Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 2 Part 4

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Part 4


Fortunately, Grint seems to be well grown, and the difference in size between him and Dill is not too great. When he thought back to the time when Ain was living in the Roundheart household, Grint had grown up with a strong sense of confidence, relying heavily on his ability as a Holy Knight.

Even after Ain’s departure, Logas continued to train him, and now he was a promising knight with the strength to defeat even adult knights.


A while later, they moved to the training grounds of Euro Castle. The sound of many sword fights, and the sight of a person falling in the middle of a cloud of dust caused Warren to let out a few words with a serious expression.

“I didn’t expect this.”

He rubbed his beard in a somewhat uncomfortable gesture and opened his eyes wider than usual.

“Yes, I’m surprised, too.”

Chris followed with an exclamation. In contrast, Ain, who was standing next to her, had been quietly watching the battle, but as soon as he heard a sword being flicked, he let out a breath.

He wiped the sweat that had somehow appeared on his forehead with a handkerchief and moved his lips excitedly.

“Chris-san, Dill is really strong, isn’t he?”

“He seems to have improved his skills a lot. Originally, Dill was one of the best talents in Ishtalika, but his recent growth has been remarkable.”

Ahead of Ein and the others’ gazes, there is the figure of Grint, whose body has been knocked down and a sword has been put to his neck. And then there was Dill, standing right in front of Grint with a sword in his hand.

Dill’s elegant swordsmanship had become even more skillful. All of Grint’s attacks were blocked, and Grint was knocked off his feet and fell to the ground.

Seeing this scene, Tigre said in a loud tone.

“Grint! What are you doing!”


When Dill looked at Warren’s face, Warren nodded back as if he was troubled.

“──Then, let’s do it again.”

Although unwilling, Dill took a distance from Grint and took a stance.

As soon as Grint stood up, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. Soon, a blinding light enveloped his entire body for a moment, and the next moment it melted into his body.

“Game on.”

When Grint says this, the people of Heim are excited. As if in response to their expectations, Grint prepared his body deeply for Dill. Then he stepped in hard and closed the distance.

Using the power of the Holy Knight that he was born with, he swung his sword to defeat the Dill standing in front of him.

“…I’m always up for a good show.”

Dill kicked off with a sarcastic remark.

The answer may also have upset him too. Grint doesn’t even try to hide his exasperation, his expression is distorted, his face is lightly inflamed, and he swings his sword down. Unlike before, the sword itself was bathed in light, and the afterimage of the swinging sword shimmered in white.

Everyone could feel the air shaking, but Dill calmly held his sword at his side. Dill’s movements were definitely on the back foot.

“You couldn’t keep up with my speed, could you?”

Grint smirked.

“No, that’s not it. I just noticed it when I saw you step in.”

Dill’s sword came into contact with Grint with minimal movement.

“The power of the Holy Knight seems strong, but as a sword wielder, I have an overwhelming advantage.”

Even if he had used the power of the Holy Knight from the beginning, the difference in the skills they had developed was obvious.

Dill’s sword whirled backwards and overlapped with Grint’s sword before it reached his body.

“Wha ─ Y-you!?”

The next thing he knew, Dill and his body were passing each other.

“I’ve been training with Lloyd, the strongest knight in Ishtalika, every day. In order for me to eventually become the best knight for Ain-sama. So I am different from you who are only relying on the power of the Holy Knight!”

The two people who passed each other stopped moving. The sound of the armor that Grint was wearing falling to the ground broke the silence that came.

After a metallic clang, everyone looked at the armor and saw that the clasp had been cut in half. Needless to say, it was not by chance, but by Dill’s sword.


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In the face of the overwhelming difference in power, Grint himself fell to his knees.

Dill moved away from Grint, who was almost out of strength and could no longer even stand. He went straight to Ain and approached him.

“Ain-sama. I dedicate this victory to Ain-sama.”

Dill smiled as he said this.

“I hope he now regrets his insult to Ain-sama.”

“I don’t think he would, despite it being his own brother.”

“Haha… I’m sorry to hear that.”

Then Ain congratulated Dill for his hard work. Dill lifted one cheek in embarrassment as he was congratulated on a fine battle.

“But that man is no better than our royal knights, though I’m sure he’s quite capable. It’s as if he possesses the highest power for a sword wielder.”

“Huh? Isn’t the highest peak a Heavenly Knight?”

Dill says, shaking his head.

“The Heavenly Knight is almost like a self-destruct, so… you can ask my father about it later.”

