Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 3 Chapter 5 Part 5

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Part 5


“Do you know despair? You are just like the God of War. Your arrogance is the same as his, and you always manage to make people’s emotions turn upside down.”

Baal’s mouth twisted into a grimace, but after a moment, his lips pursed in delight.

“But this was a brilliant move. I’ll use it as a reference in the future.”

Baal’s calm voice induced irritation, but Hiro laughed it off with a snort.

“Then I’ll give you a piece of advice for your reference.”

He turned his cold eyes to Baal and placed the blade of the Heavenly Emperor on his shoulder.

“There is no such thing as a good strategy, and there is no such thing as a good solution. The best way to get rid of a problem is to find a new way to solve it.”

Everyone thinks of the best strategy and discards the worst. That is why a way forward is born. There is nothing complicated about it. Once the opponent’s thinking is confused, break it down at once and exploit the gap.

That is the tactic and the ironclad rule for victory.

“It must have been fun to have things go the way you wanted. You may have gotten carried away with it and overlooked a few important details.”

“I was dancing on your palm all along. Is that what you’re saying?”

“No, I don’t think so, not this time. Because I was just another pawn.”

Hiro shook his head and pointed the tip of his sword at Baal.

“There is no need for further conversation. Just prepare yourself.”

Hiro took a small breath as he raised the Heavenly Emperor. A moment later, Hiro’s figure disappeared. At the same time, Baal picked up his arrows and shot them one after another, randomly and quickly.

Sparks are scattered and disappear, and a high-pitched sound echoes around the repeated attack and defense.

“Heh… you can see me, huh?”

“I’m just sensing your presence.”

Baal answers Hiiro’s question nonchalantly and shoots an arrow at him.

Sparks gradually close the distance between them, but…

“Don’t forget about me!”

Fraus stood in the way, blocking Hiro’s path.

The air was filled with the sound of swords screaming as the blades collided. Hiro looked down at his hand, which was numb from the impact of being repelled and then shifted his gaze to Fraus.

“…That power, could it be that, fallen angel?”

His cutting arm is regenerating, and his physical strength cannot be explained simply by the fact that he is a demon. Fraus, who was pointed out, widened his smile as he drew his bow.

“I don’t want to be lumped in with such creatures. This is the power of the “primordial,” the power of our “king,” a privilege allowed only to the demons, and not to be possessed by the weak human race!”

“I see…”

“I’ve heard of your bravery, but you’re only human; you can’t surpass us.”

Fraus was speaking as if in a fever, but Hiro was not listening to him at all. His gaze was fixed high in the sky as if he were gazing into the distance.

“It is better not to say anything else. If you mention his name, I won’t be able to hold back.”

Hiro snapped his fingers, tilted his head, and caught Fraus with his abyssal eyes.

The silver sword “Heavenly Emperor” began to flicker as if lamenting. The hem of the “Black Princess Camellia” swayed wildly in the wind of battle. The black light and white light fed off each other, creating an eerie space around Hiro.

It was at this point that Fraus finally noticed that Hiro’s atmosphere had changed.

“…What are you?”

“When I think back to those days, my heart still breaks with anger. I was a pathetic, whiny, spoiled idiot who couldn’t be helped.”

A monologue ― not for anyone to hear, the young man spins the words as if to warn himself.

“I have to let go of my naivety. I must destroy it before it produces fatal results.”

Hiro’s surroundings begin to distort. Many cracks are created in the space, and spirit weapons appear.

“In war, there is only eat or be eaten, the strong or the weak, victory or defeat, black or white.”

So ― the lone king hopes.

“Then, in order to create the world she wanted, I will continue to be victorious and undefeated.”

This is his remaining mission, the pinnacle that he failed to reach a thousand years ago.

Fraus retreated in the face of the overwhelming dominance radiated by Hiro.

“Don’t be afraid ― just rest easy and turn to dust.”

When Hiro took a step forward, he made a loud sound as if the air was being torn apart.


――Divine Light and Thunder Fire.


A torrent of immense power ― the explosive force created from that instantaneous force gouged out the ground. Following that, a murky stream of light began to illuminate the dark night.

