Shinwa Densetsu no Eiyuu no Isekaitan – Vol 6 Chapter 5 Part 3

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Part 3


At the same time, in the main camp of the Six Kingdoms, the final preparations for tomorrow’s decisive battle were being made.

Three people, a man and two women are in a tent set up in the center of the main camp.

“We have not heard from the head of the Mark family. Isn’t it possible that his scheme has been exposed?”

Luca said with a serious expression, and her brother Eagle sat next to her, biting his nails in frustration.

In contrast, Lucia was smiling with a relaxed smile.

“There is no problem. I have prepared several measures, and if one of them collapses, it won’t hinder the operation. And what about the military formation?”

“If things go according to plan, there will be no problem. But if they get caught in the cracks, that’s pretty bad.”

Eagle tossed the report to Lucia.

It seems that the formation could not be completed in a short time after all. The report in Lucia’s hand stated that there was a breakdown in many areas.

It seemed that the reason for this was that they tried to avoid friction with other countries as much as possible.

The Six Kingdoms, as the name implies, is a union of six nations.

Although they have been allied for many years, they do not work hand in hand in a friendly manner.

The current situation is that everyone is checking each other for supremacy in the Krim region.

For example, the Anguis Kingdom of Lucia is not on good terms with the Urpeth Kingdom of the Urpeth sibling.

When the previous king of Urpeth was still alive, it was not unusual for the nobles of both countries to marry each other. In other words, it could even be said that they had a close relationship.

However, when the previous king collapsed, the throne that should have gone to the Urpeth siblings was taken away from them.

If they had succeeded to the throne without any problems, the friendly relations between the two countries would have continued.

However, since the previous king and the current king ― the friendship that had been built up over the past two generations ― had been destroyed, the relationship between the two countries had grown cold. This kind of problem exists in every country, no matter how small. That is why, when it comes to a large-scale invasion like this, problems such as disobedience to someone from that country erupt. That’s why at first, they divided their army into several groups to invade.

In the name of the unified king, each of them had a different role in order to avoid conflicts.

“This will be a minor problem. It should serve as bait to attract the God of War.”

They need an element that makes them think they can win.

It must not be known that they are tampering with the rules of victory without being noticed. That’s because it will lead to their retreat.

“And the “Ancient King” was biting it. It is not for nothing that we have not heard from the head of the Mark family. It ties into the fact that the poison has been introduced into the body.”

Lucia was honestly happy that the head of the God of War was at hand, but for the Urpeth sibling, it was a different story.

“…Although it’s possible that we invited the poison instead. As for us, we would have preferred to let the five armies invade and take the west for the certainty.”

If they had just let the five armies run amok, the war might have been prolonged. Even the western nobles who surrendered did not necessarily swear allegiance. If the Grantz Empire had launched a counterattack, they probably would have betrayed them immediately.

Above all, they took the initiative, but they have been on the back foot since the descendant of the God of War went into battle.

Perhaps the Urpeth sibling is unaware of this.

(It’s just brilliant… only 20,000, but despite that, it’s an action that gives hope to the western nobility. If they had continued to fight, the war would have been prolonged.)

The secret of war is speed ― how to win without letting the opponent resist.

However, with Hiro coming into battle, the speed will slow down. Therefore, in order to gain the upper hand in future battles, they sacrificed the Second Conquest Army.

Gaining the greater than the less. Rather than choosing a local victory, it is far better to have a big-picture victory.

(Besides, I’m not interested in the territory.)

This is where Lucia and the Urpeth siblings are definitely different.

The Six Kingdoms have not expanded their territory in over 400 years. No country has the ability to manage the territory it has taken. As expected, even if they acquired the western regions, it would be difficult to manage them due to their lack of experience. In addition, even if they were to acquire the western regions, they would have to deal with the issue of ceding them to other countries. In addition, there is still the issue of Felzen.

Lucia would really like to avoid such troublesome problems.

(…Let’s see what happens first.)

Some countries will fail to govern, while others will succeed.

After observing them and taking their governing skills, she can take a part of the west from other countries. That’s why she’s aiming for a certain achievement right now: the descendant of the God of War.

“If the Ancient King is defeated, the strength of the Grantz Empire will be greatly reduced. If we don’t get rid of as many capable people as possible, we will be the ones who will be cornered later on.”

The enemy, despite its rottenness, is the Grantz Empire. It’s not only the land but also the quantity of goods and the far different number of soldiers.

They could create the current situation because they invaded without giving any time for the Grantz Empire to prepare their forces.

In other words, there is no guarantee that they will continue to be outnumbered in the future.

There is a high possibility that they will have more troops than the Six Kingdoms. The problem of food and supplies has not been solved yet, and if the situation becomes prolonged, they will surely be defeated. The Six Kingdoms will be driven out of the west and will be left with nothing but enormous losses.

(We have to find a compromise somewhere.)

