I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 1 Part 3

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Part 3



“There really is no magic at all…”

“No one even carries a weapon…”

As soon as they left the house, Lexia-san and the others were stunned as they looked at the people and the streets on the way.

For your information, Night and Merl-san did not come with us on this sightseeing trip. I thought that Ouma-san would come along with us, but he seemed to be staying at home because it was too noisy with Lexia-san and the others around.

Yuti was also staying at home to do some training, probably because she received a request from Merl-san, and Merl-san will accompany her in her training. I wanted to train too, but Iris-san had stopped me from doing so…

To be honest, the fight with Drade was so close that I was impatient to restart my training right away, but the fatigue from the battle hadn’t worn off yet, and I was told that pushing too hard now would have the opposite effect.

If that’s the case, I think it would be better for me to stay home and relax… but the momentum of Lexia-san and Iris-san pushed me over the edge, and I decided to go with them. Fortunately, Kagurazaka-san is also coming along, so even if something happens, it will be possible to deal with it to some extent.



“Whoa! W-what the heck is that group?”

“Are they celebrities…?”

“But I’ve never seen such a beautiful group of people.”

──Lexia-san and the others were very conspicuous.

When people on the street saw Lexia-san and the others, they would stare at them with wide eyes.

Some of them were so fascinated with us that they turned around and almost bumped into other people, making us feel on edge.

Then Lexia-san tilted her head in response to the stares.

“Isn’t that strange? Thanks to Mai, we should feel comfortable with our appearance, so why are people looking at us like this?”

“Surely… the people of this world wouldn’t know that Lexia is a princess.”

“It’s not like they know I’m a Sword Saint either… so I’m not sure.”

“…You really don’t get it, do you?”

“Oh, hahaha…”

I could only smile bitterly in response to Kagurazaka-san’s tired tone.

The people in the surroundings were in a buzz because of the appearance of the three of them, who were not surprised to be called celebrities. But it was because Lexia-san and the others, who did not know the concept of celebrities, did not understand.

There may be stage actors and the like in the other world, but since there is no TV or movies like on Earth, there must be a big difference like that.

As I continued sightseeing while thinking about this, We were suddenly approached by a voice.

“U-um! May I have a moment of your time?”


When we turned toward the voice, there was a woman there.

The woman seemed to be looking at Lexia-san and the others, and although Luna and Iris-san looked slightly alarmed at the contact from an unknown person, the woman did not notice.

And Lexia-san, who was approached, lightly restrained Luna and spoke to her with a smile.

“No problem. What can I do for you?”


The woman admired the elegant smile on Lexia-san’s face.

As I looked around and wondered who the woman was, I suddenly realized something.

…Eh? Do Lexia-san and the others understand Japanese?

Thinking about it, I usually casually talk with Lexia-san and the others, but without the [Language Comprehension] skill, I would not be able to understand them… 

However, when I think back on it now, Yuti, Kaori, and even Kagurazaka-san were having very normal conversations with their counterparts in the other world. What’s really going on here?

It’s possible that when Kagurazaka-san was summoned, something that allowed her to learn languages was incorporated into her magic.

However, Kaori and Yuti could carry out conversations themselves even in a situation where they didn’t have any special skills.

I wonder if the language learning function was attached to the basic feature of the [Door to Another World]?

If so, it’s so strange that they couldn’t understand Merl-san’s words… Or is it because the worlds that are connected are the other world and the Earth, and it is set to learn only the language of those two?

I didn’t realize this until recently… It might be a good idea to look into the [Door to Another World] more. Rather, it was wrong that I didn’t look into it properly until now.

The woman who was admiring Lexia-san’s smile quickly came to her senses as I was thinking about the door again and took out something from her bag.

“I’m from ‘Star Production’…”


The woman who approached us was a scout for an entertainment agency! The buzz around us grew louder at the sight of us.

“H-hey, ‘Star Productions’ is…”

“It’s an agency that has very famous celebrities, right?”

“Yes, yes! The model Miu is very popular these days, isn’t she?”

