I Got A Cheat Ability In A Different World, And Become Extraordinary Even In The Real World – Vol 9 Chapter 4 Part 5

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Part 5


(No way…! The Dragonia elites… those commanders were defeated?)

Drade, who had been fighting with me, was astonished that the other commanders had been defeated.

I was really surprised about Night, not to mention Iris-san and Master Usagi.

I suddenly felt a tremendous pressure similar to Ouma-san’s, and when I turned my gaze towards it, I saw a huge jet-black wolf.

I was surprised by his appearance, but I knew immediately that the wolf was Night.

It seemed that Night had also unleashed his power for some reason. I’ll have to make sure of that when this battle is over.

In order to do that, I need to defeat Drade in front of me now.

Unlike the time of the previous attack, I was able to activate both [Holy King’s Authority] and [Holy Evil Creation] from the start in this fight.

(Kuh…! What the hell is this power…!)

[Thousands Spear Piercing]!”


Drade, who could not handle my attack, suffered many wounds on his body. Then he distanced himself from me and looked at me in disbelief.

(Impossible…! I was defeated once, and in order to defeat you, I made further modifications to this body! So why am I… being overwhelmed?)

It seems that after Drade was defeated by me and was retrieved back, he further modified and strengthened his body.

It is true that in this fight, I felt that each blow was more powerful than the last, and it was obvious that if I took even one hit, I would take a lot of damage.

But now that I could use the power of the [Holy and Evil Creation] even more than before, I was able to overwhelm Drade.

Then, Kuro, who was inside me, raised his voice in amusement.

“Hahahahahaha! This is so good! I wonder what it feels like to be beaten by someone you thought you could beat?”

“Hey, Kuro?”

“Isn’t it nice? And I’m helping you, too. You should be a little grateful.”

“Yeah, thanks a lot for that.”

I’ve been fighting with the help of Kuro, as he said.

This is because I needed to activate the power of Evil to match the power of the Holy that was strengthened by the [Holy King’s Authority], so I borrowed the power of Kuro.

Thanks to that, I am now able to draw out the full potential of the [Holy and Evil Creation], and in combination with Sage-san’s weapon, I am now overwhelming Drade.

Drade shook his head as if to say that he didn’t approve of such a situation.

(Unbelievable… There is no way that we, the Dragonias, can lose… We can’t lose!)


In an enraged state, a tremendous fighting spirit rose from Drade’s body, and he thrusted out his spear with a speed that was incomparable to anything he had ever done before.


Drade had lost all sense of reason and become a weapon that would simply annihilate the enemy in front of him.

In response, I quietly held up my spear and unleashed a technique.

[True Divine Piercing]…!”


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It’s the best attack that I can do right now, with the [Holy King’s Authority], [Holy Evil Creation], and also [Magic Armor] deployed. 

It was a flash that surpassed the [God Piercing] that the Spear Saints used in the past… and it was a flash that pierced even the gods.

Drade and I crossed in an instant.

I had a cut on my cheek from Drade’s attack, but a few moments later, a huge hole appeared in Drade’s torso.

(No… way… I’m losing… again…)

Drade collapsed quietly and then disappeared as particles.

Suh… haaahh!”

I let out a nervous gasp and fought back the urge to collapse.

Then Iris-san and others rushed over to me.

“Yuuya-kun! Are you okay?”

“Oh… Iris-san. I’m fine.”

(Hmph, pathetic… You should have plenty of room to beat that guy.)

No, Master Usagi… even if you say so…

I almost reacted to Master Usagi’s words, but then I remembered that we were still in battle.

“That’s right! We have to hurry back to the spaceship to help Merl-san and the others──”






──The voice that reached our ears was incredibly heavy.




While Yuuya and the others were fighting the final battle against the Dragonias in space, far away on Earth, Kaori was helping her younger sister, Kasumi, with her summer homework.

“Kasumi? You’re making a mistake there.”

“Eh? …Oh, you’re right!”

With the summer vacation already in its final stages, Kasumi had not yet finished her homework, and she begged Kaori for help.

Although she was dismayed by this, Kaori was happy to be relied on because she rarely met Kasumi and decided to help her with her homework.

Kaori smiled at Kasumi, who was struggling with her homework and looked up at the sky from the window.

“…Yuuya-san, what are you doing now…?”

Those were the words that were muttered unconsciously.

Then, Kasumi reacted to the murmur, and her eyes lit up.

“Onee-chan? Who is Yuuya-san! Could he be… your boyfriend?”


As well as mumbling unconsciously, Kaori was very flustered because she didn’t think that Kasumi would notice it.

Kasumi smiled more and more at the sight of her.

“Looking at you like that, I guess it’s true?”

“N-no! We are not in that kind of relationship yet…!”


“~~! Stop teasing me, or I won’t help you with your homework!”

“Wawa! I-I’m sorry!”

When Kaori turned her face away from Kasumi, Kasumi hurriedly apologized.

However, Kasumi immediately continued with a look of interest.

“Hey, hey, Onee-chan. What kind of person is this Yuuya-san?”


“You’re so naive, you know? You might have been deceived by a bad guy!”

“N-naive, you say…?”

Kaori couldn’t help but smile bitterly at Kasumi’s words, but since she didn’t know much about the outside world, she couldn’t say anything back.

“Then how is it?”

“T-that’s right… he’s very kind.”

As Kaori answered, she remembered the first time she met Yuuya.

“A few months ago… I was being tangled up with a few men, and while the others pretended not to see it, Yuuya-san was the only one who had the courage to help me…”

“He’s such a kind person!”

“I want to return the favor to such a kind Yuuya-san, even if only a little, so I decided to invite him to our school. Now, he is the closest person to me in the school, and he is very important to me…”


“Huh? W-what is it, Kasumi?”


Kaori reacted immediately to the smirking Kasumi.

However, the expression on Kaori’s face did not stop, and she also let out a sigh of exasperation and looked up at the sky from the window again.

“(The summer vacation will soon be over… I hope we can meet soon…)”

With these thoughts in mind, the sisters’ daily lives pass by.


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