The spirit weapons floating in the night sky filled the world with light, leaving behind a trail of streaks like meteors. There is no way to measure it. The absolute slash from the speed of light, its destructive power is immense.


When he bent his back in a crook, knowing the pain, he realized that his back had been pierced. But even faster than that, the next sword plunged deep into his body, ripping through flesh and cutting through bone.

It was too fast to stop, too fast even to prevent.

This is the “blessing” ― “divine speed” brought by the “Heavenly Emperor.”

However, Fraus was not ordinary either. No matter how many slashes he was subjected to, he would fight back without stopping for breath.

His vitality is unbelievable to the average person, and his wounds heal faster than the fallen angels. The power of his techniques is also immense, and if anyone catches a glimpse of it, their head will probably be blown to pieces.

“You! Are you really human?”

Fraus opened his eyes with a mixture of anger and astonishment. All of his attacks were easily dodged.

“Shit ― Gagooh!?”

There’s no way for Fraus to fight back against Hiro’s apparent power, just as there’s no way for a creature to fight back against nature. His arm flew off. It’s more like being blown up by a bullet rather than being slashed.

“Screw you! I’m a demon chosen by the ‘king’!”

“You’re getting slower. Let’s just end――.”

An arrow is fired at Hiro’s landing spot. It was the work of Baal, who was at a distance.

“It’s easy if I can just sense your presence! I’ll surely kill you here!”

But ― there’s no point in chasing after the remnants.

“You’re in my way. Just crawl along for a while.”

Hiro appeared in front of Baal and angrily pierced his body with his spirit weapon. It’s not just one, it’s two, three, five, and without regard to Baal’s screams, he mercilessly pierced his limbs and finally kicked him down. And then Hiro’s target switches to Fraus.

“I’m not going… to die yet… in a place like this ― I’m going to be a king!”

The blood melted the snow and created a swamp, in which Fraus was struggling to keep fighting. Hiro quietly walked up to him and tapped the chest of his black robe, and smiled.

“The Black Princess Camellia wants to eat you. It seems that your persistence has been recognized.”


“Don’t be afraid. The darkness is surprisingly soothing.”

Even though there was an abundance of light just a few moments ago, even the residue of that light is turning to black. With a despair-filled expression, Fraus let out a thin scream from the back of his throat.

“Eat him ― Black Princess Camellia!”

With that voice as a signal, the colors of the world burst into life. The abyss crunched the surrounding light. As if that wasn’t enough, its ferocious jaws bit into the screaming Fraus, forcing the colors of the world into its jaws.

In the blink of an eye, Hiro found himself standing alone in a bloody snowfield.


Hiro took a breath and listened to the sounds around him. The sound of sword fights stifled the pounding in his chest. The shouting would bring him back to reason.

Then he looked around the battlefield and saw Baal creeping away, trying to escape.

“Now, I have a question for you.”

Hiro walked leisurely around in front of Baal, who was trying to escape.

“How did you give that power to the crown prince Fraus?”

“…I can’t let you know.”

Baal grinned and lifted the edge of his mouth, and took off his hood.


Hiro gasped for breath. His face was badly damaged as if he had been tortured. Both of his eyes had been gouged out, and the magic stone on his forehead had also been removed. And, most importantly, Hiro was familiar with that face.

“Are you surprised? Both of my eyes were stolen by the God of War once. It took me a long time to get used to it.”

Yes, he was once known as the demon pillar, one of the kings who ruled the demons that Hiro defeated.

“I’ve lost my magic power, and I’ve survived, slurping up muddy water, thinking only of taking revenge on him.”

Indeed, his magic power was far from its peak, and his body was emaciated and miserably thin.

“A thousand years ago, I lost my country to the God of War, and now my ambitions have been crushed by the hands of his descendant!”

Even though his limbs were pierced, Baal still stood up with his magic bow, the Fail Note, in his hand.

“Let’s settle this! I’ll spit out my thousand-year grudge!”

He fired arrows at a phenomenal speed, but Hiro brushed them off with his hand despite the close range.

And then he tells him.

“It’s nonsense. You can’t be so pathetic as to just cling to the hatred of the past.”

“What the hell do you know?”

Baal boldly attacked without giving up, but then Hiro grabbed his chest and pulled him closer.

