Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Prologue

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For the past few days, all of Ishtalika has been buzzing with joy. The reason for this was the outstanding achievement of the crown prince, Ain, who had defeated the second most damaging calamity after the demon king: the sea dragon.

The raiding party headed for the port town of Magna ahead of Ain and defeated one of the sea dragons in a desperate battle. However, there was another sea dragon. The heavily exhausted team was ready to be annihilated.

But then Ain appeared and succeeded in defeating the other sea dragon in a one-on-one battle. He also saved the life of Chris, who was in command at the scene and returned to the royal capital with dignity.

It was a few days after Ain’s return.

“But don’t you think it’s a little bit pathetic… that Ain-kun doesn’t get any reward at all?”

It was Queen Laralua who said this in front of three men. One was her husband, the king, Sylvird. Another was Lloyd, the former marshal, and the third was Warren, the Prime Minister.

“So, because of your position as king, you can’t give him a reward, huh?”

What Ain has accomplished is just as brave as the first king. The only problem is that Ain did not respect his status as the crown prince and went against Sylvird’s orders before he accomplished it.

But still, Laralua is not entirely convinced that Ain is not rewarded.

“U-umu… But, this is not something that can be forgiven, even if it is from the royal family.”

“With all due respect, Your Majesty. This Lloyd also understands what her highness said, the heroic Ain-sama did indeed work arbitrarily. But he has accomplished so much.”

Lloyd, the former marshal, said following Laralua.

“Yes. As Lloyd-dono said, the people may be dissatisfied.”

“I understand that. But…”

“Hey, dear. ──When Ein-kun made his triumphant return to the royal capital, what was it that he was on?”

“It’s obvious. It’s Princess Olivia*.”

[T/n: It’s the name of one of Ishtalika’s Battleship.]

“Why is that? Why Princess Olivia?”

“I don’t know why, but it’s probably for the best. He couldn’t use my ship, and Princess Olivia was on Magna.”

So what? Sylvird says to Laralua with a twinkle in his eye.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to fix your incomprehension. I don’t know why this happens when it involves our family…”

The woman, who usually stands up for her husband, has a lighter demeanor now that there are only those who are familiar with her here.

“Warren, you understand this, don’t you?”

“Of course. It’s probably because Ain-sama doesn’t have his own ship.”

“Yes. That’s why this is just the right time.”

A private ship is what the country gave. There is no guarantee that something like this will not happen again. Her suggestion was not a bad one.

“He’s a hero for saving so many lives. It is only natural for the country to reward him for saving so many lives. Am I wrong?”

“Mm-hmm… Yes, you’re right… As you said. Now let’s get to the matter at hand…”

“Dear, will you let me handle this?”

“Tell me what you have in mind first. It’s not good for my heart.”

“We’ve got two good things this time, don’t we?”

“…Laralua-sama, you can’t be serious.”

Warren looked at Laralua with surprise.

“We can use one of the sea dragons as a whole. We will create a masterpiece that will become the symbol of our Ishtalika in the future. We will build a ship that will surpass your White King.”

“My lord… I didn’t expect this.”

“There are two of them, so why not use one of them for Ain, the one who defeated it? I’m not complaining about your ruling. It’s just that this is this and that is that.”

The women of the royal family of Ishtalika have been strong for generations. This queen, Laralua, was no exception to this tradition.

“So.. let’s name the new battleship like this.”

──Leviathan, the sea dragon ship. That was the name she gave it.

“It will be a ship worthy of a hero, Your Majesty.”

“Umu… not bad. I’m beginning to feel the same way.”


◇ ◇ ◇


At the same time, at the port of the royal capital. Two corpses of sea dragons had been lying there for the past few days in a place that was usually occupied by many marine products.

“Graff-sama, it seems the dismantling of the head has been completed!”

“Good work. Now, on to the next…”

Graff August. He no longer uses the family name Augusto and lives in Ishtalika.

The reason for his presence in the port has to do with his current job. It’s no exaggeration to say that he was in charge of all land transportation in Heim and was once known as the trade master.

The August Trading Company was established with the royal family’s investment based on his abilities. It is an up-and-coming business association that is expanding its scale around the royal capital and is involved in the transportation of sea dragons this time as well.

At the moment, he is working hard at the port with his old servant, who he calls old man.

“That’s quite a big empty magic stone! To defeat a monster with such a thing, His Royal Highness the crown prince must be very impressive!”

“The future looks bright! Now let’s do the next one!”

Listening to the lively voices of the workers, Graff looked around the workshop.

And then…

“Graff-sama! Graff-sama!”

“Mm… is there something wrong?”

A worker from the trade association called Graff.

“There’s something I need you to confirm…”

“Oh, okay. I’ll leave this to you, old man.”


Leaving the worksite to the old man, Graff went to check on things.

He arrived at a dock right next to the coast, where the belly of a sea dragon was still in the process of being dismantled.