“It’s not real, is it? Scouting on the street nowadays is suspicious, isn’t it…?”

“Real or fake, if they look like that, it’s no wonder they were scouted…”

It seemed that the agency of the woman who approached us was from the same agency that Miu-san belonged to.

Then I noticed that Kagurazaka-san was stunned.

“Kagurazaka-san? Are you okay?”

“Ha! I’m not okay! It’s that Star Production, you know!?”

“I-I heard it’s some kind of amazing place.”

“Why are you so calm? Star Production is one of the most popular entertainment agencies in Japan, and all the actresses and actors belonging to them are top class, you know?”

I didn’t know that Miu-san belonged to such a great agency…

I’m not familiar with the entertainment industry, so I can’t say for sure, but from the looks of Kagurazaka-san, there are probably actors and actresses I know who are from there.

As Kagurazaka-san’s momentum was getting the better of her, the scout lady didn’t try to solicit her enthusiastically on the spot but instead handed over her business card and simply told Lexia-san to contact her if she was interested, and then left.

Then, Lexia-san looked at the business card in her hand, and her eyes widened.

“Lexia-san, what happened?”

“This card… the material it’s made of and the printing… it’s made with incredible technology, right…?”

“Is that where you’re surprised?”

If it’s a business card from a famous agency, it’s likely to be made from high-quality paper.




“Phew, I’m really tired.”

After that, Lexia-san and the others went for a very long walk in the streets near my house.

From my point of view and Kagurazaka-san’s point of view, it was refreshing to see how surprised they were by the cars and traffic lights, which were not particularly unusual.

We decided to take a short break, so we stopped at a nearby park. Children were playing in the park, and there was a little food stall nearby, which smelled good.

“It smells so good just now… What is that smell?”

“That’s… a sweet food called crepes.”


“It looks like there’s a lot more to it than that…”

At a quick glance, I saw that there were more varieties of tapioca and kebabs than I expected. I wonder if there are always this many stalls here.

I finished my explanation, but Lexia-san and the others were all staring at the crepe stall.

“…um, would you like to try some?”

“””I want it!”””

A-amazing… I thought we just had lunch a while ago…!

I guess they have a different appetite for sweets.

When all three of them said that at the same time, we headed to the crepe stall.

“T-there are so many kinds of crepes…”

“But… we can’t read the words here…”

“Eh? You’re right… we do seem to understand the language, but why?”

As expected, Lexia-san and the others can not read the menu of the crepe stall, and they are confused.

I think it’s fair to say that it’s the [Doorway to Another World] that allows conversations to work. As for reading and writing, language skills are essential.

I explained the menu to the three of them as an interpreter, and they each decided on their own.

“Um… Lexia-san ordered a strawberry crepe, Luna ordered a chocolate banana crepe , Iris-san ordered a caramel crepe, and Kagurazaka-san ordered a berry crepe, right? I’ll bring them to you, and you can all sit on an empty bench somewhere and wait.”

I said this to Lexia-san and the others and waited alone for the crepes to be prepared.

Five minutes later.

I dexterously took the finished crepe and looked for Lexia-san and the others.

Then I was able to find them without any trouble, but I noticed that there was an unfamiliar group of men there.

…I wonder what it is; I have a bad feeling about this…

As I approached them with this in mind, sure enough, Lexia-san and the others were getting tangled up with the men.

“Hey, hey, come on! Just play with us a little.”

“Yeah, yeah! It’s definitely more fun to play with us than with that guy!”

“If he sees us, he’ll back off gracefully!”

It seems that they are being seduced, and they all have troublesome expressions on their faces.

As I hurried to join them, one of the men in the group tried to grab Lexia-san’s hand, perhaps having lost his nerve!

“Don’t be like that… Hey, let’s go together!”


The moment I tried to intervene between the men and Lexia-san, the men stopped moving as if they were tied to the spot.


“W-what the hell is this?”

“I-I can’t move!”

“I-it hurts!”

When I looked closely, I could see strings wrapped around the men’s bodies before long. Is this… Luna’s work?

