Maseki Gurume – Vol 5 Chapter 5 Part 1

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Chapter 5 – What The First King Left Behind

Part 1


Let’s go back in time a litte.

It was when the merchant ship carrying Elena was still sailing off the coast of Magna. Shortly before noon, the royal water train arrived at the port city of Magna.

The whole area, inside and outside the station, was overflowing with crowds like never before.

Martha spoke to Ain as he got off the train.

“Olivia-sama was the obvious favorite, but today there seems to be a lot of calls for Ain-sama.”

It’s no exaggeration to say that the voices calling out for the two of them are so loud that it’s almost like shouting, and the noise is no less than that of the White Rose Station, one of the largest stations in Ishtalika.

“Is this due to the defeat of the Sea Dragon?”

“It seems so. I’ve heard rumors that you’re as popular as the first king.”

“Personally, I’d prefer that they give priority to my mother.”

After hearing that, Olivia said,

“I’m fine with it. I’d be happier if Ain were praised.”

Olivia couldn’t possibly feel bad about her beloved Ain being praised.

That’s probably why.

She was in such a good mood today that it was obvious at a glance.

“It’s going to be difficult to walk around the city at this rate.”

It was a bit of a pity, but it would be difficult considering the commotion that would ensue if they were found.

Olivia, who was standing next to him, seemed to have the same idea and tilted her head in annoyance.

“The two of you, this way, please. Normally, I would prepare a time to respond to the people, but today’s crowd is so large that I think we should cancel it for the safety of the people.”

Martha said, indicating the direction of the exit.

“Oh, yes. We might as well.”

“The carriage is ready. You can wave from the window today.”

“Hmm, that’s all right. Well, Mother, let’s go.”

“Yes, let’s do that.”

When Ain saw Olivia walking ahead of him, he suddenly had an idea.

“The princess is not supposed to walk alone, so I’ll escort her.”

Then Olivia stopped and looked at Ain with blank stares in her eyes. She looked at him for a few seconds as he held out his hand. She put one hand on the star crystal shining on her chest and nodded with a smile full of joy.


NyX Translation


“…Will you escort me, Your Royal Highness?”

“Yes, leave it to me.”

He was taller than Olivia due to his demon king transformation. In response to his dependable behavior, she laid her hands on his as if to entrust everything to him.


◇ ◇ ◇


It took more than ten minutes for the carriage to move forward. The carriage carrying Ain and Olivia arrived at the villa of the first king.

There were no houses or even nobleman’s mansions around, and the whole area of the cape was monopolized. This would definitely be a prime location close to the train station and with a spectacular view of the entire town.

Not less than the land, the villa was built in an eye-catching and majestic structure.

“It’s more than what I expected──”

“Was it beautiful to look at?”

Dill came to stand next to Ain and said.

“That’s about it. You can tell at a glance that it’s well maintained.”

The exterior of the villa was ivory-colored and elegant. From the outside, it was probably four stories high.

By the way, not only the villa itself but also the garden caught his attention.

The neatly arranged hedges. And the lush green grass. All of the colorful flowers show the skill of the expert gardeners.

“The scent of the sea breeze is pleasant, and it’s such a nice place to live. I’d love to live here forever. Besides, I’d like to go into town and visit the food stalls.”

“Haha, absolutely not.”


Then, after enjoying the scenery for a while, they started walking.

“Mother and the others are already inside, so we should go too.”

“Right. Let’s go.”

They walked along the cobblestones that led to the entrance and arrived in front of a thick wooden door.

The royal knight noticed that Ain had arrived and opened the door.

The floor inside the villa was also made of wood.

As he walked, he heard a dry sound──.

There are not many treasures on display, and the interior is neat and tidy.

“Where is my room located?”

“On the fourth floor, the top floor. It seems that His Majesty the First’s room is also nearby, so you may visit it if you want.”

“Well, I’ll pay a visit when I have time.”

The upper floors seem to be accessed by two staircases that spread out like wings on either side.

“…..What is that?”

There was a small door in the corner of both staircases.

“That’s probably the stairs to the basement.”

“The one you can’t open for some reason?”

“Yes. But Warren-sama said it was okay to go down there.”

“Hmm… I’ll check it out later.”

For now, he should head to the room provided.

Ain took both stairs and walked to the top floor.

“Hey, Dill.”

“What can I do for you?”

“Does the basement have any secrets?”

“I don’t know about that… the door was never opened.”

“Grandfather told me that an old king once tried to find out. But no matter what he did, he couldn’t get it open, so he gave up.”

“So….. is it intentionally sealed?”

“Oh, that’s what I thought, too. For example… it can only be opened by His Majesty the First.”

“I see. Then it will be difficult to open it.”

Ain was still curious, though, so he would probably go there eventually.

“I wonder what’s in there.”

But he didn’t like to try to force his way in.

