Maseki Gurume – Vol 4 Chapter 9 Part 4

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Part 4


A few days later, in the evening, Ain was in the middle of a knight’s training session, and his mind was in a fog.

It was because of a certain problem.

He was thinking about his future and how he should be as a king.

Sylvird told him that he should not be complacent. Fortunately, Ain was a hero and very popular. There were always so many people around him, so much so, that he rarely had time to be alone.


While mumbling, he brushed aside the sword of a royal knight.

“Wha ─── Kuh, I’m not done yet!”

Ain seemed to have many leeways, but the royal knight who can’t do anything about it is puzzled. There seems to be no chance for him to defeat Ain, who has become much stronger since he defeated the Upashikamui.

“But maybe my action to admire the first king… It might have been self-satisfaction…”

The vampire ruckus at the academy, as well as the sea dragon.

The same is true for Viscount Sage in Ist and the Upashikamui in the Baltic. If anyone says that the behavior was not fitting of the crown prince, that’s it. There is no room for rebuttal.

At this point, Sylvird’s words, “If you lose the hearts of your people, you’re no longer a king,” flashed through his mind.

“I don’t want to think that my actions were a mistake, but maybe I should make some changes.”

“I-it looks like you have something on your mind, but…! Your Highness, you have always shown great courage!”

“Thank you. It cheers me up to hear you say that.”

With a soft smile on his face, Ain loosened his power. The royal knight didn’t miss the opportunity to use a sharp sword to attack, but he suddenly lost sight of Ain.

The royal knight naturally fell to his knees due to the shock that came to the back of his knees.

“Thank you for having me as your opponent today.”

Then the royal knight muttered to himself as he watched Ain quietly walk away.

“W-why did I kneel──?”

He couldn’t figure out the reason.

The one who answered was not Ain, but Chris, who had arrived at the training ground before long.

“Ain-sama just pushed you gently with his sword from behind.”

“C-Commander. You are here?”

“Yes. I had heard that Ain-sama was training. …But he seemed to be acting differently than usual. Did something happen to him?”

“I don’t know the details, but…”

The royal knight recalled Ain’s soliloquy.

” ‘But maybe I was too complacent. I don’t want to think that my actions were a mistake.’ That’s what he said.”

“Complacent, Ain-sama?”

That’s not true. He may say things that surprise others occasionally, but when he acts, he does so only after convincing those around him.

Maybe he’s worried about the pressure of being a king.

Or maybe he is tormented by a special sense of estrangement that only a king-to-be can know.

“I have to help…”

What did Ain, who came back from the Baltic, do for her? She thought about that and wondered what she could do.

“…..Yeah, that’s the only way.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

She seemed to have come up with something, but she didn’t give any details about it.


◇ ◇ ◇


“…I can’t sleep.”

It’s late at night, and it has been about two hours since he went to bed.

He would occasionally get sleepy, but it would only last a few minutes, and then he would wake up. After repeating this over and over again, Ain was finally unable to fall asleep even after midnight.

“I think I’ll go for a little walk. In the castle.”

He took off his sleepwear, grabbed a nearby shirt and pants, and wore them.

The sound of the soles of shoes hitting the floor reverberated as he walked down the unlit hallway. After a while, Ain arrived at his destination, walking through the castle with its special and strange atmosphere.

“The crown prince is visiting…”

The door of the audience room opens to the left and right with the sound of creaking wood.

“Well, I don’t have to open it myself.”

The audience hall is also shrouded in darkness, and not a single person is there. As he walked along the thick carpet, his eyes were drawn to the majestic throne in the back. There was a seat for the queen to sit next to it, but the throne was of a different class.

The throne is a seat that only Sylvird is allowed to sit on, and it is the seat that Ain will sit on in the future.

“…I wonder who made the throne.”

It was a question that occurred to him. What kind of craftsman makes it, or how old is the throne?

He didn’t ask anyone; he just muttered quietly. Ain had intended to do so, but an unexpected female voice came from behind him.

“The throne is created when a new king ascends to the throne. So the throne you will be sitting on will be a different one.”

“…Thanks for the explanation. Chris.”

He replied without looking back. He didn’t know how long she had been around, but she must have noticed Ain leaving the room immediately. The usual Ain might have noticed her presence, but today Ain didn’t feel it for a moment.

“It’s not a good place for a walk.”

“Can’t you just overlook it today?”

“Well, what can I do?”

After a small laugh, Chris said to Ain teasingly.

It was an unusual attitude for Chris, and Ain was momentarily taken aback by it. But Ain thought about it for a while before opening his mouth to tease back.

“If you don’t overlook it, I’ll absorb your magic stone like in the past.”

The usual Chris would accept this joke, but today she didn’t respond.

“Yes, you can absorb it if you want. In fact, that’s why I’m here.”

“Eh… wait, what are you talking about…?”

He turned around in surprise and saw Chris in front of him.

She was so close that he could hear her breathing, and he could see every single one of her long eyelashes. From such a close distance, Chris was staring into Ain’s eyes.

Chris’s figure, illuminated by the moonlight, had an inhuman beauty, like a moon goddess. Her eyes, the bridge of her nose, her mouth… and her curves. A beautiful woman with perfect eyes, nose, mouth, and curves was staring at him.

“You can absorb it if you want. …That’s what I’m here for.”

“My words were a joke. I’m sorry for being so weird.”

“Geez, is it intentional that you’re so perceptive sometimes?”

She gently took Ain’s hand and wrapped it in both of hers.