I had said that it was not allowed to carry weapons when touring the Earth, but if it were Luna’s weapon, it certainly wouldn’t normally be seen, and more importantly, since she was Lexia-san’s escort, she couldn’t really be without a weapon.

Then Luna stood in between Lexia-san and the men and let out a sigh.

“Sigh… how dare you interfere with the fun we were having here?”

“H-huh? W-what is this? Is this your doing?”

They were desperately trying to escape from Luna’s thread, but the more they moved, the more the thread dug into their bodies.

“It hurts!”

“Why is it digging into me?”

I couldn’t just sit here and watch, so I quickly joined them.

“E-excuse me! Are you okay?”

“Oh, Yuuya-sama! Of course, we’re fine!”

“…Sure, you’re fine, but Luna, you know, she was… hiding it, after all.”

Kagurazaka-san let out a sigh of disbelief.

If possible, the two of us would have preferred it to end without any trouble, but it’s hard to do that when so many outstanding people are together.

“Damn it! Let me go right now!”

I had a lot on my mind, but as I’m thinking about what to do about this situation, Luna, who had heard the men’s words, told them with a look of disgust.

“You think I’m going to let you go quietly after you say that? You’re going to stay like that for a while…”

“Luna-san, you should let them go.”

“What? Iris-sama?”

Luna looked surprised at Iris-san’s words.

“Sure, we can just leave them here and go, but we don’t want them messing with the other girls again, do we? That’s why I think we should ── make sure they understand what’s going on here.”


As Luna-san’s cheeks twitched, it seemed as if she understood what Iris-san meant, and she released the men from their restraints.

“Huh! I can move!”

“Tch! If you think you can get away with this… don’t joke with me!”


“It’s okay.”

The men who were able to move suddenly attacked Iris-san, and I tried to move to deal with them immediately, but Iris-san stopped me.

And then──.



When Iris-san unleashed a brilliant spinning kick at the nearest man, the other men were caught up in it and were blown away! The impact was so great that the men seemed to have been knocked unconscious by a single kick from Iris-san.

“They’re so sloppy, aren’t they? I wonder if we can just go about normally without any danger?”

While Kagurazaka-san and I were appalled by Iris-san’s actions, Lexia-san and Luna nodded to Iris-san’s words.

“I think so. I’ve seen a lot of things over the day, and I’ve learned a lot about the world that Yuuya lives in… and it really doesn’t seem to be dangerous.”

“Well, that’s why we can go sightseeing with peace of mind, right? More importantly, let’s eat the crepes that Yuuya-sama bought for us!”

With Lexia-san’s words, each of them started to eat their crepes. Then, all three of them widened their eyes at the same time.

“T-this is… it’s ridiculously delicious!”

“I’ve never tasted anything so delicious before!”

“…Even Lexia, a member of the royal family, said that. It must be a very expensive food… and there is no way that such delicious food can be easily obtained…”


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Iris-san and Lexia-san were enjoying themselves without hesitation, but Luna seemed to have misunderstood something…

“Um… well, it’s not something I eat that often, but crepes aren’t particularly rare, you know?”

“Yeah… it’s not like these crepes are particularly expensive either…”

As Kagurazaka-san and I explained, Lexia-san stared at the crepe in her hand in astonishment.

“That’s… I never thought such delicious food could be so common… I’ve decided. I will live in this world!”


“Hey, Lexia! You’re the princess of the Alceria Kingdom!”

“I can’t resist it! I mean, I can get all these amazing things, and there are all sorts of other delicious things too! How can you not want to live in such a fascinating world?”

“That’s true, but…”

“Well, I’m afraid you can’t, Lexia-chan, because you’re royalty. Since I’m not royalty, maybe I’ll live in this world? Of course, in Yuuya-kun’s house!”

“H-hey, Iris-sama! I can’t let you do that! Right, Yuuya-sama?”

“Even if you were to refuse me right there…”

As the three of them continued to talk at their own pace, Kagurazaka-san and I could only pray that nothing more would happen.


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