Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 1

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Chapter 2 – Fame

Part 1


“Ain. You will finally set sail tomorrow, won’t you?”

Sylvird said, sitting on the sofa in Olivia’s private room. Looking out on the terrace, the stars spread out, and when looking down, the cityscape of the royal city spreads out like a jewel box turned upside down.

It had been two months since Ain had defeated the Sea Dragon in the summer. With the release of Ain’s house arrest ordered by Sylvird, another appointment was approaching.

“…After all this time, I’m starting to get a little nervous. I hope I can finish my role as a representative safely.”

“Don’t worry, Warren and the others will be with you.”

“I’m glad that Warren-san is coming with me. I have to do my duty…”

The owner of the room, Olivia, is behind the sofa where Ain sat down. She combed her hair after the bath while looking down at the slightly anxious Ain with a kind smile.

“It’s okay. Chris ─ is a bit of a clumsy girl, so I’m a little worried, but she’s also a girl who can do it if she tries.”

Her smile was also just as saintly as Krone’s.

Like Ain, she had just finished taking a bath and was dressed in a thin cloth nightgown that showed the unevenness of her body, and her glamour was as unconcealed as ever.

From Ain’s perspective, it was a little embarrassing.

“Warren will take care of the details of the business meeting, so it won’t be a problem. That’s why you should never act alone, away from Chris… so you don’t go out of control like you did with the Sea Dragon.”

“I-I won’t…!”

“Ara ara, it’s Ain we’re talking about.”

“Hahaha! It would be nice if you could keep a low profile for a while!”

Olivia smiles elegantly, and Sylvird laughs heartily at Ain’s desperation.

When he thought about it, this family reunion time would be put on hold for a while.

“It’s the first time I’ve been away from the castle for more than a few days.”


“Ain, are you okay? You don’t have to go if you don’t want to, you know?”

“…Olivia. Don’t say such a thing in front of me.”

“Fufu, of course it’s a joke.”

Olivia answered with a smile, but Ain was sure of one thing.

(If I don’t like it, my mother will take care of it.)

So much so that her supremacy over Ain is unstoppable. Although he had no intention of using her feelings to slack off, the affection she showed him was warm and comforting.

“Have a safe trip, Ain.”

“Yes. Leave it to me.”

The conversation lasted longer than usual that day. The small amount of loneliness that the three of them shared was proof that the family love they had accumulated was not a lie.

The following day, Ain woke up a few hours earlier than usual and set out to the port of the royal capital. He boards the White King, the exclusive ship of the King of Ishtalika, which is more massive than any other battleship…


◇ ◇ ◇


Here in Euro, the cold wind is blowing through the sea as winter approaches. Especially since the Duke’s castle faces the sea, the cold sea breeze pierced the skin.

Standing near the anchorage, the leader of Euro, Duke Amur, paid no heed to the cold and listened to the voice of his aide, Edward, standing next to him.

“Good gracious… Duke Amur. I never imagined it would be that amazing.”

“I-Is that really something that was built by human beings…?”

Three battleships docked at the anchorage. On the opposite side of the cape from the castle, another Ishtalika ship is already anchored. The three ships are more than twice as big as the castle, and the battleship in the middle is even bigger and more beautiful.

“Especially the large battleship… what a magnificent sight.”

“That’s probably the renowned King Ishtalika’s ship… the White King.”

The White King is a silvery-white battleship with not a single blemish that exposes the enormous battleships that are almost twice as long as the average battleship.

Compared to the castle that Duke Amur himself lives in, the size is not only comparable but even surpasses it. The weapons mounted in almost every direction are so overwhelming that one would think they could bring down an entire country with just one ship.

“E-Ed! Is there anything wrong with my appearance? Do I look disrespectful?”

“No, not at all. They are from a country that prides itself on its high culture. As long as we sincerely convey our thoughts to them, they will not be upset.”

Edward admonished Duke Amur, who forgot his position and was on the edge of his seat. Duke Amur was too busy trying not to lose his mind over the overwhelming strength of Ishtalika.

