Goshujin-sama to Yuku Isekai Survival! – Chapter 152

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Chapter 152 – Fashion Show Again


“Isn’t magic unfair…?”

“No, it’s not.”

Hello. I’m Kosuke. This is Kosuke lying on the ground after being hit by Shumel. By the way, Bella was knocked down after being punched, and Tozume was writhing in agony after having sand poured on her face and blinding her big eye.

Immediately after returning from the warehouse, I made a white, frilly, fluffy dress and tried to dress Shumel in it, but of course, she refused. Then the bell rang for battle! This Kosuke-kun got blown away! And then when I realized it, this is the outcome.

Now, Shumel is bound in a “大” character, with each of her limbs restrained by a shining ring of light. Her body is floating a bit, isn’t it? But still, Isla’s magic is incredible!

“In the first place, it’s just a matter of getting dressed. It’s not like you are being made to wear humiliating clothes, and Shumel is narrow-minded enough to be violent over something like that. In the adventurer’s terms, you’re a chicken-hearted.”

“It’s a bit arrogant of you to strip me of my clothes and force me to wear something I don’t want to wear, isn’t it…?”

“Are you really don’t want to wear it?”

As Isla stared at Shumel, Shumel turned her eyes away quietly.

“It’s okay; everyone wears it. There’s no shame in it.”

I responded with a thumbs up in response to Isla’s words. Fine, I guess it’s solved if I make enough for everyone. So I made a pure white dress with lots of frills and lace for everyone.

“N-no, it doesn’t look good on me…”

“No, it looks good on you, nee-san. It’s cute and beautiful.”

“I-I’m feeling a little uncomfortable.”

“Kosuke, do I look good?”

“It looks good on you. It looks super good on you.”

Shumel’s face is red and teary-eyed in her frilly, fluffy dress, and Tozume is fidgeting, perhaps uncomfortable. Bella is surprisingly unconcerned. Maybe she’s just more worried about Shumel and Tozume than her own condition.

And Isla. Isla is cute. It’s bad. It’s bad to the point where my vocabulary is deteriorating. Why isn’t there a screenshot function in my abilities? No matter whether I’m focusing on F2 or F12. PrintScreen. I can’t even hear a click. Damn it.

“Let’s try making something else.”

“Hmm, I’ll try it on.”

“But what should I make…? Okay, let’s go with something that will look good on Shumel and the others.”

So I decided to make a very thin, skin-baring, aggressive outfit of denim hot pants and a short tank top.

“It’s a lot better than the last time.”

“Isn’t it a little too short? Won’t someone be able to see underneath?”

“It might be good for indoor wear. Though I’d feel more comfortable if it was a little longer.”


“The more skin you show, the better it looks.”

It looks great on the boom, whack, bang Shumel and the others. It’s more like tight, or rather, they’re six-pack, these girls. They are muscular.

What about Isla, you ask? I think hot pants on a loli body is also a very good thing. Isla’s white skin is dazzling.

“This is a normal length tank top.”

“Oh, this is good. I want a few of these.”


“Oh, I want some, too!”

“Me too.”

“Okay, okay, I’ll give you five of each, so you can wear the clothes I’m going to make for you.”

Their sizes are almost the same, so I only need to make fifteen tank tops of the same size. It’s easy to do.

And now this.

“It’s too tight with the ribbon around the neck and the buttons all the way up.”

“Can you loosen it and take off a couple of buttons?”

“It feels tighter somehow.”

“Is it cute?”

“It’s cute!”

I made a short sleeve Y shirt and a short pleated skirt to look like a JK. Don’t tell anyone that the whole thing smells like a crime.

[T/n: JK = Joshi kōsei = School girl.]

Shumel and Bella immediately began to disrupt public morals by loosening the ribbons and unbuttoning the buttons. Yeah, well, that’s what they were aiming for, right? It seems that Tozume doesn’t mind wearing a tightly fitted outfit, and she’s wearing it properly. Yeah, she’s cool. She looks like the head of the public morals committee.

As for Isla… Yeah, it smells like a crime. The clothes were supposed to be designed to look like a high school girl’s clothes, but the elementary school where young ladies from good places are attending… shouldn’t be any better. But I think this is a good one. Yeah.

“Oh, this is good. The fabric looks sturdy.”

“It’ll blend-in in the woods.”

“I think it would stand out in the wilderness.”

“Does it suit me?”

“Isla looks better in a cute outfit. Well, you look pretty in that.”

“I see.”

This time, I dressed them in a camouflage suit made of sturdy fabric. Yeah, it looks good when the three Oni girls wear it. When Isla wears it, she looks like a child in a costume.

“No, this is…”

“I-I’m a little embarrassed.”

“I don’t think this is…”

“Do I look good?”