“But, if it’s the root of the evil I’ve left behind, I’ll accept it.”

With the same momentum, he pierces Baal’s body with “Heavenly Emperor.”

“Aghhh… Bufuhh ― gnuh!”

Baal strongly clutches Hiro’s shoulder while spewing blood and vomit.

“I-it’s not over! The plan has just begun!”

“Then I’ll eat it all for my own sustenance.”

Hiro pushes Baal away, twists his body, and flashes the Heavenly Emperor.

“Even if I die, it won’t stop――!?”

His head sank into the mire of snow and blood, leaving a trail of fresh blood.

“Looks like it’s over.”

Hiro turned around at the sound of the voice and saw Claudia standing there. As she approached Hiro, she picked up the magic bow Fail Note that had fallen at Baal’s feet.

“With this, I was able to bring back the three magic weapons to the royal family.”

She removed the magic stone from the bow and fitted it into the hollow of the magic sword Auto Claire. With this, the three magic stones and the magic stone left by Rox have now been completed.

Claudia took a glance at the magic sword with a sincere expression and then looked at Hiro sideways.

“This is all thanks to you, Hiro-sama. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the royal family.”

Hiro shrugged his shoulders and did not respond.

“So let’s put an end to this useless conflict.”

Claudia raised her magic sword Auto Claire and stabbed it into the ground with tremendous force. A huge amount of magic power was released towards the ground. Like a spider’s web, cracks gushed around Claudia.


NyX Translation


“The traitor who murdered the king is gone!”

The engaging voice echoed well, cutting through the night air. The wind made the snow dance, creating a fantastic scene, beautifully reflected by the flames created by the burning tents. Everyone gasped and held their hands, watching Claudia closely.

“Further fighting is futile; both sides should put down their weapons!”

Claudia pulled out her magic sword Auto Claire and pointed it at the people who were still fighting. With just that one movement, they stopped moving.

At that moment ― a commotion was created. Because they were frozen in place. Like ice sculptures, they reflected the light from the bonfire, beautifully decorating the snowfield like objects.

“If you still want to continue fighting, I’ll take care of you from here on out.”

The morning sun has risen. Her eyes blaze with a radiance that causes soldiers to drop their weapons and kneel to the ground. Claudia must have the qualities that those who were once called kings possessed ― absolute authority.

Hiro looked at her dazzlingly as if he was thinking of her, then turned away and started walking.

“Wise brother!”


Hiro was so happy to see that the two siblings running from the front were safe that he opened his arms.

“I’m glad you’re both okay. Are you injured?”

“The princess protected me, so I’m not hurt! Is wise brother alright, too?”

“That’s right, even though I may look like a fool, I’m quite confident in my ability to escape.”

“Thanks to you, Munin, we were able to draw the attention of the rebel army to us.”

If it weren’t for him, there’s a chance that Baal, concerned about the Fifth Imperial Army, wouldn’t have moved aggressively.

“No, no, it’s not like that. I just dropped the letter, after all.

Munin scratched the back of his head in embarrassment. Hugin glared at his brother with jealousy.

“Hugin has done well too. It was a dangerous mission, but you achieved the goal.”

Hiro had sent spies into the enemy camp to coordinate with Claudia’s plan for the night attack, and Hugin was one of them. She had an important role to perform by burning the siege weapons and shouting that the enemy was attacking.

“If it weren’t for you two, we would have lost by now.”

I’ll have to reward them when we get back, Hiro thought. Their superior officer, Ghada, would also be pleased.

And Munin and Hugin were dumbfounded when they saw Hiro smiling kindly at them.

“Now, let’s get ready to go back. We have nothing more to do here.”


Hiro smiled and looked up as the two of them spoke pleasantly.

(I don’t know what kind of king she’s going to be, but the Levering Kingdom is about to begin a new chapter in its history.)

The cloudless, sunny sky continued forever. It’s as if the blizzard of yesterday is just a lie, and the sky was clear.

(Rox, I pray that she will create the country you wanted.)

Thinking of his former allies, Hiro quietly formed a smile.


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  1. If that kingdom haven’t yet realized their founder’s dream after a thousand years, there is a little hope for that in the span of a single new ruler’s life.


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