Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 151

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Chapter 151 – Material’s Delivery


Well. I’ve already reserved the crafting of the weapons to be given to each of them, so all I have to do is wait for them to be finished.

“I think I’ll go deliver the goods to the supply warehouse.”

“Hmm, I thought you forgot.”

“No, crafting takes time from the time it is reserved until it is ready. I was thinking of reserving the crafts first and then going to the warehouse.”

“I see.”

It’s not like I forgot and just remembered. So Isla, please stop that lukewarm stare. It’s affecting me.

“Eh? Are you done with the work now? Don’t you have a fire in the furnace to melt and heat the metal and bang on it?”

“My ability allows me to specify what I want to make, and the rest is done automatically by the facility. Isn’t that great?”

“You must be hurting the craftsmen with that ability.”

Tozume gave me a dumbfounded look. She has a big, single eye, like Isla, but Tozume is a cool, beautiful woman, and because of her height, she looks down on me, which is very intimidating.

“Hahaha, I guess so. So don’t tell the craftsmen. They might attack me secretly. Well, I’m sure it will be fine because I only make things that don’t compete with the craftsmen or when there is an urgent need.”

“What would happen if you didn’t control yourself?”

Bella tilted her head as if she couldn’t imagine it. Well yeah, it’s hard to get a feel for it without concrete numbers.

“For example, right now I can make one steel sword or spear per workbench in less than a minute and a half. In other words, I can make forty swords or spears in one hour per workbench. If I increase the number of workbenches to five, I can make two hundred steel swords or spears in an hour. And I could operate the craft all day long if I wanted to. In other words, I could make 480 steel swords or spears in a whole day. If I add more workbenches, I can make armor and helmets at the same time too.”

“…That’s scary. There won’t be any need for armor makers anymore.”

“Right? And this is not just about weapons. I can make pots, pans, farming tools, food, clothes, medicine, and everything else the same way. If I don’t control myself, the people who make those things will die. Economically.”

Moreover, the quality of the product is stable, and there are no inferior products. The steel sword I made for testing was examined by a professional blacksmith, and he said that it was a high-quality steel sword, though it was far from a masterpiece. In other words, the quality was better than that of ordinary steel swords.

What would happen if such a thing became available in large quantities? It was all too easy to imagine.

“Kosuke can control himself, thinking of everyone. That’s great.”

“Hahaha, that’s right, that’s right. You can praise me more.”

“Onee-chan will praise you a lot in the night.”


“I’m not really sure, but I think Isla is thirty or forty years old. I heard she was a court mage 20 years ago.”


Shumel revealed Isla’s age to the dubious expression of Tozume, and Bella was astonished at the fact. Yes, she may look small, but she is a lady older than me. She looks younger than me because of her body shape and her tone of voice.”

“Well, I will be going now.”

“I’ll go too.”

“What do you want to do?”

“I have nothing to do, so I’ll just go along.”

“I’ll wait here. Someone passing by might try to play a trick on it.”

The four of us, except for Shumel, who took over the guarding of the workbench, began to move to the warehouse to stockpile supplies. When Isla reached out her small hand, I took it on mine and walked slowly.

Our hands are so different in size that it’s hard to hold hands like lovers. Maybe that’s why Isla only grasps my index and middle fingers at times like this. This seems to be the best fit for her.

“I feel like I can guess just by looking at you.”

“If you’re not careful, the height difference looks like a father and daughter… Hyiee.”

The moment Isla looked back at Tozume, who had commented about father and daughter, it seemed as if I heard Tozume’s frightened voice. It must have been my imagination, hahaha. Isla is scary when she’s really upset, so you’d better be careful what you say.

We walked for a while in a friendly atmosphere and arrived at the supply warehouse. A squirrel-type beastman who looked like the manager came trotting up to us.

“Kosuke-sama, we’ve been waiting for you!”

“Sorry, I had to check the sleeping quarters first. Here’s the list.”

