like hell through the fog. They kept running for at least several dozen minutes. When they reached the limit of their strength, they finally arrived at a small hole in the ground.

The four of them finally took a breather there, and Batz grabbed Ain by the chest in a raspy voice.

“Ain, you…! It was a suicidal act to shout so loudly in such a place!”

“…I know. I’m sorry I got so emotional and raised my voice…”

“Hey, Batz. You don’t have to say that to His Highness…!”

“No, Leonardo. It was my mistake. But where is Dill…?”

He was so worried about him getting separated.

He knew that Dill is stronger than most knights. But even so, when being attacked by a herd of dozens like the one he just saw, there must be a contingency he doesn’t want to think about.

Batz said next to Ain, who was thinking about it.

“Well, it’s okay… Anyway, I think this situation is weird.”

The other three nodded back. Batz takes a moment to catch his breath and begins to speak, the calm he has gained after his desperate escape.

“It’s not the kind of monster that appears in places like this. They’re from remote areas where there are many cunning demons, like Black Fawn and the others. There’s no way they’d appear on a small island like this.”

“…It’s an anomaly, I see.”

“Yeah. As Ain said, it’s an anomaly. So I’ve been thinking. The first one is, we should wait for rescue. It’s a crazy situation; maybe someone will come. The other is to force our way through and push on to our original destination.”

However, both paths were still tough, and they couldn’t decide immediately what to do. Roland, whose body was trembling timidly, was worried about Dill, who had become separated from him.

“I’m worried about Dill-senpai…”

“Your Highness, is it possible that Christina-sama and the others are secretly escorting you?”

“I don’t know. I’ve heard that Chris-san is away from the capital on business with my mother.”

If that’s the case, they can’t be relied on. Batz had no choice but to decide on a plan as their representative.

“If that’s the case, we’ll just have to keep going… There is no guarantee that we will be able to survive, so it would be foolish to do nothing.”

“I agree with Batz. Even if we keep silent, the danger will only come at us.”

“If Your Highness agrees, then I have no objection…”

“Same here. I can’t fight, so I’ll leave it to you. I want you to leave the support to me!”

“But I still want to find Dill.”

“Hey, Ain, you…”

“S-sorry! He’s been guarding me for a long time… I will refrain from putting everyone in danger, so please forget it.”

Thus, the four of them, separated from Dill, cautiously left the cave. They made sure that the raven butterfly was not around and stepped in the direction of their destination to hide.


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  1. isnt ains a reincarnator. i cant believe how immature he is given how he handled that bombing incident. its like he became a panicking young boy for the sake of plot. also isnt his skill able to counteract the butterflies. he is supposed to be OP yet he is being beaten by some weak azz butterflies.


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