Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 5 Chapter 4 Part 7

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Part 7


After the great impact, Liz took a step forward to try to hold on, but her knees gave out, and she fell face-first into the ground.

The recoil made the light body bounce. Liz’s body bounced off the ground as she was slammed down twice, three times, four times.


Her vision went dark. She found herself in a daze.

As Liz’s vision flickers repeatedly, she sees that Skaaha has begun to fight against four of the Fallen Ones. One of them had a windpipe in its stomach. She thought that she had killed it the first time, but she soon realized that she had not.

“Liz-dono! Are you okay?”

Liz moved her fingertips as she heard Skaaha’s voice confirming her safety. But she couldn’t get her strength back enough to stand up. She looked up, biting her lower lip in frustration.

“Liz-dono! Wait for me!”

Skaaha unleashes a spear technique in anger. She thrusts it through the throat of the first Fallen One, kicks it in the shoulder, and leaps. She swung the hilt of her “Ice Emperor” at the head of the second one, crushing its skull. Just as the brain plasma splatters all around, Skaaha reaps the third one with a return blow. As for the fourth one, she knocked it to the ground with only her arm strength. Her appearance was just like a demon god, and her martial arts skills were such that even the enemy soldiers surrounding her were taken aback.

“I will kill you all at once!”

Skaaha’s high energy rapidly exploded as her body released an uncommonly murderous intent.

Liz realized that she was going to use her “power.” Even though she was already exhausted, her consciousness would be clouded if she used it again and again. If she was not careful, she might lose her life. That’s not good. Liz tried to speak up, but…

“Not again! I can’t bear to lose anyone else!”

So, don’t stop me, she said, as if to argue with Liz. It was a powerful voice, and it sounded as if it were trying to reassure her.

And then Liz’s consciousness was cut off, and Skaaha’s lonely battle began.

“Prepare yourself. There is nothing that the Ice Emperor cannot pierce.”

The cold air of the “Ice Emperor,” who rules the sky, dyes the world with gray smoke. In the face of such overwhelming power, anyone would be prepared to die.

The living and the dead alike cower in fear in the face of the Ice Emperor.


――Divine Piercing.


The ice spear from Skaaha flew like a bolt of lightning, freezing the surrounding area and flying in a straight line to the “Fallen Ones.” One of the Fallen Ones was blown to smithereens, and the ice spear landed backward without stopping its momentum ― it burst through the ground.


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But there are still three of them left.

“Ice Emperor! Give me your power! The power to crush the enemy in front of me!”

As if in response to her request, an azure light shot out from the Ice Emperor. However, even though the spirit is sufficient, the fatigue on Skaaha’s is very apparent.

“Fuh… I can still endure.”

The sound of the atmosphere creaking rang out around her. The temperature had begun to drop rapidly. White smoke enveloped the area. The countless water vapor in the atmosphere began to freeze and create ice spears.

Countless ice spears were floating around Skaaha.

“My name is Haran Skaaha de Felzen.”

Skaaha glared at the three “Fallen Ones” as she put her hand on her chest and caught her breath.

“I will destroy you all with the pride of the royal family.”


――The Ice Emperor’s blessing ―― Special Attack.


Skaaha kicked the ground and ran with great force. With her face contorted in pain, she charged forward with her ice spear floating around her.

The tips of the spears, which run in all directions, create snowflakes that fly around.

Even though one of the Fallen Ones was frozen from the feet down and unable to move, Skaaha thrust out her ice spear without showing any sympathy. Even when they are reduced to a needle in a haystack, the rain of attacks does not stop. Skaaha continued to attack without mercy until its body was reduced to dust.

“Hah… hah… hah… I’m not done yet!”

There are two more. Skaaha took a step forward, repeating her breathing raggedly.

At that moment ― the ice spears that were floating around the area shattered at once. The fragments rained down on the ground.

Looking at Skaaha, who was looking at the scene in a daze, it was probably against her will.


Her physical strength was running out. Her remaining strength was at its lowest point.

She dropped to one knee and still tried to stand.

“Fuh… fuh… A little more. Liz-dono, I’ll soon be able to treat you. Just give me a moment.”

She smiled at the fallen Liz and stood up, thrusting the “Ice Emperor” into the ground. However, as she stood up, two of the Fallen Ones stood in front of her unceremoniously.


The first blow ― a powerful fist ― was released, and Skaaha’s body was lifted into the air. However, her strong and well-trained body will not let her lose her mind easily.

“Ugh ― Ggaah!”

Her legs were grabbed, and she was slammed into the ground like a toy. She was at the controls of a vicious force with no strength left to resist. Some soldiers tried to help her, but the enemy forces immediately surrounded them, and they could not reach her.

The sound of flesh striking flesh continued to shake the atmosphere, blending in with the sounds of sword fights that made one want to cover their ears.

Eventually, the “Fallen One” who had been holding Skaaha’s legs stopped moving, threw her into the air like a juggler, and grabbed her by the neck.

It then opened its big mouth and tried to bite her head off.


“…Is that all you got? That’s… not enough to put me to sleep.”

After enduring a great deal of pain, Skaaha laughs, even though her head is bleeding profusely and the edge of her mouth is bleeding.

“Then shall I fight back…?”