It was like trying to search the entire house, and he didn’t feel good about it.


After unpacking, Ain left his room and walked to Olivia’s room.

“It has the same decor as mine, doesn’t it?”

“Fufu, that’s right. It is like… a middle ground between a mansion and an inn.”

The room had the feel of a villa in a resort area.

The combination of furniture made of woven plants and white painted walls gave the room a tropical feel. The huge windows overlooking the cobalt blue seaside gave the room a different air.

Ain and Olivia are enjoying the unusual room.

When Martha speaks to them reservedly.

“Excuse me, but may I ask you something?”

“Is it for me?”

“To be precise,it is something that  I would like to ask the both of you…”

They wondered what it was. The two looked at each other and sat down on the sofa.

“Okay, what is it?”

“Actually, I’ve been wondering for a while, about the sea breeze… does it have any adverse effects on your health?”

“Oh, arara…? Why were you so curious about that?”

Olivia asked back with a troubled look on her face.

“The two of you are dryads, so I was concerned that the tide might be a bad influence.”

“Oh! So that’s what you meant!”

Olivia nodded her head in agreement.

She immediately put up one index finger, put it to her lips, and looked up at the ceiling.

“Hmm… I used to live in a port town before, and it was fine then.”

“You used to live in a port town…?”

“Yeah. Actually, yes.”

Olivia stubbornly refused to mention the place’s name, though it was obviously in Roundheart and began to talk about it as if it were just small talk.

“I used to go for walks on the beach with Ain back then. But nothing happened to us.”

“That’s a relief.”

Martha just smiled and nodded but did not mention the port city.

On the contrary, she clenched her fists tightly, and her veins appeared.

Was it regret having reminded her of Roundheart, or simply anger towards that house?

Naturally, Ain guessed that it was both.

“Oh, look, Ain. There are so many fish over there.”

“That’s right. There are so many.”

Outside the window, from the cape, there was a school of fish swimming in the sea. The sunlight pouring in from the sky illuminated them, making them shine silver.

It was a sight that could never be seen in the port of the royal capital.


──Knock, knock.

The door of the room was knocked quietly.

“I’m coming.”

Martha went to the door.

The one who was outside was Dill.

“Please give this to Ain-sama.”

He hands Martha a small envelope and quickly closes the door.

“What’s wrong?”

“Dill gave it to me. He said it was for Ain-sama.”

“For me? What is it?”

As soon as he received it, he inspected it and found it contained a brief report. According to the report, the crowds at the station are slowly subsiding. The report said there were some minor disputes due to the crowd, but no one was injured.

There was nothing he could do about it.

Ain finished reading and put the envelope back in his pocket.

“…Although it’s a little early, I think I’ll take a bath.”

Olivia got up from the couch and looked at Martha.

“Will you help me?”

“Yes, of course. In the meantime, I’ll call another servant for Ain-sama.”

“Oh, that’s all right. I want Ain to run an errand for me.”

An errand?

Olivia then asked Ain, whose eyes lit up.

“You want to go into town, don’t you?”

He remembered saying that in the station.

“I’d love to, but… I think it would be difficult.”

“It’s fine. I’ve borrowed something good from my father.”


“Oh, don’t worry, Martha. In fact, my father lent it to me in anticipation of this. If you wear it, no one will know you’re Ain.”

Then she stood up and reached for her bag, which she had placed nearby.

“Even if nobody recognizes Ain-sama, it’s still dangerous. If anything happens──.”

“Lily will join him on the way, so it will be fine.”

“When did this all happen…?”

“Before we left the royal capital, Warren sent her to help us. He will be safe with her, won’t he, Martha?”

“Y-yes. After all, Lily-sama is stronger than my Dill.”

“Well, problem solved. Ain, come here.”

Answering the call, Ain turned his attention to the gray robe that Olivia had taken out. The color was plain, but the fabric did not look cheap.

The robe was given to Olivia by Sylvird, so it must not be an ordinary item.

“This robe is said to have similar properties to the earth red jade that protected Ain during the Sea Dragon attack. But it doesn’t take much time and money to make, so it can’t protect your life.”

“Wow… but if I wear it low enough, I can hide my face.”

“Fufu, perfect for going incognito, don’t you think?”

Olivia then unfolded the robe and walked around to Ain’s back.

“I’ve heard that my father used to hide in Beria and wear this to sneak around.”

“Eeh… Grandfather was…”

For a moment, his cheeks tensed up, wondering what the hell he was doing. However, he is also a member of the royal family, and he is also the future king, so he wore it too.

It was a kind of similarity, he thought.

“I’ll be back in about an hour.”

“Alright. I’m going to take a bath, so be careful out there. …And, since you are running an errand, I’ll ask you to buy me something from the town.”

It’s no big deal.

After a final “goodbye” hug, Ain went out to Magna, where the sun began to set.


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