“Hmm, okay.”

He decided he would ask for more information about the reason next time.

Warren, who smiled softly, clapped lightly and suggested.

“I’m thrilled to have seen you fight so well… Now, it’s time for us to head back to the ship.”

Warren said in a relaxed tone and then turned to Duke Amur.

“I think it would be best if we break up for the day, don’t you?”

“U-umu. I think so too. However, His Highness Ain’s bodyguards are still young, but he is very skillful.”

The exchange between the two was overridden by Tigre and Grint, but that wasn’t the point for those who were being overruled. He was so shocked because his bodyguard, Grint, whom he had absolute confidence in, was defeated effortlessly that he had no time to pay attention to other things.

But then, Warren dared to leave a little something behind.

“Speaking of which, Tigre-dono. There’s something I’ve forgotten about Lady Krone.”

“What? I knew you had some information for me.”

He no longer has the time to worry about being called ‘dono’ now that he has more important things to hear.

“Then tell me what kind of information it was!”

“I guess it’s because of my age. I’ve lost track of Lady Krone. I apologize for forgetting about Lady Krone, even though I knew her very well.”

“…You know her very well?”

“I’ll send you the paperwork today with the details. Is that alright with you?”

“Yes! Of course!”

“Great. I’ll send a messenger later.”

With a satisfied smile on his face, Warren bowed lightly to Tigre and set off on his way back to the White King.

“Warren-san. What are you going to tell that third prince?”

“Ah right… Besides being an important resource in Ishtalika now, I think it’s safe to add that she’s very close to Ain-sama as well.”

Sigh… I hope you don’t mean that differently.”

Chris and Dill laughed, and the royal knights created a friendly atmosphere as well.

Heim’s group will stay at Euro Castle on this day.

At night, a messenger came from Warren, and when Tigre received the report, he first doubted his eyes, then looked at it again and rolled it up as hard as he could.

No way, that’s impossible. And.

Finally, he shouted, “You’ve gotta be kidding meeeeee…!” He shouted in a loud voice.




It was in the morning a few days after Ain arrived in Euro. In the castle’s courtyard in the royal capital of Ishtalika, there were two women elegantly enjoying a cup of tea. One was Olivia, and the other was Krone.

Then Martha appears with a letter.

“Excuse me. You have received a letter from Ain-sama, who is traveling to Euro, and a report from Warren-sama… Would you like to see it?”

The two of them had been wondering how Ain was doing for the past few days.

Without hesitation, they received the two from Martha.

“Well then. Please call me if you need anything else.”

“Thank you. Martha.”

There were two letters, one for Olivia and one for Krone. They separated the letters and opened the envelope containing the report from Warren. As soon as they looked through it, Olivia smiled and asked Krone.

“Krone-san. What kind of person is this third prince? I’ve never met him before when I was in Heim.”

“…He’s the man who doesn’t bend the values that he’s cultivated through, and who pursues what he’s obsessed with until he achieves it.”

“Does that mean he’s a persistent man?”

“Y-yes. If I had to describe him in one word, it would be… as you said.”

Olivia, unable to say another word, reaches for her cup of tea. She took a sip and calmed down, then took another sip and felt sorry for Krone when she was in Heim.

“It says here that you were going to become a queen…”

“In Heim, the word of the royal family takes precedence over everything else. If that’s the case, then I think he was a definite candidate.”

“A ─ Arara.”

“By the way, Olivia-sama. Warren-sama seems to have given him a very hard time.”

“Fufu. We don’t have diplomatic relations with Heim anymore. I don’t care about it because it’s a country that has nothing to do with my beloved Ishtalika.”

At those words, Krone thought to herself. She doesn’t think Olivia will ever be in a situation where she basically hates someone. It would just be indifference. She just genuinely loses interest about it, like an ant on the side of the road.

──Even if Grint, her former family member, is there, she is not interested.

“And that’s just rude. It’s rude to steal a girl who is going to be a bride in someone else’s house. No, I think it was the third prince who said the words first. No, but you refused once, so it’s invalid.”

“U-uh… Olivia-sama?”

“It’s okay. As long as Krone-san is thinking about Ain, that’s all that matters.”

Hearing those words, Krone’s cheeks involuntarily flushed red.

“You’re a little embarrassed, aren’t you, Krone-san?”

Then, without saying a word, she nodded her head. Her bangs hid her eyes, as if to express her embarrassment.

“Now, shall we continue with the tea party?”


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