Weakest Occupation “Blacksmith” Become The Strongest – Chapter 110

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ED: Blast

Chapter 110


…I didn’t expect the village to be so battered.

There was no sign of Lynn.

“Relius… there might be some clues. Let’s look around.”


I was stunned, and Camilla-san patted me on the back.

…Camilla-san is right. There will be nothing that can be done if I stand around in a daze.

There was a chance that Lynn might be here. It’s also possible that there may be a clue that will lead us to Lynn.

I couldn’t sit here imagining the worst and be depressed about it.

Anyway, for now, I had to move my feet and hands.

I walked through the village. …The remains of the battle with the bluestone monster were still visible everywhere.

Blood was all over the place. The blood was dried enough to indicate that the battle had probably taken place a few days ago.

There were many corpses of bluestone monsters.

…But, there were no human corpses to be found anywhere.

Were they devoured by the bluestone monsters? …Or was everyone able to evacuate somewhere?

“…Relius, there’s not much human blood.”

“…Can you tell by the blood?”

“Yeah, I’m a vampire, after all.”

“Oh, that’s right.”

I had forgotten all about it because she didn’t look much like a vampire.

Camilla-san slightly puffed out her cheeks at my words.

…When I was laughing at her situation――I heard a sound.

What is it?

I listened carefully. The sound was coming from under a pile of rubble.


It seemed to be a human voice.

“Is there someone there?”

I called out, and the voice answered from that direction.

…It was a human voice. It’s difficult to hear the voice because it’s buried in the rubble.

“Camilla-san, please help me move the rubble.”


I started to remove the rubble with Camilla-san. Eventually, we came across a staircase leading to the basement. At the bottom of the stairs, I saw some skinny people.

“T-thank God! We’re saved, everyone!”

As if relieved, they came running out.

“A-are you from this village?”

“Yeah…! We were attacked by the bluestone monster, and we ran here. The entrance was blocked, so …we couldn’t get out.”

“…So that’s what happened. Are all the people in the village here?”

Maybe Lynn is here, too.

The villagers shook their heads at my words.

“U-um… Some of the people escaped out of the village when we were attacked, so this is not all of us.”

“If it’s about the six people… we’re protecting them in our village. …They told us about the situation, and so we came here!”

“What? Is that true? T-that’s good to hear… They’re still alive…!?”

The man cried tears of joy.

…I’m sorry about him, but I was wondering about Lynn.

“Excuse me, is there a woman named Lynn in this village!”

“Eh? Lynn…?”


The man’s reaction was like a surprise, and his eyes widened. Then his expression turned grim.

“…Y-you see. She’s the one who blocked the entrance and protected us from the bluestone monster. I believe she’s around your age.”

“…Lynn, is it?”

“Y-yeah. She’s a very strong girl. She killed all the bluestone monsters that we couldn’t do anything about. But there were a lot of bluestone monsters, so she fought to lead them away from the village… is she not here?”


…Lynn is not here.

Camilla-san then patted me on the back as I pursed my lips.

“…There’s no sign of her body. Maybe she’s out there somewhere.”


…Yeah, that’s right.

Anyway, now I just need to find Lynn.

We also need to help the survivors to our village.

First, I let all the people in the basement out. Then I handed out the potions I had to everyone.

“Po-po-po-potion? I can’t believe I’m getting such a valuable thing!”

“Yes. I can make it freely. And is there anyone who is hungry? I can prepare a light lunch for you right now…”

It would be a hindrance to serving a hearty meal here.

One person raises his or her hand at my words. Following the boy who raised his hand modestly, everyone else raised their hands slowly.

“…It looks like there are about 20 people in this village.”

When I handed the food to everyone, they were even more surprised.

“There is enough here for everyone, so please don’t fight over it. There will be plenty more when we get back to the village.”

“T-that’s amazing… Relius-san. I’ve never heard of such an amazing skill before!”

“Y-you’re like a god! …Thank you! I haven’t had a meal this good in a long time…!”

While shedding tears, all of them gobbled up the food.

…I smiled at them and prepared another carriage.

Everyone’s eyes widened, and they almost choked on their food in surprise.

“Everyone, this carriage will take you to our village. We’re going to search for Lynn. …I’m sorry, but you’ll have to travel with the golems to the village.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement with my words.

When everyone understood, I continued.

“When you arrive at the village, please talk to Bard-san. He’s like a representative of the village. If you say you’re from the northern village rescued by Relius, he’ll understand.”

“I-I understand… But then, do the golems also belong to Relius-san? I mean, you built the carriage in an instant, didn’t you?”

“…Well, both of them were created with my skills.”


They just seemed to be impressed.

The details of the villager’s protection may have been a bit messy, but I’ve got a more important task to do.

I have to find Lynn.


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