“I apologize for calling you on such short notice. Chairman.”

“No problem. What’s going on?”

The worker pointed to the pier, where there were two large pale blue balls.

“They were taken from around the belly of the sea dragon. …They’re moving inside.”

Suddenly, Graff’s complexion changed to look exactly like the pale blue balls.

“Could it be the eggs?”

“Perhaps. I’ve asked you to come because we can’t make any further judgments.”

“…I can’t determine what it is either.”

Can it be destroyed without permission? But he also couldn’t take responsibility if the item was valuable. After much deliberation, Graff ordered the old man to send a man from the August Trading Company to the castle as a messenger.

A few tens of minutes later, they arrived in a larger group than Graff had imagined.

“Graff-dono. I’ve received a call from you. Is this egg… genuine?”

“Lloyd-dono. Yeah, I’m having a hard time deciding. I’d like you to check it out.”

The first to dismount from his horse was Lloyd, followed by Ain and Chris.

Lloyd, who had already become Sylvird’s personal bodyguard, had come because of the situation. His equipment is truly a sight to behold, and he has an aura that overwhelms anyone just by being near him, giving off an intimidating feeling that anyone can tell at a glance that this is the man who has been the marshal of Ishtalika for many years.

“…So this is the egg of the sea dragon.”

No matter how much of an egg it is, it’s a sea dragon. All the knights, led by Lloyd, drew their swords and strengthened their vigilance.

Without any notice, a single crack appeared in the egg.

“──Lloyd-sama! It seems that the egg is about to hatch…!?”

“Oh! I know! No matter what happens, don’t let them get close to Ain-sama!”

“Certainly! So, please stand back, Ain-sama.”

“I know… I’m not going to push myself today.”

Ain was in Olivia’s room, but Chris had told him about it, and he had forced himself to follow her.

In the meantime, the crack in the shell spread to the whole area.

“Pi… pii!”

The eggs cracked open, revealing two small sea dragons. Their pale, shining bodies are the very essence of sea dragons. They look cute as they check their bodies with their fins, and they are about one meter long. The body is thick, and the neck and tail are long.

It looked like something like Nessie in Ain’s previous life.

“Eh, Chris-san? You’re going to kill those two, too?”

“Of course. …In fact, why shouldn’t we take them out?”

Even as they were talking, Lloyd approached the sea dragon twins with his sword at the ready. The twins leaned closer and threatened Lloyd with a high-pitched voice and then backed away, their bodies trembling.

“They don’t have parents anymore… and I’ve absorbed their parents magic stones. Hmm… there’s a bad aftertaste to all this.”

“U-um. Ain-sama? What are you thinking about?”

“I’ll explain it to Chris-san later. ──Lloyd-san, wait a minute.”

When Lloyd heard the voice, he stopped without looking back.

“What do you need?”

“You’re going to kill those twins because they’re dangerous, aren’t you?”

“That is correct. It is to prevent them from becoming an obstacle to Ishtalika in the future.”

“Hey. It’s not common in the royal capital, but it happens in other cities. For example, the Flying Dragon Service.”

There are several cities in Ishtalika that use monsters. It is said that monsters that are tamed from a very young age listen well to their owners and grow up to be obedient.

“Chris-san, follow me.”

Chris couldn’t stop Ain, who suddenly started walking, so she did as she was told and followed him.

Seeing Ain approaching, two sea dragons shouted “pii pii” and came closer.


NyX Translation


“Ah, I figured it.”

While watching the behavior of the adorable twins, Ain said what he noticed.

“I’m like a parent to them, you know? It’s not like I’m imprinted on them or anything.”

As expected, the twins can sense the presence of the sea dragon in Ain’s body. Since Dullahan’s wife noticed the existence of the magic stone, it is not strange that the sea dragon is the same.

“Hey, Lloyd-san. How easy is it to kill these two?”

“…I can kill them in one breath.”

“Chris-san, too? Will Dill can manage it, too?”

“I think so, no problem. From the looks of it, the royal knights should be able to take them out without any problem.”

When Lloyd said there was no problem, Ain started to think.

“So you can manage it at least for one day?”

“It’s not a problem at that extent, but… what are you going to do?”

Lloyd relented. With that, Ain smiled with a sense of superiority, as if he had won.

“There’s a price to pay in these situations. You know, the one where you have to ask if you can keep the animal you found?”

Ain smirked and thought of Sylvird’s face in the castle.

“Can I keep them? Well, that’s when someone have to ask their father first. …In my case, it’s my grandfather.”

Lloyd stiffened with his mouth wide open, and next to Ain, Chris held her head.

It is said that the sight of the twins taking advantage of Lloyd to approach Ain and indulge in him was a scene so full of charm that the surrounding knights could not help but think that it was inevitable.

It didn’t take long for Sylvird to give permission to keep the sea dragons.


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