I took the list of supplies Melty had given me out of my inventory and handed it to the squirrel-type beastman manager. The main items I brought this time were wood, refined metals, gemstones, spices, sugar, preservable sweets, alcoholic beverages, salted meat, rock salt, and other items that are hard to find in the rear base.

There is also a small amount of metal mining going on in the rear, but the amount of metal that can be mined is not enough to meet the demand in the rear, and it is dangerous because of the risk of being attacked by Gizma. The only way to get wood is to bring it in from the Black Forest, which is nearly impossible. The surrounding area is a wilderness of nothing but stone, sand, and soil.

As for luxury goods, food production is still a priority, and the amount produced is not very large. As for meat, although the raising of livestock has begun, it is still not enough to meet the demand, and as for salt, there is no place nearby where it can be collected, so it has to be transported from the Elven villages and the Merinard Kingdom.

In addition, refined metals, gemstones, and luxury goods can be used for trade with the Elven village. In fact, the truth is that I have prepared them for trade with the Elves. I’m not sure how to actually trade them.

“This time, there’s a lot of them. Will it fit in the warehouse?”

“There are some valuables in there, so if you want, I can make another sturdy one.”

“Can you do that for us?”

The three of us, including the squirrel-type beastman manager and Isla, discussed the location and structure of the warehouse and decided to expand the existing one instead of building a new one. Since I built the building, the work itself was easy. If it were a normal building, I would have to think about the pillars that support the roof and other things. I don’t have to think about such difficult things.

In some games, gravity is calculated properly, and if the weight becomes heavier than the supporting force, the building will collapse. My ability doesn’t seem to do that, so it’s easy.

“Thank you very much. I think everything will be fine now!”

“Order the shelves and stuff from the craftsmen.”


The squirrel-type beastman manager instructed his subordinates, a large bear-type beastman, and a cow-type beastman, to start carrying many supplies I had taken out of my inventory into the expanded warehouse one after another.

“Well, this is outrageous. In less than thirty minutes, the warehouse became huge.”

“This is out of the ordinary. You’ll probably succeed as an adventurer.”

“You can carry as much luggage as you want; if your weapon breaks, you can repair it or even make it on the spot, and you can prepare a safe place to sleep and a delicious meal on the spot.”


Isla did not interrupt their assessment. In fact, there are other abilities that might be useful as an adventurer, such as the ability to heal or the ability to use a gun for powerful long-distance attacks, but there is little point in telling them that. I have no intention of becoming an adventurer now.

“Anyway, are you done with your business for today?”

“Yes. I’m going to go back and relax while I adjust the weapon. If you want, I can make you some costumes; it’s been a while since I made any.”

“Like the magical girl dress?”

“Well, that’s part of it. I’ll make something for Bella and Tozume, too. Maybe a dress.”

Bella and Tozume looked surprised at my words. I like it; I like that kind of reaction. Lately, the people around me have gotten used to what I do and don’t show that kind of expression.

“Huh? A dress? For us?”

“No, we’re not really into that kind of thing.”

“You’re both beautiful; you’ll look good if you dress up. Well, think of it as a bonus for this request.”

“We can already build a house with the extra money.”

Bella said with a straight face. Hmm? I don’t know the market price, but I don’t know if mithril iron alloy weapons are that expensive. Considering the ratio of iron to mithril, the amount of mithril is very small.

“Well, well, don’t worry about the details. You’ll go bald.”

“I don’t think it’s a good idea to call a woman bald.”

Despite her vulgar speech, Bella is a serious person, isn’t she?

“I’m starting to understand what Shumel was talking about…”

“Hmm? What?””

“She said it’s best to let him do what he wants and not get tired of watching him do it.”

“Hahaha, Shumel. When we get back, I’m going to dress her up in some kind of white, frilly, lacy, fluffy wedding dress. You two help me with that.”

“Yeah… but is that okay?”

“I’m scared, but I want to see it, so I’ll help.”

“I’ll help too.”

With four of us, even Shumel could not resist. It’s been a while since the last fashion show.


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