Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 4 Chapter 3 Part 1

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Chapter 3 – The Encounter Between The Flame Emperor And The Ice Emperor

Part 1


The former de jure territory in the southwestern part of Felzen is an odd combination of wilderness and plains. The reason why it took on this appearance goes back to the previous King of Felzen.

The King of Felsen at the time wanted to acquire the spirit stones in order to compete with the Grantz Empire, and this led to large-scale development of the land. However, the intense cold wind blowing from the Travant Mountains killed the trees and plants that had been planted, and the land became a desolate place where spirits could not come near.

The people left the land as if they were driven out, but instead, they were replaced by monsters. As a result, the west side of the old de jure territory became overrun with monsters, which began to make the Travant Mountains their home, descending the mountains and attacking the neighboring villages at night.

Eventually, the scope of the monsters’ activities extended to the east, and the country, realizing the seriousness of the situation, took serious action and built Fort Mitte. Fort Mitte has such a long history, but now that the Felzen Kingdom has fallen, it is managed by the Grantz Empire.

It was November 14th of the 1023rd year of the Imperial Calendar.

When the sun was pointing to the open sky, a fierce battle was taking place in Fort Mitte. The remnants of the Felzen Army surrounded the area on all sides, and fierce attacks were being repeated.

As the rain of arrows poured down from Mitte, the Felzen remnants were beginning to ascend vigorously using ladders while raising their shields above their heads. However, the walls of Fort Mitte were high, and the gates were thick and solid, as it had been built for the purpose of fighting monsters.

Therefore, it would not fall with a half-hearted attack. Unless it were attacked with full force, it would be easily bounced back. However, it is also true that some things don’t add up with that explanation.

In fact, the fact that Fort Mitte functions as a strong fort is made possible by the brain of a genius general.

The upper part of the main gate of Fort Mitte ― the breastworks there is equipped with a small tower. It would have been used as a watchtower in normal times, but now it was being used as the headquarters of the Grantz Army.

“There are too many wounded for us to handle on our own. Isn’t there any unit that has an extra hand?”

“We’ve got our hands full! If you need bandages, tear up some cloth or something and use it instead!”

There was a flurry of soldiers moving around. They were trying their best not to waste time.

In the midst of this bleak atmosphere, a fresh-looking, handsome young man came running in.

“Aura-sama! There’s a banner calling for reinforcements from the western wall!”

A rough voice came to the ears of the girl standing in front of the desk.

“No need to rush, Lord Spitz.”

The sharp gaze from her leaden eyes pierced Spitz.

Her expression is so devoid of the subtlety of emotion that a third party would get the impression that she is very cold. However, the way her bangs are trimmed just above her eyebrows makes her look dainty. Her eyes are large and petite, making her look like a small animal, which makes people want to protect her.

One man said that she was a miracle, an angel at seventeen.

Her name was Treya Luzandi Aura von Bunadhara.

With her unparalleled intelligence, she has attained the rank of brigadier general at a young age and is called the “War Maiden” by the soldiers in honor of the “God of War.”

She is the most promising girl in the Bunadhara family, one of the top five families in the Grantz Empire.

“Send in a reserve unit to the west wall. The east wall is also in danger, so reinforcements are needed as well.”

“Very well!”

Spitz is running away. Aura looked down at the map spread out on the desk beside her.

It is a map that shows the details of Fort Mitte. On top of that, several pawns were lined up to look like troops. And from the small tower built into the upper breastwork of the main gate, she could see the walls on all sides and determine where reinforcements were needed.

“…..We should still be able to hold out.”

To tell the truth, the path of this battle was not clear. It would not be like the previous battles. It was like a winding maze, and it was impossible to see beyond it.

And yet…

“…I’m not going to whine about it.”

The aides and soldiers are relying on Aura. As a superior officer, there’s no way she can say she can’t protect them or that it’s impossible. She borrowed the name of the “God of War” above all. As long as she carries the title “War Maiden” on her back, she can never do anything to stain the reputation of the God of War.


Aura reached out her nervous, trembling little hand to the book on the desk. The book is called “The Book of Black,” and it contains the life story of the second emperor.


NyX Translation


Her father had given it to her as a birthday gift when she was a child. Since then, she has been reading it continuously. She carried it with her wherever she went. Whenever she felt lost, in pain, or wanted to cry, she continued to read it. She is proud to say that she is the only person in this world who knows the Second Emperor so thoroughly. Aura closed her eyes and took a few deep breaths, hoping to get a little help from him to relieve her tension.

“──My mind is clear, and my thoughts are flexible.”

These were the words that the second emperor Schwartz used to say when he felt uneasy. According to the Book of Black, it was said that he received it from someone else, but the person is a mystery. It is said that it was his educator or that the first emperor muttered it on the spur of the moment to ease his tension. In other words, there are many theories.

It was interesting, Aura thought, but she wasn’t in a situation to think about it. She decided to end her thoughts and opened her eyes. She looked at her hands and saw that they had stopped shaking. The tension seemed to have dissipated considerably. Aura clasped her hands repeatedly in satisfaction and tapped her chest several times.

“Yes, I’m fine.”

Nodding as if to herself, she looked at the walls on all sides and moved the pieces on the map.

“Lord Spitz.”

“I’m here!”

“Reinforce the south wall. Send in two reserve units.”

