Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 6 Part 3

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Part 3


Ain climbed the wire stairs again to the first floor. His thighs were getting tired, but that would have to wait. As soon as they returned to the place where the wooden box was placed, they found the emergency stairs to the top and stepped into the ground floor of the Tower of Wisdom.

“The stairs! There are too many of them!”

“Hahaha… it can’t be helped…”

Even with simple calculations, they’ve climbed about 40 or 50 floors just today. The inconvenience of not being able to use an elevator is just too depressing to bear.

“But we finally seem to be on the floor we were looking for!”

They ran up the emergency stairs, which had a wire mesh floor. Chris found the sign that said ’20F.

“So we have to find Viscount Sage’s laboratory from here, but…!”

He opened the door vigorously.

Then, inside the ring-shaped passageway that stretches out in front of them, the passageway that follows the tower’s perimeter, there are huge doors lined up at a certain distance.

They seemed to be almost twice the size of the Royal Kingsland Academy’s classrooms and had high ceilings.

“It looks like a laboratory.”

“In fact, there are laboratories lined up.”

The floor, walls, and ceiling are all white. But now, the floor is illuminated by an emergency blue light, which is somewhat eerie.

Combined with the researchers in white lab coats running around in a hurry, it was obvious that the entire Tower of Wisdom was in an uproar due to the overheating of the furnace.

As the two robed men ran down the passageway, they noticed a plaque posted in front of the door.

“Chris-san! We’ll have to take a closer look!”

“Yes! Let’s hurry around!”

The panicked researchers didn’t pay any attention to Ain and Chris, the two in robes, and were just making noise to check the current situation.

“Hey! What’s going on?”

“Hurry down. We have to evacuate while we still have emergency energy.”

“Even though security is down?”

“It’s not just your lab! We’re all in the same boat!”

The sound of their voices made Ain’s heartache with an apology.

“Ain-sama, let’s go upstairs! It doesn’t seem to be on this floor!”

Chris pointed to the stairs she had found by the time they circled around.

While running up the stairs, the two of them weaved in and out of the many researchers evacuating. Some people wondered about their appearance and behavior, but they couldn’t go against the flow of people, and no one tried to talk to them or stop them.

Up to the twenty-first floor. There was no sign of Viscount Sage’s laboratory, so they ran up the stairs to the 22nd and 23rd floors.

It was a few minutes later that they stopped in front of one of the laboratories.

“We finally found it…!”

It was the twenty-eighth floor of the Tower of Wisdom. Compared to the other floors, the laboratory is more spacious and has fewer rooms.

“It’s a testament to the prestige of the previous head of the family. It’s a magnificent space.”

The distance between the central door and the wall of the adjacent laboratory is probably twenty meters. It is a total of forty meters on both sides.

“Let’s go inside.”

As soon as Chris said that, she noticed a key attached to the door.

“…So it seems that Viscount Sage has something to hide.”

“That padlock is made of iron? It’s very secure.”

“No, it’s made of mithril, just like my rapier. It’s not just a key; it’s a magic tool. It’s cheaper than the one in the castle treasury, but just think of it as an item in the same line.”

“Wow… It so stinks.”

How should I open it, or should I use force? Soon after Ain started thinking, Chris pulled out her rapier without saying a word. With the stunned Ain at her side, she showed off her unbelievable divine speed. The padlock made of mithril was cut off and fell to the floor.

The fact that she destroyed it with a rapier made of the same material made Ain admire her swordplay in his heart.

“I did it! It’s unlocked, Ain-sama!”

“But I believe the word “unlocked” is incorrect. …But, thanks.”

The door was a double sliding door. The weight is so heavy that it doesn’t even falter when Ain puts his hand on it, and he immediately creates the illusory hand.

“Chris-san, it’s open.”

The door was probably automatic. So even though it’s huge, it’s practical. It reminded Ain of the classroom at the Royal Kingsland Academy.

“Mmm. Isn’t Ain-sama just similar to me before!”