Then, suddenly, there was a loud whistle sound. The whistle sounded from the huge battleships anchored on both sides of the White King, and as if on cue, well-dressed knights emerged from the two battleships and, in an orderly fashion, walked down the ramp to the ground.

They made their way across the ramp to the White King’s cabin.

“…That must be the Royal Knight of Ishtalika, the highest knight order in the unified nation of Ishtalika. The control they have is nothing short of magnificent.”

“If they invade at this moment, my castle will fall in an instant…”

“What are you talking about, Duke Amur?”

Edward laughed at the joke with such an attitude.

“Mm, t…that’s right. It will just take a second to fall…”

“As soon as the battleship approaches, the battle is as good as over.”

Duke Amur’s shoulders slumped at Edward’s words, but this is true. Three of the best battleships in Ishtalika, equipped with numerous turrets and magical tools. So, whether they try to fight it or not, it’s already settled.

While the two of them were talking about this, four people descended from the White King. They walked among the royal knights and made their way to Duke Amur and the others.

“Duke Amur. Please be more resolute.”


He felt his heartbeat louder and louder as he saw them coming towards him step by step. He was so nervous that tens of seconds felt like hours, but finally, Warren stood within the range of his voice.

“It’s nice to meet you. My name is Warren. I serve as the Prime Minister of Ishtalika.”

“I… I’m Amur von Euro. The ruler of this country.”

“Warren-sama. Your name is also heard here in Euro. My name is Edward, and I have no family name. I am an old soldier who has been in service to Duke Amur since I was a child.”

“Oh! So you are Ed-dono. I am honored to receive your praise. I know your name well. The other day, you won a tournament where the fiercest fighters on the continent gathered.”

Edward’s eyebrows twitched for a moment. He was surprised that he had such a good grasp of his vassal’s information, even though it was from a distant continent.

“I thought it was because our guardian deity had given me the power to do so.”

“I see, it’s good to have an object of faith.”

Then Warren gave way.

“I don’t want to waste too much time on this conversation. Let me introduce you to someone… This is His Royal Highness Crown Prince Ain, who is here on behalf of His Majesty King Sylvird.”

Ain is wearing his usual crown prince attire. But today, he is also wearing a cloak embroidered with the royal family’s emblem.

“It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Ain von Ishtalika. I have come to Euro on behalf of His Majesty. I hope that this meeting will be fruitful.”

Although he was still a child, the way he said it without stammering was dignified. These were the fruits of Warren’s guidance.

By the time they arrived here today, Warren had told Ain. There is no need to have a dialogue from a completely superior perspective. But it is also not necessary to be completely equal.

He asked him to act as if he were a little bit higher in position, if only slightly.

When Ain greeted them earlier, Duke Amur and Edward caught a glimpse of a high level of education that wasn’t just being taught.

“Umu, I too am grateful to have met Your Highness Ain. Now, if you don’t want to stay too long in a place like this, we’ll take you to the castle.”

Thus began a face-to-face meeting between Ishtalika and Euro. Ain was relieved that the greeting had been completed without incident, and Chris and Warren, who were standing beside him, praised his behavior in a quiet voice.

Ain and the others followed the Euro’s people who were walking in front of them.

Suddenly, Chris stopped and opened her mouth.


She looked in the direction of the castle town of Euro and stopped.

The cityscape, looking up at the gray sky, looked nothing like anywhere else in Ishtalika. Ishtalika boasts a beautiful cityscape built with sophisticated technology.

Here in Euro, the streets are somewhat wild, with houses made of rude stone carved out of rock, and every home has a few domestic animals. At the end of the street leading out of the castle town, there was a stone wall, indicating that it was a defense against outside enemies.

So Chris turned her eyes to the further end of the street.

“Um, Chris-san? Is there something wrong?”

“N-no, sorry. I just felt the presence of a horse running at full speed.”

“A horse?”

Ain tilted his head.

“Probably some kind of training in the Duchy of Euro. This country has a thriving equestrian scene.”

The two of them nodded at Warren’s words, thinking that might be the case. Whatever it was, it was probably not a big problem.

Everyone followed Duke Amur and the others in front of them, and Ain and the others stepped into Euro Castle.


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