In order for the negotiations to go in their favor, it was necessary to show their strength.

As a queen, she looks ahead to the future for the peace of the nation. She should not only think of victory but also the worst-case scenario, which is defeat.

“In the first place, he is a descendant of the God of War. His value is immeasurable. It’s an achievement that the united king will recognize. Perhaps you could even get your throne back with her help?”

“That is, if Your Majesty Queen Lucia doesn’t monopolize the credit.”

“Do you not trust me? Didn’t we once play together and grow up together?”

“When we were young, we were still pure and could play without suspicion. But now that we are grown up, we know the horror of the snake.”

Luca threw a stern look at her. Lucia shrugged her shoulders without denying it.

Their gazes sparked, and Eagle, caught between them, kept his eyes downcast.

A moment of silence drifted through the room.

Lucia couldn’t take it any longer, and she broke the silence with a loud bang of her iron fan.

“Then it would be good for you to cut off the head of the Ancient King and return. With that, you will trust me, will you not? Is that not enough?”

“…Are you serious?”

“If it makes you feel better, then fine. As long as it is to our credit, I have no problem with it.”

The Urpeth siblings were delighted to hear this.

“I understand. Then we will continue with the mission.”

“I don’t have a problem with that if you’re okay with it.”

“Then the discussion is over. Tomorrow, you will take the head of the Ancient King, so you’d better rest up.”

“What about Your Majesty Queen Lucia?”

“I’ll act as a decoy to draw the Ancient King away.”

Lucia unfolded her iron fan and smiled. Luca tilted her head in disbelief at this behavior.

“Could it be that… do you want us to fight alone?”

“If I think you’re going to lose, I’ll help you at least a little.”

At Lucia’s provocative words, Luca’s expression became more and more intense. It was probably because she could tell from her words that she planned to use the Urpeth siblings as a stepping stone.


The chair collapses with a rumbling sound as Luca stands up vigorously.

“You can take it as a parasitic statement that you will take the best part?”

Luca’s eyes, filled with anger, began to glow with a red lotus flame. But that anger instantly dissipated.

“Your Majesty Queen Lucia, you will have no role to play.”

“…Eagle? What are you doing?”

“Shut up, sister.”

Eagle, who had no say in the matter, thrust out his arm as if to restrain Luca.

“We… the Urpeth siblings will triumphantly return with the head of the God of War. That’s all you need to know.”

Without hiding his anger, Eagle made his way to the entrance with high-pitched footsteps.

“W-wait! Eagle! What’s the matter with you all of a sudden?”

Luca’s expression was bewildered as she chased after her brother’s back in a panic.

It was clear that she was confused by Eagle’s sudden change in attitude. The attitude of a younger brother who rarely rebelled against his older sister. Luca’s back was looking forlorn as she walked out of the command center like a child clinging to their parents, forgetting the anger she had just felt, for fear that feels akin to hostility might be directed at her as well.

“Kukuku, fumu… it’s a good feeling of dependence.”

The Urpeth siblings have been fighting the adults around them alone since the throne was taken from them. Even if they are from the royal family, when they lose their power, they merely become toys for the nobility.

The humiliation and hatred that the nobles had suffered from the king were all directed at the two of them.

“Luca’s eyes were dead back then.”

Lucia, who felt sorry for the treatment of the Urpeth siblings, advised the unified king, and although she was the youngest, she was once again recognized as a member of the royal family and was able to lead a decent life.

Her talent had always been good, and she rose to fame at a breakneck pace, but her dream of regaining the throne has yet to come true.

“The dream remains a dream… and you will be happier for it.”

The Urpeth siblings will never be able to regain the throne.

The woman is the closest thing to a unified king and has the power to do anything she wants.

It’s not something that can be surpassed by hard work ― Lucia gnashed her teeth in frustration.

“I’m going to use you… for my ambitions.”

In the name of the queen, she must take advantage of all those she can. The management of a nation is not a charity. The national interest must always be the top priority.

Personal feelings are secondary.

Unless one can overpower their emotions and punish even their parents and siblings, they cannot be a king.

“You have too many weaknesses. You show too much emotion.”

The Urpeth siblings are dependent on each other. If either one of them is missing, it will break the other’s heart.

That’s their biggest flaw as commanders. There is no room for personal feelings in war. It’s a kill or be killed world.

“…Many people die defending others, though.”

In a world of bloodshed, a good story is certainly a glorious thing. In a war, they can be used for propaganda purposes. After the war, they can be hailed as saints and inscribed in history.

“They can die ugly and disfigured, or they can die beautiful and miraculous…”

She should at least be given that option.

“Let her die as a pawn for me.”

It’s pathetic. It’s just so pathetic.

There is no life more miserable than being born into a royal family and ending your life as a puppet.

“Now, what will happen to the ones left behind…? It’s going to be really fun.”

Lucia spread out her iron fan and continued to laugh while her face was agitated.


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