Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 109

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Chapter 109


In the Migratory Bird Inn, I was lying on the bed in my room.

…The golems have already been dispatched, each carrying a letter I had written to Lynn.

…Well, there’s no guarantee that Lynn won’t attack the golems, though.

When I prepared letters, I also carved a bird symbol on the golem’s left chest to display the symbol of the Migratory Bird Inn.

I hoped she would notice it.

As I lay in bed, I took a look at my status.

…My level had risen to 17. I’ve grown to the point where I can make almost anything I would need.

Even when it comes to granting skills, I feel that it’s easier to obtain higher-ranked ones.

How many levels will I be able to get this time?

…And then there’s the crafting of divine treasures.

Currently, there is no option available for the production of divine treasure.

It said that there was nothing that could be made when looking at the window to craft it.

I wonder if I’ll have to destroy someone’s divine treasure once?

The problem is what happens after I destroy it. What happens to the owner of the divine treasure after that?

Will they lose their divine treasure? 

As I was thinking about it, there was a knock at the door.

“The door is unlocked.”

Who could it be? 

The door opened and it was Camilla-san who walked in.

She smiled, and I followed suit with a smile of my own.

“You are more relaxed than I thought, aren’t you?”

“…It’s partly thanks to you, Camilla-san.”

If I went out right away, I’d be putting myself in danger.

…It’s normal after thinking about it. If you are going to be traveling throughout the night, you will undoubtedly be struck with sleepiness at some point. Even if you’re fine at night, you’ll still have to travel the following day, leaving you exhausted.

The chance of losing your life would increase significantly.

…This place is a lot more dangerous than the continent I know of.

As I sat on my bed, Camilla-san also sat down near me.

…I was a little nervous knowing that she had just finished a bath and was wearing light clothing.

When I looked at her sideways, she tilted her head and looked at me.

“…Lynn, I’m sure she will be fine.”

“Yes, I know. Lynn is a hero. I think she’s much stronger than me.”

“Yes, I’ve heard that a hero is someone who can… save the world. Since she has that kind of power, she should be able to protect herself at least.”

…That’s right.

This is the reason why Lynn was burdened with a terrible fate in a way. Will I be able to ease her burden in some small way now?

When I was thinking about it, that was when I felt a soft, squeezing touch.

It was a hug from Camilla-san.

“Oh, Camilla-san! What’s with the suddenness?”

“…You seemed anxious. I’ve been doing this for the children in the village. They say it calms them down.”

She patted my back.

…I pursed my lips at Camilla-san’s thoughtfulness.

I then smiled and grabbed her arm lightly.

“I’m fine now. Thank you very much.”

“Really? If you ever feel uneasy again, just let me know. I’ll try to calm you down as much as I can.”

“…Yes. Camilla-san, please let me know if you have any problems as well. I’ll help you.”

“…Yes, thank you. But you’ve already helped me enough. I’ll do my best next time.”

“Thank you.”

I nodded, and Camilla-san left the room.

…I’m not entirely free of anxiety. But for now, I need to rest my body well. Otherwise, I won’t be able to do my best.




The next day. I went out through the north gate of the village.

[T/n: The Author didn’t seem to have a stand for it, he sometimes uses village (mura) and sometimes uses town (machi) for it.]

…I thought about running there on foot, but I heard it was quite a distance so I decided to prepare a carriage.

Even though I said carriage… there are no horses here. So I asked a golem to pull it. If I had to name this, I’d call it a golem carriage.

The basic components of a carriage can be made now that I’ve gained some levels.

After building them, I summoned two golems and asked them to hold the shafts extending out from the carriage.


The golems pulled the carriage carrying us. It didn’t start out so fast, but once it accelerated, the speed picked up quite nicely.

I guess this won’t be a problem.

I also created three golems to guard us and asked them to scout the area ahead to protect us.

I don’t know how long I’ll be out of the village in the future. I wanted to entrust what I could to the golems as much as possible.

“It’s been a while since I’ve been in a carriage.”

Camilla-san looked out the window of the carriage as she brushed her hair.

“…I hope all the problems will be solved soon.”

“Yes, but first, we have to protect the people who are still alive.”

“That’s right. I hope we can find other survivors while looking for Lynn.”


We continue to the north.

The other golems scouted around the surrounding area while matching the pace of our carriage.

…What about the golems that I had dispatched last night?

If they had found Lynn, the letter in their hands asked them to come to the village… but so far, no trace of these golems were found.

It was after we had traveled about an hour by the golem carriage thinking about such things that I found a golem.

It was a thin golem with high agility. It must be a golem I dispatched before. As the golem came towards us, I gave instructions to the golem pulling the carriage to stop.


The scouting golem pointed in a certain direction.

“Is there a village over there?”


…It looks like there’s one.

In the end, the village we arrived at was… in shambles.


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