“Ha, I’ll get word to them right away!”

In the midst of this chaos and confusion, a man was lying face down under his desk with a frightened look on his face.

It was the Felzen Regional Governor, Booze von Krone. As his title suggests, he was the man in charge of governing the Felzen region.

Originally, he was in the service of the Felzen royal family, but on the condition that he was added to the ranks of the five great noble families of the Krone family, he turned to the Grantz Empire and brought about the collapse of the Felzen royal family from within. But when the resistance of the Felzen remnants became fierce, he forgot about his post and fled from the royal capital to take refuge under Aura.

Booze stood up as he crawled out from under his desk, watching his surroundings.

“Lord Bunadhara. When will the relief come? Will this fort be able to hold out until then?”

Aura frowned, annoyed by the series of questions.

“Shut up.”


Booze was taken aback by the way the girl, who was twice younger than him, treated him roughly. Aura ignored his reaction and moved one of the pieces from the center to the east wall and called Spitz.

“Next, put a section of the army on the east wall.”

Aura had poured all of her knowledge into this siege. Whenever there was a gap in her knowledge, she read the literature or consulted past military history to fill in the gaps. With all this work, there was no way she could take time to rest. It can be said that Aura has not slept properly for the past couple of days.

Of course, her aides were concerned and suggested that she take a nap at least. However, their advice was not heard.

Aura’s nerves had been sharpened, and she had put all her energy into the battle.

“It should be fine for a while.”

“A-are you sure it’s safe? The enemy’s attacks are only increasing! Hyii!?”

Booze cried out, but the sound of arrows fired by the enemy startled him, and he cowered.

“You’re noisy. It’s safer in the courtyard than here. Get out.”

“Y-yes, I will do that.”

Booze said, unsteadily making his way to the exit. It was then that a chill went through Aura’s back.


Aura approached the peephole in the small tower and looked down at the ground. She could see that the enemy had stopped attacking and was beginning to distance themselves from Fort Mitte. And everyone was throwing their gaze to the sky in unison. Aura was also caught and sent her gaze to the sky as well.

“No way…”

An eerie black cloud was swirling and spreading rapidly in the sky above. It bottoms out the sun in the blink of an eye. What the heck is going on…? She felt a sense of disgust, but there was nothing she could do about the weather. Aura had been staring up at the sky in a daze, but the rumbling of thunder brought her back to her senses.

“I have to do what I can now.”

This is not the time to be confused by mysterious phenomena. Aura tried to rethink her plan for the future since the enemy had gone to the trouble of retreating, and she couldn’t let it go to waste.

She tried to walk to the desk but failed.


――The desk shattered with a crash.

A single blue spear was sticking out of the dusty place. Aura was stunned, and as she approached the spear, she tilted her head and extended her hand.

“Aura-sama! Please get down!”

At the same time, an urgent voice was delivered, but as if to paint it over, a roaring sound deafened her.

No ― it’s too warm to be described as a sound, but it’s a shock that almost blows away her body.

Aura felt as if she were trapped in weightlessness. The next thing she knew, a ringing in her ears sounded in her head. It was at this moment that she realized that she had fallen.

In her blurry vision, an ice spear was piercing through the soldiers, killing them. At their feet, some of them seemed to have lost their breath or were not moving at all. The only difference between Aura and the others is that they have large holes in their abdomen and are bleeding profusely…

As she was thinking of something else, a familiar face popped into her field of vision.

“Aura-sama! Stay with me, please!”

It was Spitz. He was also bleeding from his shoulder as if he too was injured. He seemed to be desperately trying to appeal for something, but it didn’t reach Aura’s ears.

Aura didn’t know what she was doing or where she was because it had become vague. Just when she was beginning to think that it was okay to let go of her consciousness, an object jumped into Aura’s sight. It was the Book of Black, which she had carried around with her since she was a child.

(Stupid me. What am I thinking?)

Aura stretched out her arms toward the book as if she was trying to regain a part of herself.

(I need to be strong…)

When her fingertips finally touched the corner of the book, she felt as if her vision was clearing from a thin haze. She could clearly hear the shouting, the screams, and the mixed emotions.

“Aura-sama! Please hold on!”

“…It’s all right. Thank you for your concern.”

Aura stood up after telling Spitz that, hugging her book carefully. When she did, her petite body tilted, and she almost fell. But Aura put all her strength into her legs and held on, leaning against the wall with her hands.

“Aura-sama, you have hit your head hard. You should not move.”

Spitz desperately pleaded with her to rest, but Aura shook her head.

“I’d rather check the damage quickly and watch out for enemy movement.”

If they attacked in this situation, Fort Mitte would surely fall. While holding her aching head, Aura gave precise instructions to Spitz and the rest of her entourage.

“Bring lightly damaged reserve troops to the four walls, evacuate the wounded to the walls and then treat them, and if there are not enough doctors, have the lightly wounded help with treatment, and bring new desks and maps.”

The aides, including Spitz, were taken aback by the rapid succession of orders. Aura clapped her hands and appealed to them with her leaden eyes to hurry up and go, and they came to their senses and began to move in a hurry as if they were scattering spiders.

Aura then looked around the small tower and then caught sight of a man and pointed her index finger at him.

“…That noisy one there is distracting me. Get him out.”

Aura pointed to the figure of Booze, who had lost an arm and was rolling around.


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