Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 5 Chapter 1 Part 6

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Part 6


After finishing his meal, Hiro was in the room he had been provided. The women had gone to take a bath together, and now Hiro was alone.

Hiro went to the window and brought out a book relying on the moonlight.

The book is called “The White Book.”

It was a book about the life of the first emperor, Altius. The book describes the last years of his life ― his loneliness and sorrow.

“…..If I had stayed, you would not have suffered.”

If Hiiro had remained in Altius’ service instead of returning to Earth, perhaps he would not have suffered from loneliness. Perhaps he wouldn’t have been so sad, and his regrets began to overwhelm him.


A chilly breeze blew through the room, even though the windows were not open. Every time he flipped the pages, all that swirled in his heart was nothing but sadness.

―There is no happy ending here.

Altius, the man who saved the world from the demon race, did not have smooth sailing in his life as the first emperor. What lay ahead for him were conflicts, jealousies, and battles among the human race.

After reaching his goal, he finds himself in a war that he will fight until the day he dies.

“…Isn’t it too much?”

This is not the way to reward Altius for his efforts to end the war.

“It’s not the kind of future we wanted when we defeated the demon race.”

Hiro closed his book and clenched his fists in frustration. Then Cerberus, who couldn’t take a bath because of her injuries, crawled under his feet, making a sad voice.

“I’m fine.”

He murmured, patting Cerberus on the head.

And then…

“Anee-sama, why are your breasts so big?”

“I’d rather be the one to ask. Why are your breasts so small when we are sisters?”

“If I knew, I wouldn’t have any trouble!”

When he heard Liz and Rosa’s voices coming from the hallway, Hiro put the White Book away inside the Black Princess Camellia. Then their footsteps disappeared in front of the room, and the door was opened without a single knock.

“Oh, you’re still awake…?”

Rosa, who noticed Hiro standing by the window, shouted in surprise.

“What’s happened at this late hour?”

“No, nothing; I thought you were asleep.”

Haha, Rosa laughed dryly and leaned her back against a nearby chair. Then, while wondering about her evasive words, Hiro turned his attention to the other visitor.

“…So, what brings Liz here?”

“Hmm… um.”

Liz jumped into the bed with a vague smile on her face. Hiro crossed his arms and tilted his head at the strange reaction of the two.


“Madam, I brought you the wine.”

“Oh, put it here.”

“Then excuse me.”

The servant bows his head in a refined motion and exits the room.

“Oh, thank you.”

After watching his back, Rosa opened the wine and began to pour the red liquid into the glass. She smiled gently as she enjoyed the aroma of the wine.

“Liz, how long are you going to keep doing that?”

At Rosa’s gentle words, Liz’s shoulders twitched as she slumped down on the bed.

“If you have something to say, now would be a good time to say it when you won’t be interrupted.”

“…Yeah. Thank you, Anee-sama.”

As if encouraged by Rosa’s voice, Liz got up from the bed.

“Um, I have something to talk to Hiro, but…”

When Hiro looked at her, she awkwardly averted her gaze and opened her mouth.

“I want to hold my father accountable. And I want to convince him to support Felzen.”

Then Liz looked at Hiro with a strong will in her red eyes.

“I know that Hiro is working hard for me. If I provoke my father’s anger, it might ruin everything that has been achieved. I know that it could put Hiro and Anee-sama’s position in jeopardy. But still! I can’t just leave it at that!”

“Liz… you…”

“Is it no good?”

She may have thought that she had offended Hiro, but she tilted her head adorably and asked it anxiously. For a few moments, Hiro was looking at Liz with a surprised look on his face, but then he suddenly became curious about Rosa’s condition and looked at her. She was happily sipping her wine repeatedly.

She must have been happy that Liz had started to walk on her own accord.

Of course, Hiro also feels the same way.


“…It’s not that it’s not good.”

“Eh, really?”

“But there’s more where that came from, isn’t there? Will you tell me?”

Having come to that conclusion, she must have thought of many other things.


After taking several tense breaths, Liz clenched her fists tightly and began to talk about the rest of the story with her hands on her chest.

“You see… the Krone family.”

The first thing to do is hold the Krone family accountable for their actions in Felzen and raise funds for reconstruction. Also, compensation for war orphans and those who were injured and lost their jobs. The throne room will probably be in turmoil. In confusion, she demanded an apology from the emperor for Felzen.

“The sins of the Grantz Empire will never be erased, but I hope to gain some forgiveness from the people of Felzen.”

“I see. But I’m sure the emperor won’t just nod his head.”

“Yes, that’s fine. I don’t want to make a decision right then and there. So while the argument is raging, I will also recommend that Stobel be deprived of his right to the throne for executing the Felzen royal family.”

“What are you going to do about the responsibility of the emperor? It will be left hanging in the air.”

“That won’t be a problem. I believe there will be rumors among the people… I just want the fact that I demanded an apology from the emperor first.”

In other words, use public opinion. Just as Hiro used the public’s voice to condemn the Krone family, Liz is probably planning to use the public’s backing to get the emperor to apologize.

There are still some rough edges, but it’s not a bad move.

The next question would be asked while the other side was still reeling, adding to the confusion and making it impossible for them to make a normal decision. Nevertheless, it was quite a thoughtful idea. And Liz’s suggestion was generally in line with Hiro’s idea.

“It’s not a bad idea. I’ll cooperate.”

“Fufu, I’m glad to see that my sister is growing up.”

Rosa also praised Liz with open arms. Her cheeks were stained red as if she were drunk.

“Is it really okay?”

“Yes, you can do whatever you want.”

That’s the way it should be for anyone who aspires to the throne. One must think flexibly and lead the country with a firm will.

(…It’s really remarkable growth.)

This means that even if she is left alone, she will be fine.

No, she is not alone.

Rosa and Aura, as well as Tris and Cerberus. There are many other allies. It’s not the same as before she met Hiro.

(This means that… things should be fine now.)

Hiro felt that he should speed up his plan.

If Liz demands an apology from the emperor, then he shall go along with the idea. Of course, now that he had the eastern nobility on his side, now that he had achieved so much, there would be no problem.

“I understand.”

Happy that her plan had been approved. She gave a blooming smile.

Hiro, who was staring at Liz dazzlingly, put his hand on the White Book that was stored in the Black Princess Camellia.

(If it’s her…)

Liz will be able to protect Altius’ legacy.

――That was the night that he was convinced of this.


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