Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 3 Part 3

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Part 3


It had been almost a month since Ain had woken up. It’s spring, the busy time of year before moving on to the next grade, but this year was even busier than before.

First of all, about the things in the academy. Ain took the exams that he had been putting off and succeeded in keeping his place in the class. Afterward, he exchanged words with his friends for the first time in a while.

They all pointed out the fact that Ain was using a wheelchair, but he assured them that it was because he got injured during his six months of official duties.

He began rehabilitation, but his recovery was so fast that those around him were surprised, and Ain expected that Elder Lich had done something to help him.

After recovering to the point where he could walk on his own, Ain left the castle and walked to a certain building.

“Hey, Krone.”

“…Hey. Don’t just hey me like that.”

This is her house in the castle town, the home of the August Trading Company.

Ain suddenly came without any appointment and said, “Hey,” which is very uncomfortable for Krone.

The day Ain woke up after half a year, she came to the castle that day. She hugged him with tears in her eyes, the same reaction as Chris and Olivia. She was also at home today, though, because Ain said he was taking a break from rehab.

“Geez… It’s because I would have done something better with my hair before I met Ain…”

She was a little frustrated, but she couldn’t hide the happiness on her face.

Ain then took her hand with a wry smile.

“Hey. Let’s go on a date.”



It’s springtime, and the weather outside is warm and sunny with a calm sky. In other words, it was a perfect day for a date. They walked through a deserted area and arrived at a corner of the port a little while later.

“Kyaa… Geez, you can’t just splash the water on me now, you know?”



In response to Krone’s words, the twin sea dragons bowed their heads.

“Well, it’s comforting.”

As he said this, Ain was sitting on a wooden box placed on the dock.

“Hey, Ain? We are supposed to be on a date, right? So why are you a little distance away from me?”

“Watching Krone play with the twins was really soothing, after all.”

“I-I see… But no, you have to take care of me properly, too.”

“I know, my lady. …Ups.”

Ain stood up and approached Krone, and the two naturally exchanged smiles.

Speaking of which, As expected from a monster. The twins’ growth rate is extraordinary. However, there is another reason for their growth speed.

A certain person was amusingly giving the twins a lot of magic stones. The price ranged from as low as 1,000 Gs to over 50,000 Gs for the more expensive ones.

However, it seems that the culprit didn’t expect them to grow to this level and said, “It’s more than I expected-nya! But I can’t stop it-nya!” It was still fresh in Ain’s mind.

“By the way, you’ve really grown up, haven’t you?”



“Your voices are cute, but your bodies can’t be considered as cute anymore.”

El and Al. The two sea dragons have already reached five meters in length. They are capable of fighting very well even now, and they hunt the small monsters that live in the seas around them and occasionally bring materials as souvenirs.

They rarely bring back sea crystals, which is a souvenir that should not be ignored.

“Both of them can come back to the castle through the canal now, but it’s going to be harder soon.”

“Yes. I wonder if that makes their father, Ain, sad? In the castle, we can see them quickly, but here it will take a little longer.”

“W-well, it’s best for them to grow up, isn’t it?”

“They are so attached to you. I wonder if they’ll come rushing to Ain if you’re in danger?”

Krone giggles and her smile at Ain is as dainty as her age, while she exudes an elegance that no town girl can match.

“…So, what are you going to do now?”

“What is it?”

Krone, who was patting the head of the sea dragon, turned around with her beautiful light blue hair swept away.

Sigh… Jeez. Do you think I don’t know that? I’m going to be very angry, you know?”

Even with a pout on her face, she still has the same dainty appearance.

“What would I do if I were to turn completely into a monster?”

“You are not going to do anything about it, are you?”


“So you’re not going to do anything? Ain who is not Ain.”

“No, no, no! I mean, I could turn into a monster… or some other creature, you know?”

“Yes, I know.”

Krone laughed as she looked out over the water. Her swaying hair has a sweet flowery scent that is unique to her. The way she presses her thin, shapely, white fingers against her mouth is somehow lustrous and beautiful.

“I would never leave you because of that. But if you’re worried, let’s make a promise.”

As soon as she said that, Krone closed the distance between her and Ain.

“If Ain is ever transformed into a monster, you must give me the Star Crystal again. If you do, there won’t be any problems.”

The star crystal on her right hand was pointed at Ain.

“N-no problem, you say… I think it’s full of problems.”

“No, for me, there is no problem at all.”

Looking back, when he gave the Star Crystal to Krone, he did not understand its meaning. But now he understands.

Krone was implicitly asking for its meaning.

“But, if that’s the case, then of course…”

“Geez… You say if that’s the case, but the reason why I’m here is because of that, you know?”

Krone folder her hands underneath her chest and revealed her dissatisfaction to Ain.

“S-sorry! But I was surprised…”

When she saw how quickly Ain was trying to say something, she simply broke her face.

“Fufu… I’m just kidding. But it’s a promise, okay?”

“I promise. If that happens, I’ll give you another Star Crystal.”

As soon as she heard this, Krone took Ain’s hand in a good mood and sat down next to him in the wooden box he had been sitting in earlier.

“You’re going to be away from the royal capital for a while, aren’t you?”

“Yes. I think it will be more of a wait-and-see situation.”

Perhaps she was worried about Ain, but she took Ain’s hand and stroked it.

“It tickles.”

“You’ll have to be patient for a bit. ──So, is that everything you wanted to tell me, that you were worried about?”

“Eh? Y-yeah… that’s right.”

“That’s fine. Then let’s think about what we’re going to do today.”

Ain was taken aback, and a question mark appeared on his face.

“We have a date today. I want you to accompany me on my shopping trip.”

“I see. With pleasure, my lady.”

Before long, she led him away from the dock where they had been playing with the twins. The twin sea dragons looked a little sad, but they watched them off.


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    1. Still. Would it kill him to respond to his fiancee’s affection…? Like in any normal human relationship? Oh wait, he’s JP protag. So yes. It’s fatal to be in a mutually reciprocated healthy relationship.

      I agree with the age. And willing to handwave the “adult mental regression to child upon reincarnation”. But a completely milquetoast noncommital attitude, towards loved ones you’ve put through the emotional wringer /multiple times/ given your professional duty, is quite unhealthy.

      Especially for (young) royalty exercising executive-, legal-, and lethal-powers. Suspension of disbelief.

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