“It suits Isla too well if you ask me.”

This time, I dressed them in a lyrical, mini-skirt magical girl outfit. This is the birth of the Trio☆Onicure.

Shumel is pink, Bella is red, and Tozume is light blue. I decided to go with black for Isla. Shumel and the others seem to have an aversion to these frilly, fluffy, flashy costumes. I think it’s cute and not weird at all.

“Shumel and the others are hardly equipped with any armor that looks like armor, after all.”

“Oh? It would be expensive to make armor to fit our physique, and too much weight would slow us down. Unlike soldiers, adventurers have to walk long distances and carry food and water for themselves to eat and drink. They can’t afford to wear heavy armor.”

“I see. Well, if those clothes had protective effects, that would be the solution!”

“No, I want them to be less flashy. This kind of clothing will get caught everywhere and get torn up in the forest.”

“It would be better to wear the camouflage outfit from earlier? I like that kind of camouflage. I’d rather not expose my skin to avoid bugs and leeches.”

“There is no romance in that.”

“Adventuring has a certain romanticism, but the actual work itself is so serious that there’s no room for romance.”

“It’s a hard world… Oh, yeah.”

I took out a piece of leather from my inventory. It’s a very large piece of leather, though.

“I’ll make you some armor out of this leather.”

“That’s a big piece of leather. What kind of leather is it?”

“Wyvern leather.”

“Heh, wyverns… You mean real wyverns?”

Tozume looked up at Isla’s explanation.

“Yes, they attacked me in the Sorel Mountains when I met Grande. Good grief, they were a pain in the ass.”

“Eh, you hunted them down, Kosuke-san?”


“Does someone who hunts Wyverns need us to protect him?”

“Because he is naive, he can be easily fooled and kidnapped.”

“He certainly seems like a good person. Even at the bottom.”

Tozume nodded in response to Shumel’s words. Despite these girls, I wandered my gaze around the surroundings.

“…So, where’s Grande?”

I couldn’t find any sign of Grande. Hmm? When did I start to lose sight of her?

“…Now that you mention it, I have a feeling she was already gone when we were eating.”

“Seriously…? Well, Grande is not a child, and she has a sensible personality, so I think she’ll be fine.”

The people here are calm, and I’m sure nothing unusual will happen. But I am worried.

“Well, I don’t know what to do. I think we should go look for her.”

As Grande’s guardian, I think I should do that, but Grande is not a child, and it would not be too dangerous for her to get lost in this rear base.

“We’ll go look for her, so you just stay here. She might be with the Harpies, and they might accidentally mix up.”

“Right. Bella, you stay. It’s not good to have no one to protect him.”

“Is that so? Okay. I’ll wait here.”

“Well… I’ll get changed first.”

After saying that, Shumel went into the house to change from the frilly magical girl clothes to normal clothes. Why don’t you just go ahead and wear it? You’ll definitely be the center of everyone’s attention!

“Oh, I don’t know what to do. I feel so uncomfortable.”

“There’s no need to panic. As Kosuke said, Grande is not a child, and she is a Grand Dragon. If you leave her alone for a while, she won’t die or get hurt.”

“That’s right. You’re worrying too much. I think she might be playing around with the kids, don’t you think so?”

Grande playing around with the children… is too uncomfortable.

“It could not be helped if I panicked… Yes, yes, I know. I’ll be waiting for you to make some armor out of Wyvern leather.”

“I want it too.”

“Isla doesn’t need leather armor… Yeah, but I’ll make a cloak out of the wing membrane.”

“I’m looking forward to the wyvern cloak.”

“You know, Wyvern leather equipment can cost dozens of gold coins…?”

“Don’t worry. As long as I procure it myself and make it myself, it’s like it’s free.”

“I don’t think that’s the problem here…”

I opened up the crafting menu on the golem workbench, ignoring Bella, who let out a sigh. Oh, Shumel and the others’ weapons are finished, too. I’ll have them test it as soon as they get back.


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  1. [“Does someone who hunts Wyverns need us to protect him?”

    “Because he is naive, he can be easily fooled and kidnapped.”]

    so naive that he gets keeps getting r*ped by different kinds of monstergirls???


  2. “Why isn’t there a screenshot function in my abilities? No matter whether I’m focusing on F2 or F12. PrintScreen. I can’t even hear a click. Damn it.”

    Which would be followed by ten minutes of trying to figure out where the screenshots folder is located inside his own brain.


    1. While he could, distributing national treasures left and right among the liberation army will paint giant target on the troop’s back.


  3. “Are you really don’t want to wear it?”
    Grammar, dude.
    “Are you really unwilling to wear it?” fits the best here. To ask about something while using ‘want’ in negative is tricky, so maybe someone else could help better.


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