While her neck was gripped, Skaaha brought the Ice Emperor to her right hand and slipped the tip of her spear into the wide-open mouth of the Fallen One.

“You are an ardent seducer… but I have not married yet. And I have the right to choose my husband.”

A blue glow shot out, instantly freezing the head of the Fallen One who was trying to prey on Skaaha. The power of the stranglehold on her neck weakened, and she succeeded in escaping.

When she finally landed on the ground, she took one look at the Fallen One, who had been frozen in the head.

“Kuh… still alive?”

Skaaha muttered in frustration when she saw that the head had begun to repair itself. And when she noticed a shadow falling over her head, she looked up and saw it.

“Haha, you’re already there…――!”

A strong blow sent Skaaha tumbling to the ground. Still, she stood up, and even though she was covered in wounds, she carried a single spear and boldly stood up against it.

Even the enemy turned away from such a painful scene.


Liz groaned.

“Ah… ah!”

She was awakened and in front of her was the figure of Skaaha falling down, exposed to the merciless attack. She wanted to help her, but her body was unable to move. She couldn’t protect the woman who had protected her.

Even now, when she is about to be crushed by shame, two of the Fallen Ones are drooling and setting their sights on their dying prey ― Skaaha.


She couldn’t help but call for help, her face turning red with shame. Then, biting her lower lip, Liz slammed her head into the ground.

“I haven’t grown at all!”

This is no different than when she was taken prisoner in Felzen.

She’s weak, she’s all talk, and she’s still clinging to others; she’s rotten and being spoiled by others.

“I swore to him… that I would stand next to him…”

She told herself that she shouldn’t ask Hiro for help, that she shouldn’t rely on him all the time.

“I will fight beside Hiro!”

Liz stood up. She put all her strength into her legs and clutched the Flame Emperor in her trembling hands. Her ears were ringing badly. The blood flowing from her forehead was getting into her eyes.

Without caring about it, Liz looked around her.

She could see that everyone was fighting without giving up. In the rear, Aura, protected by her bodyguards, is desperately shouting orders to the troops.

Skaaha, who was lying on the ground, also fought to protect Liz from the “Fallen One.”


Then what have I done? She thought.


She couldn’t even defeat one of the Fallen Ones and risked Skaaha’s life. And then she passed out helplessly, leaving Skaaha to deal with all the trouble.

When she woke up, she asked Hiro for help and gave up, saying she couldn’t get up independently.


――She’s just a burden to others.


“Fuh… Ugh, ahhhhh!”

Liz clenched her fist and punched the ground. A crack appears vertically in the ground.

The shock that shook the ground turned the consciousness of the Fallen Ones to Liz.


Liz exhaled quietly. Her blazing red eyes are dominated by anger.

It’s not about the enemy, it’s about her own naivety, and she couldn’t stand it.

“Flame Emperor, lend me your strength.”

She remembered how she had vowed to do her best to stand next to Hiro that day.

No need to be afraid of failure. No fear of death. Believe in herself that she had vowed to be strong.

“Give me the strength to overcome this predicament!”

Liz spat out the raging passion in her chest.

As if in response, the “Flame Emperor” emitted a dazzling red light. From the depths of her burning heart, power welled up. A tremendous amount of power flowed into every corner of her body.

At that moment ― Liz heard a voice inside herself; she was sure of it.

“…..This is…”

An unquenchable flame was raging inside her body. As long as the mind is strong, the flame will gain momentum and bloom into a great flame.

“…This is… the first emperor…”

She couldn’t help but smile as she felt a pleasant sensation of the corners of her head clearing up.


As if frightened by an unknown force, one of the Fallen Ones attacked her.

“Get out of my way. You’re hindering me.”

She pierced the chest of the approaching “Fallen One” with the “Flame Emperor” and chopped off its head with just one swing.


But they are monsters. The super fast regeneration instantly connects the neck.


Liz gave it a cold stare, and as if to say that it was useless, she flashed her red blade.

The head falls, engulfed in flames. The head of the “Fallen One” hit the ground with a deafening sound.

The more time seems to slow down, the more she feels the power spread to every part of her body.


The last one was closing in on Liz.

However, she picked up a spear that had fallen to the ground and cleaved it to the side. The huge body split in half and crumbled to the ground.

The “Fallen One” looked at its own spilling guts in wonder. After stomping on its shoulder, Liz doused the tip of the spear with a blue flame and thrust the spear into the head of the Fallen One, destroying its brain.


She could feel her mind clearing up.

She could feel her body getting lighter and lighter.

She could feel her senses sharpening.

Liz felt an enormous rush of power. She clenched her hands together two or three times, amazed at her own power.

“Finally… on Hiro’s back…”

Liz’s red eyes shine. There was a certain joy in them.

But even if it’s rotten, her enemy is the Fallen Ones. A large shadow fell over Liz’s head.

The super-speed regeneration once again confronted her.

“I have to treat Skaaha. Can you please step aside?”

When Liz took a step forward, flames erupted from beneath her feet, and the ground exploded.

The blue transparent scorch ― blue flames wrapped around her body as if to give her wings.

The “Flame Emperor,” the most beloved of the first Emperor Altius, shows its full potential.


Its flames are prison.


Its flames are hell.


Its flames are purgatory.


――The “Flame Emperor” was finally born.


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