“Well, well. It’s good that it’s open. Let’s go inside.”

The moment the two of them stepped into the room at the same time. The door slammed.

The door closes with a bang, and they are trapped in the room.

Ain created an illusory hand and tried to open it, but the door seemed to have been tampered with in some way and did not budge. The room was filled with alarming sounds.

“What should we do now that we’re trapped?”

Break it? That word came to his mind.

“It’s very much like fortune-telling… so please step away from the door for a moment.”

“Y-yes. Okay.”

Chris held her rapier up to her eyes and poked it once at the door.

“…What are you going to do?”

“I thought I’d make a hole just big enough for someone to get through…”

Then, Chris’s body suddenly shuddered. After a few seconds of rhythmically thrusting her rapier, she finally released a gust of wind that caused the center of the door to collapse into a circle with a sound.

“Fufu, what do you think?”

Chris smiled happily, which was cute.

“I saw that…”

With just a rapier, Chris had accomplished something far beyond humanity.

(Well, she’s an elf, but…)

After making a comment without saying it aloud, Ain turned his attention to the inside of Viscount Sage’s laboratory.

With a black marble floor and the remains of what must have been a huge arsenal of magic tools in several places, he wondered if the magic tools for research had been sold or moved elsewhere.

But not all of the magic tools have been moved.

“But still, there are some strange tools left here, aren’t there?”

In front of Ain’s gaze, there were huge cylindrical glasses with several kinds of monsters soaked in a fluorescent liquid.

“Yes. Even if he’s not involved in the kidnapping, I think we need to ask him about the details.”

“There are bison, but their muscles look like balloons compared to the ones I saw in town.”

“They must have been forcibly strengthened. They look painful even though they are monsters…”

The occasional bubbles floating from the mouths of the monsters indicate that they must be alive.

(There’s also a Wyvern, though it’s smaller than the last one.)

As Ain looked around, he saw a doorway that seemed to lead further in. It was in a slightly obscure place, a gap in the glass cylinder that housed the monster.

“Chris-san. It’s that way.”

He ran past the tube and stood in front of the door, where he saw a new key.

“I’ll break this one, too.”

Chris easily sliced through the lock. The door in front of them was the only one that didn’t look like a laboratory, made of wood, a common item in noble houses.

The two of them sensed some signs of people behind the door.

“Well, Ain-sama. You may see a terrible scene…”

“Don’t worry. I’ll go inside with you.”


“I’m the crown prince. I have to see with my own eyes the crimes committed by a nobleman.”

Chris flinched as she stared at him intensely with the same blue eyes as Olivia. She nodded quietly, put her hand on the doorknob, and opened the door.

It was not a horrible scene that unfolded.

“Wow… It feels like a mass of greed.”

The room was filled with furnishings that looked as if they had been cut out of a high-class inn. The large bathtub in the back and the huge bed right next to it were distracting. A desk some distance away was stacked with quills and papers.

However, when he looked at the wall on the opposite side of the room, he saw a space with iron bars covering the entire wall.

That’s where the girls were.

“Chris-san. Leave this side to me. I’m a man, and I don’t think I should be anywhere near there.”


The girls were all wearing light clothes that exposed a lot of skin. They seemed to be scared when the door to the room opened, but when Chris approached them and took off their robes, many of them cried tears of joy when they realized that it was a woman.

They ranged in age from about six to fifteen, judging from their appearance.

“It’s all right. We’re here to help you.”

Ain approached the desk where the documents were placed, listening to the voice coming from behind him.

“So…you’re a lowlife, after all, Sage.”

The first page of the document is a detailed account of income and expenditure.

The boy and the girl. The price is written as to how much per person, and from a certain point on, only the boy’s price is written.

“That is, there are girls who have not been sold.”

The girls in the bars are probably the ones.

“I thought he was a key witness in the kidnapping, but I guess not.”

Sage is the mastermind, the culprit. The details of those who have already been sold off will need to be questioned rigorously.

“And there’s more to the case.”