“You are not complacent, Ain-sama. I’ll never leave you, no matter what.”

“What are you suddenly…?”

“I heard about it this evening. When you were worried that you were complacent and that what you had done so far might have been a mistake.”

“I-I did mutter that.”

“I know this because I’ve been watching you closely for a long time. Ain-sama was never wrong. You’re always brave, and you deserve to be called a hero. ──This is why I want to give my all to you, Ain-sama.”

As she finished, she looked at Ain.

“Do you remember it? The other day, on the day that Ain-sama came of age as a dryad. I told you that morning that you should wait until I was ready.”

“I remember, but that’s it!”

“It was the most valuable thing I could offer. That’s why I’m offering it to you, Ain-sama.”

All his worries disappeared. Ain was just thinking desperately about what to do about Chris, who was getting out of control.

“My magic stone is here…”

Chris pressed Ain’s hand, which she had been holding, against her right chest.

She was wearing only a shirt. Underneath, there is a slightly hard touch, but it must be Chris’s underwear. The soft touch and warmth of Chris’s hand were transmitted to Ain’s palm, which was pressed against it.

Her large breasts changed shape along with the hand that was pressed against it.

“What… are you doing…?”

Ain couldn’t move his body because of the situation and the tension.

Chris must be in a difficult situation as well, so he looked at her face and saw that she was just staring at him with the expression of a holy mother.

“Can you feel it? You see, just like my heart, the magic stone is repeatedly beating.”

While supporting Ain’s hand, Chris’s touch was gentle and calm. The warm feeling that came from her hand was not sexual but a kindness that just enveloped Ain.

Her hand went from each of Ain’s fingers to his wrist and continued to stroke him gently and lovingly up to his elbow.

“If you don’t absorb it, I will offer it to you.”

“Offer it?”

“Yes, I offer it to you. …May I also place my hand on your right chest, Ain-sama?”

“Mine? Yeah, I don’t mind that much…”

“Fufu, thank you.”

Chris’s hand slowly made its way to Ain’s right chest.

“This is a traditional ritual for us old elves. Originally, it had a different meaning. I have decided to use this method in order to offer myself to you.”

They both stood there with their hands on the other’s right chest. Chris began to explain the meaning of this.

“The right chest of an elf contains a magic stone. By touching it to each other, we show our utmost trust and affection for the other.”


“So, I swear.”

When Chris looked up, the magic stone beat loudly.

“I will be with you in your sickness and your pain, even if death awaits you on your way. I will be with you. Even if this life is over, my soul will be with you. …So please remember this.”

She looked at him with moist eyes and conveyed a strong passion and heart.

You’re not alone, she said with her eyes, and she let him know that she was there for him.

“I’ll always be there for you, even after you become king.”

Ain admired the smiling Chris. He even let out a sigh, thinking how beautiful she looked when she smiled.

(Really, Chris always helps me, doesn’t she?)

No matter what happens, she will always be there for him.

He was confident that he would be able to overcome many difficulties together with her.



“I was really happy to hear Chris say that. But what’s wrong with you all of a sudden?”


Ain was indeed troubled, but he wasn’t so cornered that he had to put his hand on Chris’s chest.

“A-Ain-sama was troubled, wasn’t he? The pressures of being a king, as well as the alienation of living differently from normal people, must have been hard on you.”

“That is not what I was worried about.”

The reason for the distress is not that serious, as it is about behavior unbecoming of a crown prince.

Ain told Chris that he had acted out of admiration for the first king, but… that he should have changed his mind a little more…

Then Chris’s face turned bright red, and he squatted down, covering her face with her hands.

“So I guess I was way off the mark…”

“No, um… I was happy to hear Chris say that, you know. It really warmed my heart and made me want to do my best again!”

At the sound of his voice, Chris’s moist eyes peeped out from between her fingers. Apparently, the Moon Goddess was nearing the limit of her embarrassment.

Ain crouched down and reached out his hand to Chris.

“If you want, we can talk until we fall asleep.”

“No, I can’t… I’m too embarrassed…”

“I’m really happy right now, and I want to share this feeling with you.”

At any rate, Chris’s devotion had reached Ain’s heart.

“I can’t believe you support me so much. I’m so tired… of being just an admirer.”

He hadn’t thought about this explicitly before. Now, in his mind, Ain is driven by a strong ambition to surpass the first king.

“Well, do you admire him?”

“It’s the first king, after all. But, I’d say my goal should be higher.”


“It’s nothing. Come on! Just keep me company until I fall asleep!”

Chris paused for a moment, then replied healthily, suppressing her embarrassment, “I-I’ll do my best!”. She stood up with Ain’s hand in hers, and the two of them left the audience hall.


Now ─── the two men in the small room at the back of the throne could confirm what had just happened.

They were originally just talking to each other in the small room and were not planning to listen to Ain and Chris’s conversation.

“That’s encouraging. Lloyd, I’m sure you’ll agree.”

“Yes, I think it was the right decision to be Ain-sama’s personal guard.”

“Umu, umu. I’m also very satisfied. …But there is one thing I have been thinking about.”

“W-what is it?”

“Chris did that thing… didn’t she?”

It’s dumbfounding, resigned… or even a watchful face.

“Ain-sama didn’t understand the meaning, and Chris seemed to have used it differently. But she still said she would give it all.”

“Yes, I suppose so. It’s an old elven ritual, and I don’t think many people know the true meaning.”

“The crown prince is a very sophisticated man… indeed.”

Even though he was complaining, he could not hide the joy on his face.



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