Maseki Gurume – Vol 4 Chapter 4 Part 3

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Part 3


Lloyd stands in front of the rigid legs.

No matter how many greatswords he has at the ready, it’s natural that they don’t seem to have much of an effect on it. However, the Lloyd who confronted it was powerful. There was a sense of expectation that he would do something or perhaps a hint that he would prove to be difficult to kill.


The right front leg was swung up and then swung down on Lloyd with its claws erected. Many of the royal knights opened their mouths and stretched out their arms. They all prayed for Lloyd’s safety and waited for the snowflakes to subside.

“…Incredible physical strength for a wounded dragon.”

As soon as the snow settled, a gruff voice carried on the wind.

Soon, everyone could see his majestic figure. With just one greatsword, Lloyd was able to block the Upashikamui’s front leg with the ground as his only support.


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“But it won’t last long…!”

Sounds of creaking were heard from his greatsword…

How excellent his swordsmanship is, as a former marshal?

The Upashikamui tried to force its toe into the ground and put more power into the enduring Lloyd. But Lloyd didn’t budge an inch.

On the contrary, he shouted loudly, “Nuooaaaaa!”

“You think you can crush me just by using a little something?”

He flicked it to the side.

For a moment, the Upashikamui’s stance collapsed. It lost its strength from one leg and shifted its center of gravity.

However, as expected of a huge monster that has lived for hundreds of years, it quickly twisted its body, and this time it reared its front legs sideways against Lloyd’s body.


This time, it was flung away in the opposite direction. The damage is only a scratch, but there is something wrong with the big sword.

“I only need to do it once more; that’s enough!”

It doesn’t matter, don’t think about it. Lloyd ran, inspiring himself in his mind.

He took a large leap to close the distance and swung his sword down on the Upashikamui’s front leg. After a screeching sound like iron clashing with iron, the greatsword finally shattered. But it wasn’t just the sword that was shattered.

The scales covering the Upashikamui’s front legs were also shattered in several pieces. In fact, the blade reached the skin, leaving a not-so-short wound that made the blood flow.


The Upashikamui’s body shook. It wriggled its eyes at the strength of Lloyd, who it thought was a stone on the side of the road.

“Now, what do I do from here?”

Lloyd smiled bitterly, but his weapon of choice, the greatsword, was already gone. If the sword was stronger, he could fight more. It’s a shame because his strength was certainly good enough.

As soon as the Upashikamui set its sights on Lloyd.

“This way!”

Ain, who had been running to the far end of the lake, threw a large block of ice with his illusory hand.

When the Upashikamui received it on the forehead, it took its consciousness away from Lloyd and raised a cry. Lloyd took this opportunity to escape.

“Guggii… aaaaaaaaa!”

He ran as if he was sliding on the ice and approached Ain in the blink of an eye. Dill swallowed a mouthful of saliva while the calm Ain raised his hand.


Immediately after the command, several lights appeared in the shadows of the forest.

Sometimes blue, sometimes green. Or, just as it seemed to leak a crimson beam of light, there was a dynamic burst of sound. Waves of magic power and metal ammunition exploded, and extremely colorful auroras shot out over the lake from ten directions.

Soon after the impact, the ice around the Upashikamui’s feet shattered into pieces, sending up a cloud of fantastic diamond dust that reflected the aurora.


Its back legs sank into the water, and its front legs strengthened as it struggled in panic. It was not possible to support the Upashikamui’s weight and cracks quickly spread across the ice.

“Please hurry! If we don’t hurry, we’ll sink too!”

“I know!”

Dill’s voice made Ain run even faster.

The front legs of the Upashikamui, coming from behind, repeatedly tossed its toes in an attempt to get a grip on Ain.

Ain never looked back. He ran across the lake, not stopping even when the shock wave hit him like a whirlwind.

Eventually, the Upashikamui’s front legs finally dipped into the water. Acknowledging the sound and presence of the water, Ain slid back and stopped moving.

“Thank you; it worked out just as planned.”

With a grin, he drew his sword and swung it down with great force, breaking only the ice at his feet.

He held up his hand and activated the power of the Ocean Current.

“──Gi, gua…?”

The water in the lake is all shackles and manacles. The vicious mass of water was like a cage, and even if the struggling Upashikamui stretched out its front legs, it could not escape the water.

“Truly, our crown prince is a brave man.”

Lloyd, on the other hand, raised his hand outside the lake.

The royal knights fine-tuned the direction of the magic stone cannon and aimed it at the Upashikamui’s body.

“It may not be as good as the first king’s blow, but take it. This is the crystallization of the wisdom that we have created over hundreds of years──”

At the same time as the hands were lowered, the ten magic stone cannons shone again.

The dark aurora spread over the lake in waves, enveloping the huge target in the blink of an eye. The power of the magic stones scorched the body as the ammunition bit into the scales.


Ain and Dill covered their ears with their hands at the screams that seemed to reach the heavens. The second and third shots were fired, and it was hard to keep their eyes open with the dazzling aurora filling their vision.

“Ain-sama! Are you okay?”

“Eeh? What?”

“Are you okay?”

“I can’t hear you! Although I can almost tell by the way your mouth moves!”

He had enough time to smile and had no problem with it. When his ears had become accustomed, Ain finally exchanged words with Dill.

“It looks like the mission was a success.”

“It seems so… At one point, I wondered what would happen…”

The attack on the Upashikamui cracked several claws, shattered many scales, and broke a horn. It seems that victory is as good as decided.

Gradually, the resistance in the water became weaker and weaker, and Ain’s burden decreased.

“But His Majesty the First’s power is tremendous, isn’t it? We had to do a lot of prep work and prepare ten magic stone cannons before we could finally take on the Upashikamui…”

“Well, we also have to assume that the wounds left by His Majesty the First are still there.”

“You’re right. And yet, how strong was the first king, who alone fought so hard that the Upashikamui escaped…?”

In other words, the first king alone is stronger than the forces that are here right now.

“Gafahh… Gii… Aaaaaaaahhh… Ah──!”

More than ten shots were fired per unit.

And then, finally, a silence.

The Upashikamui lost all strength from its body and floated on the lake with its eyes closed.


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