He glanced at the documents, which were still thick. He took them all in his hands and waited for Chris to return.

“Ain-sama, I’m going to take those kids outside like this. We won’t be blamed if they walk out openly.”

“I know. We’ll go through the main gate on the way back without any hesitation.”

Chris heard Ain’s reply and looked at his hand.

“…Did you see anything on the document?”

“It said enough to put Sage behind bars.”

“That’s good to hear. As soon as we leave the Tower of Wisdom, Ain-sama should issue a royal decree.”

“So that the knights can enter immediately?”

“Yes. If you want, it’s difficult to seize the entire Tower of Wisdom as it is, but you can do something close.”

Let’s get out of here. Ain turned around and saw that the girls were wearing white robes.

“I thought it would be wrong not to put anything on them, so I asked them to put on white coats that I found nearby.”

“I think that’s fine. Then, quickly, before Sage and the others arrive…”

The moment he took his first step.



The screams of several monsters echoed from outside the room, around the glass tube. The girls all cowered in fear at the sound of the painful and violent voices, and Ain and Chris took a stand.

“My guess is that it’s one of the defense devices, but what do you think?”

“Therefore, why are you so concerned about…? I’m of the same opinion…”

“We have to clean the outside first.”

“You’re trying to fight, but you can’t, okay?”

What’s the guard for, Chris said, but Ain went on his way.

“If Chris-san loses, we’ll be in danger, too. If that’s the case, it’s better to fight together from the beginning.”

I don’t think you will lose, though, Ein said, then quickly added.

“We’ve come so far; it’s a little late for that.”

“Mmm… I’m weak when you say so.”

“Come on, let’s go! We have no choice but to do it!”

Ain ran out and kicked down the door, and went out. The elation that he felt in his body grew even stronger as he drew his sword.

The power that permeates his body is unprecedented, and the illusory hand that naturally arises is more muscular than ever. When Chris, who was chasing after him, looked at the sword in Ain’s hand, black magic power clung to it like a purple light and would not leave.

“Ain-sama! What’s with the sword?”

“I don’t know! I put a lot of power into it, and it came out like this!”

“Eeeh? Please don’t use such crazy power!”

As soon as Ain answered, the Red Bison attacked. It’s not like the training at the school, it’s full of weight, and its twisted horns aim sharply at the prey.

A woman’s voice suddenly echoed in Ain’s mind.

“It’s okay.”

The voice sounded familiar. It was the same voice he had heard just before he woke up from his six-month coma, a woman who was probably Elder Lich.

Can I trust her? Without asking such a question, Ain smiled softly.

“It will be fine!”

The sharp cutting surface of Ain’s sword, which had cut down the Red Bison in a single stroke, was magnificent, and a stunned Chris thought about her priorities.

“I have no idea what’s fine, but! Please don’t do anything rash!”

But now that they were here, it couldn’t be helped.

Chris also pulled out her rapier and wielded it against the monsters that were attacking her. As one or two of them fell to the ground, she frowned and said.

“As expected, they’re not normal! It’s as if they’ve lost their sense of control and are being controlled by something!”

“Even more so, we need to defeat them quickly and get out of here!”

“That’s right…! We’ll mobilize the knights today!”

While they are fighting, a glass cylinder is broken from the inside, and a monster appears. The liquid spread all over the floor with a sweet scent that irritated their nostrils unpleasantly.

“Guh! Gaaaah!”


“I know!”

A giant snake that attacked from behind Ain was restrained by the illusory hand, and Ain cut it as he turned around.

“Uu… Guau!”

This time, in front. And then.


A Wyvern attacked from above.

Chris lends a hand to Ain, who for a moment was unsure of what to do first.

“I still need to get used to dealing with multiple opponents!”

“…You’ll learn a lot from this.”

The two naturally leaned their backs on each other and laughed.

“But I’m getting stronger, aren’t I?”

“Ahaha… Yes, you’ve become very strong.”

“Thank you. I think I’m motivated.”

The two of them stood in the center of the laboratory, surrounded by several monsters. The distance between them was gradually narrowing, but Ain and Chris were the first to move.

“Hey, Chris-san! Don’t you think we can get a reward from my grandfather for exposing Sage’s wrongdoings?”

“There’s the matter of sneaking into the Tower of Wisdom, so I think it’ll probably be offset!”

Ain then chuckled.

“But, in the end, I also allowed it, so… when you get scolded, I’ll be scolded along with you!”

“I said I wouldn’t do it, and I don’t think Chris-san needs to be scolded as well… hey!”


“You can’t say that! I’m a guard!”


The flash of the sword reflected the warning light, and a flash of red light rampaged through the laboratory.

As the monsters gradually decrease in number, the only remaining monster is a huge Green Wyvern.

In the end, Ain, who had stepped ahead of the rest, used his illusory hand to stop the movement and said


When Ain looked up at the ceiling, Chris shouted.


She flies effortlessly across the liquid-slippery floor and points her rapier at the Green Wyvern between the eyes.

“It’s over!”

The rapier pierced the Green Wyvern’s skull. The Green Wyvern slowly lowered its eyelids and laid down the huge body without making any sound like a cry.

The two looked at each other and moved closer to each other, putting their weapons away.

“Thank you for your help.”

“Yes, Ain-sama too.”

And then, the two clapped their hands together in praise of each other’s work.


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7 thoughts on “Maseki Gurume – Vol 3 Chapter 6 Part 3

  1. What do you mean “offset it”????

    Ur telling me that the good from saving the little children that had been kidnapped and used as human experiments and God know what and preventing any more kidnapping equals the bad from entering a lab without permission???!!!

    Are you good author??????!?!!!


    1. If they had just snuck into the lab, that’d be one thing. But they also risked permanent damage of the Tower of Wisdom, threw the entire Tower into chaos(probably the whole city), and once again risked the life of the future of the country, the crown prince. He still acts with little to no awareness of his position.

      Unlike the Sea Dragon incident, his power was not required to rescue these kids and since they’re doing all this in disguise, there is no public reason to reward them. Sure, they could be rewarded privately but the reason to do that is offset by the reasons above.

      I get that they were acting on a hunch so the knights of the city wouldn’t have been able to act but he’s still the crown prince. He could have gotten a message back to the capital (right away if he used the last message from his message bird with Krone) and they would have been able to do something, even without relying on a royal decree. Besides just wanting to save the orphans asap, they didn’t HAVE to act immediately. At least, no information came up that implied a time limit like they were all being sold or killed within 24hrs or something similar. It’s kinda worse that they took all those risks when there was no evidence anyway. Royal decree or not, if they hadn’t found those kids, this would have blown up in his face.


  2. This is a year late but uhh you do know this situation is something most likely that noble Sage would be able to cover up if they did not act as soon as they did right?

    The clues they found were obviously leading strongly to the same person, in which case they were right about. Breaking in without killing anyone doing their job was the whole point of the plan they made the night before. It’s not like Ain just went willy-nilly ungaboonga and blew up the tower, levelling the entire town. No, they simply shut down the tower’s source of power to evacuate the people (which is a procedure employee’s practice to handle emergencies).

    One thing i’m sure about shady situations written like this is that whoever random “qualified” knights they order to handle this situation would almost always be too incompetent or would just lack enough authority to handle this situation.

    Those group of scumbags they want arrested would most likely have underhanded countermeasures to move around the law the same way they’ve been using the Towers security to conduct their operation.

    Let’s say Ain did the “right” thing and reported this to the capital, Sage would more than likely will hear about this in advance thus going with a plan to cover his deeds up. The children that had been kidnapped would have been sold off/experimented on/killed-off. That outcome would just make a stupid comparison to “breaking-in” or “making other people worried” now would it?

    There are times and places where passing up on something is warranted but when lives are on the line and you didn’t do anything when you had the power and opportunity to help, then Ain shouldn’t deserve to rule and protect Ishtalika in the future.


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